Janet’s New Life Pt. 03

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The Plumber’s Fluids

Life went on for the next couple of weeks without incident. Mark continued to be a jerk and he continued to go out once a week. Janet still had the tracker on his phone and saw that he was still going to various gay bars.

She started noticing Helen’s comings and goings more, too. On Tuesdays, she usually saw Jose go inside in the morning and not come out until nearly noon. The gardeners came on Friday, and she noticed they arrived in a team of 4, but only 3 would be working at any given time. It looked like they were taking turns going inside.

“Probably for water…” she giggled to herself, “but why does it take half an hour to get a drink?”.

She pictured what was going on inside that house (and inside Helen), and it made her want it herself. She hadn’t been fucked for weeks, and she was really getting horny and frustrated. Everybody else was doing as they pleased with no repercussions, and she felt stupid for wasting all those years worrying about creating a ‘scandal’. Well, no more, she resolved.

The next day, they had scheduled a plumber to come replace the dishwasher. When he got there, Janet opened the door to a tall, good looking man. “Hi. I’m Phil, here with the dishwasher.”

“Well, isn’t this timely?” she thought to herself.

She let him in and led him to the kitchen. She watched as he carried in the heavy box and commented on how strong he was. He just smiled and immediately got to work removing the old washer and then putting in the new one.

As he warmed up working, he took off his sweatshirt, revealing a tight t-shirt and bulging muscles. She had already been watching his tight ass and thinking about jumping him, but that sealed the deal. She was horny as hell, and this guy wasn’t leaving without fucking her.

“Would you like something to drink?”, she asked, squatting down next to where he was working under the sink. “I’ve always been fascinated by plumbing. It’s so… sexy.” He gave her a funny look, and then smiled again.

“Uh. Thanks, in a minute. I’m almost done here.” He tightened the last connection and crawled out. She was still leaning close and he bumped against her. She was wearing shorts and a button up shirt with no bra, and he could see her nipples through the light fabric. They could both feel the heat from the other’s body and their eyes locked for a tense second. She knew right then that he knew what she wanted, and he wanted it, too.

“Let me just run a cycle to make sure everything is OK.” He started the machine and said, “I’d like that drink now…”

She filled a glass of iced water from the fridge and handed it to him. She came close and laid her hand on his chest.

“You’re so strong. Is that from working? I really like your muscles…”, she purred as she caressed him. Then she said, “Look, I really don’t want to waste time being coy.”

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth, pressing her body against him. She whispered breathily in his ear, “I want to you fuck me right here.”

He answered by kissing her back and grabbing her ass, and then starting to kiss her neck as he ground his crotch against her.

She could feel his cock through his pants and almost fainted with the thrill. She was going to get laid right there in the kitchen!

She felt him kiss down her neck and almanbahis adresi onto her chest, and her breath caught as he unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her tits. She moaned and reached to rub his cock through his pants as he continued to suckle and slipped her shirt off, letting it drop to the floor.

After a minute, she pulled away and they both groped at each other’s pants. He pushed hers down and then kicked his own pants and shoes off. When his cock sprang free, she saw it was long, and hard as a rock.

He looked at her naked body and said, “My God, you’re beautiful!”

They kissed passionately again and she loved the feel of his hard cock against her bare belly.

He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table, then knelt down and started licking her pussy. It was already soaking wet and her clit was engorged, and when he licked it, fireworks went off in her head. He lapped at her like a hungry kitten and she thought she’d pass out from the pleasure. It was only a minute before she started to cum.

She grabbed his head and pulled it hard against her pussy. She started to scream and convulse and he just held on and kept licking. She shuddered and moaned, still cumming for what seemed like forever.

After she’d stopped cumming and her breathing slowed, she pulled him up to kiss her. “That was fantastic,” she purred. “Now fuck me.”

He pulled her ass to the edge of the table and rubbed the head of his dick around her pussy, then slid in a little at a time.

“Oh!” she moaned. It was heaven. He pushed deeper, until he was balls deep in her, then he started to pump, slowly at first, then faster.

Soon he was pounding her like an animal. His grunts and his sexy body were making her crazy, and the thought that she was getting fucked on the table where she’d fed her husband breakfast that morning was evilly delicious. Then she had an even more evil thought.

“Wait. Let’s go upstairs. I want you to fuck me in my bed.”

She stood up and led him upstairs to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed she hadn’t bothered to make up this morning, pulled him to her, and took his cock into her mouth. She loved the taste of her own pussy on it, and loved the warm, soft firmness of his penis as she licked it. She could feel him tensing and knew he was close, so she slowed down to make it last.

After a minute, he pulled back and she laid down on her back, beckoning him to come. He climbed on top of her, pressing their bodies together and kissing her hard.

His cock entered her as if by its own will and he started to fuck in and out.

Here she was, in the same bed Mark rarely touched her on, getting fucked by a strong, handsome stranger. She reached down to rub her clit as Phil continued to pump into her. The dual stimulation was fantastic and she had a another huge orgasm, so hard it felt like she was dying.

Phil felt her cumming and it sent him to the edge. “I’m gonna cum,” he grunted in her ear.

“Yes, yes! Cum in me. Squirt me full of that hot jizz!” She wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him into her as hard as she could.

Phil slammed in deep and then held there as his balls spasmed and he pumped load after load deep into her pussy. After he was done, he slumped on her and they just lay there, both of them panting.

After a minute, almanbahis adres he rolled over. A gush of cum poured out of her and onto the sheets. She was soaked, and loved it!

