Jewels – The End of the Day

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Jewels — The End of the Day

As with the first two parts of the Jewels story this is not a quick jerk story. If you have not read the first two stories, Jewels and Jewels — The Next Day I suggest you read them first. This part will not make sense if you have not read the others parts. If you are looking for hardcore and a lot of sex you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a story about some young inexperienced kids learning about sex and love I think you will enjoy this. I’ll do my best to make it entertaining. Constructive feedback is very much appreciated.

“I had planned to surprise you tonight, but I guess you get your surprise now.” She looked embarrassed, but determined as she slid her booty shorts on down her hips until the top of her mound appeared. She hesitated. “I don’t know if I can do this,” then she gave them a quick push and they slipped on down to her thighs, and then dropped to the floor. I know my mouth was hanging open as I saw my first bare pussy.

I licked my lips as Jennifer just said, “Wow!” Susan looked stunned, but to be honest I really wasn’t paying any attention to her! My eyes were glued on Jewels. I had thought she was beautiful the night before, but now, I was speechless. Her skin looked so soft and smooth. I wanted to go around the table and feel it. My cock was straining my boxers for sure now.

Jewels quickly sat down and grabbed the bottle and spun it. It landed on me. Now what to do? This game had already gone way further than I had ever imagined it could. Forty-eight hours ago if you had told me I would have seen Jewels nude, let alone that I would have slept with her I would have seriously doubted your sanity. Within twenty four hours not only had I seen her naked, slept with her, and was no longer a virgin, but now here I was with her two best friends who were sitting in their panties and a shirt with no bra waiting for me to ask a question of a sexual nature. All this with her encouragement!

I thought hard about what to ask. I was liked the direction this was going, what red-blooded male would not like it? However, I thought I should leave the more blatant requests to the girls, and not appear to be taking advantage of the situation. After all, that was the purpose of all of this anyway. I decided to use my turn to reinforce what had already been accomplished. “This is to both Susan and Jennifer,” I said. “Do you understand now the difference between fantasy and true beauty and how lovely you three really are?”

Susan, who was the more thoughtful of the two, replied, “I think so. Like Jennifer said, I don’t plan on going crazy after today, but I feel liberated. I didn’t think I could ever be attractive to a guy.” Tears started welling in her eyes. “You have made me see myself differently, and even if I did have a figure that didn’t match up to expectations I think I would feel better about myself. Today has been fun, but more than that I feel like someone gave me vision. I feel like I can really see!” She jumped up and came around the side of the table and gave me a big hug. “Jason, I love you! Not like Jewels does, but I love you, and I always will! You have a friend for life. I hope I can find a man as kind, considerate, and caring as you for myself.”

Jennifer jumped up and ran over from her seat and joined Susan in a group hug. I was in a sandwich with two lovely girls, feeling their breasts pressing against me, as I looked across the table at Jewels, who had a big smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

Jennifer said, “I can’t say better than what Susan said. This is fantasy, and it is fun! I know though that this is not real life, and this is just for today, but after today I will never let what someone else looks like interfere with me and my self-worth. But for today, I’m loving this fantasy! I never thought I would be attractive to a guy, but I’m hugging a guy who has a great big erection, and I know I helped put it there!” She giggled and reached down and patted it on the head gently. “I’ll never forget this day, and I know I will measure every guy who asks me out by you!”

Jewels walked around the table and joined in the group hug from behind me. “After Jason and I talked yesterday, I knew I wanted you two to experience this, too. You are my closest friends, and I wanted you to feel as valued as Jason has made me feel. I’ve got an idea! Let’s give Jason a real treat for being such a good guy! Let’s go back down to the beach and go skinny-dipping! We aren’t far from it anyway.”

Jennifer reached down and grabbed my cock and said, “I get to see this? I’ve been wanting to see this since it started waving at me earlier!” That got the girls all giggling. Jennifer was going to be a real tease I could tell!

Susan blushed again. “I’m not sure I can. This has been different, but I don’t know if I could go naked in front of you guys.”

“Why not?” asked Jewels, gently. “You are braless and your nipples are poking out, Jason has already seen your breasts, and your panties are almost see-through. What’s the difference?”

