Justice and Reward Ch. 02

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By this time Bill had retrieved the two MAG lights and was looking around for the door closer button. Teri volunteered the needed information along with gate opening instructions. Within a minute they were standing at the end of the driveway and had turned towards Harry’s. Holding up one MAG light Bill flipped out a steel ring from its base and asked Teri to clip it to the snap centered between his shoulders. With amusement in his voice Bill said, “We’ll be safer if you turn the light on.” Teri chuckled but quickly turned on the MAG light.

As Bill and Teri crossed the parking lot at Harry’s they heard the authentic gong of six bells. They both knew the time to be 1900 hours. Harry had seen them coming and was waiting.

“Something happen to your transportation?” he asked.

“It was a pleasant evening so we decided to use what God provided.” Bill replied.

Harry extended his hand to Bill and said, “Welcome back, Bill.” Turning to Teri he opened his arms and asked for a hug and a kiss. Teri answered her fathers request joyfully. “Let’s sit in the back tonight. Andy and I are closing early because there hasn’t been enough business. Get a good window seat but not in line with the front doors.”

Teri and Bill did as requested while Harry went about the business of closing down the restaurant. Before they could be seated Andy appeared with two steaming mugs. They were filled with Andy’s special blend. “Good to see you both. Down for the weekend?”

What’s with the white light on the back of your coat, Bill?”

Bill responded first. “We walked down here and I felt safer with a warning signal attached to my fantail.” Teri continued the conversation by saying, “I’m spending the whole week so I can learn about my new house and the finances that keep it running. Bill didn’t check his social calendar before he left so he may be here for just the weekend.” She smiled at Bill and he stuck his tongue out at her.

Harry showed up just then and asked if they had eaten. When Andy heard the negative reply he immediately left for the kitchen muttering under his breath about Harry being old and senile.

Suddenly Harry let out an oath and asked Bill to accompany to the front desk computer. “It has been giving me no end of trouble lately,” Harry said as he started towards the front.

“Go see what he wants,” Teri said, “I’ll sit here, have my tea, and enjoy the view.”

Bill rose from his seat and followed the wake caused by Harry’s passing. When he arrived Bill was surprised to see Harry leaning against the counter with a big grin on his face. “Good, I didn’t raise Teri’s curiosity. Now Bill I know that we were supposed to have our meeting tomorrow. What with slow business tonight and your sitting on pins and needles for the past two weeks why don’t we have the meeting after you and Teri finish dinner?”

“Okay, Harry. I’ll sleep better tonight without the tension and anxiety I’ve put myself through. Teri should know the best and the worst about me.”

“Good man, Bill. I knew you had guts and a strong will when I met you two weeks ago. I have some papers to get from upstairs so you go back to Teri and enjoy Andy’s dinner. Even for a ‘Yank’ like me it was fine eating.”

Teri saw Bill’s refection in the window as he approached the table. Turning towards him she said, “Obviously the problem was minor and you agreed to have the meeting tonight after we eat.”

Bill smiled as he responded, “Yes to both parts. All I needed to do was reboot the computer to have the glitch go away. I will feel and sleep a lot better having the meeting over and done with.”

Just then Andy came around the corner bearing a heavy tray. “There isn’t enough room at that table for all this. Move over to the big table so you can start to eat. You two sit on that side so you can continue to enjoy the view.” Andy placed two heaping platters next to each other on the side facing the windows.


Dinner was finished. The dishes were soaking in the big sink and the necessary trips to the head had been completed. When Teri and Bill returned to the table there was a large carafe of coffee waiting along with ash trays. Andy was seated opposite Teri while Harry sat opposite Bill. Bill lit two cigarettes and handed Teri one of them.

“Let’s tell the worst part first and move on to the better things,” Harry said in a solemn voice. “Teri, Bill lied to you about his name. Now don’t judge him until you hear me out. Bill did what he did out of self-preservation. With his disabilities and limited income he was unable to clean up some wreckage of his past.”

Picking up the top sheet in front of him Harry slid it across the table in front of Teri. “Allow me to introduce you to William Edward Bouchet, the second. Teri had heard the words and her eyes scanned the paper in front of her. She was numb with shock. Bill was as shocked as Teri.

