It’s Only Fair Pt. 03

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Can you believe this story was originally intended to be a one off? Good Lord…

Everyone here is over the age of 18.

Twice the previous weekend, I ended up in a somewhat aggressive, not exactly consensual stripping game with my sisters. Twice, I accidentally inseminated my cute, unprotected, younger twin sisters, Brianna and Jenna. Twice, I had sex with my incredible older sister, Amy, afterwards.

So, when I tell you the following week was weird, that’s really saying something.

My parents came home from their snowed-in weekend. Amy left to go back to her apartment in the city. I was still on winter break, so I hung around the house with my younger siblings. After everything that had gone on, I figured things were going to be pretty interesting.

Maybe not an oral quickie in the bathroom, but perhaps a handjob on the couch under a blanket while my parents were distracted. Or a boob-feel in the kitchen while we did the dishes. Something like that. After everything we’d done — everything the twins had told me — was it too much to expect at least one full-on fuck-crazy incest orgy? Apparently, it was.

Rather than the sexy sibling time I’d been expecting, Jenna and Brianna went back to being my usual, normal, younger sisters. The twins went out and saw their friends. We watched TV with my parents on the couch. We ate meals, talked, and laughed. But nothing of what had gone on the previous weekend was even noted, let alone acted upon.

I began to think I’d dreamt it all — that my fevered, incest-obsessed brain had created that weekend of endless debauchery. What was more believable? That my two, twin, younger sisters had decided to have wild, unprotected sex with me? Or that I’d imagined all of it in a singular sexual haze?

Only one thing lingered. We’d all agreed that we would visit Amy the following weekend, at her apartment downtown. Partially, this was a meeting of necessity. In the course of said imaginary sex, I had very much really creampied both the blonde, excessively buxom Brianna and the brunette, stick-skinny Jenna (Again, twice!). Amy, our older sister and my co-instigator, had promised to deliver ‘get out of pregnancy free’ cards to us if we visited her.

Further, however, Amy had sold this trip as a continuation of the previous weekend’s festivities. You can imagine I was very interested in that idea. However, as the days passed without even a mention of our plans from my younger sisters, I started to wonder if we were going at all. The trip wasn’t a huge undertaking requiring weeks of logistical planning, but we still needed to do a few things like pack or tell my parents we were going. You know, little details.

Finally, Thursday night, right after my parents went to bed, Brianna and Jenna knocked on the door to my bedroom. They were both wearing tank tops, underwear, and nothing else. Skinny, serious Jenna was wearing a light blue top with pink panties. Amiable, ample-chested Brianna had on a dark green top with light grey panties. The twins: so very different, yet so much the same. I stared them up and down for too long to be appropriate, then let them inside.

I had on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. I hoped my sisters would eye me hungrily in return. Instead they just sat on the edge of my bed, tentative, like looking for where the lava would leak out.

“We wanted to talk,” Brianna said.

“About this weekend,” Jenna said. When I’d been hoping that my younger twin sisters would tag team me, this wasn’t what I had in mind. “You talked to Amy, right? You told her we’re only going to stop by for a second, right?”

“Ummm, No? Also, I’m not sure she’s going to be OK with that,” I said, cautiously. “I think she’s planning on doing more than a drop off.”

“That’s what we’re afraid of,” Brianna said.

“You saw what happened the last time she planned things,” Jenna said, “Let alone her definition of a ‘drop off.'” Both sisters did their best to look grave, but only the brunette twin could carry it through. Brianna was such a basically happy person, she looked cheerful even when she didn’t want to be.

“I get it,” I said, “I do. I just… I thought we agreed that what we did together was OK.”

“It was,” Brianna said.

“Sort of,” Jenna said, “I mean, in the moment we… Anyway, we both want to make sure we’re on the same page for this weekend.”

“We can’t get pregnant, Chase,” Brianna said. “Imagine us walking around, our bellies both swollen with your children?”

I did picture it. And I swear I felt my cock twitch at the idea: seeing the twins with matching baby bumps and knowing I was the one that did it took me from mostly aroused to ecstatically erect. I mean, I knew it was wrong but… Well maybe that’s what made it feel so right?

“Seriously,” Jenna said, pushing my attention back to her, “You know it would be a disaster if it happened.”

“How would we tell Mom and Dad?” Brianna asked.

“How would we go to school in the erzincan escort fall?” Jenna asked.

