KA Comes to Visit

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Chapter 1

She had gotten off the plane at his airport and was walking through the terminal. She had on her cute white Capri pants, a colorful loose tank top, and sandals. Her hair was in a braid because she knew that he would enjoy that.

As she approached the baggage claim, there he was, dressed in jeans, sandals, and a light green v-neck shirt. He smiled wide, a smile she always liked to see and she smiled back. As they got close enough, he leaned in and gave her a light kiss on her cheek and they hugged tightly. She had missed him and she could feel how he had missed her too.

They waited patiently for her bag, making small talk about the flight and her trip, watching the others interact with loved ones or nervously look towards signs for public transportation.

He subtly leaned in towards her and whispered, “what are you?”

She turned towards him and put her lips to his ear and spoke the words she knew he liked to hear; “I am a slut.” As she spoke the words, she could feel her nipples get hard with excitement and knew it wouldn’t be long now before he got to work on her body. It was a beautiful body that she occasionally let him own, five foot six inch athletic frame with firm thirty four double d-cup breasts.

She was well put together and she knew it, but had always been a bit shy about showing off her body while sober. When she had a few drinks in her though, her slut-persona usually made an appearance and she was more open about letting people see her tits and ass.

The light finally began beeping and the baggage claim started up, people hurrying over to prime spots to be the first to get their baggage. They slowly walked over to an open area and watched for her bag to come down the ramp. Five minutes later, it arrived in front of them and he scooped it up and they were off.

They headed for the exit and walked across the street to the parking garage. There were open spots everywhere and she wondered how close he parked. He led them over to the elevator and pushed the button, calling for the lift. The doors swung open and he led them inside, pushing to button for the very top level.

A few moments later, they stepped out into a very quiet part of the garage, with a few cars sporadically placed for long-term parkers, and no one but themselves.

“Top and bra off, now, Slut,” he ordered.

She set her bag down, pulled her top over her head, then set it in the bag. She looked around for a second, realized they were alone, then reached behind and unfastened the hooks on her bra. She slid it off and also put it in her bag, standing there in her white Capri pants and sandals only, her nipples rock hard for his inspection.

She picked up her bag and they began walking over to a far corner of the garage where only his car was parked. He pushed on the button to open the automatic locks and walked around to her side, putting her bag in the bags in the back seat. She stood there waiting for him to open her door when he instead grabbed her hand and led her back out to the front of his car.

He turned her away from him so that she was facing the car now and pushed forward on the middle of her back. She bent over at the waist, letting her huge tits fall to the metal of the hood. She looked to the side for a moment to double-check that they were truly alone and head the sounds of his belt being undone and slid off.

A moment later, she felt him press his own body up against her ass and the belt drawn slowly across her topless back. He spent a few minutes covering every inch of her back, using his off hand to grab onto the top of her pants in the back. Then she felt it, the first strike as it landed directly down the middle of her back vertically. The second was a horizontal strike more to one side and the third its opposite. He worked his way up and down horizontally, then ended with vertical strikes to each shoulder and one directly down the middle.

The first round was slow, with each strike very deliberate, him admiring the marks on each swing. As the rounds progressed, the strikes came in quicker progressions, firmer, the pain compounding the heat between her legs. She was at eight when he released his grip on her pants and stepped back.

She was getting ready for the order to stand up when she felt it, the first strike on her ass. It was strong and brought a light tear to her eye. He came in from the other side and delivered eight more after that.

“Well this just won’t do,” he said. “I can’t see how effectively my belt is working. Pants down, Slut.”

She moved her hands down from their place above her head, undid her pants and slowly lowered them across her warm ass. She slid them down until they were around her knees, knowing how much he would enjoy the fact that she had not bothered to wear panties.

“Mmmmm, very nice, Slut.”

And with that, he began a second round across her now exposed ass. The sounds of his belt across her flesh echoed across the garage, occasionally muffled by the late night arrival of another airplane flying overhead.

Ten xslot strikes later, he stepped up to her and reached right between her legs, groping her pussy, feeling its wetness.

