It’s Your Birthday!

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I wrote this as the male version of a story originally submitted by ‘alovelyheather’ under the title “If You Were Here”. I acknowledge with deep gratitude her friendship and generosity in allowing me to use her original idea.



Happy birthday, honey! If I were there today, this is how we would celebrate.

Firstly, I would pick you up at your place to take you to the finest restaurant in town. I have rented a luxury car, so that we don’t have to shout to make ourselves heard over the noise of the exhaust of my ten year old Chevy. Wearing a silky black dress that hugs your generous breasts, revealing just a hint of cleavage, you look so glamorous it’s as much as I can do to stop myself from taking you into your room to…, but no, there’ll be time enough for that later.

We arrive at the restaurant and the maitre’d seats us in a secluded corner of the room where we can see all around us, but no one can observe us. I order for both of us, and you nod approvingly of my choice of oysters on the half shell, broiled lobsters with vegetables and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. The wine is your favorite, but as the designated driver I only allow myself one glass and leave the rest for you to enjoy.

Our conversation is light but animated, talking about inconsequential things, but you have such an expression of love in your eyes as you look at me, hinting of many sweet things to come, that I’m already aroused before the dessert and coffee is served. I excuse myself to go to the men’s room, and when I return, I do not sit in the same seat at your right hand but on the opposite side of the table, so I can look straight at you. As the waiter serves us I feel you place your stockinged foot on my chair between my legs and immediately I am fully aroused again, and I feel sure that you can feel my hardness with your foot. When I look at your face, I see that certain smile that tells me you can indeed feel how excited you have made me.

I reach down and start gently caressing your foot with my left hand while attempting to eat my dessert with the other, and I hear you sigh contentedly as I have the desired effect. Suddenly you wiggle your foot free of my hand and start stroking my hard cock through my pants with it, just so you can confirm what you felt earlier. You see me roll my eyes and give me that smile again before pulling your foot away. As we finish our coffee, you giggle in that cute way I love and I can only smile at you.

After dinner, I have a surprise in store for you as instead of driving you home as you expected I pull up in front of the best hotel in town. The doorman opens the car door for you while I hand the keys to the valet. You look at me with a quizzical expression on your lovely face, but still I don’t tell you that before I came to pick you up I had already checked in and in my pocket was the key to one of the penthouse bridal suites. You ask me in a whisper, “Where we are going?”

I don’t answer right away but just whisk you into the express elevator. Once we are alone, I tell you, “Just relax, sweetheart, and leave everything to me.”

We arrive at the room and as I pull the key from my pocket you begin to understand what is happening, and as the door closes behind us, the aroma of fresh cut flowers fill our nostrils. We are finally alone and we embrace and kiss for the first time since we left your apartment. After we break off the kiss I whisper in your ear, asking you, “Do you trust me?”

You reply, “Of course, hun, of course I do!”

I explain that I want to blindfold you before I switch on the lights. You nod your agreement, so I pull the black scarf from my pocket that I brought for this very purpose. Once I have you blindfolded I lead you into the suite and guide you to the settee.

I open the bottle of champagne already chilled and pour us each a glass, so I can wish you a happy birthday in style. I slip away to the bathroom to start drawing you a warm bath, making sure I add the strawberry flavored bath foam so that you can enjoy a luxurious bubble bath to further relax you. Returning to your side, I take both of your hands in mine and ask you to stand. You smile and comply, and I unzip your silky black dress, slipping it off your shoulders, so that it falls to the carpet in a black pool around your feet.

You look so sexy standing there, clad only in black push-up bra and matching panties, and black nylon stockings held up by a black suspender belt, accentuated by your black patent leather spiked heels. I unfasten your bra and kiss each of your milky white breasts, briefly flicking each nipple with my tongue, causing you to sigh as I sit you down again. I remove your left shoe and gently massage your stockinged foot before running my hands slowly up your leg until I reach the suspender belt. I caress all around your thigh and I see your hips begin an involuntary motion that tells me you want to feel me touching you in a more Sinop Escort intimate place.

