Jeff Comes Out for Baseball Ch. 3

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Jeff and I went back to sleep after Troy left, but woke up before dawn, so that we could get an early start toward the mountain top. We munched on trail mix and granola, and made good time, considering our workout the night before. About midday we started to get pretty hot from the hiking, and came across a natural pond formed by the stream that fed Lake Minnewoka. There were two guys in it before us, who looked to be adults, maybe in their mid twenties. We didn’t figure on them being a problem, but it pays to be cautious that far from civilization.

We walked up to the edge of the pond, and I said, “Hey! How’s the water in there?”

The guy with black hair, much like mine, said, “It’s real nice. It’s a cool break from hiking off the mountain. Come on in if you want, there’s plenty of room!”

“Okay!” Jeff and I said in unison, and laughed.

“We’re au naturel,” said the guy with lighter hair, “in case you didn’t bring your swim suit. By the way, my name’s Ted and this here’s Mike.”

“Hi, I’m Jeff and this is Alex,” said Jeff. “And we didn’t bring our suits, so I guess we’ll just strip.” So we took off our shirts, shoes, socks and jeans and laid them on top of our back packs. We then looked at each other, and stripped off our under pants. I noticed that Ted and Mike had been feigning indifference at our impromptu strip show, until we took off our under pants. I noticed them exchanging quick smiles with each other. We tip toed to the water’s edge, where Jeff took a leap in, while I edged in. The water felt good, but it was cool, at least at first.

“Oh, yeah, this feels great,” said Jeff. “Man, we were getting baked out there!” I nodded my head in agreement. Ted and Mike worked their way around to where we were dunking each other, and reached out their hands to shake.

“Pleased to meetcha,” they both said. As they stood in the moderately deep water, I looked down through the clear water to see what looked like humongous dicks on both of them. I thought to myself that the magnifying effect of water sure was startling. We talked about different things, starting with Ted and Mike telling us they were ‘old’ friends from the Army, who worked in the same town and had decided to take a camping vacation, much like Jeff and I. They pointed out some things we should look out for on the trail up, as they were headed back down.

We thanked them for their tips and turned to leave when Mike said with a grin, “Say, you guys wouldn’t happen to know a good place to find some other guys, say, your age, would you?”

“You mean, uhh, guys who like guys?” I said.

“Guys who like guys, A LOT.” Ted replied.

“Oh, wow, yeah, maybe,” I blurted out.

“Oh, so you guys are…”

“Yeah,” Jeff said, “yeah,” with an even bigger grin. With that, Ted waded over to me and put his hand right on my ass. I couldn’t believe his boldness, but I made no move to remove his hand. I noticed Mike do the same to Jeff, but Jeff took Mike’s other hand and brought it around his back too, so that both of Mike’s hands were cupping Jeff’s butt cheeks. Not wanting to be outdone, I looked up at Ted’s face, with his several day’s growth of bristles, and smiled. He took the hint, and brought his mouth to mine, mashing his lips against mine. I didn’t realize how nice it would feel to have a man kiss me. I dropped my hand down between Ted’s legs to feel his cock, and gasped audibly when I realized how big it was. It had to be 9 inches long, and thick.

“I’ve got a real warm place in mind for that, son,” he said.

“Ouch, that’s going to hurt,” I said. “I’m not ready for that.”

“With the right man, a boy can take anything. Don’t worry, Alex, Mike and I will be very gentle with you. We’ve been looking for some hot boy pussy to fuck for a long time, and you two are the cutest boys we’ve seen for a long ways.” as he said this, my eyes glazed over, whether it was the prospect of having hot sex with a real man, or the thought of that pole up my ass, I couldn’t say, but I found myself powerless to resist anything that Ted told me to do. Mike was having a similar effect on Jeff.

They led us over to a large fallen tree on the edge of the woods surrounding the pond, where they had their backpacks stowed. “Just lay yourselves bursa escort over here, on your tummies,” they said. Jeff and I stretched ourselves across the log, side by side, with our asses sticking up in the air. We held hands, as Mike reached into his backpack and brought out a tube of lubricant.

