Jason’s Secrets Exposed Ch. 05

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I would appreciate a little feedback about this series. This story is best read after reading the earlier chapters.


The following Saturday, as Jason was doing my toenails, the kitchen phone began ringing and Jason brought it to me and resumed his position on his knees. It was Anne. And she was irate. I have always loved Jason’s mother and we have never had an argument, so I guessed that perhaps Marilyn had shared something indiscreet with her mother. That wasn’t it, but it was close.

“Alexis, how dare you teach my daughter to smoke! And cigars-you know how much I hate those vile things. Who the hell do you think you are? Lillie is only 18 and I won’t have her corrupted by anyone. I am shocked at your transformation.”

I smiled inside, wondering how pissed Ann would be if she knew how transformed I really am.

“Relax Anne. I don’t believe that smoking cigars makes a girl corrupt. And, by the way, 18 is the legal age. Lillie is an adult. I didn’t force anything on her. She saw the rest of us enjoying our cigars, and she asked to join in. Considering that her mother was there, and was also enjoying a smoke, it really is not for you to say. Sorry if this offends you, but that’s the way I feel.”

“What did you say Alexis? Marilyn was in on this too? I am now extremely angry at the both of you and I will have to end this call, because I am heading over to her house right now to give her a piece of my mind.”

Jason returned and I chose my cigar, which Jason promptly prepared and lit for me. He knew not to say anything about my conversation with his mother, but I knew he was scared that things might have gone a little too far. He resumed painting my toes.

“Good job so far, my cute little slave. I think I might allow you some relief tonight.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

. . .

About 2 hours later, as Jason prepared dinner, the doorbell rang. Jason quickly put on sweat pants and a shirt, and answered the door. It was Marilyn and Lillie.

“We’re in deep shit with my mother, Alexis.” I haven’t seen her this pissed in a long time.”

“Tell me what happened, my dears.”

Lillie spoke up first, with a smile.

“It was me, Aunt Alexis. I told Grandmom that I tried cigars at your house and that I like them. She freaked, saying stuff like it is unladylike and that decent guys would never want to date me. She was so mad that there was no point in arguing, so I just told her I was sorry she was disappointed but that this is now something that I love to do. And then I went back home.”

“And that’s probably when you got your phone call, Alexis,” said Marilyn.

“She showed up at our house and just started yelling. When she smelled the cigar smoke in the house, she really freaked. I don’t know what to do. On the one hand, I don’t want to displease Mom. But on the other hand, I enjoy the changes of the past week, especially in the bedroom.”

“Too much information, mother,” said Lillie.

Marilyn reddened.

“Aunt Alexis, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I borrowed one of your cigars. I’m in the mood and it might calm us down.”

I summoned Jason to bring the humidor, and Lillie and I chose our sticks and Jason lit them for us.

“Care to join us Marilyn”

“Oh, what the hell, sure. I could also use xslot a stiff drink.”

I nodded at Jason and he took the drink orders and brought them to us, returning afterward to the kitchen.

Just then a car pulled up. Anne had arrived, and Marilyn and Lillie looked a bit frantic.

“Just continue what you’re doing, ladies. You are adults, and you don’t have to be afraid of your mother.

Ann gasped audibly as she took in the sight of us smoking our cigars.

She looked like she was about to freak again and then sighed.

“You all know I am unhappy about this and I think that you definitely should not have encouraged Lillie … but I guess you are adults and can do what you wish. But you’ll never be smoking those nasty things in my house.”

“Anne, may I ask you something?”

“What would that be Alexis?”

“Why do you hate smoking so much? We all know the health effects, but what other people do shouldn’t make someone angry if they’re not hurting anyone else. And cigars, smoked in moderation, are not harmful. They may even be good for you, as they tend to relax you.

“May I please have a scotch? My nerves are shot. The reason I hate smoking is because my mother smoked her whole life and died of lung cancer, as you know. And cigars are just plain foul smelling. I certainly never imagined that women would ever smoke cigars.”

Jason, after being summoned, greeted his mother with a kiss and brought her her drink.

We ladies blew plumes of smoke skyward and sipped our drinks as Jason was scolded by his mother for “not getting your wife under control.”

After the first scotch, Anne had another. It visibly calmed her down, so I made my next move.

“Anne, I want to present a proposition to you. Please hear me out. There are some cigars, like my Macanudos, that are very mild. And, by the way, good cigars don’t stink like the ones you’re probably used to smelling do. If you would try one just for me, keeping an open mind about it, I will treat you to a day at the expensive spa in Calleyville next Saturday. If you don’t like it, fine, but at least give it a try. Deal?”

Lillie cajoled her grandmother, “please Gram, please! I know you’ll love it.”

Thank God for alcohol. Anne accepted the offer. I took a Macanudo Portofino, a relatively slim panatella, prepared it, lit it for her, and handed it over. I also reminded her not to inhale.

“At least this one is more feminine, not like those fat things you are all smoking.”

Anne then took a tentative puff. And another. And another, this time more than tentative.

“I hate to admit it, but this is rather nice. I’m sorry I was such a sourpuss.”

She then took a triumphant drag, posed herself as elegantly as she could, and announced that maybe she would enjoy the occasional cigar with us, as long as it was in private. We put our cigars in our mouths and clapped. Jason came out to announce that the meal was ready and asked if the family would like to stay for dinner. When he looked up and saw his mother puffing away on the Macanudo, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

After a wonderful meal and plenty of wine, Anne wanted to go home. Seeing as she was a bit tipsy, I told Jason to give his mother a ride home. After they left, Marilyn, Lillie, xslot Giriş and I returned to the patio for our after-dinner cigars.

