Jules , Petri

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Seafair in Seattle is a time that all the nice folks parade in front of my house, mostly in skimpy clothes, ready to have a memorable experience.

I enjoy watching the lovely young ladies strut past, they know they are on parade, and most love it, especially when the guy they are with, Lover or Daddy, notice how I am looking at their ‘precious little girl’.

That’s usually as intimate as we get, but sometimes, not every year, but once in a while, a lady or two enjoy my watching, and they will stop to inquire the easiest way to the hydroplane pits, lingering, enjoying their ‘on time’, and I like to give them the best ’15minutes of fame’, I can.

Since I will never see most of these gals again, I try to burn their image into my memories, as I enjoy seeing beauty, as much as some folks enjoy licking an ice cream cone, and I guess that sometimes comes across, as I speak with a really attractive woman.

These two ladies, possibly in their early 20’s, seemed to react favorably to my admiring them, they stayed to chat about several things, one remarking how interesting it must be, sitting in my lawn swing, watching all the people parade past.

I told them that viewing lovely females is my pastime, and how my senses cross, so that when admiring someone like her, I can almost taste her.

That is, my mind produces a ‘taste’, that corresponds with how lovely my mind thinks she is.

This intrigued them, and they asked questions about how this process works, and soon, they shared my swing, one on either side of me, as I would point out a handsome young male, for them to admire, and consider how they felt as they viewed his form, his muscles, how they worked over each other, how he would feel, how firm, what his scent might be, as they aroused his body against theirs, and it became a game between us, each would point out a handsome specimen, the others would comment on how that person made us feel, we were having a great time, we noticed the races had started, but our game was much too enjoyable to interrupt.

I would provide refreshments whenever we felt thirsty, and when we ran out of wine, we started on fruit, and the dark haired girl, Petri (“like the dish”, she said), erotically stripped half the peel off a large plum with her teeth, and slowly ran it over my near breast, watching it’s juices glisten on my skin, and the other gal, Jules (“like an emerald”, Petri told me, “cool, dark, delicious”), slowly leaned forward to see, placing her hand on the back of the swing for balance, she slowly moved closer, almost as if she were mesmerized by the glistening juices, her tongue touched the juice?covered nipple, I felt the vibration as she moaned, as her mouth covered my nipple, sucked once, then very erotically, she licked the plum juices from my skin, giving me an instant erection, surprising the other two of us, we simply watched Jules as she resumed her seat.

As I realized I had straightened my back, to push my breast into her mouth, I leaned back, relaxed, and exhaled the breath I had been holding, and that’s when Petri noticed my erection.

“I think he liked that”, she said, looking pointedly at my tented shorts.

As Jules eyes followed Petri’s line of sight, and mine followed Jules’, I became embarrassed, as I had not noticed the erection, which was now almost painful in it’s fullness.

My first reaction was to cover it, and my hand holding my fruit, loose grapes, moved rapidly for an inch or two, spilled several of the grapes, bouncing between Jules thighs, on my right, some between my thighs.

Jules hand instantly darted to stop the grapes between my thighs, and her hand froze after touching me, but she did not withdraw her hand, instead, she slowly settled her hand on my lower thigh, near my knee.

Petri giggled, scooted her butt to the side, leaned down, and tongued one grape after another, into her mouth, I heard myself moan as her forehead pushed my erection as she snared the last grape into her hot mouth, leaving damp tongue marks on both my thighs.

Jules hand moved from my thigh to Petri’s hair, sliding her fingers into the mass, she gently guided Petri as she sat up, both girls locked eyes, and leaned forward over me, they passed grape after grape between their mouths, never touching lips, which I found most fascinating.

I realized I had placed a hand on each of the girls backs, sliding them down & up, caressing them, back & sides, sliding one hand under Petri’s shirt, a cutoff, and finding no bra, my fingers played over her skin, making her shiver.

My other hand, unable to get under Jules shirt, played over the fabric, noting she wore a pullover breast band, something she could wear when her shirt got too hot.

Since I had my hands on each of them, I gently urged them closer, and Petri looked into my eyes, as I pushed their lips together, and Petri’s tongue snaked out to lick Jules lip, I guess this was the first time they had kissed, at least Jules leaned Tekirdağ Escort back a little, placing her hand firmly on my thigh now, and squeezing, not seeming to realize her hand was inches from my straining erection, watching the girls was truly erotic, I did not want to break the spell, but my thigh muscle surged in response to Jules squeeze, and she realized where her hand was, and started to jerk it back, but hesitated, then looked into my eyes, face expressionless, and I could see conflicting thoughts race thru her mind, leaving little traces of a smile at the corner of her lips & eyes.