“I could never ask a boy to let himself be fucked with my schlong, unless I could be sure he’d be comfortable,” he said. Both Ted and Mike squeezed out generous helpings of lube into their hands, and began applying it to Jeff’s and my ass holes. It felt really nice to be touched back there, and they were being gentle as they promised. Ted started lubing up my ass crack with his palm, then started working lubricant into my hole with his index finger. It really started to feel good when he’d wiggle the finger around, to open me up more. Soon, he had two fingers up my ass, which felt more uncomfortable, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take much more than that. His cock was thicker and longer than his two fingers together. After a while, though, I got used to the feel of the two fingers in my butt, and Jeff helped things along immensely, when he turned his face toward mine and kissed me deeply.

I was soon thrilling to the feel of Jeff’s magical tongue in my mouth, and Ted’s talented fingers in my hole. I thought I felt something like a jolt of pleasure every time his fingers stroked in and out, but wasn’t exactly sure. Finally, Ted inserted a third finger into my ass, which I was sure was going to split me, and winced. He took it slow and easy though, and soon the pain eased and I felt only pleasure there.

Meanwhile, apparently Mike was doing the same things to Jeff’s ass, because occasionally his mouth would go all sloppy against mine as a jolt of sexual pleasure hit his brain, straight from his ass hole. I was enjoying our kissing way more than ever before, probably due to it being coupled with the thought that my tight little ass hole was going to be reamed out by the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Ted was doing his best to make the whole thing a pleasure, though, and I was grateful to him for taking his time. I realized that there’s a big difference between the mental thrill of being fucked by a big cock, and the discomfort that the cock could cause you. Soon, though, I was getting impatient with Ted, because I had gotten pretty used to his three fingers up my rear end. He must have sensed this, because I could feel him pausing to apply more lubricant, this time to his major league sized cock.

Ted slowly withdrew his fingers from my ass, then bent over to give my ass cheeks a sloppy wet kiss. I felt him straighten up, and then felt the head of his giant battering ram against my hole. “Think about taking a shit, Alex. Relax the same muscles that you use to hold a shit in, and you’ll open up enough to let me in.” Mike was whispering similar advice to Jeff, and Jeff moaned in anticipation. Soon, I felt the pressure of Ted’s cock head invading me, and a brief instant of pain as his head popped through my sphincter, followed by an incredible feeling of fullness. Slowly, very slowly, Ted slid his well lubricated cock inside my very tight feeling ass hole, inch by wonderful inch, until I finally felt his stomach against my ass. Then, just as slowly he pulled it out, slowly, slowly, until I could feel a disappointingly empty sensation from his cock no longer filling me, except for the head, just behind my anus.

Faster now, he slid back in, deeper and deeper, then withdrew, slowly starting to hump me in earnest. Jeff moaned into my mouth, and drooled from his pleasure center being ripped to shreds by Mike’s equally large dick. I heard someone else moaning, and realized it was me, as Ted’s rod rubbed up and down across my prostate, like a bow across a finely tuned violin. We moaned into each other’s mouths as our hard dicks were crushing against the bark of the tree under us, but we didn’t care. Right then, we were all ass hole and rectum, a receptacle for our hard lovers’ cum and whatever else they chose to put there. Right then, I believe Jeff and I would have done anything that Ted and Mike asked, as long as we could be sure of having their giant dongs up inside our holes, fucking us.

Too soon, I felt Ted swiftly bursa escort bayan increase his fucking motion, and his cock seemed to swell to an even larger dimension inside my ass. He grabbed on tighter to my hips, and, pumping furiously, yelled “Hot fuck, I’m cumming in this boy’s tight hot ass hole. Take my cum, cocksucker, I’m shooting it up your ass! OH, OH, YEAH, FUCK! FUCK! I LOVE FEELING YOUR HOT ASS CUNT ON MY BIG DICK!! SUCK MY COCK WITH YOUR TIGHT HOLE, BOY!! I’M FUCKING YOUR HOT TIGHT BOY CUNT, SHOOTING MY STICKY WHITE CUM INSIDE YOUR ASS!!!”