Harry picked up the next set of sheets. Bill, in 1993 you suffered a rather nasty wound to your head requiring forty-two stitches. The concussion you sustained in today’s medicine would have been noted in the mandatory escort bayan CAT scan now required. Because you never lost consciousness the ER at Harborview didn’t do a scan. More important was divorce that became effective as of 1 January 1994. The reason for the divorce being granted was irreconcilable differences.” Harry slid the packet over in front of Bill. Bill let the tears flow down his cheeks. Teri silently gave Bill a heavy duty napkin while Andy and Harry both offered their handkerchiefs.

Harry then started to hand documents over to Bill. Included were birth certificates for all members of his family, including his parents. There was even a copy of the marriage license to his now ex-wife. Finally Harry dropped three DD214’s on the pile. Bill saw Harry holding a fourth DD214.

Harry stared at Bill. “It is with great pleasure that I present you this DD214,” Harry said as he stood up and extended the document towards Bill. Bill accepted the document and quickly scanned its contents. What caught his eye was the phrase “Amended as of (with a date three days prior to the present date).

Andy broke the silence by saying, “Harry, I think this retired Master Chief Yeoman is going to argue with your CNO.”

That statement galvanized Bill into action. As he stood his chair fell back and crashed to the floor. “Wait just a minute,” Bill said in his best command voice, “I was raised to respect my elders and I have enough honor left in me to respect officers of any rank. Whether I liked the individual as a person is immaterial.”

Harry responded quickly, “Bill, before you say another word read these retirement papers. Then compare the signatures on the two documents. After you have done that you have five minutes alone in the front parking lot to howl at the moon or kick the gravel or whatever. After those five minutes are up you will come back in here and exhibit the proper demeanor and courtesy befitting a retired Master Chief Yeoman.”

Harry then walked around the table to face Bill. Harry extended his right hand as though he was offering to shake hands. Harry had carefully positioned Bill to mask the transfer of a small, square box from his hand to Bill’s hand. “You have five minutes starting now you GD Yeoman.” Harry added with a gruff tone.

Bill was walking out the front door of the restaurant as Teri reached for a cigarette. A match was struck and quickly offered. As Andy extinguished the match Teri nodded her thanks. She then turned towards her father saying, “Admiral Whitman, I known you for sixty years of your life. What you just did went beyond reason. It was cruel.”

Harry looked at his daughter and captured her eyes with his. Teri couldn’t look away. She could not refuse the love and affection flowing out of his eyes towards her. Harry said in a voice gruff with emotion, “I did what was necessary. Andrew will probably read me chapter and verse after the two of you leave but…”

Andy interrupted at that point by saying, “You will get no such thing from me. Teri, your father had to break through the tough outer shell Bill has spent years making. The two you falling in love with each other cracked that outer shell. Your father had to be savage so Bill could really see the truth. When that man of yours comes back through the door you of all people will see the subtle change. Now, I am getting the glasses and the sparkling cider we will drink in celebration. Come help me, Teri.”

Bill had followed directions to get to this point, the parking lot of Harry’s restaurant. Three items were crystal clear in his mind. He was a free man. He would ask Teri to marry him this evening in front of two witnesses. He would be able to fight with the VA about his compensation. Hopefully in the coming years the claim would change from non-service connected to service connected. Bill wandered over to the nearest security light and opened the box clutched in his right hand. Harry was giving Bill his permission to marry his daughter. That the ring had special significance was above question. Closing the box made several circuits of the parking lot attempting to reestablish the cloak of detachment that had been his protection for years. Realizing that the cloak had been broken Bill remembered what Harry had said as he sent him out to the parking lot. Yes! That would be his key to survival from now until he died. He would allow his emotions to flow where they willed but he would exhibit the proper demeanor and courtesy. Having made the decision Bill squared his shoulders and walked across the parking lot to his new life.

Being in tune with the noises made by the restaurant Andy and Harry knew before Teri that Bill had reentered the building. Teri’s sixth sense kicked in and she knew her soul mate was approaching the table. When Bill’s hands were gently placed on her shoulders Teri almost feinted. The clarity and vibrancy of his touch startled her. She could almost feel the curtain fall away and float slowly down to the ground. Teri felt the subtle shift in Bill’s fingers and the picture faded away. Then Bill’s escort bayan hands were withdrawn and Teri had to close her eyes. When she opened them Teri saw Bill kneeling at her side. Her heart soared as she heard the words.