“Our lives, your life, would be ruined,” they chorused.

Don’t think I didn’t get it. I got it. The reality of what I wanted was a nightmare. Like any dreamer, though, I couldn’t escape the fantasy. I tried to, though. I swear I did.

“He’s doing it again,” Brianna said.

“Dammit, Chase,” Jenna said, “Eyes and mouths. Not tits and pussies.”

I startled. Well, could you blame me? Not that looking at my sister’s faces was all that bad. Brianna had golden blonde hair that framed a heart-shaped face and thick, kissable lips that were set in permanent smile — even now when she was trying to be severe. Jenna had her brown hair up in a ponytail as usual. She had a thin face, big green eyes, pink cheeks, and an impertinent, upturned nose. So yeah, both were super cute.

But compared to their bodies? Both of them wearing a tank top and panties? I mean, come on.

Brianna’s shirt could barely contain her massive breasts and her boy-shorts strained the same way around her ample backside. A bit of blonde pubic hair poked out the gusset of her grey undies. Jenna had none of that: no pubes, no tits, no ass. But her body was still sexy as hell. Taut and tight in all the right places. The fact that I’d seen them both naked didn’t help the situation any. I was trying to be a good brother, a good listener, but you try sitting next to two works of art and comment on the flooring, instead.

“I’m sorry. I’m hearing you,” I said.

“Chase we can see your dick,” Jenna said. I looked down. My penis was, indeed, poking upwards in my boxers like he was raising his hand to get a word in edgewise. The girls couldn’t tell, but my balls were already aching, as well.

“He’s not, ummm, helping things here. Like, at all,” Brianna said.

“It’s not like I can control it,” I said, “If your pussies were soaking wet right now, I wouldn’t know.”

The twins both shared a knowing look.

“That’s not the point,” Jenna said, “Look, what we did was fun.”

“So much fun,” Brianna said, “We have no regrets. I promise.”

“But we want to continue to not regret things,” Jenna said, “And that means going to Amy’s, getting the pills, and getting the heck out of there.”

“If you want the pills so bad, why not get them yourselves?” I asked. The million-dollar question I’d been keeping in my wallet till that point. I mean, these were morning after pills, not nuclear codes. Why did Amy have to be their keeper?

“We would if we could,” Brianna said.

“In this small town?” Jenna said, “Please, Mom and Dad would know the minute we walked into the pharmacy. We don’t have cars, we literally can’t go anywhere else. But Amy can get the pills — it’s the only way. We just have to be careful.”

“About getting caught?” I asked.

“About Amy,” Brianna said.

“We can’t trust her,” Jenna said, “You have to know that by now.”

I had to admit, I felt a little used. What happened to ‘only my brother?’ and ‘we’ll do more, we promise?’ I knew the week of silence didn’t portend good things, but I’d hoped that the twins were saving the sexy stuff for Saturday. I argued from Amy’s perspective, but it was my own cause that I was pushing for.

“Amy’s going to be super disappointed if we just, like, grab the pills and go,” I said.

The twins looked at each other, searching. Had they really thought they could pop in, take their stuff, and escape?

“Fine,” Jenna said, finally. “But you have to call and tell Amy our plans. She has to promise to have the pills or we won’t come.”

“You’ll just risk it?” I asked, sort of hopeful, sort of scared.

“We’ll find another way if we have to,” Brianna said, “But this would be way easier. Way better. For all of us.”

“But if Amy promises she has the pills, you’ll go?” I asked.

“Yes” Jenna said, “And we expect both of you to follow the rules. No c in our p.”

“What?” I asked, legitimately confused.

“No cock, no cum, in our pussies,” Brianna said. She seemed a little less gung-ho than Jenna, but she held the company line.

“No drinking alcohol, either” Jenna said, “We have to stay in control. But if Amy agrees to the terms, we’ll start packing tonight.”

I stared down at the floor, crestfallen. Why did my sisters have to make me feel so bad about stuff that felt so good?

“And, if you behave, you’ll get a special treat when we get home,” Brianna said.

“Bree!” Jenna turned on her sister.

“Come on, Jen. We have to offer him something as a reward,” Brianna said.

“Fine,” Jenna said, “Deal?”

I nodded. Both girls stood up and marched out of my bedroom. Brianna’s bubble butt and Jenna’s barely-there bottom both bounced off and I couldn’t help but think of the old saying about hating to see someone leave but loving to watch them go. Good Lord, I’d been blessed with erzurum escort some sexy sisters.

