Joe’s Visit with the Professor

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“Please, come in,” she said, holding open the door to her office. I entered into a nice, cozy space which struck me as being rather well furnished for a faculty office in the psychology department. Evidently the university was generous to its senior professor.

I stood next to a pair of upholstered wing chairs which were arranged at an angle close to her desk. She motioned for me to sit, and then she sat in the chair next to mine, regarding me with a frank gaze. I was somewhat uncomfortable by her examination, as if she already knew my secrets. Still, I had to admit, she was certainly capable of prying almost anything she wanted from me. Her blue eyes were hypnotic, and her blonde hair framed a beautiful face which took my breath away.

“Thank you for coming,” she said. “I really appreciate you agreeing to be a part of my study.”

“Happy to help,” I said, really not sure yet just how much I was going to tell her. At the same time, I think I would do almost anything to be this close to her. She was so amazing, and her dark blue silk blouse was stretched tight across the most magnificent pair of breasts. I had fantasized many times about her while laying in my bed at night. I would envision her at the front of my classroom, calling on me to answer a difficult question about human compulsion or abnormal behavior. Then she would lean across my desk and her big tits would burst out of her top, giving me a full view of them as she laughed and looked at me. I rarely got much further than that in my fantasy before my penis would be rock hard, begging me for release. I’d imagine her naked as I stroked my cock faster and faster, her eyes growing wide as I shot my load of cum onto my chest.

“Thank you Joe,” she said, snapping me back to the present. I felt my face flush as she looked at me, seeming to know what my erotic thoughts had been just a second earlier. She leaned over to her desk, and I glanced down at the slit in her grey skirt. Her tan legs were amazing, and I quickly allowed my gaze to slide up her hard body as she retrieved a notepad from the desk.

“As I mentioned earlier, this conversation is entirely in confidence Joe. Nothing you tell me will ever leave this room, okay?”

I nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

“Oh, you are such a gentleman,” she said teasingly. “But please call me Pam,” she said, looking sincere. I don’t know why she was so believable, but I was smitten and I would believe anything that goddess said to me. And I knew that she was quite aware of the power she held over me.

“Okay… Pam,” I stammered, looking into her blue eyes.

“So Joe,” she said as she crossed her ankles and leaned forward to begin the interview. Her top button caught my attention as it struggled to contain the load of pressure her large tits placed on it. “Why don’t we begin talking about sex?”

“Well,” I said uncomfortably, “What do you want to know?”

“Joe, I need to know everything for my research,” she spoke softly. She leaned forward and touched my leg gently. I glanced down at the cleavage she was clearly presenting to me. It was an obvious ploy– and it was working like a charm! “My study is about sexual behavior, and I think you have some wonderful information which will really help me.”

She slid her hand back, her touch lingering for a second on my leg before returning to her notepad where she picked up her pen.

“Joe,” she said, the raising the pen to the corner of her mouth, “tell me, have you ever been naked in front of another person?”

I nodded.

“Have you ever been sexually aroused while naked in front of another person?” she asked as she made a note on her pad.

“Well, sure,” I said with a slight nervous laugh.

“Joe,” she asked, “Did you ever touch yourself sexually while in front of another person?” she asked as she lightly tapped the pen on the corner of her lips.

“Yes,” I whispered. I felt my cock begin to stir in my walking shorts at that moment, but everything in the universe seemed to slow down as she let the tip of that pen slide into her mouth in an unconscious, yet extremely sexy way.

“Will you share with me a time when you touched yourself sexually in front of another person Joe?”


It was summer, and there were only three of us at the frat house that weekend. Tom and Chad were roommates at the house, and I had an upstairs room to myself since my roommate was gone for the break. We didn’t see each other too often as we all had summer jobs, but that Tuesday it happened that we were all off work, so we were relaxing in the common room watching some sports talk show on Fox.

“Man, this is boring,” Tom said as he rose from the couch. “Who wants a beer?”

Chad and I held up hands, which delighted Tom as he tossed each of us a can of beer. We chugged the first one down, then I went for another round. And a third. Soon we were all three feeling buzzed and the discussion turned to girls, of course.

“She was so hot, and her tits were enormous,” Tom was saying when I came back into the room Escort bayan with yet another handful of beers for us.

“Hey,” Chad said, “let’s go out to the pool.”