She decided right then and there that she wasn’t going to change the sheets. She’d cuckolded her husband in their marriage bed and she was going to make sure he knew it. She reached over for her phone on the night stand and took a selfie of her naked, sweaty body, with Phil visible next to her. “Just a memento,” she said to Phil.

They got up and cleaned up enough to go back downstairs. As they dressed, Phil said, “That was great. You’re really something.”

“So are you, handsome. Do you mind if I call you sometimes, whenever I need some plumbing work done?” She smiled an evilly innocent grin.

“Please do. I’m available 24/7 for emergency calls.”

That night, when Mark got home, Janet had dinner ready. She made sure Mark sat at the part of the table where her naked ass had been fucked hours earlier. She thought she could still smell the sex where her and Phil’s juices had comingled on the table and wondered if Mark could smell it. He was still being his usual surly, asshole self, so she guessed not, so she just sat there enjoying the moment.

After dinner, she said, “Mark, I have something to tell you. There’s no easy way to start, so I’ll just say it. I know about what you do on your ‘guy’s night out’.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he demanded.

“I know you’ve been cheating on me with strangers, and I know it’s not women.”

“That’s a lie,” he yelled, “I’ve done no such thing! You’d better watch what you say to me.”

“I’ve got proof.” She pulled out her phone and opened the pictures she’d taken of Mark on his knees sucking a cock in the parking lot of a gay bar. There could be no doubt it was him or what he was doing.

Mark was stunned into silence. “I know what you’ve been doing and I feel kind of stupid for not catching on sooner. You’ve treated me like shit for years, keeping me under your thumb, and meanwhile you’re out blowing everybody in town. Things are going to change now.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to divorce you, and you don’t have to stop seeing other men if you want to. What’s going to change is that I’m going to get laid whenever I want, by anybody I want, and you’re going to like it.”

“Bullshit! I won’t do that!”

“Oh, yes you will, unless you want your family and your boss to know what a phony and an asshole you’ve been all these years. They may not mind you being gay, but they wouldn’t like to know they’ve been lied to. Those pictures are pretty shocking.”

“Shit. No, don’t tell them, and for God’s sake don’t let those pictures get out. I’d be ruined.”

“Fine, if you agree to our new arrangement. I cuckold you, and you don’t say anything. You’re my bitch, now. You do what I say and treat me with respect.”

“Shit. OK. I’ll behave.”

“Say you’re sorry for being an asshole to me all this time. I know you were just overcompensating, but it really sucked.”

“I’m sorry, and I’ll do better.”

“Damn right you will, because you’re my bitch now. Got it?”

Surprisingly, he seemed to like that. “Yes maam. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Let’s test that. Come upstairs and I’ll show you something else.”

She took him almanbahis adresi upstairs and made him sit down on the bed.

“Hey, there’s a wet spot here…”

“Yeah. That’s cum from where I got fucked by the plumber today.”

“What the hell!” he yelled and jumped up.

She gently pushed him back down. “I told you you weren’t going to say anything, remember? Sit in it, and you’ll sleep in it tonight. Got it? Lie down and I’ll show you some pictures.”

He stretched out on top of the wet spot and waited as she opened her phone to show him the picture she’d taken.

“See? That’s me, freshly fucked and full of cum. That’s him beside me. He’s pretty good looking, huh? His dick was so big and so hard”

She was surprised to see that not only did Mark seem to be OK with it, he even seemed interested.

“You look exhausted. He must have been pretty good. That seems like a lot of cum. Did you cum, too?”

“Oh, yes, he was very good. I came twice, once on the kitchen table and once here. Not a record, but still very satisfying. He only came once. Also not a record.”

“What do you mean, ‘not a record?'”

“Well, this isn’t the first time I cheated on you. Remember my trip last month? I got laid a lot there. Want to see some more pics?”

She flipped to the hidden album on her phone with the pictures she’d taken at the conference. She wasn’t going to show him all of them now, just a few.

She pulled up a picture of her sucking on a big dick and showed it to him. His eyes widened. “Wow. That looks… tasty.”

Then she pulled up one where her face and tits were covered in cum, with John’s huge dick laying on her shoulder.

He gasped and said, “Oh my God. That’s so hot!”

She looked down and was surprised to see that he had a boner.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this. Take out your dick and stroke it for me.”

He complied without a word. He was really turned on by this.

“That’s John. He had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, and he fucked me over and over with it.”

She showed her a couple more pictures she had taken of John’s penis. In one, she was stroking it and then in the next, she was putting the head in her mouth.

Mark moaned and stoked his dick harder. “Jesus, that’s a beautiful dick. I can see why you wanted it.”

His breath was coming faster and he was stroking faster now.

“I got gangbanged, too, by a group of college boys.” She opened to a picture that one of the boys had taken of her getting spit roasted by two of his friends. You could see cum smeared down her thigh and glistening on her body, and the guys were obviously pounding her hard.

“Oh my God, I got so filled up with cum that night! Those guys were insatiable” she said, feeling turned on herself.

“Ngggh, Yes!” Mark groaned, “I love it!”

She was so turned on by looking at the pictures herself, she decided to go all the way.

She stripped off her pants and straddled Mark’s face, lowering her sopping pussy onto his mouth.

“I got fucked today and the cum is still dripping out. Eat it. Eat it all out.”

Mark started lapping away without a word and then he moaned and started to fountain cum in the air.

She ground against his face and began her own orgasm. She reached back and rubbed his cum all over his own belly and said “Suck it, cuck boy.”

After she finished cumming and he had had enough, she rolled over exhausted beside him. It was the best sex they’d had in years.

“I think this new arrangement is going to work out fine, don’t you?”

“Yes, dear,” he murmured and then drifted off to sleep.

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