“Janice Teresa Whitman, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” As Teri said yes Bill slowly slid the engagement ring onto her finger. When the ring was firmly seated Bill leaned forward and gave Teri a firm but gentle kiss on her lips. As their lips met Teri felt the tip of Bill’s tongue touch her lips. The picture of Bill’s rampant cock sliding effortlessly into the deepest reaches of her pussy was intense and brief. Contact was broken and the picture faded. Bill stood up and assisted Teri to her feet.

In a controlled voice Teri said, “Gentlemen, this lady needs to use the powder room. Please excuse me.”

As Teri made use of the powder room Andy popped the cork on two bottles of sparkling cider. Shaking Bill’s hand Harry welcomed him into the family. After pouring the cider Andy added his welcome and finished by clasping forearm to forearm in the Gaelic manner.


“The Navy and the VA refused to issue checks for the amount owed you so a compromise was reached. The two departments involved forced the Navy Federal Credit Union to open an account for you without a signature card.” Harry continued, “You need to go to the nearest Navy installation to apply for your retirement ID.”

“Harry,” Bill interrupted, “I must be seeing things. I look at the two deposits in the passbook and come up with seven figures. There must be some mistake.”

“There is no mistake, Bill.” Andy said joining the conversation for the first time. “Look at your DD214. What is the reason for separation?”

Bill looked at the document as though he was seeing it for the first time. He read the block again. It said ‘Medical Retirement (100%).

“Harry, show Bill the VA letter again.” Andy continued, “Read the top portion where the information is hidden in legalese.”

Bill scanned the letter and when he raised his eyes to look at Andy the smile on Andy’s face was all that was needed.

Andy spoke again, “The effective date is 1 January 1994. The percentage is 100% and the ailment is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD. Any more questions will have to wait. We old retirees need our sleep if we are to continue feeding the masses.” The last was said with such piousness that Teri and Bill broke up with laughter.

Harry, his voice gruff with emotion said, “You two are 86’d from here for the next forty-eight hours. The pantry and frig are fully stocked. I recommend using the appropriate head before walking home. In case you hadn’t noticed there is a heavy fog outside. I believe I speak for Andy and from my heart when I say congratulations and thank you for making an otherwise dull and boring day into a momentous occasion.”

Before Bill and Teri could speak Harry and Andy had disappeared through a discreetly hidden door. Teri turned to Bill saying, “I need to relieve myself and you should have to by now.”

Bill stood and assisted Teri to her feet. “It is time for me to drain my tank.”


Having removed their shoes at the door and hung their coats in the closet Teri and Bill walked to the fireplace. Bill turned on the fireplace. Within seconds flames were merrily dancing in the hearth. By the movement of Teri’s pant cuffs Bill knew that warm air was coming from the cleverly designed vents beneath the hearth.

Teri took the initiative by turning to Bill and giving him a full body embrace. With her head on his shoulder she said, “Bill, I need you.”

Bill hugged Teri tighter and replied, “Teri, I want to make love with you. Now!” Acting as one they walked to the bedroom. As Teri entered she palmed the light switch bringing a soft glow to the room.

Bill walked to the comfortable chair across the room from the foot of the queen size bed and removed his flannel shirt. As he pulled his T-shirt over his head he noticed Teri pulling the tails of her shirt from the slacks she wore. “Teri,” he asked, “is that a pad you are wearing?”

Teri finished removing her shirt, flipped open the clasp of her bra and revealed the sexually engorged breasts and rock hard nipples within. Sliding the straps off her shoulders Teri allowed the garment to the floor behind her. After unbuttoning the waist of her slacks and pulling the zipper down Teri responded, “Yes, I am you naughty man. You kissed me after I accepted your marriage proposal. During that kiss you sent me a picture of your rampant manhood filling the deepest recesses of my pussy. The orgasm I had made me bolt to the powder room. Harry, bless his heart, provides napkin dispensers for the lady tourists. Teri heard chuckles coming from across the room. When she looked at Bill Teri saw the amusement in his eyes. “Don’t laugh! It was as close to embarrassment as I have ever been.” Teri’s hands had continued their work during the brief exchange. Her slacks and panties now lay in a puddle around her ankles. Teri’s bald bayan escort gaziantep pussy released from its confinement chose that moment to unleash a renewed flow of fragrant nectar.

Bill put his hands at his waist and slid his pants and new boxer shorts down over his hips and let them fall to the floor. Teri stared at the sight in front of her. “My God, you’re wearing a condom! It looks like it wants to slide off.” Bill reached for his cock and with a slight tug pulled the condom off. Holding it Bill said, “I began leaking while you were having your wet dreams. At Harry’s I stopped at the head and made use of the condoms he supplies. When I kissed you the picture I received from you was your clean, shaved pussy descending my rampant man hood.”

