Kathleen’s Family Saga Pt. 04

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NOTE: I have written this version after receiving many emails from readers. They were unhappy about the distraction of ethnic dialect in “Shanu’s Wedding”. This is same story with different names and no dialect problem. I didnot think that putting translation in parenthesis would be the best solution. I will try to do the same with “Back Home for Good”. I have tried to keep each posting relatively shorter [i do not believe in one page postings]. Will like to know if my efforts are appreciated.

Please vote. All characters are eighteen and above.


Heather and Sharleen were very late in getting up the next day. Heather kissed her sister good morning as Sharleen opened her eyes. Both kissed each other with an open mouth tasting other’s morning mouth flavours. Heather hopped on one leg to bathroom, her large soft breasts bouncing all over her chest. Sharleen found that very hot and said so making Heather blush.

Both girls got ready in the same bathroom and performed their ablutions without any hesitation. Sharleen commented on the sweet aroma of Heather’s rectal effluence as she insisted to add her’s before flushing. Both girls showered together playing with each other and had to drag their hands away to finish the shower.

They came out for brunch. Sharleen had to sit with the dressmaker after that. Their pa came to invite them to join him to supervise the group of older kids going for horse riding. Heather offered herself. She went to their suite to get ready. She left Sharleen with three chatty dressmakers as she looked at Heather with pleading eyes to extricate her out of this stupidity.

Sharleen was eventually left alone after two hours. She was thinking about changing into riding outfit and she could ride out to join the group, when the phone rang. It was two pm.

Sharleen jumped out of her skin as she heard her father’s voice, “Shari darling, I managed to catch earlier flight. I finished the meeting early. What are you up to?”

“Daddy, it is such a lucky coincidence. I was left behind, to be tortured, by the dressmakers. Are you coming straight home?”

“Shari, if you have something urgent or even unimportant to do in city you could pick me up at airport on your way back at seven. I am in the airport hotel hopefully will be in our usual suite,” Benjamin emphasised theatrically on his flight arriving at seven.

Sharleen understood her father’s intentions in a second. She felt elated and excited as her father used subterfuge to get her alone, “Daddy, I will be there in half an hour. Oh! I will be seeing a friend in city before I come to pick you up at seven.”

Her father laughed at his daughter’s blatant ploy and said, “Ring me when close to hotel.”

Sharleen kept the phone down hurriedly, and rang Ricardo to get one of the drivers to bring a car around. The Kaybee enterprise owned half the hotel. They kept the whole floor with eight suites for themselves to travel back and forth. Since the tragedy the family did not drove back in night from airport.

Soon Sharleen was mentally urging the driver to hurry trying to appear calm and composed in the back seat of plush navy blue Mercedes. She rang her father when half a mile away.

“Shari I am in suite 501 on our floor [that being the fifth floor].”

She asked driver to park the car and make himself comfortable.

The reception was deserted except a good-looking trainee manager in her twenties. Shari took the lift and was in front of suite 501 her heart thumping madly, she could feel her pussy twitching. She barley had finished a soft knock on the door her father opened the door and pulled her in.

Sharleen was soon crushed in the arms of her father dressed only in his boxers. Sharleen could smell the masculine smell and he weakening fragrance of his cologne. Benjamin kissed his daughter with passion of a lover who had not seen his beloved for years. Sharleen kissed her father back and both pushed their tongues inside one another’s mouth to lick, caress the gums, teeth and share saliva.

Benjamin’ hands were unbuttoning his daughter’s shirt. He pushed her bra up once her shirt was open and covered her marvellous large sloping full breasts with his hands making his daughter gasp.

Sharleen hooked her fingers in the waistband of her father’s boxers and pulled them down until they fluttered around his ankles. Sharleen held her father’s half hard monster in her both tiny hands and rubbed one hand over the inhumanly thick shaft with awe and affection.

Benjamin pulled his daughter’s shirt off and unclasped the bra; soon both were lying on the carpet.

“Daddy, please fuck me. I have been going mad thinking about your cock since you have gone,” Sharleen whimpered.

He opened her trousers and pulled them down with her panties. Sharleen helped her father, by lifting one leg after another, to get her trousers off her equally full and beautiful legs.

Benjamin lifted his daughter by grabbing her ample voluptuous ass and put her canlı bahis on the sofa facing the backrest.

