It’s All about the Love of Long Hair

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Author’s note: I am a very new and amateur writer and this is a very slow story. I would request everyone to read it with patience and comment on how you found it. It will help me with my future stories.


I am a small town boy from India with a petite figure, long hair till my mid back which I usually keep in a bun, with very little body hair and an exceptionally big butt for a boy. As you must have presumed, I got bullied a lot by the macho boys in my school but that’s life, I guess. I didn’t choose to be this way, I was built this way and I am not ashamed of who I am.

Let me tell you a bit about India, the country I live in. It is a very beautiful country with people of many cultures, languages and religions living together which you don’t find that often. People in small town are so connected with each other that everyone knows every other person in the town, even though our population in small towns is comparable to that of a big city in any other country. We still have a concept of living with our parents and children even when they grow old.

In terms of open mindedness, big towns are much forward than small towns, so LGBT community is not so much accepted in the place I live in. Although there are hardly any cases of violence against the community but people still judge you a lot if you are. Hence a lot of the LGBT people, remain in the closet, either due to the fear of being ousted from the society or due to fear of bringing shame to their family. Some are brave enough to come out and I really admire their courage. Having said this, people are still quite friendly in small towns as compared to the big towns.

Even though I have given you a description of India’s view of LGBT community, I never thought I was a part of them. I was just fascinated by long hair and long hairstyles. I always believed that I was a straight boy as I used to masturbate watching lesbian porn. I had always had long hair and I sometimes thought about some random women braiding my hair and decorating the braid with hair accessories and making it entirely beautiful and feminine. Ah! That was so embarrassing yet so hot for me. I was a young boy, with such beautiful hair, and so many women playing with it. Those were some beautiful orgasms as I could remember.

My entire high school life and most of my college life went without any significant story in terms of my sex life. It was just me and my right hand in front of my laptop always watching the episodes of two girls making out. It was an obsession for me, lesbian porn. In real life, I was attracted to a couple of girls but none of them seemed to be attracted to me. I used to get a lot of interest from a few boys though, all of whom either wanted to call me names or throw me around. I was a good student and passed my college with flying colours and got a placement in one of the big cities of India. Moving there, I had to undergo a lot of changes. I was now living alone, so no pre cooked food, no pre washed clothes and no real time to watch porn anymore. I was so involved in my work and had no real time for myself. The positive changes in my life were, there were no more bullies and not so many people who knew me. I could now live as I wanted to.

After about six months of working in a huge company, people had started noticing me and I had made a few good friends in the company. My work was appreciated a lot by my boss and a few of my colleagues. One fine day, I was working on my laptop when I received a message on the company’s messenger. It was weird as it was named anonymous. This person wanted to meet me alone in the parking lot. I ignored the post and kept on working. I had similar requests for the entire week at the same time on every single day. Although I was curious from the first kocaeli escort day, I wasn’t really brave to go alone and be caught in any kind of controversy. So after the week, I took a colleague of mine and said that I had forgotten some document in the car and to accompany me. I reached there but didn’t find anyone. I came back and found a message that I should have come alone and it could have changed my world if I did. I kind of laughed at that silly message and let it go. I didn’t have any other message after that for a week and I was very curious now. On a fine Monday, I had another message asking me to come alone. I reached the parking lot as soon as I had received the message. Again there was no one. I came back and had another message waiting for me.

It said, “I think you are very curious and ready to meet me alone. It was just a test. We will meet at 6pm in the Botanical garden near your house. I will be wearing a white top and blue jeans. Don’t back out, I have a very nice proposal for you”. That message was creepy. How the fuck did this guy or girl, know my address and there may be many in white top and blue jeans. I didn’t even know the gender. Ah! What was I to do. I did my best to avoid going to the garden but curiosity was killing me and hence I was there at 6 pm sharp. I started roaming around the park casually when suddenly someone approached me. He wasn’t in a white top. So we started talking. I had seen this guy a couple of times and he lived just a block away from me. We were sitting and talking on the bench for an hour, just about his new car and football and it was all casual boys talk. He then asked me to accompany him for a coffee as he had an urge for it. I was still looking for the other person but thought that he/she must not have approached me because of the other guy. I thought I would deal with it another day and accepted his offer for a coffee.

We went to the nearby coffee joint and there was no body other than us. We just spoke some more about the things I liked and the things that he loved. He complimented me for my long hair casually which I didn’t think was awkward and that probably got him in my good books. He was around 10 years older than me and was living alone as his wife had died in a tragic accident. We exchanged our numbers and that was it for the day. I was back home and wondered about the person.

For the next few days, I had no message from the mystery messenger person and that got me wondering if I had missed a good proposal or opportunity in life because of the new friend. I shrugged that thought off and concentrated on work. After a few days, I had completely forgotten about the messages and I had become good friends with the guy I had met in the garden. We had started going to the same gym and shared a lot of common interests. It was almost a couple of months since that day that I got another message on my laptop and it was a really strange one. It accompanied a couple of weird pictures of me and my friend in weird poses. One of the photos showed me looking up at my friend kneeling down while my face is very near to his crotch. I was probably getting up from tying my shoe laces but that wasn’t evident in the picture. It was taken in the gym and that got me even more worried. I was being stalked by a mystery person.

It wasn’t something to be afraid of but I was embarrassed about being labelled gay in the office and again facing the prospect of being alone like during my school and college days. So I asked this person as to what exactly does he/she want out of this? The reply was pretty weird. He/she wanted me to comply 3 simple demands and my pictures wouldn’t be distributed.

1) I was to wear my hair in a ponytail for weekdays outside my home. The ponytail was to be very tight and darıca escort my hair was to be very well combed.

2) I was to wear my hair in a braid for weekends.

