Jenny and Uncle Jerry Ch. 05

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When we dated, my husband Jerry was preoccupied with my scent. He liked to kiss and hug me but spent a lot of time smelling my hair or my neck. I thought he was very handsome and didn’t mind. On our third date I let him play with my boobs. He was happy to for a few minutes, but asked if he could smell between my legs. He swore he wouldn’t do anything more, he just wanted to sniff my crotch. I let him, and he laid with his nose between my thighs for at least ten minutes, smelling me through my jeans. I was expecting him to try pressuring me into sex, but he was more than content to just sniff me.

Four more dates went by with him kissing and making out with me a little while, then poking his face between my legs. I liked him a lot and was in the mood, so I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down. He licked me for the first time, and it was great. He wasn’t skilled at all and had no idea what he was doing. Still, he was happy to lick me for over an hour, which was more than enough for me to cum three times.

We had four or five more dates without him asking for intercourse. He just wanted to lay with his face between my thighs and lick and smell me. One night I finally asked why he didn’t want to have sex. He said he wanted it desperately, but didn’t want me to end up like his sisters. All of them had gotten pregnant while they were young and ended up single mothers. He’d never forgive himself if he did that to me. He asked me to give him my dirty panties at the end of the date, so he could smell them at home. He wanted to know I would be istanbul travesti safe. I thought it was strange, but he’d given me plenty of what I wanted. All through college, he’d jerk off as he gave me lots of oral, take my dirty panties home, then return them clean at the start of our next date.

When we finally moved in together, most nights we’d fall asleep with his face in my pubic hair. He was happy munching my rug even more than I wanted, so how could I complain? On the day Jerry proposed, he also asked me to get the birth control implant so we wouldn’t have kids until we were ready, probably a couple of years. When I went to the doctor and found out I was infertile, it was a huge shock for multiple reasons. I’d never get the kids I wanted, and we’d wasted half a decade without intercourse! We were 23 and could have been fucking bareback since we met!

When I told him I could never get pregnant, we had sex for the first time. He nearly screwed my brains out! I had five or six orgasms, and he had three without stopping in between! We did it twice more in the morning. It was AMAZING!

He still sniffed my hair, armpits, and crotch a lot, though. It wasn’t hurting anybody and made him happy. After about twelve years together, things were getting monotonous in the bedroom. I suggested that maybe we could spice things up with toys or porn. We tried a few things and had some fun. He suggested we might have an even better time if we invited somebody to join us.

At first I was jealous that he wanted to screw another istanbul travestileri woman. He assured me that no, he wanted to watch and masturbate as I made love with her. I agreed and had a great time. Over the course of a year, he introduced me to three women who became my occasional lovers. Several times I told him that I would be okay with him sleeping with them too, if he used protection. He kept telling me he was fine just sniffing their underwear and watching us once in a while.

During a typical week Jerry and I would have sex on two or three nights, and each of my lovers would visit me once. The few times they stayed overnight, he’d lick both of us clean when we finished, then fall asleep between my thighs again. It was great when I finally convinced them to have a lesbian foursome as Jerry sat in a chair and watched us.

After I had slept with each of them dozens of times, Jerry finally told me they were his SISTERS! He’d been paying to support them and their kids since we married and he gained access to the money I’d inherited. I was a little freaked out at first, but they all assured me he wasn’t paying them to be with me. I helped them out by paying their rent and giving them grocery money or gifts sometimes, but it’s not like I was buying hookers. Not really.

Around three years ago my husband had a very strange request. His laboratory was doing work for a cigarette company. He wanted me to try smoking a pack of their new cigarettes. He assured me it would only be one pack, no more. We’d smoked a carton travesti istanbul of cigarettes he’d stolen from his grandmother’s store when we were 18, and we quit easily, so I didn’t think much of it. I smoked a few of the new ones before his sisters came over for another foursome, and things changed a LOT.

Instead of spending an hour or two in bed then going home, they stayed and we had sex nearly all night. I’d never had so many orgasms or so much attention. All three wanted to lick my pussy and breasts, and they nearly ignored each other. Jerry seemed to want it a lot more too, making love with me much more often. Smoking them has also boosted my libido. Sex four or five times a week used to be plenty for me, but now I want it at least three times a day. I have no idea what’s in them, but I haven’t quit smoking the special cigarettes and hope I never have to.

Jerry and I made a deal. He’d let me keep smoking and encourage his sisters to visit me more, if I would let him be with three other women. We’d stay married and live together, but spend a lot of time with our lovers too. He also mentioned that we had wanted kids but I couldn’t have any. He had a possible solution. He’d get his lovers pregnant and we’d raise the children as our own if the women consented.

I didn’t agree with his idea, I demanded and insisted that we MUST do it!

At the beginning of our deal I had no idea the lovers he had in mind were his nieces, but I didn’t object when he finally told me. He said he’d even share them with me if the girls were interested. When I saw some of the pictures and videos I was upset, but he swore that he’d stay with me and wouldn’t have sex with them until they were at least 21. He’s kept his word, so I let him have his porn and dirty underwear fun while I sleep with his sisters three or four times a week.

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