“Not quite there yet, Slut,” as he stepped back and began a third round, this time not only hitting her ass but down the backs of her thighs. After the tenth swing, he ordered her to reach back and spread her ass for him. He delivered two more swings, one down her ass vertically that hit her right on her asshole, then an underswing that connected directly with her clit.

It was this last swing that put her over the edge, letting her cum her first orgasm of the night, causing her knees to buckle with the pain, the pleasure, the humiliation of it all. She lay across his hood, breathing hard, ass still spread for him, pussy dripping.

He stepped back up and rubbed her pussy again, soaking his hand in her cum. She felt her hair grabbed and pulled, yanking her up off the hood. Her pants still at her knees and her tits out, her warm back, ass, and thighs radiating from the blows she had just taken. He put his hand up to her mouth and she began licking her cum off of it. She loved tasting it and knew he liked seeing her eat it.

“Such a whore,” he noted and stepped away when she was done. “You may put your pants back on now,” and then led her over to her door, opening it for her in a gentlemanly fashion. He came around to his side and got into the car, but instead of putting the keys in the ignition, he unzipped his pants. He unfastened the button and pulled out his cock.

She could see the pre-cum on the tip and couldn’t take her eyes off it as he looked towards her.

“Go ahead, Slut.”

With those words, she lustily bend over the console and took him in her mouth. She loved sucking cock, there was little else that made her feel like the naughty slut she like being. She circled his head with her tongue as she bobbed up and down.

She felt one of his hands reach under her chest, cupping her left breast at first, then pinching and twisting her nipple roughly.

“You would love to see these marks on your back, Slut,” he noted as she sucked him faster. “And damn, you give some good head. Had lots of practice, have you.”

“Mmmhmmm,” she managed through the flesh in her mouth.

He added his left hand to the mix, grabbing a handful of her long brown hair and arching his back so that his ass was off the seat. He began fucking up into her mouth now, her unable to close it or swallow, her saliva covering his cock entirely.

He kept this up for a minute, then she felt him pulse and explode in her mouth. She did her best to swallow the spit and cum mix, holding her lips tightly against his shaft until he was done bucking. Then she went back to circling his cock as she kept her tight seal on his cock, ensuring none of his cum escaped. She needed to prove to him that she was an excellent cocksucker and hoped he would be impressed when she finally pulled her mouth off his clean cock.

When she was sure there was no more cum, she loosed her lips, pulling back. She leaned in one last time and lightly kissed his cock head.

“Thank you, Sir,” she honestly said as he let go of her hair and allowed her to sit back up in her seat.

“You are very welcome, you little cum Slut.”

Chapter 2

She looked down to note that she was still topless as he started the car and began to drive off. Her nipples were rock hard again as she realized that he had no intention of letting her put her top back on for the drive back to his place.

He directed the car towards the exit sign of the garage and they spiraled their way down to the bottom level. They were quickly approaching the payment booth and she could see a single attendant there. There weren’t any other cars around waiting in line due to the fact that he had selected an area for long-term parking and most others had opted for short term options.

As they pulled to a stop short of the booth where he could insert his ticket, she looked up to see a fairly young looking black guy smiling at the scene unfolding before him. The display flashed six dollars and he pulled up to the booth so that they were both now even with the attendant. He had a perfect view of her topless chest and her nipples stood erect again at being displayed for him.

“Looks cold out tonight,” the attendant joked.

He looked over at her, down at her rock-hard nipples, then back to the black guy.

“Nah, this little slut just likes people looking at her tits,” was his reply. “Say, I’m a little short of cash tonight. Perhaps you’d cut me a break if I let you titty fuck her?”

She opened her eyes wide, not believing what she had just heard.


“Yeah. I feel bad that I neglected her tits when I had her bent over the hood of my car back there in the garage. And I’d fuck them myself, except that she just gave me a blowjob and I’m not quite ready for round two.”

She sat there motionless listening to the exchange, her panties xslot Giriş starting to moisten again.

