Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 02

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Eugene Harvitz was still grinning as he strolled into the staff room with Skye walking along in front of him. He couldn’t stop running over the class in his mind, how well his plan of teasing Jim had gone. It always gave him a thrill when he knew a boy was getting a new girl, it always reminded him of his own eighteenth birthday and how it had changed his life. But he’d never gone so far teasing a student before, probably because young Jim reminded him of himself.

He dropped into the lounge with a contented sigh and Skye gracefully arranged herself kneeling on the cushion next to him, as was their little custom. He looked her over with a refreshed appreciation. It wasn’t often he made her dress like this at work, which made it even better when he did, with all the staff and students looking. She was absolutely captivating, the best choice of his whole life.

Harvitz wasn’t sure of why he’d chosen to be a teacher. He had hated school. Fat and unpopular, he had struggled through being teased and bullied by everyone. He had been the youngest in his year by far and had to watch all his tormentors get their girls before him. Then, after graduation, the day he had waited for. His eighteenth birthday, better than he ever expected.

He had gone to the ‘Torium to get his First Girl, full of expectation, almost creaming his jeans like young Liam just had. The attendant who had helped him had been fat, bespectacled, greasy, just like him. Like a kindred spirit. He had taken Harvitz to a section of the ‘Torium, with a smile on his face, and brought out the most beautiful creature the teenage boy had ever seen. Haughty, mocking, skin like marble, features like a sculpture of a goddess. A sexual walk like a predatory cat. Harvitz had chosen her straight away, without even trying her out for anything.

Now he was a fat and greasy man and Skye was exactly the same. Every day he woke up and she was there, perfect, ready to do anything.

“Well, well, well, that was lovely, Miss Skye.”

She raised an eyebrow at him. Her face was still shiny with his semen.

“The look on his face!” He chortled. “And asking if you were tight, Miss Skye!”

Her half-smile lifted higher.

“So, so tight. And always have been.” His hand wandered by itself over to her and slid her g-string aside before his two middle fingers slipped into her tight pussy. It was still so wet that it ran down his hand. His cock stiffened up in his pants, much to his surprise.

The door opened and four people came in chatting. It was Charlene Hay, who taught geography, and Lionel Russ and his girls, Tiana and Liana. Lionel was a head teacher and had splashed out on a second girl to complement his government-subsidised First Girl. Lionel and his girls sat sivas escort on a lounge opposite Harvitz, one on either side of him, whilst Charlene went to the sink to make a cup of tea.

“Hey, Eug,” Lionel said. “Having fun?”

Lionel’s girls weren’t Harvitz’s type, but the effect of two of them was still very alluring. They were both Asian girls, with small lean bodies and perky little tits. Today Lionel had them both dressed in sexy school uniforms of hot pink skirts, skintight shirts and pigtails, with hot pink lipstick.

Harvitz kept fingering Skye, enjoying the silky wetness of her.

“Sure,” He answered. “How’s it going?”

“Great, yeah,” Lionel had his arms around his girls’ shoulders so his hands rested on their tits. He looked very content. “Busy day though. Teaching five periods, then the curriculum meeting.”

“Oh yeah, the meeting.” Harvitz said. He’d forgotten about it with the morning’s fun.

“I’ve got a good way to pass the time, hey?” Lionel smirked, giving the tits a squeeze on each side. The girls giggled cutely and squirmed.

“Yeah, two girls, wow,” Harvitz said, fingering Skye a bit harder. “Lucky bugger.”

Lionel laughed. Smug bastard, Harvitz thought, but without much rancour. It was hard to be jealous after the morning he’d enjoyed. His own dick was getting quite stiff again, uncomfortably so.

What the fuck, he thought. He opened up his shorts again and took out his dick, almost fully erect. He looked up at Skye, who was smiling at him knowingly.

“Jump on, baby.” He said. Skye stood up and slid down her g-string to the floor. He could see Lionel watching her and grinning. Skye stood between his legs, turned around to face Lionel, her latex boots squeaking, then bent at the knees to bring her pussy down to Harvitz’s cock. She was so wet he felt the drips hit the head of his penis before the warm wetness, like a mouth, covered him over and sank down the whole shaft. He grabbed her ass and helped her slide her pussy on his length.

He looked over at Lionel, who was watching and grinning.

“Damn, Eug,” He said. “I’m an Asian man all the way, but Skye is hot stuff.”

“Thanks,” Harvitz said. “I like your two as well.”

Charlene came over to the lounge, tea in hand. She snorted when she saw Skye fucking Harvitz.

“Jesus, Eugene,” She said. “I’m sick of seeing your dick in this room.”

“Lighten up, Char,” Lionel said as she sat off to the side. “Maybe I’ll get my dick out, too.”

His girls giggled again. Lionel stood up and unbuckled his belt, dropping his trousers. Harvitz could see his skinny white ass and small cock hanging. He wasn’t even erect, but his two girls cooed and giggled at him.

“Oh, çorum escort Li,” One of them moaned, he thought it was Tiana. “Let me suck it.”

“No, let me, Li.” The other crooned.