3) I would have to send proof of it every day for the next 7 days.

I knew I didn’t have any control on him even after I would do what was asked of me. Nevertheless, I wore my hair in a tight ponytail and I usually remain clean shaved. I was a bit worried about getting weird stares but my colleagues actually complemented me for having such nice hair. I was even stared by a couple of random people on the street as well as at the gym. My friend was so happy to see me in this look and complimented me by saying that my hair was better than his wife’s, to which I didn’t know how to react. I probably blushed a bit.

As came the weekend, I had to put my hair in a braid and while I was doing it, it brought back the memories of my first time and I masturbated after looking at myself in a braid in the mirror. It was such an awkward situation to go to the gym in a braid. Braid is considered as a sign of femininity in India and it definitely had that effect on my look. My friend again was so happy to see me and probably held my braid a lot of times while we were in the gym. He even went to an extent of telling me that he had an urge of pulling my braid which I found really weird, although I just laughed it off.

After this week, I started experimenting with my hair and would have different hairstyles every week. I made a lot of women friends who would love discussing hair with me. I wanted to thank the mystery person for it. Even my friend was very happy with my experiments and encouraged me a lot. He definitely needed a woman company, I thought. He had previously rejected the proposal to be with any other woman for the rest of his life, to which I was very disappointed for him.

I had a bit of doubt by now that the mystery person was somehow my newly made friend. My doubt was made stronger when once in the gym, I was doing squats while my friend was standing behind me. Although he thought I couldn’t see him but there was a mirror in front of me. He was constantly looking at my butt, which made me very uncomfortable. I stopped going to the gym and after a couple of days, he came to my place looking for me.

We had a bit of normal conversation, and then he asked me the reason behind my absence. To much of his surprise, I was blunt and I told him the truth. He seemed ashamed but he confessed that my braided hair and my butt reminded me of his wife and he was sexually attracted to me even though I was a boy. I was left agape. I had no reply to his answer and just kept staring at him. He continued that he didn’t want to jeopardise our friendship and he wouldn’t do anything to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t want to come out as weak and told him that it won’t destroy our friendship.

So from that day on, although everything seemed normal but I would often see him staring at me when I wasn’t looking. This feeling of being stared at was something I had never felt in my life. It gave me a sense of pride and a lot of confidence in myself rather than turning me away from him. I had some form of pity for the man, as by looking at me he could remember his wife. During our gym sessions where we had to help each other sometimes, there was a different level of tension building between us. There seemed to be instances where I thought that he was about to either kiss me or touch me but he never did that. It was driving me crazy.

Once in the gym, I was lying down on my stomach on a stool and was trying to lift some dumb bells and he was working on his biceps on a machine in front of me and although he saw me noticing him, he kept on staring at my ass and I could gölcük escort see the bulge developing in his pants. It gave me sheer joy to be able to do that to someone. He would always exercise behind me, when I was doing my squats. I would let him enjoy the view of my ass. People in the gym could see the sexual tension between us. I was so embarrassed when one of our training instructors asked my friend if we were a couple. My friend just laughed it off but the trainer could see me blushing. Things got even heated between us when one day my friend could not resist holding and smelling my plaited hair. Although nobody saw him doing that, It was very embarrassing yet hot. People are not usually naked in the locker rooms in India, so that was a good thing for me. I didn’t have to get naked in front of him and see any erections, which I was sure would have been the case. But we still saw each other bathing in our boxers and I could feel his eyes all over me.

At work, I had a new set of pictures messaged to me by the mystery person. These pictures would confirm that I was gay, the way, me and my friend looked at each other, as if we were in love. The way he was staring at my ass or touching my braids or ponytail, it would all confirm that we were dating. This time, mystery person wanted to meet me, for real in the parking lot. I went to the parking lot and found him near my car. He was a big man, in his late 40s, chubby and good looking. (What is up with me, good looking!)

He told me that he had been following me since the day that I had joined the office. He was always attracted to my long hair and my big butt. He thought I looked very androgynous and that was something he always wanted in his partner. He also told me that he had majority share holding in the company and I would not have to work again in my life if I didn’t want to. This explained how he knew everything about me.

He would make sure that it would be a well kept secret and he would never ask me to accompany him in public, unless I was okay with it. I would have to act as I was changing my job. In return, I would have to be his sex partner, dress as he wished and be under his command and I would have all the luxuries in my life.

I immediately told him that I wasn’t gay and that wasn’t what I wanted with my life. He insisted that I should not worry about the tag of being gay and he believed that all I would have ever wanted was to be with someone who could appreciate my looks and amazing hair, someone who could control my life and unlock my hidden desires. He proposed that I should just spend a weekend with him and then decide if it was worth it. He said that he had no intentions of blackmailing me anymore and he would allow me to delete all the pictures myself even if I rejected his proposal. That move built a bit of respect for him in my mind.

This whole situation where a good friend eyed me sexually and a rich stalker who wanted me to be his partner, it all made me feel sexy and weird at the same time. I thought about the whole thing and realized that since my childhood, I had never really got any attention from the ladies and it was probably because of how I looked and if men were finding me sexy, why not give it a try, having said that, I still couldn’t imagine kissing a man in my fantasies.

Rest of the week went as usual, spending time at work and enjoying the sexual tension with my friend. On Friday, I received a text from the office guy, stating that there would be a chauffeur to pick me up from my address. Even though I wasn’t sure about the offer, this guy had assumed that I would accept anyways. I thought of it for the night and there was an urge to be desired and be sexy for a person who was attracted to me. This was all going to be a secret and it would allow me to understand if I could have a relationship with my friend. It was like a training session before playing a match.

Next morning, I was picked up by the chauffeur and was taken to a luxurious building.

(to be continued…)

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