John’s First Night in Jail

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As the guard led me into the cell the last year of my life flashed across my mind. The party, the car accident, the field sobriety test. The DUI arrest, the wait, and the trial. Two years was the verdict. I cried a little as the judge read the verdict.

“Welcome home,” the guard said. He mumbled through some instructions and information about the room, its toilet, sink, and two bunks. The little tour might have been a little funny, if i wasn’t so numb and still in some kind of state of shock.

“Your bunkmate will be back in a little bit.” With that he turned around and left. I sat on the corner of the toilet, left to my own devices for the time being.

The room was small, with grey concrete block walls and a barred door that slid closed. It was currently open. I figured I was free to walk around, but i had to idea what to do or where to go. Two bunks with neatly folded white sheets and pillows sat on dark grey metal bed frames.

My mind wondered for a bit before my bunkmate showed up. As soon as I saw him, I felt intimidated. He was a hulking black man, well over six feet tall, and looked strong as an ox. His skin was a dark chocolate color, which contrasted strongly against the orange jumpsuit we both were wearing. The fluorescent light dimly shone against his shaved black head.

When he walked into the room, he was being followed by a different guard than the one that let me in. The guard said something that went in one ear and out the other to me. Me and this man made eye contact. And he winked at me and smiled. I looked away. He sat on the corner of the bottom bunk. He looked way too big for these small twin size mattresses.

“White boy, eh,” he said as the guard was not two steps out of the cell, “What you in for?” he asked.

“Drunk driving,” I said meekly, “I hit something and-” he cut me off.

“Assault and battery here, assault with a deathly weapon, and a couple other things they got me on,” he said, “I been in for a few years already and got many more.”

I nodded. I found it hard to make eye contact with him. HIs piercing brown eyes made it feel like he was staring into my soul.

“Name’s is Darius, what’s your name?”

“John,” I replied, looking away.

“Well John, let me lay down a few things for you. I’ve was here first, so i set the rules, got it?”

No words came, but I felt my self uncontrollably swallow. I was staring at the corner of the floor.

“I get the top bunk, and first on the john and sink in the morning. Thats it, more or less.”

I nodded, but said nothing. He stood up from the bed and took a step towards me.

“One more thing,” he said as he pulled the waistband of his pants and underwear down a few inches.

I looked over at the motion and as i turned my head his enormous black dick was tumbling over the waistline of his pants. As if to show off, he reached over with his hand, grabbed himself under his balls, and gave it a couple of quick shakes. His dick was long and thick, hanging past and oversized set of balls.

My heart was pounding. What was going on here? A million thoughts ran thought my head before I caught myself staring. I quickly gathered myself and looked away. It must have only been a second, but it felt like I was staring for a long while before I was able to break away. It was just so big! I had obviously heard the big black dick thing before, but Jesus…

With the same quick flick of the wrist he whipped it out with, he put his dick back away under his pants. He gave himself a little grab and adjustment on the outside of his pants for good measure. I could see the outline of his being pressed against the side of his thigh.

“You’re gonna suck this dick tonight,” he said, almost matter of factly. I was stunned. My heart was pounding. I just got here. How could this be really happening? “After lights out, you come down to my bunk. Or else it just gets worse for you.”

He turned around and walked out of the cell. I sat there, slack jawed and dumbfounded. Scared and feeling humiliated already, I didn’t know what to do.

The karaman escort rest of the day passed agonizingly slowly. Two meals, I sat by myself and tried not to interact with anyone. I spent the time in-between avoiding the cell I shared with Darius for the foreseeable future. He just told me i was going to suck his dick, something I had never done or even considered doing before. Forget about to a black guy!

What was I going to do though? He could easily beat me up, or worse. I didn’t even want to think about it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

I also couldn’t get how massive his dick was out of my mind. And I only saw it soft. I couldn’t imagine how big it got when fully hard and how anyone was supposed to fit it in their mouth. The more I tried not to imagine it, the more i ended up imagining it. The sheer size of it! How was I supposed to suck something like that? I never did anything like this before. Even considered it.

The day went on. After dinner, I sat in a common room for the hour of free time we get in the evenings, dreading the upcoming call for lights out. Darius walked in, made eye contact with me, and winked. I couldn’t do anything but look away. He smiled and went on with talking with someone.

We get called in and climb into the bunks. The building is dark, and mostly quiet, with little murmurs around and the footsteps of the guards. I obviously can’t sleep, and the longer I laid in bed without anything happening, the more I entertained thoughts that nothing would happen tonight. It didn’t leave me feeling as relieved as I thought it might.

