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I guess I will start with the basics. My name is Jerrid. Currently, I am 5’2 and weigh about 130 pounds. I have blue eyes and a small frame. Physically that’s about it. In the equipment section, I have a 7 and a half inch member that I keep shaved. The story really begins when I turn 19, it goes threw stages, but the setup requires a bit of years. If you want to skip ahead to the sex, find my 19th birthday.

Growing up was normal for me. Just like any boy, with one big difference. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been babysat by the same person; my father’s co-worker, Derick. Nothing was odd about him at all, and he was always kind. He taught me about respect and obedience that I would never have found at home.

When I was about 16 years old, my parents moved away. I did not want to leave school so Derick offered to take me in. My parents have been friends with him since they were kids themselves, and had no qualms over me living there.

When I turned 17 I began to notice guys, and started feeling attracted to them. I have already had a few girlfriends at this point, and I have even slept with a guy or two. Derick taught me a great deal about respect, and sticking to what you are told. With this mentality school was always easy, specially with my male teachers.

Life continued as normal, but since I was no longer living at home I was to work off me living with Derick. He had me do chores and clean everything, which I tended to with the best of my abilities; I felt it was my responsibility as a growing adult.

During my 18th year of life, things began to change. Things changed so slowly that I did not notice them. Derick touched me more, caressed me, and made me feel so warm inside. It was around this time that I discovered that I was madly in love with Derick. No one could ever compare to him. He was majestic in every way. I was not doing chores because it was my responsibility anymore; I was doing them to please Derick. His displeasure made me so upset at myself, so angry at myself. He made me feel like nothing when he was angry or upset. He made me feel like I was worthless. I hated when he was displeased and did my very best not to. On my 19th birthday, my life became so much more. Derick asked me what I wanted for my birthday, at this point my parents no longer had any contact with me, Derick was my life. I replied with my one true wish, and that was to be as close to him as possible.

Derick is 42 years old, and 6 foot. He has dark, dark brown hair; almost black, and a soft short beard and piercing green eyes. His chest is thick, and his abs are made of stone. His legs are long and sharp, with perfect lines of muscle going down them. He has a firm hard ass, and perfect lines in his back. His feet are proportionate and angle at a medium arch. I have been his masseuse all my life; I knew each and every part of him. Today, finally, after my all my yearning, Derick asked me to take off my clothes so he could see me. I did as commanded, as I would always do with him. Trembling in nervousness, and not wanting to displease, I removed my shirt, my pants, and my underwear. He walked over to his desk bursa escort and opened a drawer taking out a small silver box. While undressing he said, “Now Jerrid, if you really want to do this we need to discuss some things.”

“You are now old enough to make this decision; this is why I have held back all these years. I needed to know how you felt, how you feel, and how you are going to feel. If you really want me to be close to you, you must always do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you to do it. If you accept this and still want to live here, you must only be my little boy.” He got up and walked towards me, and gently started stroking my hair. “What I mean to say is, you will no longer be anything but my toy, and my servant. If you want me, and you want this to happen, you must agree.”

I did not know what to say, I was not sure what I was hearing! Derick wanted me to be a… Derick wanted me to be a slave? I have been taught hard work and respect… but a slave? He has beaten me if I did something wrong before… but I watch porn, I know what he is asking! Those poor girls get beat half to death! Standing before Derick, trembling, I could think of nothing else to do but accept, but before I did; I asked one question, “If I were to decide later that I did not want to be a toy and a servant?”

“If you accept, and later in life you decide this is something you cannot do, you will no longer be welcome at my house, or be welcome to talk to me in any fashion. I will not have a disobedient servant. I pay you in clothes and a place to live, and your own room if you choose to use it. But I will not have one that comes and goes as he pleases. It is your choice. If you do not accept now, you will get dressed; and I will help you get your own apartment and you will be on your own.” Derick did not blink, or change his stance. He delivered his statement as he would talking about the weather. He had been planning this for years it seems. I knew growing up that he was harsher than any of my friends parents in school. I knew he made me feel worse then most parents did, but he was not my parent, he was just my guardian. I always figured he took advantage of my love, but it was easy.

“I accept your offer Derick, Master, or whatever you want to be called.” I prostrated my naked body to the floor and kissed his shoe.” He handed me the silver box that he had taken from the drawer, and told me to put it on. I pulled out a beautiful silver collar; like one you’d see on a high prized dog, with diamond incrusted name tags with my name on it, on the opposite side of the collar was a loop, where a leash hung. I put it on and clasped it; I knew my life had changed that moment.

“My little boy has grown up, and became a slut. You just accepted my offer because you have nothing else… You are a worthless little slut,” with that he hit me as hard as he could in the jaw and I went flailing. “Sluts have one purpose, and you are going to fulfill that purpose now! Undress me slut.” As soon as the small black flecks stopped and my vision returned, I walked back over to him, and unlaced his shoes, as carefully as I could; making sure bursa escort bayan not to do anything wrong. I slid his socks down and stood up. I unbuttoned his belt, careful not to pinch him, and then unfastened his work pants, and let them fall to the floor.

