Kate’s Cuntline

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Matt had a craving. It was a forbidden lust. It excited him to fantasize relentlessly over something he would probably never get, or even be able to talk about to anyone. It was his sister’s best friend Kate.

He had first seen Kate when him and his family moved a few years ago. Matt was frustrated at the time because all of his sister’s friends were ugly as sin, and he wished and hoped that one day his sister would invite a beautiful girl over to the sleepovers she was used to having with her ugly friends.

When Matt saw Kate, he was satisfied. The girl was a knock out. She had blonde hair that bounced when she walked, as did her perfect breasts. Her ass was round and very alluring. Her body was sculpted like a masterpiece, from hours and hours at the gym.

But the thing that turned Matt on the most about Kate was her love of short skirts. Not miniskirts, but just short skirts that were loose fitting, and exhibited her amazing legs.

Matt stroked his cock often when Kate would sleep over, while entertaining the thought of sneaking into his sister’s room and feeling Kate’s gorgeous tits, but he never did.

On his sister’s birthday Matt was excited. He was excited because his family and some of his sister’s friends were going out to a restaurant to eat, and he knew Kate would be there, looking as sexy as ever.

Matt was right. Kate looked sexier than she had ever looked. She wore a short silk skirt and a halter top that hugged her bust line. Matt’s cock was hard within seconds of seeing her.

At dinner Matt stared at Kate constantly, sometimes she would glance in his direction and he would direct his eyes elsewhere. Watching Kate seductively put chips on her tongue and roll them into her mouth, Matt realized he was having the most erotic experience of his life.

They all finished dinner. Matt stared at Kate’s luscious ass softly brushing up against her skirt. Matt fantasized about walking up behind her and humping her.

In the car on the way back Antalya Escort to the house for the sleepover, Matt was plotting ways to get into Kate’s pants.

When they pulled up to the driveway, Kate got out first. This was the most incredible act Matt had ever witnessed in his life. She bent over, directly in front of him, and unconsciously gave him a clear view of her panties, which were so tight that Matt easily saw the definition of her vagina. His cock almost exploded.

Throughout the night Matt pretended to watch the movies his sister and her friends had rented while he looked at Kate.

It was about 2:00 when everyone fell asleep, except for Matt. Matt started his seduction plan. He woke up Kate.

“Hey, Kate, sorry to wake you, but I want to show you something.”

Kate was still in a daze, but she agreed.

Matt motioned for Kate to follow him. He led her outside in to the cool night time air.

“Kate, I’m just gonna get to the point.” Matt said, “I really have a thing for you.”

Kate smiled and blushed and thought about it for a few seconds.

“Well, Matt I don’t know if I have a ‘thing’ for you, but I definitely think you’re cute.”

Matt was excited. He grabbed Kate’s hand and said, “Let’s take a walk, shall we?”

As they walked Matt began to lay it on thick.

“I love the stars. I love each one of them individually.”

Kate was quiet.

“I think you could be a star, Kate.”

“How could I be a star?”

“Well, you already shine among other people.”

Kate stopped. She turned to Matt.

“Matt, what you’re telling me is bullshit. You want to fuck me don’t you?”

Matt’s first impulse was to lie, but then he decided if something was gonna happen, it was gonna happen now or never.

“Yes, Kate I do want to fuck you. I want to stick my dick inside every single crevice of your body.”

Kate laughed.

“Matt, you’re so silly, why didn’t you just say that?”

“I don’t Antalya Escort Bayan know, I thought you would be disgusted.”

“Well, I’m not. I’m turned on. I masturbate everyday. I have wanted to have real sex for a long time, but I’m too shy to actually ask a guy, you know?”

“Well, Kate, let’s get started then.”

They both walked over to a private area in the woods near Matt’s house. Kate unzipped Matt’s jeans and wrapped her luscious lips around his cock and began to suck. Matt stared down at Kate’s young face, his cock, hidden beneath her lips, and her mouth full. He was getting to turned on.

Matt pulled his dick out of Kate’s mouth with a loud sloshy sound.

“What’s that all about? Kate asked.

“I don’t want to cum yet, let me give you head.”

Kate agreed she slowly pulled her panties down, and Matt kneeled down.

He first kissed her pussy, then ran his tongue over the surface of it. He then licked her inner thighs and ran his tongue deep into her pussy. Kate let out a muffled girlish moan. Matt kept flickering his tongue over her clit, he felt her pussy juices accumulating on his tongue Kate’s moans were getting louder and more frequent. She pushed Matt’s head deeper into her crotch and Matt was engorged with the sweet smell of Kate’s vagina.

Suddenly Kate pushed Matt’s head away.

“Matt, I’m tired of this, I want to fuck.”

Matt and Kate both removed all of their clothes. Matt pushed Kate’s legs back over her head to get a clear entrance to her pussy. He slowly shoved his cock inside of her. Her pussy was incredibly tight.

Matt’s penis was squeezed to the max as he gave his first few thrusts. Kate let out screams of pain, but she also said, “yes, fuck me!”

Matt thrust a little more and Kate’s pussy became a little easier to penetrate, however, it was still extremely tight.

Matt was about ready to shoot a load. When his dick first started pulsating he quickly with drew it, and shot Escort Antalya his cum onto Kate’s stomach.

Matt and Kate both breathed heavily for awhile, while and did not say anything. Finally Matt asked, “How did you like it?”

“It was fun! I want more!”

“Well, Kate my dick is limp right now, and I’m tired.”

“That’s okay,” Kate responded, “you just sit back, I’ll get you going again.”

With that, Kate began to lick and suck the cum off of Matt’s cock.

Within a few minutes, Matt’s dick was hard again and very wet from cum and Kate’s saliva.

“Ok, now we can fuck again!” Kate said.

“Kate,” Matt began, “remember earlier when I said I want to stick my dick inside every crevice of your body?”


“I’m gonna fuck you in the ass now, ok?”

“Ok, sounds fun.”

Matt instructed Kate to rub some of the cum on her stomach around her asshole, for lubrication. He then told her to get on her hands and knees, and spread her round ass cheeks far apart.

Matt took a second to admire the scene. Katt was bent over, naked, spreading her ass cheeks apart so that Matt would be able to stick his dick in her butt.

Matt then slowly shoved his slimy hard cock into Kate’s cum covered virgin starfish, and pumped her whole body back and forth.

Matt was extremely aroused by seeing his cock in between such plump, round, perfect ass cheeks. He made sure his penis was in as far as it could go, and he grabbed Kate’s breasts.

Kate was screaming violently as Matt’s balls slapped loudly against Kate’s hot, wet pussy. Matt was thrusting his cock harder than ever into Kate’s tunnel, with his hands now palming her voluptuous ass.

There was no way matt could last much longer. He kept his penis inside her ass, and felt an extremely intense orgasm that completely drained his balls of cum and made his dick hurt with pleasure. He felt the warmth of his cum engulfing all of Kate’s ass. He fucked her until there was nothing left, he pulled his red hot dick out of her ass and lay on the ground gasping for breath.

They both did this, longer than before, and after a long while Kate said, “Matt, I loved the way your dick felt in my ass.”

The two shared a passionate tongue kiss, and then they fell asleep.

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