After an indeterminable period of time, i felt a hand come up around the corner of the bunk and tap me on the shoulder.

“It’s time,” he whispered. I shivered.

“Listen to me,” he said, quietly but clearly, “You are gonna come down here, get under the sheet, and suck this big black dick. When I cum, you better swallow every drop. These sheets better stay clean. Do you understand me? Answer me, boy.”

“Yes,” I managed, quietly and weakly.

“Good,” he said, “And don’t you dare make any noise, or get any funny ideas. This can go way worse for you than this.” I gulped, and went to go down the ladder for the bunk.

“Maybe you will like it,” he said as I was awkwardly slipping under the sheets. “Some white boys love a black dick. Believe me. And I saw your face before. I think you might be one of them.”

Groping around with my head under the sheet, I grabbed his leg by accident. He had no pants or underwear on. His oversized black dick lay splayed out between his legs, about a foot from my face. It was so big. I felt like i couldn’t help but stare. My heart pounded and my head spun.

“Yeah get like that now,” he said as he sat up in the bunk, pulling his dick back away from my face a bit. His hands reached down and landed on the sides of my neck. I closed my eyes and started to lean in.

I stopped myself suddenly. He started rubbing my shoulders and neck with his hands, as if anticipating my hesitancy. I couldn’t make heads or tails of my thoughts and what was going on. It was dark, and i was under a thin sheet. A dark ebony dick lay inches from my face, in wait for me to service it against my own will.

So many thoughts ran through my head; I couldn’t do this. I had to do this. His dick is so big. I had to do this, or else. Why am I staring? I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be here. This big black dick is something else. No. I don’t want to do this. He’s making me. I have to swallow. I wish i wasn’t here. This dick is enormous. And gorgeous. No! I can’t.

His fingers ran through my hair with one hand while the other rubbed my back over the shirt. It felt nice. I put my hand on his leg again and kept is there this time. My other hand drifted towards my crotch and felt that I had a slight erection.

That surprised me and confused me. I hadn’t noticed. My hand lingered on myself for a moment before moving to the mattresses. Then his leg.

He gave me a gentle pull forward and that was karaman escort bayan all it took for me to give in.

My hand reached down and grabbed his balls while my other grabbed the shaft. Even soft his dick was longer than the palm of my hand. I was clumsy and hesitant. He sat there patiently, while i slowly and deliberately took the head of his dick into my mouth.

I was surprised how it felt for me to be doing this. I thought i would feel outright revulsion, but it was more complicated than that. There was certainly some shame, but it was also mixed with excitement, submission, and other strange feelings. In the end, he wasn’t really forcing me. I just gave in to what was in front of me.

I flicked the head of his dick with my tongue and felt him getting harder and bigger by the moment. At this point, my own erection was painfully obvious to me. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, sucking a black man’s dick when it wasn’t really my idea. I tried on to touch myself and tried to ignore it while I went on with trying to suck him off.

By the time he was fully hard, the sheer size was making it difficult. I found myself thinking about how this big fat dick must have destroyed little white girls on the outside. I could barely wrap my hand around it, as I applied long, slow strokes and took as much in as i could between my lips.

Eventually, I found myself having fun doing the things i would want girls to do to me. I ran my tongue on the tip, and rubbed his balls with my left hand. Even his balls were huge. My right hand drifted to my own balls. I had to force myself to take my hand away, and started rubbing his body with my right hand.

At some point he whispered “take it deeper” and I tried. And failed at first. The gag elicited a quick hush from him as he pulled me back by the hair. I drooled a bit, then wiped the spit from my face on to my shirt. His dick was just so damn big. And I had never done this before. Or anything like this at all for that matter.

His hands were now in my hair, and he was controlling me with them. Back and forth, slowly with just a little bit more each time. Now one hand of mine gently stroked his shaft, while the other still caressed his balls. My own erection screamed for attention, pressing hard against my pants, absolutely dwarfed by Darius’s enormously big black cock.

A sudden realization that I was allowing another man to use my mouth like this, and a black man at that, washed over me. I suddenly felt an immense amount of shame under the sheets, with his big dick stuffed in my mouth. To be honest, I didn’t even have any black friends, and here I was sucking a big black dick, and being turned on by it, made me feel feelings that were hard to describe.

I tried to stop, and Darius felt me slow down.

“You can’t stop now white boy,” he whispered, “I’m so close. Suck that big black dick and make sure you swallow that load,” he grunted.