It is true that I’m tempted to do just that, but I resist the temptation and instead unfasten your stocking, then slowly, tantalizingly, roll it down your leg and off your foot. I rub your foot gently until I hear you moan with pleasure and then I turn my attention to your right leg, repeating the process. Again you moan quietly as I massage both of your feet, even extending my attention to your ankles.

I can sense your excitement, but I’m just getting started. I help you to your feet once again, remove your suspender belt, and then leave you standing there while I check on your bath. I find it to be the perfect depth and temperature, so I turn off the faucets and return quickly to you before you even realize I left. I take you in my arms and we kiss passionately, before I ask you, “Are you ready for the next treat?”

You whisper, “Yes!” so I place my hands on your hips and slowly lower your panties to your ankles, so that you can step out of them. Before I resume my standing position I plant a gentle kiss on your lower belly, just above the downy hair that crowns your pussy. You sigh and churn your hips in desire and already I can see the glistening moisture between your labia.

Standing up again, I put my arms around your waist and guide you carefully to the bathtub, helping you to sink into the water. You sigh again as the foam covers your nakedness and I leave you to luxuriate in the warm fragrance while I prepare the bedroom for all of the pleasures I have in store for you. However, before I go in there, I gather up all of your clothes and take them with me, for they will also have a part to play. Once I get into the bedroom I note that the four-poster bed has already been turned down, but I fold the covers with the top sheet all the way down to expose the whole of the bottom sheet. I run my hand over it and approve of the silky feel of the satin sheets.

My next task is to attach a silk scarf, similar to the one that presently blindfolds you, to each of the four bed posts, and then I turn on the bedside radio and tune it to a station that plays all mood music all the time. Finally I strip off all of my clothes except for my shorts, and then I light two aromatic candles before returning to the bathroom. Since I am now barefoot you don’t hear me return and I surprise you by fondling your breasts before kissing your lips. I ask you if you are relaxed and you nod. I help you to stand and I sponge you off before guiding you into the shower. I take the hand held nozzle and turn on the faucet, making sure the water is a comfortable temperature before starting to rinse the foam from your glistening skin. I have a little surprise for you, as I point the spray directly on your pussy and you react with a little squeal of pleasure as your excitement mounts.

I have another surprise in store for you as I move the spray away from you and then turn the temperature down until the water is completely cold. Suddenly I redirect the cold water back on your pussy and you scream in surprise as I rinse your entire body. I take pity on you and turn off the spray before reaching for the fluffy towels to pat you dry and then help you put on the terrycloth robe I find hanging behind the door. I guide you into the bedroom, slip the robe from your body and make sure that you are completely dry before helping you to lie down on the silky sheets. You sigh in contentment as I place one of the fluffy pillows under your head. The warm bath and cold shower has invigorated your skin and it positively glows as you relax on the bed. Needless to say, my cock has been hard since we entered the room, and now it aches for release from my shorts.

But it isn’t time for that yet. I kneel beside the bed and ask you, “Do you still trust me?”

You reply, “Yes, sweetheart, I trust you completely. Why do you ask?”

“Because I want to tie you up so that you will be entirely under my control. I promise I will not hurt you, and if you want me to stop and release you, just say the word and I will stop without question.”

“OK. What’s the word?”

“Oh, how about “birthday”?”

“OK, that’s good!” you giggle. “But I have a question.”

“What is it?” I ask.

“Are you ever going to fuck me?”

This takes me by surprise for it’s the first time I ever heard you actually say the word, but it also heightens my excitement and my cock feels like it will soon burst. I reply, rather coyly, but completely dishonestly, “Oh, I’m not sure, I haven’t decided yet!” knowing full well that it is my ultimate goal. You giggle again, obviously not believing me at all. I continue, “So, are you ready?” You nod yes, so I start by tying each of your hands to the posts at the head of the bed, and then move to attach your feet to the bottom posts, so that you now lie spread-eagled on the bed, your nude body entirely my plaything and every part of you at my mercy.