“Great idea,” I said, adjusting my trajectory and crossing to the double glass doors which led out to the patio and pool.

The guys followed me, and soon Chad and I were sprawled out on the lounge chairs beside the water. Tom sat on the edge of the pool, his feet dangling in the water. Tom continued to talk about his girl from last weekend.

“So there she is, huge tits, and she looks up at me and says, ‘I give the best blowjobs’. I couldn’t believe it!”

“Dude, what’d you do?” asked Chad.

“What do you think?” Tom exclaimed. He reached down and grabbed his crotch for emphasis as he said, “I gave her my big dick!”

I laughed.

Chad looked at me, “His big dick is more like a little sausage!”

“I’ll bet,” I chuckled.

“I bet it’s bigger than either of you faggots!” said Tom indignantly.

Chad looked over at me as if to gauge my reaction. “Well, there is only one way to find out…”

My eyes grew wide as I realized what Chad was suggesting. We had all lived together for a while, but the frat house had private baths in each room, so I had never seen these guys naked before. Not that it was all that uncommon to see a naked guy at the gym, or in the old on-campus dorms with the communal baths. But something about the thought of seeing them naked, and letting them see me, was exciting. Still, I thought I better play it cool.

“Well, I am willing to show off for you guys if it comes to it, but I’m not going first,” I said, thinking that this would probably be the end of it.

I was wrong.

Tom leapt up and pulled down his shorts to reveal his cock! I was so surprised that I just sat there staring with my jaw open. Chad hooted laughter and clapped in appreciation at his friend’s boldness.

When I regained my composure I felt myself blushing, but I knew that no one was really watching me. So I took a good look at Tom’s penis.

It was relatively long, hanging down between his balls. His head was larger than the shaft, but not abnormally so. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and his balls were loose and hung nicely. I was sure that any girl would be happy with Tom’s dick.

“Well,” Tom started, “are you two gonna chicken out?”

Chad looked at me, laughter still in his smile. I realized that he had been watching me as I admired Tom’s cock, and he seemed amused by it. Almost as if he had a secret.

“I guess I’m next,” he said as he rose to his feet.

I began to feel a tingle of excitement in the air.

Chad was much closer to me than Tom, so when he stood up he was only a few feet away. Instead of backing up though, he took a step toward me as he began to unbuckle his belt on the khaki shorts he was wearing. He simply unbuckled, and unzipped his shorts and let gravity pull them down to his bare feet. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting baby blue bikini briefs. His package was positioned so that both Tom and I could see it, but he was so much closer to me that I thought it was pointed right at me.

Chad was a well muscled guy, spending many afternoons involved in intramural sports. He was well toned, and it clearly showed as he lifted up his blue polo shirt over his head exposing a fantastic chest and defined abs.

“Yeah!” cheered Tom, who was still standing there with his white tee-shirt on. Somehow this made him look even more exposed as his dick swung free below his shirt.

Glancing back at Tom with a smile, Chad hooked his thumbs under the waist of his tight briefs. His cock was clearly outlined by the thin cloth, and I could easily make out the head of his penis. I felt myself getting hard, but I couldn’t look away to save myself future embarrassment. Chad looked at me and smiled, and suddenly I didn’t give a fuck if I had a hard-on with a couple of dudes — this was turning me on!

Chad began to push down his bikinis on one side. He slid the cloth way down the side of his leg, but it clung to his bulge and refused to go any lower. He wiggled his hips just a bit, then lowered the other side. By now the cloth looked ready to tear! It was in an inverted V with his penis holding the apex of the shape. With a smile, Chad pulled both sides forward and his big dick suddenly burst forth!

It was an amazing cock! I was mesmerized by the smooth look of his totally shaved dick and balls. In fact, he didn’t have any hair in the area at all! Unlike Tom, Chad’s dick was thick, and he was at least halfway up the flagpole in hardness. It stood out proudly at half mast, bouncing just a little as he slid the briefs down to his feet. He kicked off his shorts and stood totally naked for us to admire.

Chad looked at me as if to say, “well?”

I smiled up at him, and nodded at his penis. “That’s pretty good,” I said. Tom kicked off his shorts and stepped over to us. His dick had grown significantly while Bayan escort he watched Chad’s striptease.

I glanced down at both cocks, and knew it was my turn. It was funny how this had suddenly changed from a game of chicken to a rather arousing strip show.