Now he was just using my mouth as a fuck toy. I had no control and felt powerless to do anything. He guided my head back and forth on that ebony rod as I struggled not to touch myself. I felt both abused and like I was sucking the cock of a God. I couldn’t help it and loved it and hated it.

“Yeah make sure you swallow every drop white boy,” he said quietly. “You gotta know your place, and its with my dick in you somewhere. So get used to this one, unless you want more.”

Something about the way he said that made me just absolutely give in and within a few moments I had both hands back on his massive dick. He was quietly moaning. I was trying my best to get him off, to know my place here.

“Swallow this cum white boy, this is your next job,” he pulled his dick deeper into my mouth, and i just lost it.

My body spasmed as my dick shot cum into one of the only pairs of underwear I had. I started cumming, hard, right before he started shooting a massive load into my mouth. My body was rocked with an intense orgasm has he emptied himself into my mouth. Feeling his warm semen hit my tongue escort karaman and back of my throat, and get wrapped up all around my mouth made my orgasm even more intense. Without thinking, each shot of cum in his mouth made it feel like another pump came out of mine. I was stunned with what just happened, and ashamed and embarrassed with myself.

I did my best to swallow everything, but it didn’t matter. My underwear was soaked and it leaked through the front of my pants, on to his sheets. Cum dripped from my stubbled cheek. As i tried to wipe it off, it got on the sheets. I was a mess.

He laughed, and slowly pulled my head back and forth, getting the last drops out. I slurped them up.

“I know you got a little too excited there, John,” he said, “You got the sheets messy, I told you not to do that.”

Under the sheets he was slapping his dick on my face while he said this. I felt as if i couldn’t move or do anything. I didn’t know what to feel or do. He interrupted my train of thought.

“You’re gonna change these sheets, and think about what what you just did you, little slut,” he said demeaningly, “People are gonna see that cum on that jumpsuit and know what you are. A willing participant. Now change these sheets, you can clean up in the morning.”

With that Darius roughly pushed me out of the bed and took the sheets off. I had to make his bed for him. Then he made me kiss the tip of his dick and say good night. I wasn’t allowed to make my own bed.

I balled the sheets up and used them as a pillow, trying to reflect on what had just happened to me. I was so confused and i couldn’t sleep at all. I laid there all night thinking about what just happened, and Darius’s big black dick.

At some point I heard him rustling beneath me. He went and got some water, then quickly and deftly came up to my bed. Before I knew it he was on top my me. He put his hand on my mouth.

“Don’t you dare make a sound.” He said menacingly, “I decided I need to teach you a lesson, since you didn’t hear me about keeping my sheets clean. Turn around.”

My eyes opened white as he spun my body around in the bed. He used his left hand to reach around and cover my mouth and nose. His other hand started rubbing my ass, dick, and balls.

“Look at this tiny little dick,” he said, “This little dick got you in all this trouble. This little dick couldn’t take a dick like mine without cumming all over itself.” He gave my balls a light squeeze and my limp dick a quick stroke.

I heard him spit in his hand. He gave himself a couple of quick strokes, then rested his dick on my ass. He was rock hard. It felt like someone rested a hammer on my butt cheek. I felt scared and helpless yet again.

He slipped a finger into my ass. It hurt and felt oddly pleasurable at the same time. I grunted a bit and he held my mouth tighter. It was hard to breathe. He kept that finger in me and started slapping his dick off of my ass.

With little warning, he slipped the head in. A searing sensation ran through me as I experienced something I never thought I would. And yet something went off in my body that felt good. He slid back and gave me a hard shove forward. I grunted and tried to move away with no avail.

I closed my eyes and tried to escape as he started violating my ass with his enormous black dick. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me and tried to get away, but he held me down and fucked me. Hard.

After a while, I gave up fighting and he stuffed the cum covered sheets in my mouth and held my head down with one hand while holding my hip in place with another. He started to explore my body with his hands, as if enforcing that he owned me now.

“Hard again you little bitch?” he asked, laughing.

It broke me out of my trance to realize that he was absolutely right. Without thinking i started jerking myself off. I don’t know why.

He pulled out and came all over my ass and back, which once again virtually forced my body to orgasm. This time i came all over my own bed, instead of his.

He slapped me on my ass and went to his bed, saying something like he hopes I learned my lesson. I laid there curled up in a ball, a messy mixture of emotions and feelings, but more excited to be locked in here with Darius than I was earlier in the day. There was more for me to try to figure out in here than I thought there would be.

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