“I can’t believe what I saw,” said Marilyn. Alexis, I don’t know how you did it. But then again, you’ve definitely been working magic around here.”

Lillie interjected, “Mom and Aunt Alexis, I hate to be nosy, but I want to know what’s going on. I don’t mean about just the cigar smoking, but you guys seem like you’re different somehow. And Mom, don’t think I don’t know that something special is happening between you and Daddy. You even let him smoke cigars in the bedroom now.”

“Er … Lillie … that’s not your father smoking cigars in the bedroom.”

Lillie’s eyes opened wide, a glimpse of understanding creeping into her mind. And then she laughed uproariously, almost choking on her smoke.”

“Mom, is Daddy turned on by you smoking cigars? Is that why things seem more lively between you two?”

“Lilly, I am certainly not going to discuss this with you. There are certain bounds.”

Lilly laughed again.

“OK Mom, I won’t ask you about your sex life. But you know that I know what’s going on. Daddy gets horny when you smoke cigars. That’s hilarious!”

“Enough of that talk, young lady. We are your parents.”

“Lillie, your mother is right. But what I can tell you is that many men are turned on by cigar-smoking ladies. You said yourself that it makes you feel powerful. Men sense that power and it turns them into jelly. If you begin to assert that power, and gradually increase it, any man can be putty in your hands. Believe me, I know it for a fact.”

“Aunt Alexis, I love you. And I love you too Mom. I have to go now, but you can stay, Mom. I’m in the mood for a power walk.”

With that, Lillie plopped her cigar in her mouth and went out the gate.

“Alexis, I am a bit concerned about some of what Lillie just said. I know that she has intuited that Ted gets horny when he sees me smoke cigars, and she probably knows that we’re having great sex. I just don’t want her to find out about the more ‘advanced’ stuff.”

“My lips are sealed,” said Alexis as she finished her cigar.

“And speaking of the advanced stuff, while we’re in private, I have something else to tell you Alexis.”

“I’m all ears, dear.”

“Well, once I saw how things have improved in the bedroom for Jeff and me, I thought about what you told me about your relationship with Jason, and I decided to up the ante. While Jeff was eating me out last night and I saw how horny that he was watching me smoke, I just blurted out that maybe we should try a female-led relationship. I didn’t come right out and say he would be my slave and I certainly didn’t mention pegging, but I really might want to work our way up to that level.”

“What did he say?”

“You won’t believe this, Alexis, but he actually said, ‘Yes, Mistress’. With no prompting by me. He obviously has a kinky side that I never knew about. He ate me out for what seemed like hours, very expertly, I might add. And when he finally came inside me later, it was a gusher. And he stayed hard even afterward.”

“They all watch porn in secret, Marilyn, even if you don’t think they do. I found that out myself. But I’m glad, because both Jason and I now xslot Güncel Giriş are more in love than ever and we are living out roles that deeply fulfill us. Jeff is obviously turned on by cigar smoking women, and that type of man is usually also turned on by female domination. I would pursue this if I were you. Ask him to let you see his porn stash, preferably when you have already gotten him very horny. At first he might deny having a porn stash, but you’ll be able to cajole it out of him. And then work from there.”

We saw Jason’s car coming down the street and Marilyn got up to leave.

“I love you Alexis” said Marilyn, and she then hugged me and left, saying goodnight to her brother as she exited.

“All right, slave boy. Get upstairs and get undressed and wait for me. On your knees. First, make sure the humidor is in the room. I think that you have earned some release.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Once in the bedroom, I chose my cigar. Once it was well lit, I shackled Jason’s arms behind him to the posts at the foot of the bed. I moved my chair directly in front of him and blew a few puffs of smoke Jasonward. I instructed him to lick my toes and then to gradually work his way up to my cunt. I was dripping wet before he got there and I could see the precum starting to drip through his cage.

“Eat my pussy, slave, and it better be good.”

It was. Wave after wave of orgasms commenced until I felt like I was in heaven. After I had had enough, I unshackled my slave and re-bound him to the front posts of the bed in the ass-up position. I then assembled my toolkit and gagged him. I took Jason’s butt plug out and admired the size of the hole that awaited me. Donning my harness and dildo, I lubed him up and then removed my gloves. Making sure that I could see myself in the mirror, I mounted him, my big cigar dangling from my lips, smoke pouring out. Because he was already well stretched, I had chosen a large, thick dildo and I began pounding away. As I looked in the mirror, while fucking him, cigar smoke pouring out of my mouth, I felt as powerful as a goddess. I kept going for as long as I could and then prepared for the next step of our lovemaking.

After cleaning up my tools and myself, I unbound Jason and ordered him to kneel on the floor. I took my key from around my neck and unlocked his cage. His penis immediately sprang into action and I told him that if he came before I gave permission, that he would be severely chastised.

I took his gag out and said, “Do you understand, my bitch?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

I waited a few minutes and then started slowly playing with my quim.”

“You may touch yourself, slave, but go slowly.”

Jason began to ever-so-gently stroke his dick and I blew cigar smoke in his face as he circled the most sensitive part of it. I was soon coming profusely and I finally told Jason to have an orgasm. His jism shot out so hard that it landed all over my breasts. And it was a huge amount.

“Thank you Mistress, that was wonderful.”

“Now get over her and lick it up. Every drop. And swallow it.”

Jason did as instructed. When he completed the task, I put his cage back on and locked it, replacing the key.

“You did well, slave and got your reward. Now, kneel there until I get back and then I will allow you to sleep.”

I took one last drag on my cigar, left it in the ashtray to die out, and went for my shower. As the water flowed over my body, I had such an enormous sense of satiety and peace. I love being a goddess.

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