“Ok, you’ve got a deal,” the black guy decided.

“Do it, Slut,” came the order.

He clicked the automatic locks and she stepped out of the car quickly, racing over to the booth before another car pulled up. The attendant opened up the entrance and let her slide in with her ass against his cash register. Then she knelt down, watched as he took out his cock, and started to stroke it until it got hard.

He was a good seven inches and she stared at his cock as it reached its full length. It was time and she went up to her full height on her knees and wrapped her thirty four double d’s around his shaft. She held them tight as he started moving his cock up and down between the tight gap that her huge tits made.

She alternated looking at his nice cock and up at his face as she felt the skin of his cock against that of her chest. With the friction, it started to get warmer.

“Hey brother, you really should hold onto those for her so she can rub her pussy,” he said from the car. “It’s got to be soaked by now and in desperate need of attention.”

The black attendant reached down and put his hands on the outside of her tits, squeezing them together as he continued to fuck them. She took her cue and reached down to unbutton her Capri pants and slide one of her hands down the front of her panties.

He was right, they were soaked and she went right to work rubbing her clit and moaning loudly as she continued watching his cock poke through the gap in her tits.

The attendant picked up his pace now and she matched his speed with her hand, talking dirty to him as she got closer to cumming, begging for him to cum all over her tits.

She got her wish a few moments later as he exploded. The first shot of cum hitting her in the chin as she dipped her head back and climaxed too. She felt him continue dumping his warm seed across her upper chest and it start to run down across both of her tits.

She reached up with her off hand and rubbed it into her skin so it wouldn’t hit her white capri pants, then pulled her other hand from her pants and stuffed it into her mouth, tasting her own cum.

She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock before standing up, tasting his cum a little bit as she licked her lips. She exited the booth, ran around his car, and jumped into the passenger seat. The black attendant pushed a button and the gate rose. He put the car into drive and they finally left the airport.

She looked down to see cum that she hadn’t yet rubbed across her tits and brought her hands up to complete that task. She smeared it across her bare flesh, stopping to pull and twist her nipples as she rubbed the warm liquid on them.

She still couldn’t believe that she had just titty fucked a guy for the equivalent of six dollars. The thought made her reach down to her cum covered panties again, coat her fingers in her own cum, then bring them up to her mouth.

“I see you liked that, Slut,” he said.

“Yes, Sir. Very much,” she admitted.

“Good, because we’re going sex toy shopping right now and I imagine there will be a few guys in the shop who would like to use those tits of yours too.”

“Mmmmm,” she sluttily cooed.

And with that they were on down the highway.

Chapter 3

They hadn’t gone very far, only a few miles, when he turned off the highway into what looked like an industrial area. She had met him before when he came to visit her, so she had a level of trust developed already with him. The idea of driving into an area like this, in a foreign city, topless, made her very nervous though. What if he decided to leave her here, what if he sold her to some factory workers, what if – her mind began to race with more and more what if scenarios.

They drove down some unknown streets and finally turned into a lighted parking lot outside a darkened warehouse. He parked the car, turned off the ignition, and opened up his door.

“Follow me, Slut,” he instructed, and she opened up her door and hopped out of the car, her tits bouncing as her feet hit the paved lot. She shut the door and he keyed the automatic lock, the lights of the car flashing over her ass as she raced to catch up with him.

He led them to a door off to the side of the front of the building and turned the handle. To her surprise, it opened and he stepped through, holding the door with his arm so she could grab it and follow. Once she had it, he began walking into the building. She stayed close to him as he wound his way through to the middle of what appeared to be an empty warehouse.

As she looked ahead, she noticed that there was a section in the middle of the warehouse with a beam of light shining down, much like the spotlight on the stage of a broadway theater. He was making a line right for it and as they got closer, she noticed ropes hanging down from somewhere up above.

Her already hard nipples began to tingle, knowing that shortly she would xslot Güncel Giriş have her wrists tied to those ropes. Once into the spotlight, he stopped them and turned to her.