Now I had to join in the fun. Nervously, I took off my shirt, glancing at the guys as they both stood only a few feet away from me. Tom stood close to Chad, both cocks semi erect and pointing right at me.

I unzipped my shorts, and grabbed the shorts together with my plain white briefs, then took a deep breath and bent forward as I dropped my shorts to my ankles. As I rose up, I was uncomfortably aware of how close those two big cocks were to my face, and just how hard my dick was.

Rising up to full height, I let my penis stand proudly in front of me. I was aware of the silence from the guys as I avoided looking at them, instead focusing on the brick wall behind them so I did not lose my nerve.

“Dude,” whispered Chad, and Tom began to hoot and cheer.

“Joe, that’s a fucking monster,” Tom cheered as he looked at my erect penis.

I looked at him, my face warm with embarrassment.

“Really,” Chad agreed. “That is a big dick!”

“It’s fucking pornstar big, man!” exclaimed Tom.

Now, I had always known that I was somewhat longer down there than the other kids in my gym class, but of course we had never played the “whose dick is bigger” game before, so I was really taken by surprise at my friends reaction to my manhood.

“Okay, okay – you win!” cheered Tom. “I will get the beers,” he announced dashing off to the house.

“You didn’t know, did you?” asked Chad, still looking at my cock. I felt a little nervous now with us both standing naked so close together.

“No,” I stammered, still red with embarrassment. “I mean I’ve never been told that it’s big or anything. Not that I have ever had any complaints from girls about it,” I added.

What I didn’t tell him was that I don’t really think any of the girls I had made it all the way with ever looked at my cock. We were usually in the dark, under the sheets or under a blanket, and I was too shy to ever do anything so daring as to fully expose myself to them.

I glanced down at the sight of our cocks, now only a few inches apart. To my surprise, Chad was now hard as a rock and his dick was slightly red.

I was not sure exactly what was going to happen, but I felt my cock grow harder in excitement as I stood outside naked with my friend.


“Wow,” Pam said as I told her my story. The whole time she had been allowing me to speak uninterrupted, and she scribbled notes as I told my tale.

“So, I guess you won the big dick competition,” she observed.

I nodded, feeling foolish for how trite that must sound to a professional psychologist. How typical, guys measuring the size of their cocks. Still, I got a bit of a thrill to hear her say the word ‘dick’ out loud.

She looked at me with those big eyes, and I knew that I was willing to do anything at all for her.

“So, just how large is your dick Joe?”

“Well,” I stammered. I had absolutely no way to answer her. I thought, what do I say to a beautiful woman who wants to know how big my dick is? “I, um…”

“It’s okay Joe,” she said in a soothing voice. “Most guys are of the impression that their own penis is large. But you seem to have impressed your friends with the size of yours. So, how did that make you feel?”

“Um, surprised I guess,” I admitted. “I just never knew it was that big or anything.”

“Were you aroused?”


“Tell me about that feeling,” Pam said as she looked at me with a very friendly look on her face. I noticed her glancing down at my shorts, as if trying to gauge whether I was telling the truth about the size of my cock.

“Well, it was kinda tingly you know?” I stammered. “Sorta like you get an electrical tingle in your cock, then it begins to get hard. It’s a good feeling.”

“Do you feel ‘tingly’ now, Joe?”

I looked at Pam, and she had dropped all pretense of taking notes. Now she was just staring at me with those blue eyes.

“Yeah,” I muttered, embarrassed. She was so sophisticated, I was totally out of her league, but here I was totally smitten with her and admitting to her that I was aroused.

“I think you mentioned touching yourself sexually when you were in front of others, right Joe?”

“Um hm,” I muttered, looking down at the carpet, but her legs — her totally hot and tan legs — kept getting in the way of my vision. She had to know by now that I was totally checking her out.

“Well Joe,” she said as she leaned forward to touch my knee again. “I want you to be totally comfortable. I won’t tell anyone, but I really need this for my research. Tell me about touching yourself.”


Once Tom had returned with the beers, we all settled on the edge of the pool, drinking. Tom had removed his shirt, and we all just Escort sat on the side of the pool drinking and chuckling at the unusual nature of the situation.