Sharleen put her arms on the top of the backrest and pushed her ass back. Her father put his massive cock head at the entrance of his daughter’s dripping cunt and pushed it steadily. Each inch of Benjamin’s monster cock elicited a gasp from his daughter, until fully buried inside her tight, soft cunt.

“Daddy, aaahhh. Your cock is again inside my pussy. OOHHHH….so beeeg. Please fuck me.”

Benjamin pulled his cock out until only his apple sized cock head was buried inside. He shoved his cock back in one robust lunge filling and stretching his daughter’s cunt. Sharleen bit on her lip but even then a muffled scream escaped. Sharleen whimpered as her father’s monster cock started to leave her cunt once again. Sharleen felt her cunt empty and moaned which was converted to snorty grunt as her father like before pistoned his gargantuan cock like freight engine. Benjamin commenced to fuck his daughter with ever increasing forceful thrusts. Sharleen felt her body convulse as her father thrust his monstrosity in for the thirtieth stroke. She exploded in a nearly painful orgasm. She screwed her eyes tight shut to cope with the force of her climax.

“Daddeeee I AM CUUMMINGG. AAHH..uurggh. FUUCCKK MEEEE.,” wailed Sharleen.

Benjamin now leaned over her body and grabbed his daughter’s shaking full large breasts in his huge hands and squeezed them rhythmically as he kept his pistoning giant cock shuttling in and out of his daughter’s cunt.

Sharleen moaned incessantly as her orgasm tore through her body realising fully well her father would make her cum many times in the next three hours they have together.

Benjamin plowed his huge cock in his daughter’s pliant but tight cunt remorselessly as she recovered from her orgasm.

“Daddy, you cock feels so good inside my cunt. Daddy please fuck me with your huge cock,” Sharleen pleaded unnecessarily as her father fucked her with savage force and pace. Her father’s each hilting thrust slapped Sharleen’s soft bottom loudly.

Sharleen felt her breasts would be ripped apart by her father’s strong hands. She wanted that and more. Her father was going to give her just that as his hips swung at an amazing pace pulling and thrusting his monstrously thick and long cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy juices filled cunt.

Sharleen was fucked non-stop with unabated savagery by her father for the next one hour making her cum five times. As Sharleen was struggling with her fifth climax her father chose to explode inside her cunt in big thick spurts of hot viscid semen. Sharleen dropped her head on her arms as she felt her muscled weaken with the excesses of her orgasms.

Benjamin lifted his daughter with his hands under her thighs still impaled on his cock and moved towards the bed. He fell on the bed with his daughter underneath him knocking all the wind out of Sharleen’s lungs. Benjamin was lying on top of Sharleen who was on her belly fully flat.

Benjamin started to fuck his daughter making her moan louder with each thrust. In this position Sharleen’s cunt was even tighter and she felt her father’s inhuman girth scraping her vaginal walls with each thrust.

Sharleen moaned passively as her father fucked her using his strong muscles of his hips and back while she was crushed under his massive frame. Sharleen loved the weight of her father on top her. Benjamin was grunting as he upped the pace of his bone jarring thrusts. Sharleen moaned, ‘UUNNNGG, daddy, so good. Fuck me. Your cock is so fat and thick. It hurts but is so good. Daddeee FFUU..CCKKKKK.”

Benjamin always did what his beautiful daughter wished. Sharleen was screaming her climax within ten minutes, as she would do repeatedly over the next hour. Sharleen was totally exhausted as her father continued to fuck her orgasm torn body well into thirds hour.

Benjamin wanted to see his daughter’s beautiful face when he came inside her. Benjamin pulled out his cock making his daughter yelp as she felt her cunt snap empty. Sharleen allowed her father to roll her on her back. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and slammed his cum coated rampant monster penis in one brutal thrust back inside his daughter’s cum and pussy juice filled cunt.

If Sharleen felt her father’s fucking was savage so far she was in for a surprise. Benjamin used his angled body to hammer his monster cock at lightening speed-taking Sharleen by surprise and she screamed at her father’s first entry. Benjamin kept the fucking going as his daughter’s grunted, huffed and screamed with pain mixed pleasure as her father’s giant cock slammed against her tender cervix and deepest depth of her vagina pushing the walls beyond human limit. Sharleen thought her continuous orgasm would kill her. She wrapped her arms around her father’s neck. She looked at his handsome face now a picture of concentration, with her glazed eyes.