“I guess it is just the reality of it. I know it is just in my mind. It’s Kartal Escort just different.”

“That’s OK,” said Jewels. “This isn’t about having to do anything. We’re just having fun. If you don’t feel like it no one is going to push you to do it.”

Jennifer meantime was just standing there, still holding my cock. “Jason, I want you to help me. I always thought the first time I got naked with a guy it had to be someone I really cared about, and that he cared about me, and I always dreamed he undressed me. I just never could make out the face. Now I can. Will you do the honors?” She stood up tall and lifted her hands above her head like a ballerina again and waited, looking me in the eyes. I looked over at Jewels and got a slight nod and a smile. Then Jewels leaned over and whispered in my ear. I pulled back and looked at her in surprise. “You sure?”

“Um hum.” I looked back at Jennifer, who was standing there expectantly, and reached my hands for the hem of her tank top. I slowly slipped my hands under the shirt and slipped it up while caressing her belly and sides with my hands. She moaned and shivered as I continued higher, slowly, until my hands reached the bottom of both of her breasts. Her eyes were large as they stared into my eyes and her breath was rather shallow and shaky. Slowly and gently I slipped my hands higher until my thumbs slipped across her nipples so that they popped loose and quivered as the shirt continued rising. I slid the shirt over her head, and then up her arms, but as it rose up her arms Jennifer leaned into me pressing her engorged nipples and her breasts into my chest. The feeling was almost divine! As the shirt passed over her fingers she dropped her arms down and wrapped them around my neck and standing on tip-toe to do so she nuzzled me under the chin and moved her breasts back and forth on my chest.

I dropped my hands to her shoulders and caressed them briefly before sliding them back down the curves of her sides caressing her skin as I went. Her skin was so soft and velvety, and I luxuriated in its softness until I felt the elastic at the top of her briefs. Looking her in the eye for approval I slipped my fingers under her waistband and started slowly to slip them down over her hips. She smiled her approval and pressed her body against mine even tighter, almost writhing in pleasure as I slowly slid the palms of my hands down over the curves of her hips, drawing her panties down for the first time in front of a man. I knelt down in front of her as I slid her panties down all the way down her legs, stroking them softly as I did so. Her pubic hairs covered her mound and slit, but were trimmed somewhat short, allowing me to see how swollen her lips were. As she lifted her feet for me to slip her panties off I could smell the aroma of her arousal, and I could not help myself as I leaned forward and kissed her pussy. It just seemed the thing to do. As I stood back up before her she embraced me with tears in her eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“That was so much more beautiful than I ever dreamed.” She turned to Jewels and embraced her and said. “Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate you two.” Unashamed, she stood there in front of the three of us, confident in her self-worth and confident in her body.

Susan said, “That was beautiful. Jason, will you help me also? I don’t know why I feel so hesitant. I know you love us. Otherwise you would not have done all you have done today to make us feel so loved and lovable. You could have taken advantage of the game, but all you did was try to reinforce how valuable we are. I just realized, you never once tried to get us undressed or tried to embarrass us. That was just us girls doing that stuff! Thank you! Jewels said anything goes except actual sex, so will you please undress me, and you can do anything you want with me while you do it.” I looked over at Jewels again and again I got a smile and a small nod of approval. Jewels was still standing there with her tee shirt on with her bare pussy glistening below it. Her lips were swollen with arousal also, and were obviously very moist.

I asked Susan to stand in front of me with her back to me and I wrapped my arms around her in a gentle hug and I whispered in her ear. “Are you sure? You don’t have to do this just because the others are. I won’t think anything less of you if you don’t want to. You can never be naked in front of a man for the first time again if you do it now.”

She leaned into me and nodded her head yes. “Please. You are the one who has made me into a person who is not ashamed any more of the way she looks. You should be the one to be the first one. Someone else can be my first, but you should be the first to see me.”

“OK,” I said. “I am honored. I just don’t want you to feel badly about it tomorrow.” I slipped my arms from around her and found the hem of her tee shirt and lifted it up to the waistband of her panties by sliding my hands across them and the skin of her belly. “Which do you want first?”