Three guys totally nude, just hanging out. It seemed sorta odd, but it felt totally relaxed. Chad was sipping his beer, and his eyes kept drifting down to my cock, which had softened considerably. It was lying comfortably across my leg, and I could sense his glances.

“You know,” he said, “we don’t need to wear clothes as much as we do.”

“Oh?” chimed Tom, looking down at his cock.

“I mean,” Chad continued, “society makes such a big deal about it. But being naked is totally natural.”

“It does feel good,” Tom agreed. I nodded my head as well, not sure where this was going.

“In my philosophy class we studied this hedonism theory, which basically says that we are supposed to seek out what feels right,” Chad said.

“I guess that makes sense,” I agreed.

Suddenly Chad slipped into the pool, dunking under the water before swimming across the pool with solid strokes. It was very inviting, and I quickly followed his lead. Soon all three of us were in the water, enjoying the coolness of the pool.

“Man,” Tom exclaimed as he tread water, “swimming naked is so much better than a suit!”

“Totally free,” agreed Chad.

We all swam for a while, then I decided to get out and lay in the sun. I had never sunbathed nude before, and it felt naughty, but it felt good.

I guess that was the overall feeling of the day, somewhat naughty, but it felt good. And Chad was right – we were supposed to feel good, right? That thought kept running through my head as Tom came to lay on the chair next to mine.

“Feels nice,” he said as he leaned back in the sun.

“Yes it does,” I agreed.

Just then I heard an unmistakable female voice call out, “Anybody back there?”

Tom and I looked at each other in a panic. We had left all our clothes on the other side of the pool, close to the door. That was exactly where the voice was coming from – inside the house!

In a panic, we both shot up and dashed across to dive into the water. I could hear laughter as I swam in a reverse to circle around to the edge of the pool closest to the voices. My thought was to stay in the pool and keep the wall of concrete between my naked body and the girl who was just then walking out onto our patio. “I hope you don’t mind,” the redhead called out cheerily. “I was in the area and just had to drop by and say hello!”

It was Cindy. She was the house “mom,” meaning that she was a grad student who was paid by our fraternity to keep an eye on us. She was always present when it was family weekend, and she often showed up late into the night during our parties. She never stopped us from drinking or anything. Indeed, she seemed to just show up to drink with the rest of us, and often she’d take one of the lucky guys home with her. If the parents knew just how wild Cindy was then I’m sure they and the school would put a stop to it all. But she was perfect for us — she kept the administration happy, and in turn we kept Cindy happy.

She was certainly a looker. Her red hair set off her pale, freckled skin nicely, and her ass and legs were amazing in those shorts. But for me it was the huge tits which were pushed tight up against her deep v white shirt. Those tits I had spent hours staring at when I thought she was not looking. Parent weekend was always distracting with Cindy in the house.

“Hi Cin,” called out Chad as he too hugged the side of the pool. He seemed to be very cool about the whole situation, despite the fact that all three of us were naked in the pool!

“Hi Chad, looks like you are doing your afternoon laps,” she said sweetly. “I just love a man who works out.” Her southern drawl really came on strong that afternoon. It made me suspect that Cindy had a few cocktails before she came by for her visit.

“Hi Tom, hi Joe,” she said as she walked near to the edge of the pool. I panicked just a bit as I became aware that she might be able to see us if she took another few steps, but she stopped short of the splash zone so her sandals would not get wet.

“Hi Cindy,” I said as I put my chin on the edge of the pool, trying to look casual and probably failing miserably.

“You look nice,” Tom said.

“Oh, I’m just running around in my old work clothes Tom,” she gushed. “But you are too kind.” Her idea of work clothes probably cost a fortune. The top and shorts were matching, and perfectly set off her best features. Cindy was a hot babe, and she knew it.

She looked at us. “You fellas are certainly acting strangely. Do you have some mermaid under that water with you?” As she spoke she stepped forward.

“Ha,” I laughed. “Nope. No mermaids here.” Damn, I sounded like a total fool.

She looked at me in a very quizzical way. “Then what’s going on?…” She took one more step and suddenly she gasped as she looked in the pool. She clearly saw three naked asses as we struggled to maintain our front sides plastered to the pool wall in the deep water.

“Oh my,” Cindy laughed. “We decided to go au natural, did we?” She began to really laugh at our embarrassment. I know I had turned deep red, and I was certain the other guys were blushing as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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