Jenny Gets a Tattoo

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This is a fantasy written about a friend of mine, and his UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous wife.

Through our chats, we have gone over some fantasies that he has, and this is one of them.

It is fantasy, not an actual, real life event. But, boy how I wish it was!

To quell the comments, I do have a large penis, not monster but large, And I take a bit of liberty in describing it.

. -. .- – – – – – -.- –

I’ve worked in this place for five years now.

At first it had some excitement, tattoo a breast here, a cute little bum there, but now it’s just boring!

The same thing day in and out. Mainly just sweaty biker types. Yuck!

It looks like the same routine today until…

“Hi!” I hear a sweet little voice behind me, “are you the tattoo artist?”

“Why yes I A…” The words catch in my throat as I turn and look at her.

She has come in with you on her arm, smiling like a beacon.

I can’t believe my eyes. She’s perfect!

The most amazing package,

Nice BIG tits, to squeeze and hold on long cold nights, and bury my face in when I need a pick me up.

Her cute smile, With the most welcoming lips just begging to be kissed and wrapped around my fat cock.

Those smooth, long legs, with her amazing, creamy thighs, that I want clamping the sides of my face as I eat her out!

If only I could see her pussy.

She is incredible! And you know it.

The front of my pants starts to move, as my horse sized penis stirs at the sight of her!

I cough to pretend to clear my throat, “Yes I am. Larry, nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too Larry, I’m Jenny. And this is my husband, Kev.”

We reach out our hands to one another, and I feel how soft and gentle her touch is.

My sausage grows even harder.

“So. How may I help you today Jenny? Anything you had in mind?”

As I say that, I notice her attention has focused lower on my body, and a sly smile has grown on her supple lips.

Licking them, “Oh, yes there is.” She comes over and sits close to me, her light, womanly scent filling my nose.

And making my cock fill the front of my pants.

She puts her mouth nice and close to my ear, a little nervous to tell me her plan. Her hot breath driving me wild!

“It’s my anniversary soon, and I want to get something special, to show Kev I’m his.”

As she whispers into my ear, her hand rest gently on my thigh, inching closer to my big Escort bayan bulge.

“I want a tattoo right above my cunt, that says, ‘kev’s love tunnel’, Is that okay?”

She reaches my knob head and gives it a little pinch, making it grow even bigger.

I look over to see a bulge growing in your pants too!

I put my hand on her sexy tummy, and whisper, “I think your hubby would LOVE that Jenny. I know I would!.”

My hand slides up to her tits, and I cup the right one, feeling the wonderful weight of it as my thick tool leaks pre cum.

“There is a room in the back for the more ‘delicate’ applications. Your husband can wait right here if he likes?”

I stand up, offering your sexy wife my huge hand, but first she stares at the massive bulge and now wet spot, that she knows she created.

“We’ll be out in a bit honey!” She tells you as we walk away.

I lead her to the back.

A nice little room, Well lit, with a comfy adjustable chair, so you can sit just right to get your tattoo.

I lead her over, her tiny hand disappearing in my giant paw.

I tell her to take a seat, she walks over and brushes her hand against the hard rod snaking down my pant leg.

She is a minx!

I say that the room is completely private, it’s just me and her.

Of course, that’s not true.

As you walk into the building you see a giant mirrored wall. We say it’s so you can check out your new ink, but really it’s MUCH better than that!

When the light is off in the ‘private’ room, it looks just like a mirror.

But when you flip the switch in there, the mirror becomes a screen.

Letting everyone in the place get an up close view of all the fun.

And you have a front row seat.

It was my idea, after one of my coworkers heard a bit of moaning but no buzzing, when I was with a certain client.

I told him all about it, and then came up with the ‘view room’. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

I tell your wife to go ahead and remove her pants, tight yoga pants hugging every curve, showing off the cutest little ass I’ve ever seen!

And a lovely display of camel toe.

And no panties! What a tease she is!

She strips out of them, turned away from me so I get to see her perfect booty.

Her ass facing the ‘Mirror’, So you get the same breathtaking show as me.

As she pulls them to her ankles, her amazing cunt comes into view.

Now Bayan escort my cock is bursting! And I think back to you, Your’s must be too.