As Ted lewdly told me how he was fucking my hot ass, the pleasure almost became too much for me. I felt Jeff squeezing my hand as Mike came inside of him, I could hear Mike’s shouts of “…FUCKING YOUR WET HOLE! I’M DICKING YOUR TIGHT LITTLE ASS!! OPEN UP YOUR ASS WIDE FOR ME TO CUM INSIDE!!” and I squeezed back, and whispered, “I love you.“ Mike and Ted slowed down pumping our butts, and rested heavily against us, spent.

“Wow, you’re a great fuck, Alex. I think your butt sucked out ALL of my cum.” Mike echoed his praise of Jeff’s tight ass, which I certainly knew to be true, and I smiled at Jeff. Jeff threw his arms around me.

“Alex, that was HOT! I loved looking at your face when he came. You looked so happy! I love being with you, man!”

“Hey, ignoring us, guys?” protested Mike. “We want something else now.”

“Yeah,” said Ted. “That load of cum you guys have waiting for us.” Jeff and I didn’t need a great deal of pushing to take them up on that offer. Jeff and I stood up, while Mike knelt down in front of me, and Ted in front of Jeff. They clearly showed their superior experience in man loving when they sucked our dicks into their hot mouths. Mike had a great way of swirling his tongue around on my cock, while fingering my balls, that made me cum onto his tongue in a very short time. Jeff came quickly, too, though I noticed he had Ted’s finger up his ass hole to help him along. I hoped I’d remember that tongue trick for the next time I sucked Jeff’s sweet penis. Jeff capped off our fuck fest with an unusual bon mot.

“Hey, you guys were fun, and GREAT fucks, but Alex is my guy, ya know what I mean?” I smiled at him, and kissed him quickly, and hard. “Thanks, lover,” I whispered.

“I don’t know about you guys, but we’ve got to make tracks or we’ll never get back to our house,” said Ted. “Would you guys like to stay in touch?”

“Would we? Sure!” both Jeff and I said. After getting each others contact info, I kissed Ted and caressed his tight balls and huge cock, saying, “I won’t forget THAT hot cock, dude. See you around, okay?” As I broke from Ted, I saw Jeff doing the same with his hot fucker, Mike. As we dressed, Jeff and I talked about our experience.

“I’ve never felt anything like what Ted was making me feel, Jeff, but I know that it’s YOU that I love, no matter who I have sex with,” I said.

“Yeah, I love you too Alex. But as much fun as Mike’s cock was in my rear end, I like yours better. I think you do a better job with what you’ve got.”

“Uhh, thanks, I think,” I said. “C’mon, big guy, we’ve gotta get going.” Armed with info from Mike and Ted on what to expect the rest of the way, we hiked until we got to within 1,000 feet of the peak, where there was a little known camp site. That night, we put our bedrolls together, and cuddled and gave each other hand jobs until we came. We each licked the handful of cum we found ourselves with, savoring each other’s taste. “Umm, I love you, catcher,” said Jeff.

“Yeah, I love you too, short stuff. I mean, shortstop,” I said. Jeff playfully punched my arm, and snuggled into my chest. “G’night.”

“G’night to you,” I said. And then we slept.

The next day we got ourselves together, and made the short hike to the peak, where we took pictures of each other at the peak marker, to prove we’d made it. After breakfast, we started back down. About 4 miles down we decided to take a break. While we were resting, we were approached by a sad looking man of about 50, who was on his way up to the peak. “Do you guys mind if I sit here with you for a while?”

“Sure, go ahead,” I said. “Tell us about yourself.”

“Do you really mean that? I mean, tell you my story?”

“Yeah, escort bursa please,” Jeff said.