Sharleen was entranced with kaçak iddaa her father’s partly open mouth, as he grunted and his handsome nostrils flared with each thrust. Sharleen opened her mouth and took her father’s handsome nose inside her mouth to help her muffle her screams.

Sharleen licked her father’s nostrils and pushed her tongue inside each nostril and fucked then with her tongue at pace with her own fucking. The room was awash with the thick aroma of torrid sex. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh compounded by the muffled moans of an orgasm torn daughter and grunting father filled the room. Sharleen suddenly shrieked as if in pain and her arms fell away limply and her mouth remained opened, her saliva trickling along the corners. The last peak of her orgasm left her gasping and her father pushed her even deeper as he bulldozed his gargantuan cock and exploded like a broken hosepipe deep inside her cunt in huge hot spurts that kept on coming unabated for many minutes. Benjamin kissed his daughter’s face languidly as he slumped over her after over three hours of powerful fucking.

They took another half an hour before either could say anything.

“Daddy, you can kill me with your fucking.”

“Shush, honey. Your mother has not done too badly and she had been fucked and buggered thousands of times.”

“How can mum take you monster in her ass. It would tear her tiny ass,” Sharleen kissed her father’s nose.

“Shari sweetie, she can and has. We should try it some time.”

Sharleen’s eyes widened as her father expressed his desire to fuck her tiny ass with his monster cock. She shook her head, “Daddy, you will tear my ass asunder with your elephantine cock.”

Benjamin laughed, “Don’t worry, and forget about it for now. We need to get ready quickly.”

Sharleen and Benjamin took shower. Benjamin carefully showered his daughter to keep her hair dry, even though the shower cap was on covering them.

Both dressed and kissed with deep love and passion.

They arrived about an hour later than expected. The majority of household was too busy doing nothing and they were back with no awkward questions awaiting them.

Benjamin went into his suite to change into something informal.

Sharleen was stopped by a gaggle of teenage girls who were keen to discuss their distant cousins buys they fancied.

Evening merged into night and the household slowly fell into sleep.

Kathleen welcomed her husband as he found her sitting on the toilet naked before getting ready for bed. He pushed his giant flaccid cock inside her mouth and waited for her to finish evacuating her rectum. By the time Kathleen was finished her husband was ready with monstrous erection to ravish her soiled ass. Kathleen moaned through the two hours of ass fucking before both fell into each other’s arms to sleep.

Heather and Sharleen were naked in bed kissing and playing languidly with each other’s breasts as Nasim insisted on full graphic details of Sharleen’s tryst with her father. Heather’s fingers soon found her sister’s pussy.

“Heather, my cunt is quite sore.”

However, the soreness did not stop Sharleen to enjoy sharing a prolonged cunt licking with her sister.


In ‘Shelter’, night had brought Melissa together with her father and brother.

Melissa was moaning with her face buried in the neck of her brother as his monster cock was fucking her cunt, at the same time her father rode her ass with his pistoning giant cock. Two men had been fucking her for the last three hours changing the holes every now and then.

Melissa had cum incalculable times and her body was flagging. Soon her men exploded together for the third time.

They all fell in loving heap of arms, legs, breasts and soiled cocks. Melissa closed her eyes realising that her two insatiable men were far from satisfied and soon would like to have another round of marathon fucking.

Chapter 9 Twenty-two days to Wedding.

The next day rushed by and Sharleen and Heather were thrown together to keep Sharleen in check and cooperate with various what she would think ‘silly things’. Kathleen was finding it harder to find right time and spot to ensure her father was not starved of sex and her body. Sharleen was feeling frustrated as another day slipped by with out any chance of having sex with her father.

Benjamin and Sharleen looked at each other longingly but the opportunities were hard to come by.

Sharleen and Heather were getting ready and Nasim once again sympathised with Sharleen that how hard it would be to be so close to her father and not have sex.

“Shari, if I had courage like yours and convinced dad to have sex with me I would be brazen and have sex with him every night and morning before he came out of the bathroom,” Heather kissed his sister with affection, “Shari, should I not move elsewhere at least then uncle Ben could visit you?”

Sharleen would have none of it but suddenly she knew what she should kaçak bahis have done by now if she was not wrapped up in her own selfish needs.

