Julie Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Mutual Discovery.

For years wet pants were a private pleasure but a short while ago I had the great fortune to find a woman who is as crazy a piss artist as I am. Some time after we started going together I admitted, in a warm relaxed post coital mood after half a day spent in bed alternately fucking and talking, that I ‘had occasionally wet myself’ and Julie said that she had done so too and it was no big deal, I asked for details but she only giggled with embarrassment and wouldn’t be drawn further. Fearing that she had just agreed with me to be polite, our relationship was still new, and terrified of rejection; I let the matter drop.

One evening about a month later we got dressed up and went out for an Italian meal. Julie looked great in a short bright red skirt and matching jacket with a low cut lacy black top and shiny ‘wet look’ leggings underneath. I wore cream cotton chino’s with a matching jacket, a navy cotton shirt and light tie. We had a couple of beers beforehand and, with out meal, we drank two bottles of wine and oceans of coffee. Julie didn’t visit the toilet all evening and, not to be outdone, I decided that I could hold it if she could. As she usually went frequently I had a slight suspicion of what was to come and felt horny all the latter part of the evening as a result.

After the coffees and a couple of brandies we got a cab back to Julie’s flat.

In the back of the cab we kissed a little and I couldn’t resist a quick feel of her crotch. It was very hot and moist but there was another surprise as well. She was wearing loose French knickers under her leggings. Normally Julie wears thong panties or leggings with a skirt or goes commando. Never before had I known her to wear two layers of underwear unless the weather was really freezing. This was another clue which set me to exciting speculation. She pushed my hand away and crossed her legs and for the moment I had to wait for my answer.

When we reached her apartment Julie still didn’t make for the bathroom and I certainly was not going to make the first move, instead she got two beers from the refrigerator and turned the stereo on.

I sat down on the couch and, as usual, Julie seated herself on my lap. We sipped our beers for a while and then began a heavy kissing and cuddling session. After about ten minutes of this she said dreamily: “I really must go to the loo”, but made no move to get up.

I grunted “OK”, paying little apparent attention. I was fully occupied, partly with stroking her thigh and nibbling her ear while enjoying what here hand was doing around the nape of my neck; and partly controlling my own need to piss. Inside I was a mass of speculation and my heart was thumping at he possibility that my greatest fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

Fifteen minutes passed and she said again, “I really need a piss badly”. Once more she made no move. By now I was beginning to wonder how long I could hold on, I didn’t want to be first to wet myself; it was only my erection which enabled me to succeed in preventing the flow. I gently and slowly moved my hand further up her leg until I was stroking her pussy through her layers of clothing. Julie wriggled appreciatively and responded with her tongue exploring my teeth and gums while her sensitive fingers fondled my balls and squeezed sakarya escort my prick.

The kiss lasted a long time and when we came up for air she said, laughing: “Wow! that was great and I don’t want to stop even for a moment but if you don’t let me up to go to the loo soon I’ll wet myself”.

She still made no attempt to actually move so I replied with another thorough kiss while my fingers searched for her clitoris through the thickness of her leggings and knickers. My heart raced as I felt a wetness which was more than just pussy juices, soaking into the material around her crotch.

“Hey! If you do that I really will wet myself!” Julie said with a half alarmed laugh.

“Go on then, I dare you to” I replied, increasing my efforts and holding her firmly just in case she began to change her mind. She flushed beetroot purple and shuddered. The warm dampness on my hand became a hot wetness spurting through her panties and leggings and running through my fingers before soaking the back of her skirt and seeping through it to wet my right leg. My prick was rock hard, holding back my own piss effectively for now, and I almost came in my pants.

Now it was my turn to act, Julie hadn’t actually released much piss, around half a fluid ounce I guess, but it was enough to bring my own pressure to crisis point.

I pretended anger “You naughty girl you’ve soaked me, look”. I pushed her away to arms length and stood up, setting her on her feet, “Look what you’ve done” and I pointed to the dark stain on my new pale chino’s.

“It’s your fault” ,she stammered with a note of alarm in her voice and a quiver of her lower lip, “you dared me to and you wouldn’t let me up.”

I repeated “You are a very naughty girl and I’m going to punish you,” I turned her round and gently smacked her wet bottom; delightedly observing the wet patch on her bright red skirt which got larger and darker as I pressed it against her underwear.

She started to make a move for the bathroom but I held her tight by both wrists and we wrestled until she was on her back on the settee and I was squatting astride her. I held her hands down by her sides and gripped her waist with my knees. Although she struggled her eyes were wild with laughter and relief as she realised that she had not misjudged and I was far from genuinely angry. Julie relaxed as I released her hands; and then, grinning, clasped them behind her head waiting for my next move.

I tried to perform; squeezing my bladder to force my piss out. At first I, ‘the great piss artist,’ couldn’t do anything. I had fantasised about pissing on others, and being pissed on, but had never actually done it. Also my knob was very hard and pressing against my pants. Concentrating I eventually forced out the first spurt into my thick cotton knit trunks.

Julie’s wide eyes were fixed on the resulting stain as the piss slowly soaked through them and wet the fly of my chinos making a dark patch which spread to about 2 inches across. She drew breath with a shudder and gave a little wriggle. I heard a hissing sound below me and felt a sudden warmth rising from below.

Thus encouraged I was able to do some more; forcing short squirts of urine out through my by now partial erection until the stain spread right across my crotch area. samsun escort Piss then began to drip from my fly and soak her skirt; which I had smoothed down neatly before sitting astride her. I leaned forward until the tip of my cock was against her stomach and forced a little more out. Finally encouraged by the sight of scarlet changing to crimson I got going properly and managed to let my pent-up piss flow.

