Kath Goes to London Ch. 04

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COPYRIGHT 15 December 2005 No part of the following story may be copied or transmitted without written authorisation of the author.

This is fiction. Any resemblance of characters dead or alive and historic or current organisations to the real world are completely co-incidental.

WARNING: This is for adult reading. If you are a minor or you are offended by consensual sex between three women and a man, do not read this story.

This is part 4 of the story. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. The others are soaked. I appreciate and respond to all comments. Please, ladies as well as gentlemen, do comment and tell me what the story did for you.


It was seven in the evening when the three women woke. They had been enjoying each other’s bodies for hours, but neither Jayne nor Jen wanted to be there when Ken returned home. There was just time to enjoy a shower before he arrived.

They all tried to climb into the shower cubicle together, but the reality was that there was insufficient space. But Jen and Jayne had the priority, so Kath left them to gather the clothes that were scattered around the bedroom. Over the hiss of the shower, she could hear the moans and shouts of pleasure as no doubt Jen and Jayne tried to wring yet another cum out of each other.

Kath returned to see Jen kneeling on the cubicle floor whilst her tongue danced the Fandango in Jayne’s soft and willing pussy. Jayne had one leg over Jen’s shoulder to allow her all the access they needed. As she watched, Kath’s own sex began to lubricate again and the moisture gathered around her already engorged lips. She was astonished at how just one application of her special cream had made such a difference. What would she be like by the end of her treatment?

Naturally, Kath didn’t want to be left out so she began to play with herself as her eyes concentrated on the sight before her. Her fingers replicated the movement of Jen’s tongue, and steadily aroused her towards her well-earned climax. She was not afraid to do this in front of two other women. Her inhibitions had been shed hours ago, and now it was the most natural thing to display her sex and masturbation openly. The sounds of Jayne’s orgasm triggered Kath’s and the two women made eye contact and smiled. They owed Jen a cum, and it would not be too long before she too enjoyed her climax.

As Jen and Jayne left the bathroom to get dressed, Kath luxuriated in the warm steam and pelting water as she washed herself. She did not want Ken to smell the love juices of Jayne and Jen…well, not for the time being anyway! What was she thinking? Sharing her lovely husband Ken with her new bi-sexual friends? Her mind began to develop ideas and permutations.

As seven thirty approached, Kath knew that she only had half an hour to wait for Ken to return. That was enough time to say goodbye to her friends, but not before making a date for a reunion and a long kiss as Jen and Jayne got into their cars and drove away. What an afternoon it had been. Now, she was finally ready to tell Ken.

Ken arrived home looking wearied by the day. He smiled as he saw his wife and immediately noticed a change in her visage. It was almost indefinable, but there was definitely something different to the way she normally looked. She seemed more relaxed and “sparkly”.

Her hair and makeup were lovely, and she smelled fresh after a bath. Ken’s mind raced as he wondered what was going on. For the past months, Kath and Ken had shared some difficulties in their marriage. She was tired, listless and lacking; he equally so. He would leave Kath in bed in the morning, having slept badly through the night. She was unresponsive and jaded. All relationships have darker moments, and Ken wondered where it would lead. Now, there was a sudden and noticeable change in her demeanour. In fact, she had looked different for a few days.

She had been to London and everything changed. Why did she go? Who did she see? Is she having an affair? Did she actually Trabzon Escort go to London? After all, he only had her word for it, and no proof. Ken told himself to stop being so suspicious and to trust his wife whom he had known and loved for so many years. But as Kath had not kept Ken in the loop, and had not explained her problems, now all Ken could see was a change without reason. It was hardly surprising that he was confounded and worried. But how would he quiz her to find the truth?

Instead of a meal at home, Ken thought it would be nice for a change to go out for dinner. Kath readily agreed and found her coat whilst Ken put down his briefcase and returned to the car alone. He had to be alone to think for a few seconds. There was someone else. There had to be. It certainly wasn’t Ken who was Kath’s lover at the moment. He again told himself not to be silly. There could be a much more simple explanation. A tonic, some medication, some reason that has caused this new sparkle. He’d get to the bottom of it over a bottle of pinot.

The meal was exquisite, and the wine was fine. The service was excellent and the atmosphere conducive to soft words. They were lucky to have such a good restaurant within a mile or so of their home. But they sat in almost silence. Neither Kath nor Ken had the bravery to talk deeply. Kath’s sparkle left as they chatted about Ken’s day at work, plans for the weekend, maybe a holiday, and anything safe. She visibly saddened as they passed time together but poles apart. Ken was sad too. He knew there was something going on, but did not want to challenge her in case he was completely wrong and said things that could not be unsaid. Whatever it was would have to come from Kath.