And yet neither was even in the same class as our older sister, Amy.

Fuck. I was not looking forward to making that phone call. Before the previous weekend, Amy and I hadn’t gotten along at all. In truth, she was a total bitch to all three of her younger siblings.

I pictured a very uncomfortable conversation in my head. I knew from experience that giving Amy demands was like trying to take the cubs from a mother grizzly bear: if you’re lucky, it ends with you losing only your arms and legs.

But I’d been talked into a corner.

I picked up the phone and dialed. As it rang, I said a little prayer to the phone gods. If Amy didn’t pick up (and I was really hoping she wouldn’t pick up), then I wouldn’t have to tell her all the things that I knew would piss her off. I could avoid getting scolded by both my older sister and the younger ones. But Amy answered almost immediately.

“Chase!” The excitement in her voice was contagious. It was like getting a dose of anti-fear penicillin: every worry washed away. Finally, someone who wasn’t from the alternate ‘we-hate-Chase’ universe I’d unwittingly stepped into that Monday morning.

“I’m stuck at the courthouse,” Amy told me. “But you’re still coming, right? I hadn’t heard from you guys and I was starting to worry.”

“Yes,” I said, “Definitely coming. It’s just…”

“OK good. My apartment’s all set up,” Amy said, making it sound like the dirtiest thing in the world. “I can’t wait to hear about all the nasty things you three have been up to in my absence.”

“Well, here’s the thing…”

“Seriously?” Amy was almost shouting, “You haven’t done anything?” I don’t know how not fooling around with my younger sisters was a betrayal of my older one, but she sure made it sound like it was. “I’ve been sitting here this whole time stroking myself half to death just thinking about what I could be doing if I was there and you three haven’t even… Fuck!”

I imagined Amy standing in a busy hallway — lawyers, jurors, and judges streaming past her — yelling all those things at the top of her lungs. It was both funny and frightful at the same time.

“I mean, tell me you all at least rubbed one out together,” Amy said.

“I was, ummmm, saving myself up for you?” I said, tentatively touching my toe to the waters. Ooo, it came back icy.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Amy said, “You don’t buy a Ferrari to keep it in the garage. That fantastic fuckstick of yours needs to open the throttle and let loose as often as possible. Let that baby roar!”

I let Amy wax poetic about my penis some more, unsure how to tell her that her younger sisters might not be on the same page. I was supposed to be setting boundaries, not amping Amy up about what was to cum. Er, come.

“Are you listening to me, Chase?” Amy sounded increasingly distressed by my abstinence.

“Umm, yeah,” I said, “Of course. Look, Brianna and Jenna are both anxious about…”

“Jeez, tell your slutty sisters I have their stupid pills,” Amy said, “And tell them I’m super disappointed in both of them. Jeez, what good is having a cock like that around if you’re not going to stick it in your twat?”

“I mean sure,” I said, “I guess.”

“Don’t you worry little man, big sis will make everything better,” Amy said. “I’ve got a whole awesome weekend planned, I promise. I’ll pick you all up at the station, so text me when you get there.”

I hung up the phone, realizing I hadn’t gotten out half of what I was supposed to say. I wasn’t calling Amy back, but I couldn’t tell the twins I’d been unable to extract a promise, either. I decided to tell Brianna and Jenna that Amy had agreed and hope that it never came up.

It seemed like a simple promise, one hardly needed between normal siblings. No vaginal intercourse, no wild drinking? Did anyone else need to ask for those things from their sisters? But for me, in that moment, I couldn’t imagine how we would avoid it.

Imagine my shock, three days later, when I realized that I’d followed my younger sisters’ guidelines down to the letter.


Friday afternoon, the twins and I convened in the living room, ready to make our epic, urban journey. Each of us was bundled to the brim and had a rolling suitcase at our sides.

“I’m so excited you three are finally spending time with your big sister,” my Mom said. She did look proud, like we were graduating from college rather than just going to visit Amy.

“I expect you all to behave,” my Dad said, “I’m not driving into the city to pick you up if Amy tosses you out for being inappropriate.” Actually, I thought that being inappropriate was exactly what Amy had in mind. But I couldn’t say that to my father, so I let him continue to talk to us like we were nine and eight, rather than 19 (as I was) and 18 (as the twins were).