Her smile grew, it could only have been moments, but I felt lost in her eyes, seemingly for days, her hand caressingly squeezed me again, I heard myself moan again, and her smile virtually lit up the afternoon, she glanced to Petri, who giggled again, and ran her hand up Jules arm, as she looked between Jules & I, grinning like I would, if I had my dreams come true.

I realized Petri was the experienced of the two, or at least, this was her fantasy, and I began to think Jules was aware of this desire, and realized this was a perfect opportunity to experience it, neither of them intended to see me again, they were totally safe and free, to do as they desired, to feed every last whisper of erotic thought, to try anything, and everything they had ever even thought of, much less seriously considered.

Jules turned to me, and said “who’s home?”, I told her I live alone, Jules urged us all to stand, directing us to “Bring the fruit”, we paraded into the house.

Jules asked “Where’s the bath”, after pointing, and latching the front door, they entered the bathroom together, I closed & latched the rear door, & set the alarm, so we could be totally free & unconcerned for the rest of the world.

I went into the bedroom, turned down the comforter, and turned on the overhead fan slowly, just stirring the air, the girls found me as I finished, Petri slowly pulled me to her, and softly, gently, placed her lips to mine, we caressed each other’s lips, tongues gently, shyly touching each other’s lips, Petri exhaled deeply, turned me to Jules, gently pushed us together, our hands finding each other, hers on my upper back as our lips touched, eyes locked, she closed her eyes, molded her body to mine, hands pulling me to her firmly, she rubbed her breasts against my chest, my one hand found her buttock, squeezing firmly, my other between her shoulders, helping her mash her tits into me, my torso started twisting, rubbing her tits on my chest, until I felt Jules hugging me from behind, rubbing her belly against my butt, I broke the kiss, and said “My turn for the toilet”, reluctantly disentangling myself from the ladies, I pressed them together, they hugged, smiling at me, and I walked rapidly to the bath, even more rapidly pissing & brushing at the same time, then wetting my face, and running a safety razor over my face, rinsing, drying as I hurried back to the bedroom, starting to take off my shirt as I turned into the bedroom, and froze, as the two lovely women were staring into each others’ eyes, bare tits touching, mashing them so gorgeously together, lips just touching, gently licking, hands in each others hair, touching backs, sliding up ribs, one of the most beautiful sights I have ever witnessed, tears sprang to my eyes, too much beauty, not just in form, but also intention, they began to make kitten sounds, which I found highly erotic, and again, noticed my erection strong again, after loosing it running around locking up.

They did not notice me, I finished removing my shirt, slide my shorts down, step out of them, become naked as they were, kneel on the bed, as they had, their legs together, my knees spread to encompass them both, I placed a hand on each of their backs, feeling their contours, their differences, their similarities, caressing buttocks, necks, ribs, around their fronts, across their thighs, their bellies, the sides of their tits still mashed together, as they twist their upper bodies, deeply massaging their tits together, as I caress their bodies, finally they part their thighs, as my fingers reach for their moist pussies, I look down to find Petri is shaved bare, Jules is barely trimmed, I make a note to shave Jules, if she will allow me.

The girls part their kiss, Petri looks at me, glances down to see my erection, slides her hand down Jules arm, gently wraps her hand around my penis, gently increases pressure, watching it, glancing at my face, back to the meat in her hand, moving her thumb over the drop of precum she has milked from me, spreading it over my glans, Jules hand joined Petri’s, on my penis, Petri relinquishes my cock in favor of my balls, caressing them, weighing them, sliding her hand under & around them, as Jules slowly jacks her hand up & down my cock, each of us immersed in our own thoughts and feelings, my fingers slide gently into each of the girls bodies, just barely, wrong angle, I Tekirdağ Escort Bayan slide both fingers out of the ladies, making sure I rub their clits wetly in the process, suck Jules juices off one finger, then Petri’s cunt fluids off the other, and as I enjoy Petri’s, I slide my fingers over and into Petri’s wetness, palm up, cupping her clit, 3 fingers into her cunt, thumb & forefinger massage her clitoral hood, bringing forth a gasp from Petri, I look at her face, she is looking hard at Jules, hungrily, I wet the rest of the fingers of the hand still in my mouth, and watch them descend into Jules waiting pussy, her legs spreading as my hand draws near, her eyes watch my fingers disappear into her cunt, her eyes close and she exhales fully, as my fingers caress her clit hood, she breathes deeply, as I massage both clits, sliding both sets of fingers into, around, caressing the inside lining of two pussies at the same time, an incredible turn?on for me, and the ladies seem to like it too, as Jules free hand pulls Petri to her, to resume their kiss, as they fondle my dick & balls, and I fondle their maidenheads.