Kath was terrified of what Ken’s reaction would be if he found out the new spring in her step was because of her new-found love of sex with women. It was the ultimate betrayal because not only did it challenge their marital relationship, but also focussed on Ken’s ability to be a man who could hold the sexual interest of a woman. So, she decided not to tell him, but return to the slightly sullen partnership that was the status quo.

Ken and Kath had shared a couple of aperitifs and the wine and a post-prandial brandy. To be safe, they decided to leave Ken’s car and return home by taxi. In the taxi during the short journey home, they sat quietly holding hands. As they changed for bed, they hardly spoke with each other, and soon the light was off and they were at either edge of the bed, trying to make sense of their emotions.

The next morning, Ken went to work as usual. No breakfast, no communication and no kiss goodbye. This routine had upset Ken for months and he was becoming tired of it. He thought of this as the taxi drove him towards his car that he hoped was still at the restaurant. Kath too was worried. She knew that she would have to be the first to break the ice, but didn’t have the guts.

As soon as he left, both Ken and Kath started hatching their plans. Kath called Jen and told her about the evening before. Jen was sorry to hear the news and asked what she could do to help. She realised that at best, her relationship with her new lover would be peripheral. Ken and Kath loved each other deeply, and Jen decided she would be a true friend and try to help mediate. Jen was uncertain what she should or could do, but was experienced enough to know that something had to be done, and quickly. So, she suggested that they meet to talk. Kath invited Jen to her home for brunch. Kath didn’t just want a chat with her friend, she needed a hug and wanted so much more.

Ken made a series of phonecalls and dialled his office and made an excuse for not being there today and got out of the taxi in the car park of the restaurant. He placed his briefcase in the boot, locked it and began putting his plan to work.

Jen arrived at Kath’s house to find her friend crying. Immediately the two women held each other. Jen stroked the back of Kath’s neck soothingly. Trabzon Escort Bayan Kath calmed and with tear-stained cheeks kissed Jen hungrily on the lips. They had gone far beyond friendship. It wasn’t love, it was lust. In reality, both women knew the roles they played. Kath removed Jen’s coat and flung it over the arm of a chair, to reveal a short skirt and tight fitting jacket that accentuated Jen’s curves. Jen dropped her bag to the floor and continued to kiss Kath’s warm and willing lips. As they kissed, each woman’s hands roamed over the body of the other. Breasts were fondled, held, squeezed and caressed as both women luxuriated in each other’s touch. As they were becoming more turned on, they each felt warmth gather at their sex and knew where it would lead.

As Jen knew her way to Kath’s bedroom, she picked up her bag, took Kath by the hand and led her upstairs. Reaching the bedroom, Jen went straight to the en-suite and closed the door. Meanwhile, Kath hurriedly removed her clothes and got into bed. She stretched out on her pillows and waited for her lover’s return. It seemed odd that only a few hours before, she had lain there almost lifeless next to her husband, and now she was charged with sex and ready. Her pussy was moist and available and she knew she would not have to wait long.

Jen returned naked from the bathroom and put her bag on the floor next to the bed. She got in and cuddled her lover who was warm and open. Jen was already as heated as Kath and her hand immediately sought the join of Kath’s legs. Her fingers touched the wetness between her thighs and began to circulate Kath’s clitoris. Jen’s other hand separated the folds of Kath’s pussy and the heady aroma of Kath’s juices mingled with the spiciness of Jen’s. Jen licked her lips in anticipation of what was to follow, but did not falter in her task of bringing her friend to orgasm.

Kath shouted Jen’s name as she came. It was fast and furious. She gushed fluids onto the fingers and hands of her mate and shook as the climax ripped through her glowing body. It seemed that she was always ready to cum, and Jen knew exactly what she needed and obliged willingly. As Kath rolled on the waves of pleasure, Jen turned to her side of the bed and found her bag. Carefully, she took out a dildo and warmed it between her legs.

Meanwhile, her other hand kept up the assault on Kath’s heated sex. Once again, Kath climbed the path towards her goal of yet another orgasm, but this time, just before she peaked, Jen plunged the soft jelly phallus into Kath’s gaping hole. This was not love, this was sex. Pure and simple, lusty and strong, passionate and effective. Kath thrashed around on her bed as her lover induced more and more pleasure and brought her to climax again and again. Would she never stop? Was there a limit to how incredible the feelings were? As she wallowed in bliss, she squeezed her breasts and nipples almost to the point of pain. Her eyes tightly shut, she focussed only on her sex.

