Joe’s Therapy Ch. 03

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Aria Lee

‘Stay where you are” she said.

She got up and turned around to sit on his mouth.

“Open up”

She farted in his mouth as she was stroking him, her fart was a turn off but her touch was magic after five stroke he shot his load all over her hand.

She got off him and knelt beside him presenting her hand to his mouth.

“Lick my hand clean.”

She grabbed a tissue, wiped his belly and had him eat it. He asked her permission to speak, and she granted it.

“Mistress Diane, I was able to get rid of my lease this afternoon, and I gave the landlord this address if he needed to reach me.”

“You should have told me before you left the house, I am not mad because you are still a newbie slave, remember to ask permission to do anything you were not ordered to before doing it.”

Then, she sent him off to cook her dinner, she was hungry. When all was ready he went to tell her, and when his tongue was in her ass.

“Your skills at cunnilingus are improving, but there is never too much practice of this art. You are a good cook, can you bake pastries?”

He nodded his head, she finish her meal reading on her tablet. She got up, farted in his face, and went back to the living room to watch TV.

She called to him; “get me more wine, slave”

He grabbed the bottle and halved her cup, with a big grin on his face.

“Slave, why are you smiling?”

“Because of the orgasm that you gave me Mistress, thank you so much.”

“You are a better slave than I expected, so I decided to reward you for my amusement. How do you like your new life as my slave and toilet?”

“I love being your slave, I love to cook, I do not like the taste of your waste, I had to make some efforts to keep it down, but I will get use to it.”

“I told you there is no turning back, I love having a toilet slave and I do not care about your konyaaltı üniversiteli escort likes or dislikes. Finish cleaning the kitchen, and come back to kiss my feet.”

“From now on you are to use the bathroom in the basement only.”

He finished his chores in the kitchen, use the bathroom in the basement. He was kneeling in front of her, kissing her feet.

“Tonight I will face sit you in bed, I like a good rimming before sleeping, your tongue goes in deeper when I am seated.”

“Permission to speak, Mistress?”

“What, are you tired of having my ass in your face?”

“No, never, I like your beautiful ass in my face, I would respectfully suggest; that I lie down in bed with my head toward the foot of the bed, you sit on my mouth and recline your back on my bended knees. Maybe my tongue would go in deeper?” His stomach growled.

“Interesting suggestion slave, we will try it later, you must be hungry, I will feed you tomorrow morning, usually after my morning coffee, I need to shit. Kiss my feet some more.”

When her program was over she got up and peed in his mouth, she sent him to clean his mouth and told him to get in bed.

She came out of her walk in wearing the top of a baby doll, sat on his chest, and moved her asshole to his mouth, he was breathing through his nose. He stuck his tired tongue out and did his best to obey the go in deeper command.

“Slave this is a better position, your tongue goes in deeper, I got the feeling that I am crushing your body under my 170 pounds, and I do not have to look at your penis. I like your breathe on my cunt “

She grabbed her tablet to read, he was giving it his best efforts. He felt a small stool with his tongue.

“Oh! I think that you will have a snack. Chew every bit and pieces.”

She pushed a small piece kurtköy escort of shit in his mouth that he dutifully chewed. He got the full flavor of it, luckily he was hungry, because it was the worst tasting thing he ever ate.

“I like feeling your jaws working under my ass” and pushed out another small piece.

When he was done chewing, she said;

“Get on the floor I am going to sleep now. Do not wash your mouth, I want you to sleep with the taste of my shit in your mouth.”

He felt her feet on his face and opened his eyes to her beautiful legs. Then she positioned them on each side of his head before lowering her cunt to his lips.

“Let’s tried pissing in your mouth here, anyhow if you mess up it is your bed.”

He opened his mouth, he was looking at her firm breast under her baby doll, her flow was strong, and he gulped down as fast as he could.

“Lick me to orgasm.”

He got her going in no time and she came hard on his face. He was horny again; her legs were driving him crazy. She got up.

“You should start shaving twice a day; your face will be smoother in the morning. I want pancakes.”

She went in the shower, he use the bathroom downstairs, shaved, washed his mouth and started preparing her pancakes.

She walked in the kitchen wearing a mini skirt, a tank top and high heels sandals carrying her laptop.

“I see that you are happy to see me”

She said looking at his hard on. He got in position she lifted her skirt and sat on his face, all he could see were her ass cheeks on each side of his face and her long blond hair flowing down her back, when his tongue was inside her,

“Slave, the pancakes are good; your face is definitely smoother than earlier. I will try to feed you in this position because you kept up with me, yesterday. Anyway you ankara kurtuluş escort will lick clean your mess.” His stomach growled again.

“I read on the internet that it is easier to toilet train a slave when he is hungry. By the end of the week you will start having small portion of my leftovers. Not before, because I want you to hunger for my shit.”

She farted in his mouth when he took his tongue out to swallow a little bit of saliva. When he tried to put it back in, he felt a stool being pushed out in his mouth.

“Slave here is your meal.”

He opened his throat to facilitate her bowels movement, and he swallowed fast. She was expecting him to choke and throw up but he had kept up with her, he was a natural. For her pleasure, she pinched the third stool.

“Chew it slave, I will feed you a mouthful at the time.”

He got the full flavor and it was even worse than last night. He concentrated on suppressing his gag reflex; he was getting better at it. As soon that he swallowed, she pushed another piece out for him to chew, and she repeated the process two more times.

He did not like the taste, but her weight on his face crushing him in the kitchen chair, seeing her head move when she would eat a bit of pancakes or take a sip of coffee, was giving him a sense of purpose, he loved the humiliation.

“Clean my asshole, I liked that position to feed you, I prefer to sit than to squat. You are to clean the kitchen, then take a cold shower to calm that erection, wait one hour before cleaning your mouth. It is to help educate your mouth.”

“Tell me; have you ever been a toilet?” She asked getting up.

“No, Mistress Diane, I never done it before, I have dreamed about it a lot, it was my most cherish fantasy being a toilet slave to a woman, in my wildest dreams I did not believed at all that I would be with a woman, as beautiful as you, willing to train me like you are. I feel like if I am in paradise.”

“I am very satisfied and surprised with your performance; I thought that you would have been able to keep up with me when I pee after a month and when I shit after three months. I can assure you are not in paradise we have only begun your training slave, but what a start you had.”

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