“That is up to you,” she whispered. “I want you to be rewarded for what you’ve done for us by doing Yakacık Escort it however you want to do it.” She leaned back into me in sort of a backward hug, pressing her fanny against my cock, and resting her head on my shoulder and her cheek against mine. I toyed with the waistband of her panties, slipping my fingers down into them until I felt the top of her hairs and then slid them around to her hips then around to her buttocks, but I didn’t push them down at all. I just softly caressed her skin and then slipped my hands slowly back out of her panties and under her shirt.

I slipped my hands up her sides until my fingers were caressing the sides of her breasts and then slid them slowly back down her sides. When I got back down to her panties again I slid my hands slowly across her belly in sort of a hug and then slid them up her sides across her body. She was breathing rather heavily by this time and I took my hands up her sides again until I was in contact with her breasts, this time with the bottom of her breasts resting on my arms as they crossed her body. Then I slid my hands back across her upper belly, just grazing the bottoms of her breasts as they passed. I slid my hands back down her belly, still under her shirt, until a finger found her belly button. I gently tickled inside her navel with one finger as the other fingers of that hand caressed the soft skin of her stomach and the other hand went back to the curve of her hip and slowly caressed its way back up to the level of her breast again.

I allowed my thumb and forefinger to encircle and limn the bottom of her breast as I softly slid my right hand back up across her stomach until it also reached the bottom of her breast and I also limned it with my thumb and forefinger. Gently then I slipped my hands higher until her breasts were cupped in my fingers while my thumbs stroked down and across from the sides, with the tips of my thumbs just grazing the sides of her nipples. Her head was lolling on my shoulder now, with her mouth was hanging open as she was gasping for breath. Her eyes were wide open, but were staring unseeing at the ceiling. I curled my fingers inward and upward, stroking my fingertips across the end of her nipples allowing them to bounce back to the next finger as each one passed. She moaned and sagged against me, then gasped as her knees buckled under her. I caught her under the arms and kept her from falling, then knelt behind her and allowed her to sit on the floor until she was able to get her wits about her.

Susan turned herself and wrapped both arms around me and kissed me softly on the lips. “How did you do that? I have never cum like that in my life. I didn’t even know you could cum without playing with the pussy.”

“You were already quite stimulated. All I did was show you love the way you responded. Your breasts are very sensitive. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Will you undress me now? Nothing fancy, just take my clothes off? I just want to be naked and let you see me.” She stood up, and I stood with her and slipped her shirt up and off her shoulders and over her head. I noticed Jewels was slipping her shirt off at the same time. Then I knelt in front of Susan and gently pulled her panties down her legs and off of her feet, seeing her pussy in the flesh, and not just through her panties. I leaned in and gave it a kiss before standing back up to an embrace.

Jewels said, “It looks like Jason is the only one dressed now. Why don’t you two do something about it?” The way Jennifer had grabbed my cock before I expected her to attack my boxers and yank them off quickly, but she surprised me. She and Susan knelt down on either side and together grasped my waistband and slowly and gently pulled it out trying to free my cock. Of course, my cock was so hard it didn’t come loose that easily, so Jennifer said, “Susan, I’ve already felt it a couple of times. Why don’t you do the honors and pull it out.”

Susan smiled really big and reached in my boxers and held my cock against my belly and they slowly lowered my boxers down my legs while Susan held the head of my cock between her thumb and fingers. She kept sliding her thumb back and forth over the end, smearing my precum around, and then as I stepped out of my boxers she leaned in and kissed it on the end, just as I had kissed her pussy. Jennifer then leaned over and as Susan held it toward her also gave it a kiss. Jennifer cupped my balls and caressed them gently after I told her they were very tender. Susan was looking at the slit at the tip of my cock, and kept gently squeezing the head making it open and close and giggled at the sight.

Needless to say, with three naked girls around me, and with all that had gone on in the last three hours I was quite stimulated. Jewels warned her I might cum in her hand if she kept it up. Both girls were very interested in seeing that happen and leaned in close while watching it as Susan continued rubbing her thumb around on the head. I was leaking profusely, so she had plenty of lubrication that she kept slipping her thumb through, around and around my head. When she started stroking her thumb Kadıköy Escort from the base of the helmet to the tip and then down across the frenulum that did it. With a groan I started cumming, and with all the pent up excitement there was quite a lot. Both girls were watching it closely, and they each got some in their face and hair, plus across their breasts.