I don’t know how long we stayed in that position, but eventually, my shoulders began to cramp, and not wanting to release their hold on the lovely pussies, I rotated my shoulders in their sockets, which the girls enjoyed greatly, I could hear them begin to moan, as they wetly sucked & kissed each others mouths.

Eventually, I had to withdraw my hands, and not wanting to break the intimacy, I painted each girls breast with the juices of the other, tweaking their nipples, stretching my aching shoulder muscles.

Petri releases my balls, and grabbing the hand wetly fingering her tit, she brought it to her mouth, tasting Jules’ juices, and Jules leans forward, wrapping her lips around my hand from the other side, tasting herself, and after licking my hand clean, they both reach for my other hand, hungrily licking that clean too.

I try to lick the juices from their tits, but I am too close, my back won’t bend, twisting around them, I lie on the free half of the bed, urging Petri to span my thighs, she rests on hand on my hip, levering herself up, grasps my penis, aims it at her very wet pussy, and slides down, slowly, exhaling greatly, head thrust back, eyes closed, becoming still.

Jules is watching Petri, where my prick has penetrated her pussy, I place my hands on Jules hips, urging her to mount my face, my tongue parts her pussy hair, pasting it to the sides, so I can enjoy her flesh, the inner folds of her body, the most intimate, delicious, incredibly soft, silky, lining, and enjoy the tastes of a woman, noting how her tastes change, as she becomes aroused, then climaxes, I never tire of giving such intense pleasure.

Jules muscles start & jerk as she lowers her most intimate, tender flesh to my hungrily waiting mouth, my tongue & lips reach for her nectar, she finally settles down, gently pulsing her hips on my face.

Petri has begun moving on my thighs, rocking side to side, fucking herself back & forth, leaning forward as she rubs her clit on the base of my dick, as she leans, she must be holding Jules, as I feel Jules lift a little, good, I can breathe again, I feel Jules thighs strain against my face, as my tongue & lips make love to her cunt, I imagine the girls kissing, maybe licking breasts, sucking tit, oh my, it’s all so very good, but not too intense, mus’ent go over the edge, don’t want this to ever end, just keep us all floating here, licking, kissing, sucking, fucking…

Time passes, Petri speeds up, jacking her clit across my cock, spreading her knees apart, putting more weight on my dick, she is getting ready, she is climbing the ladder to a large cum, Jules thighs press more firmly against my cheeks, her movements cause her to rise once in a while, I am prepared, I inhale quickly, her movements are a little more chaotic, less stroking, more bump & grind, the under?muscle of my tongue is getting sore, stretching, always trying to reach Jules tonsils, my lips bruised, and so sensitive, they have become a new erogenous zone, they try to rub against Jules hairs, her lips, any sensation, in a vain attempt to satisfy themselves, wanting nothing more from Creation, perfectly happy if they could only stay here, licking, loving this pussy forever.

However, Jules has needs, and as they come to a point, her thighs strain, she looses control of them, they bounce her off my chin, raise her clear of my reaching tongue, lowers again, I barely get my tongue clear before her pelvic bone crashes into my face, she grinds her pussy against my face, fucking my nose like a cock, her pelvis ocillates so fast, it’s almost a shiver, she leans so far forward, pressing her clit against my chin, she must have bent Petri backwards, but I feel Petri’s thighs grip my body, they are making wonderfully liquid and delicious sounds, I don’t know if I am hearing them, or feeling them, or Escort Tekirdağ just imagining them, but the girls sound like they are both cumming, like they are rubbing their wet tits across each other’s sweaty bodies, I am somehow removed, emotionally from all this, enjoying it because I am part of it, yet not consumed as I would normally be, I suppose because I am living my fantasy, two incredible women, that I am making cum, at the same time, and they are so deliciously loosing it all over my privileged body.