“Yes, Sir,” and she began to remover her sandals first, then slid her capri pants down and off. She tried to peer through the darkness to see what might be around her, but the light from the spotlight made that impossible. She reached down, hooked her thumbs into her still dampened panties and took them off.

She stood there naked as he circled her a few times, admiring her body. She knew better than to try and cover up, so she kept her hands to her sides.

He then moved close, took one of her hands, and reached it up towards one of the hanging ropes. He tied it tightly around her wrist, securing her arm above her head and angled out at an angle that she figured to be about forty-five degrees.

He walked around to her other side and proceeded to do the same thing with her other wrist so that her arms formed a V above her head. He walked into the darkness and she watched as he came back with a spreader bar and squatted down behind her to attach each end to her ankles. She had to shift her feet and spread her legs apart for him until he was able to fit it onto her perfectly.

There she stood, legs spread, arms up, naked in the middle of a huge warehouse. He stood up behind her now, leaned in close, and began to whisper.

“Who owns your pussy?”

“You do, Sir,” she softly whispered back.

“Who owns your ass?” came another question this time in her other ear.

“You do, Sir,” she turned to reply on her other side.

“Who owns your tits?”

“You own them, Sir,” she obediently replied.

“Very good, Slut,” he said as he walked around and past her, disappearing into the darkness.

A moment later, she noticed a lighter spark and there he was about fifteen feet into the darkness, lighting a candle while sitting in what appeared to be comfortable reclining chair. She watched as he placed the candle on a table next to the chair and picked up a drinking glass, taking a sip and sitting back patiently.

A moment later, she heard what she believed to be heels approaching her from her left. She turned to watch a striking woman come out of the darkness. The woman was wearing three-inch heels and a black thong only, her small perky tits out for all to see. The woman had fiery red hair and stood a bit taller than she did.

She watched as the woman walked up to her and knelt down in front of her, so close to her body, but not touching. The redhead looked back over her shoulder at him and he nodded to her. The woman leaned in, placing her mouth on her pussy, and she felt a tongue exploring between her legs.

She looked down for a second, watching the woman, then up to see him watching the scene, legs crossed, drink in hand.

She barely heard the sounds of a second pair of heels as they approached, but she saw the woman as she came out of the darkness. This time, a petite blonde with very long curly hair emerged. The blonde was also dressed in only heels and a thong, lovely breasts out for her to admire. She wished she was free because she would have loved to have this woman’s nipples between her thumb and index finger.

The blonde walked around the two women, admiring the scene for a second. She watched as the curly-haired head looked back to him, he nodded, and the woman walked around behind her. She looked back to see the woman kneel, and then felt her asscheeks spread apart, a second tongue joining the first.

She gasped at the feeling of the two tongues working at her holes from either side. They licked, sucked, bite at her skin and she looked across to him. She couldn’t hold it in any more and came, covering the redhead’s face with her juices.

She dropped her head back as the orgasm took her, letting it run its course, still feeling the tongue behind her working her over. With her head back, she thought she heard more heels and tilted her head to the right to see a third woman come from the darkness. A sexy black girl had just stepped from the abyss, clothed in the same outfit as the others, and began walking around her.

She watched again as the new woman looked out to him for approval, which he gave, and then approached her. She watched her left breast get cupped firmly, then saw the nipple end up in this woman’s mouth.

She now had three mouths working her body over. The feeling was amazing and her body didn’t take long to climax again, drenching the poor redhead’s mouth for a second time. Her head tilting back once more, her body still spasming as the orgasms kept coming now.

Her legs were now turning to jello and the weight of her body was completely on the restraints around her wrists. As she hung there, there came more heel clicks. She looked to left this time and watched as a sexy asian woman came from the darkness. This woman was also petite, with small little tits and a great thong-covered ass.

She watched her, looked down to see the mouths still at work on her holes and left nipple and knew what was coming. The asian woman looked towards him for the nod, then took a place on her right side. It wasn’t long after that she felt the mouth take her free nipple and begin sucking on it.

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