I Sinop Escort Bayan start by picking up your black dress and dragging it back and forth across your breasts, and I’m delighted to see your nipples harden and expand as you feel the silkiness on your skin. “Oh, god,” you moan. I drape the garment across your body just underneath your heaving mounds and pick up your nylon stockings. I drag them tantalizingly over your belly, just below where your dress is now lying, then gradually lower and lower until I reach the top of your thighs. Your hips are now moving in an involuntary motion, indicating that your excitement is mounting, and that you need some attention paid to your pussy.

I’m not ready for that yet, although it’s true that my throbbing cock would dearly love to plunge into that delicious cleft without further ado to put out the fire that is burning in my shorts. I take one stocking in each hand and holding them over your legs slowly drag them up and down the length of each one, making you buck to try to avoid the tickling feeling. You cannot escape however because your feet are securely tied to the bed posts. “Ohhhh baby!” you moan loudly, “please stop that and fuck me now!”

You haven’t spoken the escape word, though, so I continue with my foreplay. I drape the stockings over your belly, and pick up your silky panties. I sniff the crotch and, as I thought, it is soaked with your juices and carries your own aroma. I drag them over your breasts before putting them on your face near to your nose, but I’m careful to place them so that they do not interfere with your breathing.

Now I turn my attention back to your feet and kneel by the side of the bed by your left foot. While holding it gently in both hands I massage it, bringing more sighs from you. Your sighs and moans become louder when I kiss your big toe and then suck on it like it was a blow-pop. I repeat this treatment for each toe and then begin kissing your instep before kissing my way gradually up your leg until I reach your knee. “Ohhhh! Fuuuuuck! That feels so good!” you moan. I smile at you as I stand up, even though you can’t see me. I move around to the other side of the bed and repeat the same treatment on your other leg until I reach your right knee.

My cock is aflame by now and I realize we are reaching the point where we need to be released from the extraordinary sexual tension I’m sure we are both feeling. I decide on one more move before claiming my reward. Still wearing my shorts, which now have a large damp spot from the pre-cum leaking from my aching cock, I position my body over yours and lower myself until you can feel my hardness nestling by your pussy. You buck up against it but are powerless to do anything else as your hands are still tied. You whimper and cry out, “Come on, hunni, put it in me!” but all I do is move off you again.

I don’t move very far, however, as my next contact with you is when I gently kiss you by your belly button and then leave a trail of kisses all the way down to your fine pubic hair. I kiss all the way around it down to the top of your thighs, dragging the nylon stockings behind them. Your hips are bucking violently now and you are moaning continuously. I decide it’s time to bring you off and put an end to the suspense for both of us, so I turn my attention to your pussy, now soaking wet from your juices. I start licking around your labia and then push my tongue just a little way inside. “Ahhh FUCK!!” you yell. “Fuck me with your tongue!” I love it when you talk like that, so I start flicking your clit with my tongue and finally I feel your body tense up and then shake violently as a huge orgasm rips through you. I move forward and hold you tight until the shaking stops and then kiss you gently yet passionately.

Once you recover I climb off you and finally pull off my shorts, allowing my hard cock to finally spring free of its prison. I badly need relief now, so I straddle your body and place the head of my cock on your lower lip. As soon as you recognize what it is you raise your head and hungrily take its length into your mouth sucking furiously on it. I am at such a high fever pitch that after just a few strokes inside your mouth, I feel my cum rushing through my cock and before I can even move it from between your lips, my hot salty load is already inside your mouth. I moan out loud while you swallow every drop of my fluid, even licking your lips after my spasms are over.

I slide down your body and kiss you deeply, tasting my own juices on your tongue. I badly want to look in your eyes now, so I reach behind your head to finally release the blindfold. You smile is brilliant as you are finally able to see the room and then you whisper in a pleading voice, “Please untie my hands so I can hug you!” I want this too, so I roll away from you so I can release your hands. As I release each wrist, I rub them gently to take away the effects of having been bound so long. Before I return to you for my Escort Sinop hug, however, I remember the champagne in the other room, so I retrieve the ice bucket and two fresh glasses and pour us each a glass. I help you sit up to make another toast and you smile lovingly at me as we sip the refreshing drinks.