Jules throws herself off my seeking mouth, lies quivering on the bed, Petri still impaled on my engorged cock, not having cum, it feels like a fence post, stiff, Most Masculine, ready for whatever might be in store for it, happily sheathed within the hot, wet, beautifully sexy body still holding me, her cum?juice making delicious sounds, as she continues moving over & around me, she caresses Jules body, her smooth buttocks & back, Petri makes ‘kitten sounds’ again, as she begins rocking on my hard cock again, looking into my eyes, I place my hands on her hips, pull a pillow under my head, the better to watch her puss engulf my prick, she sometimes rises, never letting it free of her grasping, clinging cunt, we both watch as her outer lips are forced into her body, I put a finger on one side, preventing it from being taken inside, as she slides down my length, only 6″, but the way she is doing it, feels a yard long.

I find I can slide a finger into her pussy, as she slides down my penis, not very comfortable, but a ‘memory made’, is enjoyable for having done it.

Jules curls into a ball, on her side, watching us, she reaches out a hand to Petri’s thigh, sliding up, over her belly, down to her pussy, as it splits, allowing my penis inside, her fingers grasp the sides of my cock as it is exposed, and enveloped again, she kneels, puts her other hand on my belly, so very flat & pronounced, lying this way, lifting my head slightly, watching our mating, Jules hand travels over my belly, curls in my pubic hair, tracing my pelvis to my hip, up my far side, she massages my breast, pinches & pulls my nipple, she moves, her mouth covers my close nipple, I feel my pelvis drive up into Petri, she answers “Yes…, I like that…make love to that nipple, Jules”, and she does, very wetly, she moans, the vibration tingles thru my entire skeleton, arching my back again, driving into Petri, who moans again…

Petri rises, falls forward, catching herself with outstretched hands on my shoulders, barely holding herself off Jules head, Petri rapidly vibrates her clit on my cock, so fast it does not increase my pleasure, so I am able to hold out, as Petri climaxes again, and slumps over us both, pulling her pussy off my cock, Jules reaches out, grabs my near knee, pulls me away from Petri, I shift my weight, Jules throws her leg over my supine body, hastily impales herself on my very upright cock, leans forward, her hands on my shoulders, nails digging in, she vibrates her pussy as fast as Petri had, freezes, not breathing, not moving for many seconds, then her elbows bend halfway, her legs squeeze mine, she pulls her entire body forward & back, rubbing her clit on my dick, her mouth opens, wordless, she exhales, strains, then she fall onto me, her muscles spasm, greatly increasing my penile pleasure, then she begins gasping, gulping large amounts of air into her lungs, again curls into a fetal ball, rolling onto her side, arms hugging her legs to her breast.

Petri smiles at me, says “You poor baby, you haven’t cum yet”, and sliding over, she opens her mouth, closes her lips, and slides my penis into her mouth, forcing her lips apart, as if it were a pussy, except she has a wonderful tongue inside her mouth, and I can’t help but wish pussies also had tongues, that would be absolutely perfect!

I can’t help thinking that would shut up the morons who think sex is only for procreation!

Jules is again watching us, uncurls, and joins Petri’s mouth at my prick, Petri rises her mouth, only the head in her mouth, caressing it with her lips & tongue, Jules licking & sucking the base & shaft, she tried taking my balls into her mouth, but the hairs interfered with her pleasure, and she returned to the shaft.

Saying “I’ve got to fuck this pussy”, I gently pushed Jules onto her back, she spread her lovely thighs, I lowered my fencepost into her waiting pussy lips, it forced her cuntlips apart, I watched with awe, as it split her, it was so stiff, it lifted her belly, as it slid in, I lifted myself as far as I could off the mattress, trying to rub her ‘G?spot’, and I must have done it, she almost went into convulsions, every time I stroked into her, her pussy gushed juices, my pelvis smacked wetly every time I slammed into her, finally she was like a rag doll, I didn’t think she was aware of being fucked, and I pulled out of her body, she didn’t move, except for her spasming muscles.

Petri said “Don’t waste it”, jumped over Jules body, landing on her back beside her, pulling me by my dick, and as I moved to kneel between her thighs, I said “There is no waste here, today”, and moved to impale her.

As my prick sank into her body, I noticed I could not even feel her slickness, it was just a piece of wood, no sensation at all.

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