We all piled into eskişehir escort my Dad’s Tesla and he drove us to the local station. Our train arrived soon afterwards. Brianna, Jenna, and I all dragged our bags into the train car and down the aisle. It wasn’t too full — we were able to find a set of empty benches where all three of us could sit across from each other. I ended up next to Jenna with Brianna facing us. We threw our suitcases up on the rack above.

I thought we’d talk, or at least give each other reproving glares, but the girls buried themselves in their phones. The train chugged heavily to the next station. The car began to fill up. After a few stops, there was barely enough room to stand in the corridors, let alone sit. The whole way, my siblings and I never said a word.

In some ways, I was glad. If the girls didn’t ask me how the call had gone with Amy, then I didn’t have to lie to them about it. I’d told them the pills were confirmed. I didn’t say anything else and, to this point, I hadn’t been called on it. Still, I wished my sisters would have said something instead of glaring me down like a bad dog.

Look, I know I come off as a big perv through all this. But the truth is, I loved my sisters for more than just their tits and butts. I also loved their soft, squishy pussies. Their mouths and hands on my cock. The way their faces twisted, their bodies trembled, in orgasm.

OK, sorry, I got caught up for a minute there.

The truth is I loved my little sisters well before I ever did any of that dirty stuff. Jenna was super smart and caring. Brianna was funny and sweet. I thought they were special people and I loved them for who they were. When we were together — you know, the dirty way — I told myself that it wasn’t only Amy’s prodding, the alcohol, or my apparently impressive dick. I really believed that this was the twins’ way of telling me they thought I was special, too.

As we sat on the train, studiously ignoring each other, I realized I was wrong. Brianna and Jenna said they weren’t mad at me and I believed them. But they also made it clear that I was not a cherished memory — just a regret. It was a hard thing to come to grips with. These gorgeous girls who I held in such esteem both telling me that I was a mistake and nothing more.

Finally, we arrived in the city and lugged our bags off the train. The station was busy, people were heading into town with us or rushing home. I was used to navigating the city from going to school here (admittedly outside downtown but still), but the girls struggled to keep moving against the crush.

Finally, I saw a head of long, golden curls popping up over the grey crowd. It was Amy. My gorgeous older sister looked even better than I remembered. She had on a maroon pea coat, a red and white striped scarf, and a pair of dark leather gloves. Her green eyes flashed with excitement. She’d done her makeup, giving herself dark-lined eyes, rosy cheeks, and bright crimson lips.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed, either. The crowds parted for Amy like the Red Sea before God, himself. Men and women startled as they saw her, overcome with awe. One poor fellow nearly took a nasty tumble as he tried to stare at my sister and still walk past. In the solar system that was the bustling train station, Amy was the sun. She was the brightest object there and everything revolved around her.

It made me feel special, then, as Amy ran straight to me. She gave me a close hug and I could smell her perfume. It brought me right back to her being naked with me in my bed. I went weak-kneed just from a whiff of it. Amy hugged Brianna and Jenna, too, then stood back as if framing us for a family photo. All three of us flinched; we still weren’t used to our older sister being affectionate.

“I’m so happy my little brother and sisters finally came to see me in the big city,” Amy said, as if she’d spent years trying to convince us. The truth was, up until the past weekend, Amy hadn’t ever offered. In fact, she’d spent tons of time discouraging any such thing. At college I lived no more than forty minutes away from Amy’s apartment — I’d never received an invite.

“Do you have them?” Jenna asked.

“They’re back at the apartment, Jeez,” Amy said. She rolled her eyes dramatically then gave me a conspiratory grin. “Come on, let’s go.”

We walked out of the station and took an icy slap to the face. The wind seemed even colder here than it was back home. The streets were stuffed, traffic stopped dead and honking, and street corners were piled high with black snow. Every crosswalk had an unfathomably deep, dark puddle at either end. I shivered in the cold despite the piles of clothing I was already wearing. The further we got from home, the more our suitcases seemed to gain weight.

“The subway station’s right up here,” Amy said, leading the way.

“You didn’t bring your car?” Brianna asked.

“You try driving in this stupid city sometime,” Amy said, “Trust me, this is way easier.”

We dragged our suitcases up concrete steps to a high, above-ground subway line. It was even more frigid up here. Jenna’s always pink cheeks looked like raw meat. Brianna had buried herself in her coat’s collar. Amy could have been out for a day at the beach for all she was suffering.

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