I had meant only to do a little more as I was concerned about the settee, but once started the stream was hard to stop and I peed half a bladder full, before I brought it under control. It filled the front of my chino’s and poured out where my thighs were pressed against her hips as well as in the middle; drenching her skirt, her leggings, her top, even the bottom of her jacket. As the piss gushed out it soaked me too right up to the belt and formed a pool between her stomach and my crotch where our tightly pressed together bodies stopped it from escaping.

Julie was very surprised at intensity of the sudden hot flood and stared stupefied at it for a several moments. She then dipped her hand in the pool and raised it to her lips, licking my piss off her fingers. Paddling both hands into the now shrinking pool, which was rapidly soaking into our clothes, she held them up to me to lick before drying them on my lapels.

Then with a shout of “Right mate you’ve had it now” she wriggled out from under me and leapt up. With a shove from Julie it was suddenly my turn to lie back on the sofa which had a big wet patch on the cover which soaked through the seat of my pants. She stood over me, with hands on hips and fingers squeezing the wet fabric of her skirt to make the piss run. I looked up at her and saw how her little red skirt was soaked and the piss dripped off its hem onto the floor. More ran down her leggings into her shoes, it was also spreading up her black silk top. Slowly she peeled off her leggings and squeezed them out dripping my own piss onto my shirt front.

Julie then knelt astride me on the sofa and lifted her skirt to reveal cream silk French knickers trimmed with lace, They were already pretty well soaked and her dark pubes showed wetly through them, She pulled them to one side and without any apparent effort released her full flood. The stream hit my groin and then slowly moved up my body as she worked her way forward thoroughly soaking my shirt, tie and jacket. I just had time to shut my eyes before it hit me full in the face and into my mouth. It tasted so good I thirstily gulped for more.

After what seemed like an age the stream sank to a trickle and I opened my eyes just in time to see Julie release her knickers, letting the last of the flow fill them properly and run down her legs to make further wet patches on either side of my chino’s. I then pulled her down on top of me and, in between kisses, she licked my face dry.

We separated and stood up. Facing each other we examined ourselves and each other with our eyes and hands; fingers seeking out wet and dry patches. I was soaked from head to foot but Julie was only really wet around her lower half. Her black lacy silk top was only wet up to just above her naval and her little red jacket was dry except for the lower hem and two large patches where it had pressed against my wet front.

“I şanlıurfa escort win” she laughed, “you’re a lot wetter than I am.”

“But I still have half a bladder full so It’s not over yet.” I replied.

Julie unzipped my fly and, unbuttoning my trunks with her long sensitive fingers, eased my red throbbing inflated prick out of my soaking wet pants. She sat down daintily on a dry part of the sofa and took a swig of her beer. I stood looking at her with my prick waving in the breeze planning my next move whilst I drained my beer. “Come on then Dickie, you’ve got enough in there for now, do your worst, get pissing.” she laughed.

I advanced to the edge of the sofa and stood astride her legs. Taking my prick in my hand I took careful aim. As I released the stream it caught her full in the cleavage splashing noisily into a pool where it was temporarily trapped by her bra before bursting out below and running down her front; causing her black silk top to cling to her all the way down. I circled my aim over both breasts, making her erect nipples show even more prominently, and thoroughly hosed down her gorgeous red jacket.

Julie opened her mouth wide in silent invitation and I filled it several times as she gulped down my hot piss. I then finished off by rinsing her hair and face.

“Now! Now!” she shouted shaking the drips off her head, “Fuck me, stop pissing about and fuck me you bastard”. She once more leapt up, drops of piss flying in all directions, and thrust me back prone on to the ruins of the sofa. Dragging her soaking knickers aside she drove herself hard down onto my throbbing prick. As I entered deep into her she seemed to be on fire and we both came almost at once with great shuddering orgasms.

When it was over a great feeling of relaxation came over me and, still inside her, I finally finished emptying my bladder. At this she came once more and, at the same time, pissed again. Our streams mingled as they flowed into my trousers and ran over my balls to form a pool under my ass.

We lay there wet and satiated for half an hour, each freely dribbling a little urine from time to time as our bladders refilled. Then we slowly staggered to our feet and shared a different kind of shower, ordinary hot water in the bathroom this time.

We entered the shower fully dressed, jackets and all and undressed each other under the full steaming flow. Showering in our clothes is another water pleasure we share; the sensation of a warm shower head on a flexible hose at full pressure stuck down your waist band is one never to be forgotten.

Soaped clean, and dry and powdered with Johnson’s Baby Powder, we then went to bed and fucked again; slowly and gently this time.

In the morning clearing up proved easy. My earlier worries about the settee were proved unfounded, and Julie’s first ‘accident’ was revealed to be not so accidental after all. Concealed under the soaking wet loose cover was a very thorough rubber sheet and another one, under some washable rugs, protected the carpet.

All our clothes went straight into the washer, it was a good excuse to go back to bed for another fuck as I didn’t have a dry stitch to put on. Our jackets we pulled into shape and hung on hangers to dry slowly hoping that they would be wearable again. I finally left three hours later dressed in clean, ironed, but still slightly damp Chino’s and one of Julie’s baggy sweaters.

For most of the next week I had frequent erections and continually oozed pre-cum into my underwear whilst recalling that night and planning what Julie and I could do when we were together again.

To be continued…

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