Jury Duty

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This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

It was 8:30 AM as Dylan sat drinking his second cup of coffee in the 8th floor Jury Room at the Superior Court Building. He had been called in for jury duty and he had managed to put it off for several months, but he had finally run out of excuses. The place was slowly filling up as people straggled into this room of strangers from their outside lives to possibly sit in judgment of others. Dylan had worked late at his office to help prep a stunt for today – one that he would not be able to do. He was pissed, tired and already bored. He sat down on one of the really long couches that were placed around the room and picked up the LA Times he had brought in to read. He slowly worked his way through the sports section as he sipped his coffee. As he finished an article on Barry Bonds closing in on Hank Aaron’s home run record, he glanced up at the clock. That is when he saw her. Instantly, his boredom was gone, and she had his complete and undivided attention.

She was an Amazon, beautiful and extremely striking. Her long black hair was pulled back framing a lovely face sporting a killer smile even this early in the morning. She had coffee with cream colored skin that seemed to gleam against the reddish brown little summer dress that barely concealed her amazing body. She was about 5’10” in her low heeled sandals and her long legs carried her into the room with a gait that made her large breasts bob up and down inside her thin little dress. As she turned to look around the room for a seat, Dylan got a great look at her ass. The thin dress was pulled tightly across her muscular but meaty globes. “The kind of ass that you can put both hands around and fuck all day,” Dylan thought to himself lasciviously as he watched her look around and finally sit down across from him. As he casually watched her sit and get settled, she crossed her legs and the short dress rode high up on her thighs revealing her gorgeous legs. The thought of fucking her made Dylan’s pants snake jump to alert and start to make its way down his thigh.

Never one to wait for an opportunity to present itself, Dylan always created his own opportunities especially with women. He got up and went to the coffee urns in the corner and poured two large Styrofoam cups of coffee. He slowly walked up to where the Amazon was sitting going thru her purse.

“I hope you like it black,” he said as he offered the cup to her.

The Amazon lifted her face and stared at him with hard green eyes. If it was possible she was even more striking up close. What she saw in front of her almost took her breath away. Dylan was as handsome as she was beautiful. At 6’4″ and around 215, he was a very excellent specimen of the male form. Her green eyes softened as she looked into his piercing blue ones and a faint smile crossed her full lips.

“I prefer black, but I am open to other things.” She took the coffee from him and patted the seat next to her. The very blatant sexual reference did not go unnoticed by Dylan as he sat down. She put her purse down next to her, and re-crossed her legs towards him.

“Thank you for the coffee. That was very nice of you. I’m Rhonda.” She said as she held out her hand and took his. As she shook his hand, she looked deep into his eyes. Dylan felt like she was reading him, gauging him as if she was searching for a special connection.

“My name is Dylan, and you are most welcome. You seemed to be the only other person in the room who was awake, so I thought I would talk to you.”

“I am glad that you decided too,” she smiled at him and released his hand. She took a moment to blow into the cup on the hot coffee, cooling it. Then as she drank the strong coffee gingerly, she looked over the top of the cup at him with her soft green eyes. Dylan stared back at her as he took a sip of his coffee.

So slowly, the dance began. For the next 30 minutes they spoke to each other about their lives and what was happening to them. They talked about their work, home life, and what they did for fun. Slowly, the sexual tension began to build. As they sat talking, they moved closer to each other until their knees were barely touching. She had started to reach out and touch his arm when she laughed or wanted to make a point. Her touch was light and caressing on his arm, and the scent of her perfume was intoxicating. She often leaned forward while they were talking giving Dylan a really good look at her cleavage. Her summer dress was cut low in the front and her large full breasts strained against the thin material. He was sure that she didn’t have a bra on. As a matter of fact, he was sure she didn’t have anything on under that dress but a thong. The only reason that Dylan’s nine inch cock was not sticking up right in her face, was his tight jeans and the LA Times that covered his lap. Her presence was so overwhelming Tekirdağ Escort that he had been rock hard for the past 15 minutes.

Just at the moment, one of the court clerks called for everyone’s attention. Rhonda had to turn in her seat and face toward the front. As she did the entire length of her thigh pressed against Dylan’s, and there it stayed while the clerk droned on about this and that concerning jury duty.