I sagged to my knees and then sat down on my heels as Susan continued to stroke it with her thumb. I had to stop her as it was getting rather sensitive. Neither girl seemed to be upset about me cumming on them, in fact they were excited by it. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath and to get my bearings. This had been quite a day!

None of us really wanted to go swimming at this point. We all just sat around on the floor together talking quietly about what all had transpired until Jewels spoke up. “Jason, I just realized, you and Susan both had an orgasm, but Jennifer hasn’t had one.”

“Actually, I did,” Jennifer said. “While Jason was undressing Susan and loving on her I couldn’t help stroking myself, and I had a quiet one when she did.”

“That’s not quite the same thing. Trust me!” Jewels stood to her feet and said, “Come with me.” We all stood and followed her as she led the way up the stairs to my room. What a view I had following three gorgeous naked young ladies up the stairs! “Jason has a queen size bed for some reason, so there is more room in here.” She pulled the covers off the bed and climbed on, patting the bed in the center next to her saying, “Jennifer, come up here.” She looked at me and said, “Jason, why don’t you see what you can do for Jennifer?”

Susan climbed on the end of the bed and knelt with her hands between her legs and her breasts squeezed together by her arms as she looked to see what I would do. I crawled on the bed next to Jennifer and whispered, “What would you like?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.” I started caressing her breasts gently with my hands, stroking them softly, and cupping them in my hands. They were just a nice handful, and I enjoyed the feeling very much. Her nipples were very sensitive and stood out nicely, so I started playing with them and rolling them gently between my fingers and plucking them between my fingers and thumbs. She was obviously quite turned on, even before I started stimulating them, and my ministrations quickly brought moans from her. She reached down with her left hand and grasped my cock and started stroking it as I played with her breasts.

“May I touch you, too?” she asked? I nodded. There was no way I would say no to that! I leaned over and took one of her nipples in my mouth, which elicited a quiet gasp. I had slipped my right arm under her head to make it easier to reach her right breast, so while I played with her right nipple with my right hand I suckled and licked her left nipple. This left my left hand with nothing to do, so I slipped it down over her stomach and started caressing her pubic hairs with my fingers. She started arching her hips and rotating her pussy forward trying to get more contact, but I avoided it for the moment, just running my fingers through her hairs, enjoying the softness, but yet the courser feel of her pubic hair compared to the softness of the hair on her head.

Her outer lips were quite swollen with desire, and I stroked up and down them with a finger and my thumb pressing them together, but not entering the slit itself. She was starting to writhe on the bed trying desperately to get me to do more, but all I would do is to press the lips in, caressing her pussy with them. Finally I allowed my middle finger to caress lightly up the slit and between her lower lips slightly, bringing an almost violent thrust of her hips trying to capture my finger. I stroked it back and forth a few times while pulling on her nipple with my thumb and finger and sucking her other nipple into my mouth and licking it with my tongue. I slipped my finger down into her slit and lightly into her vagina, being careful not to penetrate too far and disturb the hymen. I stroked her opening and circled it a few times before bringing my finger up to her clit and pressing on it.

Contact with her clit was all it took. She moaned and gave a quiet gasp and was still. I had read about this happening in some sex stories I had read, but I always thought it was just hyperbole. She just lay there sleeping for about five minutes while I just held and cuddled her. Jewels and Susan just looked on silently. Jennifer awoke and rolled into me and wrapped her arms around me in an embrace and whispered, “Thank you! That was wonderful.”

We never did go swimming, but we stayed in the bed, touching, caressing, stroking, and loving on each other. We never did actually have sex; that is saved for Jewels, but I brought each of the girls off several times before the night was over, and they together did the same for me. I had the distinct pleasure of awaking the next morning with Jewels snuggled on my right shoulder, Susan on my left, and Jennifer with her head nestled on my stomach. I know I will never experience anything like that day again in my life, but I will treasure the love of three wonderful ladies, with one of them being just a little more special than the others, and as I told Jewels later, when I die I want it written on my tombstone that “I, too, have lived!”

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