“What you see here, Bill continued, “is the level of my desire for you.”

Teri held out her hand to Bill. “Shall we fulfill each others desire?” Teri noted Bill’s excitement which was evident in the rapid erection of his cock. When Bill reached the bed Teri indicated that he was to take the bottom position. Teri shook her head in the negative when Bill tried to embrace her. “I’ve had enough than enough sensual foreplay,” she said, “I want to have sex, wet and wild.” With a quick move Teri pushed Bill back on the bed. “Make yourself comfortable, big boy!” Teri continued imbuing her voice with wanton tones. Bending over Teri scooped up a generous portion of her vaginal nectar and coated Bill’s cock. Seeing the condom Teri picked it up and began to squeeze its contents onto her breasts.

Bill used the interval to slide up to the head of the bed and support his head and shoulders. “I’m more than willing to rub my pre-cum into your beautiful breasts.” Bill said as Teri finished emptying the condom.

Teri climbed on the bed and after straddling Bill knee walked her way up his body. When she felt Bill’s cock slide between her thighs Teri shook all over. Her pussy let a flood of juice in preparation of the assault that Bill’s monster cock would soon be making. Reaching down she took Bill’s hand and placed them on her breasts. “Please be gentle, they’re very tender.” Using firm strokes Bill soon and Teri’s body writhing with sexual pleasure. When he felt Teri shift back Bill clinched his groin muscles which raised the head of his cock to just the right angle.

Teri growled, “Yes! Yes! We both want release.” She then scooted back an inch or two. “I may be sopping wet lover,” Teri continued, “but I need to adjust to your size. Can you last long enough for me to get you stuffed inside me?”

Bill countered with several long groin contractions and said, “I will make no promises about my performance but I also will not surrender.”

Teri slid back another couple of inches. In a voice filled with passion she said, I like a man with spirit. If you keep flexing that wonderful cock I’m going to blast off before I get all of you inside me.”

Bill flexed his cock as he said, “Would that be a heinous crime?” To further the point Bill gripped Teri’s nipples and pinched them.

Teri went off like a bomb. Fireworks burst inside her head equal to the best Fourth of July display. They continued to go off as she drove herself down and back. A savage growl was heard as it exploded from her throat. The sound coincided with the tip of Bill’s cock crashing against Teri’s cervix.

Bill released Teri’s nipples and grasped her head. When he lowered Teri’s mouth to his Bill rolled over bringing Teri with him. “Are you ready for the second act?” Bill asked when he removed his mouth from Teri’s. With a lazy movement Bill retracted his pelvis which caused his cock to slide partially out of Teri’s pulsating pussy. Now he reversed direction and slid smoothly back into his fiancé. Raising himself Bill supported his upper body on arms placed close to Teri’s underarms. With a big smile on his face Bill challenged Teri to massage her breasts as thoroughly as she wanted Bill to do.

As the fireworks receded in her head and her eyes came back into focus Teri realized she was looking up at Bill not down at him. “Oh, you marvelous man.” Teri said as she felt Bill sheath his cock into her hungry pussy. Teri responded by contracting her vaginal muscles and rotating her pelvis up towards Bill. Teri’s legs, acting as though they had a mind of their own, curled themselves around Bill’s thighs. Her arms and hands now free began to massage her breasts and nipples. “I want you to have an orgasm as intense as the one you gave me.” Teri said in a voice filled with the she felt for the man above her.

As Bill increased the speed of his entry and withdrawal into Teri’s pussy he said, I have no doubt in my mind about the intensity of my love for you and the orgasm I’m going to have.”

Teri chuckled as she heard the loud sounds coming from between their joined bodies. “Well,” she said, “I did mention wet and wild.”

Bill responded, “Let us consummate our union with wild then.” Bill contracted his groin and began to pound his cock in and out of the beautiful woman beneath him. “I know that you are on the brink of an orgasm Teri. Let it go. Maul those lust filled breasts and nipples. Feel me getting bigger and bigger inside you.” With one final lunge Bill let loose his orgasm. He screamed his release as shot after shot of cum blasted out of the tip of his cock. “I’m exploding inside you, Teri. You can’t deny it! Climax with me, lover!”

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