He had a beautiful member. His cock was 8 inches long and thick. A shiny blue vein ran down the bottom of it, and his head was slightly bigger than his shaft. His balls hung perfectly, and it smelled beautiful. I unbuttoned his shirt as quickly as I could, making sure not to break buttons, but quickly enough to get it off in a hurry. He grabbed the leash, sat down on his bed and asked, “Do you want this?” He grabbed the base of his hairless cock and gave it a shake. “You do want this; I see it in your eyes boy. Get on your knees.”

I gingerly got on the floor, my face still sore from his earlier assault, and took his dick in my hands. I slowly opened my mouth, and a sharp tug hit my jugular and I jerked, letting go of his cock. “I did not give you permission to touch it, a slutty bitch like you needs to earn that right. You MUST not do that again, without my permission you little bitch!” I looked up at him, and he looked so mad. I suddenly felt like nothing. I felt worthless, but I did as I said I would, and did as he said. I opened my mouth, using my lips to lower his majestic member and slid it into my mouth. It felt so warm, it pulsed with each drop. His cock was so big, and I could not fit it all in my mouth, so I flipped my lips over my teeth and bit down, slowly inching it in and out. “That is good, you are doing very good, keep trying to get it all down boy.”

He called me boy, not slut; I was doing well, I felt pleased with myself. I quickly attempted to get it all down, and he stood up and leaned, helping me. Soon I had it going in and out of my neck, with his help. He grabbed my neck and told me to hold still, and I did so. With slow long thrusts he started fucking my face, my lips stretching back and fourth from his member. He started to pick up the pace, spit dribbling from his dick and onto the floor, my cock throbbing with excitement.

I was in heaven. My new master was fucking my face and I was pleasing him. He did this for a good 15 minutes, just balls slapping on my chin, dick cutting off my air supply and allowing me to breathe at the same time with each thrust. “That’s a good boy, you did not even gag! I am impressed, you may now touch me.” With that I grabbed his ass as hard as I could and shoved his cock in my mouth, as deep as it could go. I felt his pelvis hit my nose and his balls made a slap on the bottom part of my face.

He slipped his cock out of me, and hit my lips with it a few times. “That was very nice boy, stand up and put your hands on the bed, lean over.” I did as I was told, my ass facing towards him, he was going to fuck me! I was going to please my master today! He went back to the drawer that held the box for my collar, and pulled out a thin tube of lubrication. “For now on toy, you will be lubed and ready by nine PM every night, don’t say anything, you can’t talk yet, just nod.”

I did so, and he came escort bursa over to me, and smeared a generous amount in my asshole. He slowly worked his fingers in and around, loosening up my rear. He dropped a thin line of lube down on his cock and pressed the head into my ass. I felt so great, my ass started pulsing with my heartbeat, and my prick bounced with each beat. My heart was going to come out of my chest, and all I could do was sit and wait. It entered further, and my ass spread, I felt some pressure, but it did not hurt. With every inch my stomach felt tighter, and my ass loosened more. I was ready…

It started to go in more easily and he thrust hard, and yanked my collar arching my back. I nearly came right then, the sensation was more then I ever thought it could be. I spread my legs and pushed against the collar, it choking me. He grabbed a huge handful of my hair, and pulled; thrusting hard and backing away, thrusting hard and backing away. My dick felt like it was going to explode! He pushed me head first into the bed, and I reached out and grabbed the blankets, holding on for dear life. I grabbed the bedding with two tight fists and thrust back at him, forcing him deeper inside me, he continued this for a good 30 minutes, each of us fighting to get his cock in deeper and harder. I had already came all over the bed once, but he still kept fucking, my cock filled back to his size, and I came again, he pulled out, turned me around, and stuck his dick in my mouth. His warm fluid filled it, and trickled down my chin… I had made my master cum, it was the first day of my real life. I did the right thing, this is what I wanted to do.

The next few months progressed just like this… Every night I was lubed and ready, when I did something wrong I got a beating and was denied his touch. One week he even went without letting me out of my room, but I had accidentally bit his cock. Every now and again he’d invite a few friends over to fuck me… but none of them were ever as good as my master. I would cook clean, and feed him. Some mornings id make breakfast and suck him off while he ate, some nights I would make dinner and massage his feet while he ate. Every night I would shave his body, and do his hair. I dressed him, undressed him, and even read stories to help him sleep. I was the perfect slave.

The best night was when he had a dinner party for a few of his work friends. I had cleaned the dining room and the kitchen. I made a full 3 course dinner, but he had a woman there to serve it. He had other plans for me. He made me clear off the middle of the table, in which he had me lie down. The girl had stacked food all around me, and Derick placed fruits and the like over my body. He put an apple in my mouth and told me, you are nothing but a decoration; you will not talk or move. If you do this well ill buy you a treat.

In my entire life I have never been so used. I was a decoration. I was there to be looked at and not touched. I was a toy. But I did as my master said, and even when I was tickled, I did not move. I was eaten off of, and one guy even licked my balls, but I did not stir. When I was done, the serving lady stripped, and I got her for my present.

She was the slave of his brother apparently. We became friends and I was allowed to call her now and again, but that’s a story for another time.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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