Selfishly, she channelled all her energy into her groin and squeezed her pelvic muscles rhythmically. Her buttocks clenched in and out as she tried to drag the dildo deeper inside her. Jen twisted and rotated the soft flesh-like object of lust so that it gripped and pulled the sides of Kath’s pussy. Kath groaned in appreciative response.

Ken stood naked at the end of the bed, as he watched the result of his co-conspirator’s work. For several minutes, he was simply aghast at what he saw. Blood engorged his penis as it rose steadily. He cupped his balls with his left hand as he caressed his length with his right. Again and again he pulled his skin up and down and his crown swelled. It was a natural reaction to an un-natural situation. He was openly wanking now, urging himself onwards towards his own climax. What he saw was on the verge of unreason.

There was his frigid wife now acting like some sex-crazed amazon. But it wasn’t a man who produced this reaction, it was her female Escort Trabzon friend Jen. Moreover, they were not making love in the way a married couple does after years of association. They were not slow, deliberate and unhurried. They were in a frenzy of lust. They were fucking, screwing, bonking using a series of licking, sucking, and wanking. Every part of Kath’s body was on fire as Jen continued to thrust. The noises of sex joined the moans, gasps and sighs of both women and turned Ken’s erection into a throbbing that he had not felt in years.

Jen and Ken made eye contact and smiled at each other. She gestured to him to replace the dildo with his own raging hard-on and on a mouthed count of three, Jen withdrew the jelly dildo, rolled away from Kath and Ken immediately took her place and plunged his dick straight to the hilt inside his adorable wife. Kath opened her eyes in amazement as the feelings changed and she felt the presence of a third body in bed.

In the first instant, she thought it may be Jayne who had returned to join the fun, but was horrified when she realised that her husband had caught her out with her female lover. She tried to close her legs and push Ken away, but he was too strong. He was like an animal thrusting in and out of her well-prepared fanny. She had to admit that a real penis does feel better than a fake, even a well used one like Jen’s. She met her husband’s thrusts stroke for stroke. She knew he would not last long. No man could, with the soaking and gripping environment of the inside of Kath’s pussy. Her internal walls massaged and caressed Ken’s member as he moved inside her. It was soft, strong and natural. She was pulling him inside her and clawing his back to hold him against her body. The years of anguish simply evaporated, and Jen watched happily as her two friends bonded once again.

Jen’s hands were busy once again with the dildo, but this time she used it on herself as the tableau unfolded in front of her eyes. The bed rocked and heaved as three lusty bodies worked to achieve the pinnacle of feeling. Perspiration flowed, and both Ken and Kath were red-faced through their exertions. Jen’s hands were a blur as she brought herself off, moaning and clutching her body as it spasmed. Ken’s balls tightened and his bottom clenched as he tried to put pressure on his own G-spot.

Meanwhile, his wife bit his ear hungrily and licked his face in love. Her rapturous pussy worked its special magic and wanked him internally. His semen flooded her cavern and as he continued to fuck his wife, Kath’s copious juices joined his spunk as it was pumped out of her body with every stroke. As they came, through joyful tears they hugged and said, “I love you”.

All three rested and lay like sardines in the bed. The sheets were soaked and the air stank of sex. Ken thought how lucky and fortunately clever he had been in confiding in Kath’s best friend about his worries over Kath’s possible affair. Earlier that day, during the phonecall from the car park, Jen had already explained about Kath’s gynaecological treatment, and promised Ken a wonderful surprise if he returned home silently. She wouldn’t say anything more except she would even arrange to open the bathroom window for him, so he could shin up the drainpipe and gain easy access.

Jen, Ken and Kath left the bed together to open a bottle of champagne and take it back into the bedroom where they stayed for a few hours more, loving each other in so many ways. Under Jen’s watchful instruction, Ken applied Kath’s special cream into his wife’s labia… not that they needed any treatment. Kath relaxed openly as the petals of her sacred flower drank the attention of Ken’s lustfull fingers. Jen was busy with her hands too. One was in her pussy, keeping up with her friends, and the other was massaging Ken’s scrotum. Although Ken had cum only a short while ago, he responded to the scene and sported a solid erection once again.

They arranged that Jen would help Ken during the next few days with the administration of Kath’s medication, and as they discussed this, the telephone rang. It was Jayne asking about Kath’s progress, and when she and Ken could visit London again for the rest of her treatment.

End of part 4. This is the last part so far. Comments please.

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