Jesse , Tina: Exes Get Together

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Jesse’s phone chimed with Tina’s ringtone. They had been divorced four years, and the tension had finally started to dissipate when Tina realized that Jesse would stand his ground and would no longer be a doormat. It was a counterintuitive development, but it worked for both of them. What Jesse didn’t know was that Tina was still attracted to him, something she would hardly admit even to herself. It had been over four years since she had been touched. She knew that Jesse had been the only lover to ever satisfy her. She regretted throwing him away, but she was too proud to ask him to come back. Today was an odd day, however. She felt a stirring, a longing, a desire to be touched, held, and brought to climax. In a rare instance of impulsiveness, Tina sent him a text.

What are you doing this afternoon?

Jesse answered quickly, as he always did, Working. I’ll be at the coffee shop until you get here with Zaida.

Each Wednesday, Jesse worked at a coffee shop down the street from Zaida’s school and Tina’s place so he didn’t have to drive back to his place in the next town. Jesse was working at home, a new consulting job he enjoyed, and when he wasn’t travelling, he enjoyed the flexibility. He dove back into his data analysis and was about to order another cup of coffee when his phone chimed again.

I would like to have a physical experience with you. It’s been a long time, and I would enjoy being with you again.

Tina couldn’t come right out and say “I want to fuck.” Being the daughter of an overly strict preacher, she always feared her sexuality and being discovered as a slut. In reality, she wasn’t a slut. She enjoyed sex, like any normal woman would. She just couldn’t get over the fear of being labeled and embarrassing her father. Jesse thought for a moment. She was always a good lay, and it had been a while for him, too. Not nearly as long. He was a stocky guy with a down-home demeanor that many women found attractive. Sivas Escort ‘Could be fun’ he thought. Although he knew it was probably a bad idea to sleep with the ex.

That sounds like fun. When do you want to meet? He knew he shouldn’t do this, but he also knew he still had feelings for Tina. And he did enjoy her curves.

Right now. Come over. Gate code is 1054.

Jesse packed up his laptop and left the coffee shop before he changed his mind. Tina’s place was a mere two minutes away. He pulled up to her apartment, bounded up the steps, and knocked on her door.

Tina answered the door in the cream-colored teddy that was her favorite. It was cupless and crotchless. Tina had shaved her pussy, and the underwire in the teddy held up her amazing D-cup breasts. Jesse was speechless…and hard.

“Hello there, Dr. Richards.” Tina knew he loved it when she called him that. And frankly, she had always been proud of how accomplished he was. And she knew that she should have shown it more. “Remember this?”

Jesse wasn’t sure if she was referring to the Teddy or the feeling of being alone together. It didn’t matter. “I do, indeed. You are, as always, amazing.” Jesse went inside, shut the door behind him, and moved in for the kill.

Tina grinned as she moved back. “Not yet. You have too many clothes on.”

Jesse pulled off his boots and jeans, then yanked off his t-shirt. He was about to dive into her when he remember how much she enjoyed seeing him hard. Jesse peeled off his boxers, freeing his rigid cock. Tina smiled, then opened her arms and welcomed him into her bed. Jesse hadn’t even noticed that she had led him into the bedroom. Jesse dove into her breasts, licking each nipple and areola while caressing the other with his hand. He kissed her neck, then her lips.

“Tease me.” Tina begged.

Jesse responded just as he knew she liked. He pushed his cock against her pussy, Sivas Escort Bayan rubbing up and down, feeling her wetness increase. Tina grabbed his butt and tried to pull him into her, but he resisted. Jesse knew she loved being teased.

Tina pulled up her knees, giving him complete access to her womanhood. Jesse looked her in the eyes and pushed his cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy. Tina’s mouth opened in amazement, and she let out a moan as she accepted his manhood. “God, I missed you.” In the throes of passion, Tina was honest about her feelings. She couldn’t help herself. “I should never have let you get away. You feel so good, Dr. Richards. Please fuck me.”

Jesse continued his slow thrusting, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy. As he thrusted, he kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobes. His pace grew as Tina got wetter and wetter. “God, I love fucking you, Tina. You are so beautiful. You are so damn sexy!”

“I want to cum with you, Dr. Rhodes.” Tina was begging, and Jesse knew what she wanted. He flipped her onto him as he moved onto his back, refusing to extricate his cock from her pussy. Tina threw her long brown hair over her shoulder and smiled at him as she raised up. Jesse now had an amazing view of Tina’s large breasts, and his eyes went down to see her pussy swallowing his cock. “Suck my tits, Dr. Richards.”

Jesse obeyed, taking each breast into his mouth in turn, pulling it hard into his mouth, tasting her nipples, feeling their hardness borne out of passion. Tina was grinding her clit against his pubic bone, pushing hard to take all of him inside her. With each rocking motion, Jesse felt her pussy milk him, begging for his seed.

“Don’t stop fucking me! Oh, god!” Tina cried as she continued to grind against him. “Call me Mrs. Richards, Baby.”

Jesse grinned, knowing she was remembering just how good they had been together sexually. “You like it when I Escort Sivas fuck you, don’t you, Mrs. Richards?”

“Yes, Dr. Richards! I love it when you fuck me. Use me! Use my body for your pleasure!” Tina was upright now, all of her weight pushing herself down on his cock, holding his hands against her breasts as she threw her head back and rocked against his cock. “Don’t…stop…fucking me! We have got to do this more often, Dr. Rhodes!” she cried as her rocking slowed. Tina rocked her head back and forth, enjoying the last waves of her orgasm. Jesse watched, enjoying the view of her body, her curves, her breasts, and her smile acknowledging his good work. “Your turn, Dr. Richards.”

With that, Jesse needed no further invitation. He flipped her over, mounted her, and pulled her legs up to his chest. He began to thrust forcefully into her cunt, enjoying the sight of her tits bouncing as she accepted him. Tina looked into his eyes and smiled. “Cum inside me.” Jesse quickened his pace, acknowledging the invitation. He exploded into her as she stared into his eyes. Jesse was lost in ecstasy, shooting streams of his seed into her cunt. As he finished, he stared at her body, taking mental note of the sight before him, not knowing when he would see it next. As Jesse pulled his cock from her pussy, Tina left her legs open, letting him see the thin stream of his cum dripping from her cunt. “That was amazing, Baby.” Tina declared. “That was ‘horny teenager fucking before Mom and Dad got home’ kind of good.” Jesse knew she had a rebellious streak. He just hoped he would see it again.

“Thank you, Tina. That was amazing!”

“Maybe we can do it again another time.” Tina winked at him.

They each dressed, Jesse taking his time and watching as Tina removed the teddy and walked naked to the shower. He wanted to join her, but he was hesitant to push his luck. “I better get back to work.” He announced.

Tina turned, showing off her naked body. “That’s right. You go make the big bucks. I’ll pick up Zaida and meet you at the coffee shop at 5:00. We should do this again.” Tina winked at him.

Jesse left, not knowing what to think, but enjoying the afterglow and the mental pictures that had resulted.

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