Sharleen kissed his sister with her mouth full of toothpaste foam, “Heather, you really think I have done the right thing by having sex with my father.”

“Shari, the love you share with him is not comparable to any other you will share with anyone. The fact you can express it physically is divine. I envy you, Shari.”

“Heather, what has held you back? Uncle Nat and you are as close as I am to my dad.”

“Shari, I was stupid in my teens and instead of looking after my father I was expressing my frustration of the bad cards dealt to me and my family by a mindless and self-destructive rebellion.”

“Heather, is it too late? Look, the despair that I may never be this close to my father made me courageous as you call it. For years I was torturing myself but could not feel brave enough to tell him. Do you think that you too need to, at least, tell uncle Nat that his beautiful daughter is in love with him?”

“Shari, you are right but my cowardice or hesitation has become cemented in my mind.” Heather said wistfully.

“Heather, I will not let this continue,” Sharleen held her sister in her arms and kissed her, “Tell me, if my dad wanted to make love to you, would you like that?”

“Shareee!! Really! You should not say things like that. You have only few days and those too are running out. I will not come in the way of you and uncle Ben,” Heather kissed her loving cousin sister who was happy to share her father with her, “Moreover, I would be so embarrassed to approach uncle Ben.”

” Heather, I want to share my father with you. I know he loves you as much as he loves me, no different from uncle Nat’s love for me. If you and my dad have sex you may feel more determined to approach uncle Nat.”

Heather blushed and was speechless.

“Heather what if my dad came to you and made love to you without you having to approach him?”

Heather was now burning with passion. She could see that some social taboo and walls needed to be demolished by her, to set herself free. Uncle Ben was almost like her father.

“Would he actually?” Sharleen was encouraged by Heather’s positive question.

“Heather, then it is decided if my dad agrees and comes to you all you would do is let him take the lead.”

Heather nodded weakly as she wanted to feel what Sharleen had experienced.

Sharleen all day tried to contact her father’s office. Pa Ken had again taken another set of kids out riding with Heather helping him again.

He rang back at about two pm. They both felt their hearts racing as Sharleen asked her father, “Dad, when are you likely to be free? Heather is away riding. I have my suite to myself.”

“I will be there in half an hour. I will park my car in woodland and get it back later.” the urgency in his voice excited Sharleen.

She took her clothes off and put on a cotton bathrobe. Her father rushed in exactly forty minutes. Sharleen jumped up like a child and soon was in her father’s arms.

No words were shared and necessary. Benjamin took the bathrobe off his daughter and laid her on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. He quickly shucked his city clothes off. Sharleen felt a familiar dry feeling and catch in her throat as she saw her father’s giant monster rock hard jutting a mile out his thick curly pubic growth.

Benjamin bent down and smelled the rich pungent-sweet aroma emanating from his daughter’s cunt. He kissed her cunt and licked it with his tongue leaving her clitoris alone. Benjamin did not want his daughter to cum before he had buried his cock inside her cunt. Sharleen whispered, “Daddy, I want your cock inside my cunt, please.”

Benjamin moved between his daughter’s splayed thighs.

As he adjusted his massive cock head at incongruously small cunt entrance, Sharleen said, “Daddy I need to discuss something really important with you. I need my daddy to do something for me.”

Benjamin stopped and looked at his daughter, this had to be important.

Sharleen hurried, “No dad, later. Please make me cum and cum inside my cunt at least once then I will tell you what I want.”

Benjamin used the leverage of his standing position to good effect. He pushed his monstrosity relentlessly inside his daughter’s cunt until she was moaning and grunting with familiar pain and pleasure. Her tiny hands gripped her father’s heavily muscled arms planted on both sides of her chest. Benjamin started to fuck his daughter with long and short jabs ferociously right from the start.

Sharleen felt her cunt stretch painfully each time her father buried his giant cock to the hilt. Her father’s forceful fucking was just right to banish the frustration of the last three days. Sharleen filled the room with her stifled screams as her lusty insatiable giant father fucked her cunt mercilessly making her cum four times. Eventually after three-quarters of an hour Benjamin filled his daughter’s convulsing cunt with his thick, virile semen, which ejaculated out in big voluminous spurts.

Benjamin lay on top of his daughter. His throbbing monster cock buried to the hilt inside is daughter’s convulsing cunt.

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