“Okay,” the man said. “But I also want to ask you a question, okay?” Since it seemed like a rhetorical question, we didn’t answer, so he went on. He told us that he’d been married for 25 years to the same woman, had two children who were grown up and had moved away. He said that he’d been interested in looking at pictures of nude guys for a number of years, but had always told himself that it didn’t mean anything, that he wasn’t gay. He said further, that he’d started checking out gay sites on the Internet, and that they really turned him on, and now he was coming to the conclusion that he was gay, or at least bi. That was why he’d gone on this couple of day hike by himself, to think about his options and alternatives. That was when he asked his question.

“Would you guys let me suck your cocks? Please don’t beat me up if that disgusts you, but I feel like it’s something I’ve got to do before I die. I know I’ll never come out of the closet. It’s too late for me, it would kill my wife, and gay guys aren’t attracted to an old guy like me anyway.” I started laughing, and when I saw the crestfallen look on his face, I explained.

“I’m sorry, BELIEVE me, I am NOT laughing at you! It’s just that you happened across a couple of gay guys to ask that of. The last thing we’ll do is beat you up!”

“Whatta you think, Jeff?” I asked. “Can we make this guy happy?”

“Well, if he asked to fuck me in the ass, I’d have to decline,” grinned Jeff. “I’m still sore back there. But cock sucking? Hell yeah!” With that, we went into a grassy glen that was hidden by some Aspen trees. It made a nice, shady spot to have sex. Jeff and I pulled down our pants, exposing our hard ons. “Kneel down here,” I said to the man, “and you can suck us both.”

With that, he got on his knees in front of us, and tentatively took both our cocks in his hands. While he was caressing us, I brought my lips to Jeff’s and started deep kissing him, as that’s a big turn on for him. He returned my kiss passionately, and as his tongue was tickling my gums, I felt a warmth on my cock as the man began to suck it into his mouth. He started slowly at first, but he sure got into it quickly. Soon, he was doing his best to deep throat each of us in turn, and he was doing a good job, too. Between Jeff’s passionate kisses, and the man’s blow job, I was ready to shoot. “Look out, I’m gonna cum,” I said. “If you don’t want to swallow, now’s the time…”

The man made no move to leave my cock, and swallowed all of my load greedily as I shot hot, sticky cum onto his tongue and in his mouth. After he finished cleaning off my cock with his tongue, he turned to Jeff’s dick, and quickly sucked it into his hot mouth. I turned all my attention to Jeff’s hot mouth, and brought my left hand around to Jeff’s ass, where I started playing with his tight hole, which I adore. With the man sucking hard on Jeff’s beautiful dick, my tongue playing with his tongue, and my finger up his ass, Jeff soon shot his creamy load into the man’s mouth, although some of it ended up on his face. After the man finished cleaning Jeff’s cock with a tongue bath, he got up off his knees and stood next to us.

“My name’s Alex, and this is Jeff,” I said. “And that was great cock sucking, sir.”

“My name’s Ambrose, Ambrose Waller. And thank you, you’ve sure given me something to think about.”

“Did you like it, Ambrose? Did you like the feel of a cock in your mouth, and the taste of another guy’s cum?”

“Oh, yeah, I sure did, Alex. I think I’m gonna have to do that again, when I get back to town. And thank you, again.”

“You’re welcome, Ambrose, and good luck. You deserve it,” Jeff said. “And sir, if I may…”

“Yes, go ahead, no secrets among the three of us,” Ambrose giggled.

“I just wanted to say, sir, be sure to think about your needs for once, okay? God bless you.” With that, Ambrose turned and left the glade.

Jeff turned to me and said, “Geez, Alex, are we ever gonna get off this mountain without getting fucked or sucked by somebody? I’m ready to GO HOME!” With that we kissed, pulled up our pants and headed on out. We didn’t stop until we got to the pickup point.

“So, did you two have any adventures on your hike?” Dad asked, when we got in the car.

“Naah, pretty boring, the usual stuff,” I replied.

“Alex snored a lot,” Jeff said. I made a face at him. Dad drove on.

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