Jury duty was the farthest thing from Dylan’s mind at the moment. His body was ablaze with passion for this Amazon beauty. She had completely captivated him with her beauty and sexuality. As if she was reading his mind, she slipped her hand onto his upper thigh not two inches from his straining dick. Slowly, she snaked her hand under the newspaper and right onto the bulge in his pants. It rested there for several seconds as she teased with Dylan’s mind, then she gave it a hard squeeze. When she realized the size of the thing she was squeezing, she turned her head in shock and looked at Dylan in amazement. He smiled at her wolfishly and stared at the front of her dress where her excited nipples were poking through the material like two pencil points.

As the clerk rambled on about citizenship and responsibility, Rhonda kept softly stroking his raging cock under the newspaper. Her pussy was dripping with excitement but then she was always horny. She loved sex and she loved teasing good looking men like Dylan. Dylan on the other hand was in complete agony. Here was a woman that like him loved public displays of sexual attraction. She seemed to be a thrill seeker just like him, but this time he could not do anything about it. He just had to sit there as his aching prick was teased and teased. He could bring to feel a wet spot forming in his boxers from all the pre-cum that was leaking from his large mushroom-shaped cockhead.

Dylan needed to cool off. Rhonda had his dick rock hard and it was impossible to concentrate. Her stroking and touching was driving him crazy. He stood up and held his newspaper in front of his crotch so no one else could see his condition, and proceeded to head out of the room. The clerk looked at him as he passed her, and he pointed to the door and said he had to get something out of his car. She nodded to him and told him he had until 10:30 to be back or he was considered absent. As he headed for the door again, he looked at his watch and realized he could be away for an hour and fifteen minutes. He sailed through the door and out into the deserted hallway.

As he paused by a window that looked out on downtown LA, he took a deep breath. That woman had worked him up to almost frenzy. He wasn’t used to being the one who was carried away. He was the one that usually made the woman dizzy with lust. Rhonda had really gotten to him.

“Was it too hot in there for you?” he heard called out behind him. He turned and watched this incredibly sexy woman stride up to him. Rhonda came up and put her hand on his arm and drew him close to her. With her other hand, she reached out squeezed all along the length of his still raging cock.

“Oooh, I’m glad that you are still excited to see me,” she purred. He franticly looked around to make sure no one was watching as she continued to stroke his cock through his tight jeans. She admired the length and feel of his package. She could tell from experience that he was well hung. Dylan just moaned softly as she fondled him.

“You are killing me, girl! My dick is about to burst,” he groaned. He took the back of his hand and rubbed it across one of her prominent nipples. “I need to put this thing in you right now!”

“Oh, you do? Do you think you can handle me?” She teased.

“I know that I can more than handle you,” Dylan dared back. As he said that he cupped her full round left tit in his hand and squeezed gently. Then he pinched her rock hard nipple and she shivered from his touch.

Dylan grabbed her hand and dragged her after him as he moved off down the hallway at a quick pace. He didn’t know where they were going but he was going to find a room for them somewhere on this floor. On his right, they passed the huge elevator lobby for the 8th floor and he saw the doors to the men’s and women’s bathrooms. He thought briefly about taking her into one of those, but there were still too many people on the floor for that. They came to the doors of the only courtroom on this floor which just happened to be not operating today, and he pulled on the doors trying to get in. They were locked. He noticed a small corridor that lead off the main hallway just past the courtroom doors. He pulled Rhonda into the smaller hallway and pushed her up against the marble wall. Dylan grabbed Rhonda and brought her close and gave her a hot, wet lust-filled kiss. He sucked on her tongue and bit at her lips, as they began rubbing and grabbing at each other while their passion rose to a new level. She took hold of his giant prick and began jacking him through his pants, while he brought one hand up underneath her dress and began rubbing her thong covered pussy. The entire crotch of Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her thong was soaking wet. As he found her buzzing clit and began to rub it, she moaned deep into his mouth with pleasure.

Suddenly, she pushed him back. “We can’t do this in an open hallway!”

A lust-crazed Dylan quickly moved down the hall checking the doors on each side looking for an open door. Since the court was not in session today most of the doors were locked, but luckily he found the door to a storeroom unlocked and he pushed it open. He signaled to her and she quickly ran inside the dark room. He followed her in and locked the door behind him.