When our glasses are empty I put them on the night stand and then sit on the bed to take you in my arms once again. We hug and kiss and although my cock never got fully soft after I came in your mouth, it starts to harden again. You notice this and take it in your hand for the first time, feeling the texture and softness of the skin, even as it becomes engorged with my hot blood. You start stroking it to full hardness and then whisper in my ear, “I want it in me, OK, hun?”

I nod, but answer, “All in due time, sweetheart!” Before I give you what you crave, I first want to make you cum again, and I have an idea how I want to do that. Still holding you in my arms, I lower you back on the bed. Your feet are still tied, so your legs are still wide apart and I look down at your pussy, glistening with moisture from your copious juices. As you continue gently jacking my cock, I bend towards your slit and start to kiss your belly. Your skin smells so fragrant from your bubble bath and I start to feel my desire for you building. Yours is building too as I see your hips beginning that involuntary motion again. I sense it is time for my next move, so I straighten up and gently take your hand from my cock. I start to kiss it and then suck on each of your fingers, and can taste my own pre-cum on them.

I release your hand and stand up to move the ice bucket further from the bed, but at the same time I pick up a couple of ice cubes and pop them in my mouth. I straddle your body in a sixty-nine position and you take my cock in your hands again, licking the pre-cum from the tip. “Ooohh, tasty!” I hear you say, as I move my mouth closer to your pussy. I kiss your labia with my mouth closed, keeping the ice cubes inside. Suddenly I open my mouth and eject the ice cubes into your cavity and you scream out, “OH, GODDD!!” as the sudden change in temperature brings on another orgasm, rushing through your entire body. “OHHHH, FUUUUCCKK!” you yell and then, “BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY!” Finally you have spoken the word that means you want to be untied! I raise up and kiss your belly again before I move from over you and go to the foot of the bed to release your feet. As I untie each one I rub them to restore circulation and then lick across your toes. It must feel ticklish to you because you giggle as you watch me and then you draw up your legs so that your feet are lying flat on the bed, reveling in the cool feeling of the satin sheets. I just sit there watching you recover from your orgasm, my cock standing up proudly, fully erect.

You look at me, smiling and then crook your little finger at me, motioning me to come closer. “I’m still waiting!” you say.

“Waiting for what?” I ask, in mock surprise.

“For you to fuck me, of course!”

Hearing you talk dirty really turns me on, but I decide to prolong the pleasure. “Oh, I didn’t know you wanted to fuck,” I tease you.

“I’ve only been begging you all night. Now come here and stick that big dick in me, before I go crazy!”

I laugh, and relent, for the truth is I’m dying to do just what you ask. I move over you and poise the head of my cock between your pussy lips. It’s your turn to surprise me now as you thrust your hips upward so that your pussy gobbles up my cock and finally I feel the sweet feeling as I enter you. I pull away a little and then push forward again so that a little more of the shaft goes inside. It feels so good, cool yet hot, and I want to go deeper. I pull back again and then I get my wish as you cross your legs over my back and push me all the way in. We start our rhythmic movements, but I’m not sure who is fucking who, for I feel you moving back and forth in time with me as well as mimicking my circular movements as I plunge into your depths. “Oh, baby!” I cry out as I experience the sweetest feelings I ever remember having in my life. “Oh, baby, that feels so good!”

“To me too!” you murmur, “now come on, fuck my brains out!”

Your language drives me on and I start pounding into you as hard as I can, wanting to feel the rush of orgasm, but also wanting this feeling to last for ever. All too soon I can feel the familiar sensation in my balls that tells me that I’m almost at the point of no return. “Oh, god!” I moan, “I’m gonna cummm!”

You shake harder, encouraging me. “OH, FUCK! FUCK ME HARD! CUM IN ME!” you yell, and hearing this takes me over the top and my cock explodes inside you, jetting its hot load deep inside you. I’m almost senseless, but I’m vaguely aware of your body tensing and holding me as tight as I’ve ever been held, almost robbing me of all of my breath. “OH, GOD,” you wail, “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

I collapse on you, feeling all of the strength draining out of my body, just as my seed is injected into you. I feel you quivering under my body, and then realize you are sobbing. I raise my head and see tears on your cheeks. Thinking that I may have hurt you, I ask, very concerned, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

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