She turns around, completely bottom less, and is the hottest sight I have ever seen.

I put down a towel for her to put her cute butt on, and move the foot holds into place.

Now I am only a foot away from the most wonderful pussy in the world, her feet in the stirrups, and my face between her thighs.

You are rubbing your cock through your jeans, not quite sure what’s going to happen, but aching to find out!

“Ok Jenny,” I say having gone through the fonts and colors with her, ” shall we begin?”

She looks at me and smiles, ” Well Larry, I’m a little nervous, Maybe I’d be more comfortable if we Both were bottomless.”

HOLY FUCK! My mind races, this day is turning out great!

Not only have I met a stunning woman, she wants a tattoo, on her beautiful pussy.

And now she wants me to pull my horse cock out so she can stare at it!

This is the best day of my life.

I tell her I would do anything for her pretty face, and stand up to undo my pants.

You jump in your seat! You can’t believe this is really happening.

Your cock, bursting at the seams.

You look around to see if anyone can see you, and notice the place is empty.

Except for the gorgeous girl at the counter.

She looks over at you, looks at the scene in the private room, and smiles.

She has a plan.

Walking to the front door, she locks up and pulls the shade, walks over to you,” That your wife? She hot! Just Larry’s type.”

Smiling at you and the obvious hard on, she continues, “Go ahead and whip it out, I don’t mind. I love fingering myself watching Larry too!”

You don’t even hesitate.

Your dick is out like a flash!

“You got a nice dick cutie! ” she says and walks back to the counter.

Oblivious to all of that, Jenny is drooling over the sight of my raging prick.

I grab the base and ask if this is what she wanted to see.

All she can do is nod.

Her cunt is red and shiny, hungry for the piece of meat in front of her.

“Ready to begin?” I ask sitting back down and grabbing the needle.

“Oh no you don’t!” she playfully yells, “You can’t dangle that perfect hunk of man in front of me, and then not fuck me silly with it!”

I start to argue, “But your hubby is right out there, Escort don’t think he’d li…”

“I don’t care where he is just shove that huge fucker in my cunt. Now!”

I do NOT have to be told twice.

I move in. My throbbing penis splitting her folds wide open.

She moans a long and deep moan, my fat dick filling her fuller than she’s ever been.


I continue to slowly thrust deeper and deeper, until finally my huge balls rest snug against her tight booty.

“Oh my god don’t move. Just stay there. I want to feel just how great you’re stretching me!”

She coos in my ear, as I nibble on her earlobe, and kiss my way down her slender, elegant neck.

Tasting every inch of her amazing skin.

Her scent overwhelming my senses, I can’t wait any longer and start to fuck her hard!

The loud slapping of my thighs against her, and my balls against her ass fill the entire building.

We both know we won’t last long.

Fucking her as hard as I can, she starts screaming out my name, and begging me to fuck her harder!.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had Larry! Give me that fat prick, fuck me Larry, FUCK me Larry, FUCK MEEEE I”M CUMMMING!!”

Her scream is the last straw, and you fire your load high into the air.

Shooting five huge ropes, and dribbling out a few more, your cock happy and spent.

Just as you come off your high you hear me, “Oh shit Jenny, I’m cumming! I’m flooding your tight cunt!!”

I shoot a massive load of my spunk deep inside your wife, making her wonderful twat overflow with the mixture of our juices.

I kiss her neck once more, pull my still hard, but very spent rod out of her well happy pussy, and pick up the needle again.

“I’ll be done in a flash sweetie!”

She lays in the euphoric ecstasy of an amazing cum thanks to my large tool, as I make quick work of her tattoo.

After I finish, I help her up, her legs still a little weak from the pounding I gave her, and she gets dressed.

My thick, full bucket of spunk slowly running out of her happy little cunt.

We come back out to you, I tell you she’s all your’s and that the girl at the counter will help you with the bill.

You pay and leave. Both of you reliving the incredible time you just had.

You get home, go about your normal routine, and get ready for bed.

“Wait a minute Jenny, I never got to see your tattoo!” You say to her as she is undressing.

“Oh yeah, well come take a look!” She sits on her side of the bed and spreads her legs.

You both take a gasp, and laugh as you read what I actually wrote.

‘Larry Was Here’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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