“Oh brother.” Charlene said.

Harvitz was watching raptly from over the undulating back of Skye. It was great to watch someone else about to go at it, whilst feeling the familiar heaven of Skye’s pussy squelching on him. As he watched, Lionel shoved his limp dick at Tiana, whose pink lips sucked him inside. Her brown eyes looked up at Lionel’s face as he took hold of her pigtails and pumped her mouth. Harvitz could see that the face fucking was made difficult by how small and soft the cock was.

Charlene was watching them grumpily.

“What’s with the rough oral sex with you guys?” She asked. “That’s all I see you guys doing, sticking your knobs in their mouths like crazy.”

“Excuse me, I’m not.” Harvitz laughed, pointing at Skye’s ass.

“I’ve seen you doing it, Eugene. Remember last week’s assembly?”

“Oh yeah.” He said. He’d been a monitor at the assembly, meaning he’d had to stand at the side of the hall. It was boring, he’d got Skye to kneel in front of him and banged her mouth for the whole hour. It was really something to think of this and look at Charlene’s frown as Skye’s pussy muscles rippled on him.

“Its fun, Char,” Lionel interjected. “Check this out, Eug.”

Lionel was holding Tiana by one pigtails as she sucked his dick. He took Liana by one pigtail with the other hand and hauled her onto his balls. Harvitz’s couldn’t see her mouth, but he could hear them both slurping.

“God, she’s got both my balls in her mouth, Eug.” Harvitz guessed it was easy because they were so small. He could see that Tiana was still working with a limp cock even now.

“Can’t we have one morning tea without all this, though?” Charlene asked. “I mean, the other day there was stains all over the couch.”

“Char, I love ya, but stop complaining,” Lionel said. “Its better than being harassed by horny co-workers, isn’t it?”

“I guess so.” She admitted.

Harvitz reached up and undid Skye’s latex bra. It was nearly the end of recess and he needed to blow sooner rather than later. She slid off the bra for him and arched her back so that he could cup her full breasts. She had long, pointy nipples and he trapped them between his fingers as he squeezed the soft tits. Skye was still tirelessly fucking his cock.

“Hey, Eug,” Lionel called out over the slapping of Skye’s ass and the slurping of his girls. “Do you have Carl Majors in your classes?”

“That nerdy kid? No.” He answered, breathing hard.

“You should see how he goes with his girl. Fuck yeah, denizli escort Tiana. Yeah you’ve seen that kid, skinny little white freak, but you seen the girl he got the other week?”

“No.” Eugene said distractedly. His dick was feeling really tight. He figured a few more minutes would finish him off. Skye’s pussy was drenching his crotch, the skin of her pussy so slick.

“Yeah, this skinny white kid. And his girl is this heaps tall black chick, with these giant tits like watermelons and this big ass. Big and firm though, muscular.”

Harvitz laughed, just to be polite.

“And this kid man,” Lionel went on, with the two black-haired heads jammed over his crotch. “He jams this girl’s ass frickin’ continuously. Like he’s fucking her ass every time I see him, with this crazy look on his face. Totally fucking crazy.”

Charlene snorted.

“That’s funny.” Harvitz croaked. He could feel the second load welling up in his dick.

“Holy shit.” Lionel said. He shoved the girls roughly off his dick, which Harvitz saw was still only semi erect. He pulled Tiana roughly around so she was bent over the lounge with her ass facing him. Harvitz watched as Lionel pushed up her pink skirt over her olive ass and lurched forward, obviously shoving his little cock into her pussy. He jerked and let out a loud moan of pleasure as he came instantly.

“What a show.” Charlene commented.

“I just have to come in a cunt, y’know?” Lionel said to the room. “Clean it, Liana.”

The other little Asian was already taking the limp dick in her mouth and noisily sucking away.

“Well I guess you’ve gotta shoot your squirt now Eugene.” Charlene said sarcastically. Harvitz grinned at her frowning face. It was strange how her disapproval was actually getting him off. He would have to make a note of it for future opportunities. He couldn’t answer her though, his dick was about to explode in the sopping wet grip of Skye’s cunt.

He tightened his grip on Skye’s tits, feeling them swell out around his grasping fingers, when Charlene helped him.

“The poor girl, Eugene, you’ll pop them soon.”

He grinned open-mouthed at the female teacher as he came. It was so hard that saliva ran over his chin onto his shirt. Skye’s pussy became even wetter and hotter as his come burst into her and audibly slopped as she kept fucking him. She knew he liked her to keep pounding away until his erection was too far gone and he managed to will it to stay up for a few more minutes, laughing with the ticklish sensitivity of the tip as it slid against her velvety inside.

The boner waning, Skye lifted herself off, her pussy running juices and sperm out over his legs and the floor. He guessed the couch was going to have a few more stains. Silently Skye smiled at him and knelt to suck his softening cock into her mouth. He liked a good hard sucking after a fuck and Skye obliged noisily.

Outside the lounge, the bell rang. Harvitz looked down at his beautiful girl, her soft lips around the base of his cock, and smiled. Life was great.

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