He turned toward her and leaned against the door looking at her. The room was dark except for the glow of the red exit light. The place had a musty smell to it. They stared intently at each other for a couple of moments then rushed into each other arms, and began to passionately kiss each other. Their hands were everywhere rubbing and groping each other. Rhonda was sucking on Dylan’s tongue as she tried to rip his shirt off. Dylan slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and the dress fell and pooled at her feet. Her tits were magnificent as he knew that they would be. She stood with her chest slowly heaving from the excitement and her boobs proudly displayed. Her hard nipples were sticking out and the soft area around them was a dark brown. Her tits stood out on her chest like huge globes, gently jiggling with her breathing.

Dylan reached out and covered her large tits with his hands. As he squeezed them, her nipples stood out. He slowly sucked her left nipple into his mouth, licking and biting it, making it throb with pleasure.

Rhonda got busy with her hands and undid the snap to his jeans and pushed them down his muscular thighs. His large cock popped free of its confinement and bounced in front of her. She stared in amazement at his size and girth. In the dim light, his great cock looked impossibly big. She groaned deep in her throat at the very sight of it. It seemed the very shaft of his nine-inch monster began to thicken and grow right before her eyes. It was huge and she hungered for it. She dropped to her knees and took the massive cock in her hand. It was so fat and long! Mewling sounds came from her mouth as she began licking it from the base to the large, mushroom shaped head. She greedily licked and softly bit the hard flesh as her tongue circled and teased the great head of his cock.

“Fuck, you have a great dick, Dude!” She said as her mouth engulfed his cock, sucking it to the back of her throat. Using her tongue and throat muscles to milk his surging prick, Dylan closed his eyes as her talented mouth worked on the length of his great cock. She was very, very good!

“Suck my cock, bitch!” he hissed.

“MMMMM!” She moaned in response. Rhonda began sucking him frantically, seeking his hot jizz. Her head bobbed up and down on his thick pole with a corkscrew motion, and she cupped his swollen, cum-filled balls and squeezed. Then she would switch her technique and lick the length of his huge cock while stroking his hot fleshly column. Dylan was very worked up and excited, he usually took forever to cum, but he felt the tell-tale tingling behind his balls and knew he was about to blow. He grabbed her head with both of his hands and began thrusting his thick prick deep into her willing throat. She gagged the first few times he sent his huge monster into her mouth. When she adjusted to his rhythm, Rhonda grasped his ass and held on tightly as he furiously fucked her mouth. She slipped one of her fingers toward Dylan’s asshole and on his next great thrust, she shoved a finger inside. Dylan screamed out his pleasure as she began to finger-fuck him, pumping her finger into him fast and hard. Suddenly, he stiffened and his cock began to fire thick ropes of hot white cum into her greedily sucking mouth. His balls kept pumping explosive blasts of jizz deep into her throat, while her lips were stretched in wide O around his thrusting shaft. She could feel the pulse of his cock against her tongue each time it fired another rope of male seed down her gullet.

Finally, Dylan’s deflating cock quit its thrusting and shooting, and he pulled his still sizeable cock from her mouth and stumbled back against one of the storage racks. Breathing hard and through silted eyes, he stared at amazement at this sexy Amazon, who had just given him the best blowjob of his life. As he watched Rhonda opened her mouth and he saw the last of his cum pooled on her tongue. She closed her mouth and smiled at him and swallowed. She had swallowed every drop of his massive orgasm and she had totally sucked him dry.

“Jesus!” he exclaimed breathlessly. “Fuck!”

“MMMMM!” she moaned, as she licked her lips. “I love the taste of your cum! Can I have more please?” she asked laughing and with a trace of a British accent.

“First, your turn,” Dylan said as he pulled her to her feet and pushed her against a storage locker. He kneeled in front of her and slowly pulled her thong down her fabulous Escort Tekirdağ legs. As her pussy came into view, his breath caught in his throat. Her wide open pussy was shaved clean with no pubic hair anywhere. The thick lips of her pussy were slick with her wet juices, and her rock hard clit stood out begging to be sucked. He pushed her legs wider and moved his head deep between her thighs. Starting at her asshole, he licked her slowly from her butt all the way through the folds of her leaking pussy. He loved the taste of her free flowing juices and he buried his searching tongue deep inside her boiling cunt.

“Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh…”

He licked all the juice out of her over-heated cunt that he could. Then he slowly moved up to her throbbing clit and softly licked it. Rhonda cried out and began to hump her clit at his mouth. She was red-hot and her gushing cunt was close to exploding. She had one hand squeezing her heaving tit and the other was pulling Dylan’s head deeper into her overwrought pussy. As she moaned and groaned her pleasure, her ass began to buck and shake against the lockers. Dylan continued to suck on her staining clit as he slipped two fingers up into her wet, excited tunnel.

“OHHH… Fuck, that’s good!!!” she hissed as her ass went into overdrive thrusting her pussy on to his mouth and fingers.

He was amazed at her intensity and how her skin got really hot when she was worked up. He continued to lick and bite her clit while thrusting his fingers deep into her fiery hole. He loved eating her pussy and could have just kept going. Rhonda was shaking and quivering as her flaming cunt built toward her climax.

Suddenly, she pulled Dylan’s head tight against her blazing hole and tensed up every muscle in her body. Just as suddenly, her taut body exploded in a series of earth-shattering climaxes as Dylan continued to suck and thrust his long fingers deep into her blistering hole.

Again and again he brought her to climax until she slumped against the lockers exhausted.

As he stood up between her spread thighs, his thick jutting cock had returned to full rock hard length. He spun the dazed Rhonda around and leaned the dizzy Amazon against the lockers. He grasped his long freshly column in one hand and bent his knees until the hot tip of his huge thick cock touched her slick wet hole. He rubbed the great head along her greasy slot, wetting the head with her juices. Then pausing for just a long tension filled moment, he pushed his massive steel pole deep inside her smoking twat in one powerful thrust.


“You like my cock up your cunt?” Dylan whispered as his long demanding cock thrust deep inside her still climaxing cunt.

“Oh, God, yes! Fuck my cunt! Oh, fuck, your dick is big! Don’t stop fucking me!”

Rhonda felt like she was stuffed full of hard powerful cock. She had experienced more than her share of large, hard cocks, but not one of them had ever pleasured her like this white boy was! The man had some skills. This is one dude that knew how to fuck! The feeling of his thick iron hard cock ramming deep into her hot and bothered cunt was delicious. He speared her hot channel again and again with his rampaging cock. Using the full length of his giant cock, he would thrust deep into her and pull out leaving on the tip between her wide stretched lips. Then he would shove his pussy pleaser to the hilt again in her luscious pussy. Rhonda screamed with uncontrolled delight as Dylan pounded her tight pussy with his towering prick. In and out, in and out, in and out, he drove his mighty cock into her churning cunt, sending bolts of white-hot pleasure to every nerve ending in her body. She began yanking and pulling at her hard nipples, taking pleasure in the sharp pain she was causing herself. This almost total stranger’s cock was driving her mad with desire as he plunged his monster cock into her tight inflamed pussy over and over.


Dylan couldn’t believe the amount of intense pleasure he felt driving his powerful prick into this sexy woman’s up-turned cunt. He’d fucked a lot of girls and women, but none had aroused and excited him the way that Rhonda had. He stared with lust-filled eyes as his massive cock vigorously thrust again and again deep into her wide sopping pussy. His cock and heavy balls were drenched with her juices that ran like a river from her over-flowing canal. His powerful hands gripped her hips like a vice as he impaled her onto his massive meat with each piercing thrust. This woman had excited him, over heated him, gotten the best of him and he wanted to dominate her, make her succumb to the power of his giant cock. Again and again and again he drove deep into her gushing cunt, trying to make her cum over his thrusting cock. They were fucking each other so hard that they had slowly moved from the lockers to behind the door where she was braced against a shelving unit as he speared into her over and over. He felt her tight pussy sleeve begin to ripple and pull at his invading rod, and he knew she was right on the edge. He placed his thumb at the entrance to her puckered anus and pushed it inside her tight ass. The added digit pushed her over the top and her scorching cunt imploded.

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