Keep It in the Family Pt. 07

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Chapter 7 – My niece, Jade

After I’d been into the city with my sister to get her an Apple watch, so my son could monitor her exercise programme, we helped Elizabeth get the barn ready for breaking Jade’s heroin addiction. We’d learned a lot from the first time we’d done it, so we knew we needed restraints and waterproof mattress, for example, and a basic toilet facility which was fixed to the floor so that it couldn’t be overturned. Fortunately, the weather was still warm, but we still got warm air heaters ready, just in case, because the only way to keep Jade clean would probably be if she was naked.

We’d put out a call to all of the family to assemble on that evening, Michael, my daughters and Chrissy’s sons coming from college for the weekend, as it was a Friday, and we three women prepared a meal for us all. When everyone arrived, there was a lot of discussion about just what was going on, and I said that I’d explain everything after we’d eaten. When we’d finished eating and we’d cleared everything away, I stood up in front of everyone.

“Welcome, everyone, and an especial welcome to Elizabeth, who it turns out is my second cousin, and her husband, William. I called everyone together for three reasons. The first, and most important, is that we are going to forcibly break Jade of her heroin addiction, and we need everyone to help whenever you can.”

I explained about how Charlie had discovered Jade’s addiction, how he had been trying unsuccessfully to help, and how we were going to use Elizabeth’s experience to get her off of the drug. Everyone looked shocked when I explained what was likely to happen, that it would probably take two weeks before we could be sure we had succeeded, and that even then Jade would need a lot of help and support. There were a lot of questions, but fortunately Elizabeth was able to answer them, and everyone seemed to gain confidence from her assured replies.

“I said there were three things I needed to tell you, and the second one also involves Elizabeth. She has explained to me that the Lewis family, which we are all part of, has practiced incest for many generations, but that Chrissy and my parents tried to break this. They never told us anything about it, and the rest of the family cut them off, which is why we don’t know most of our family, as Tony’s work on our family tree has shown. As it turns out, though, genetics has proved more powerful than your grandparents, and we have discovered the delights of incest for ourselves.

“Charlie tells me that my brother, Brian, and his family will be returning to run the headquarters of the company when it relocates back to the city, so that he will need to travel less. I love the fact that I’ve now fucked every one of you in this room, and I hope that Brian’s family will join us. But more than that, I want to become the dirtiest slut of the entire family, so I want your support for us to join back in to the family. This will surely mean you fucking and being fucked by many more family members, including, I hope, your grandparents and great grandparents. Please can I have a show of hands if you agree.”

To my delight, everyone put their hands up, and there were many comments to the effect that everyone was looking forward to expanding the range of family members they could have sex with.

“Thank you, so much, and before Charlie rings to tell me I need to help collect Jade, I suggest we all celebrate with a massive incestuous family fuck session.”

Obviously everyone thought that was a good idea as well, because they all started to undress, and I pulled my own dress over my head, leaving me naked in front of my sons, daughters, nephews, sister and cousin – and her husband, of course.

“But first, I’d like to say an especial thank you to my elder son, Michael, who blackmailed me into letting him fuck me, which was the trigger which made me aware of my underlying character, and started me spreading it.”

“No, thank you, Mom,” Michael said, standing up and walking towards me. “We’re the ones who are in your debt from the way you immediately embraced incest.”

His cock, like those of all the other men I noticed, was stiff, gently pulsing up and down with his heartbeat. I thought he was just going to hug me, but as he reached me, he put his arms around my butt, and simply lifted me off of the floor. I flung my arms around his neck to steady myself, and tried to wrap my legs around him, amazed at just how strong he had become. He lowered me slightly, and I suddenly worked out what he was intending.

I knew my pussy had become wet just seeing and talking to all of the family about incest, then letting them see my naked body as they also stripped. I felt my son’s cock slide over my slippery labia, and I risked letting go with one arm, and I reached down and guided his throbbing shaft into my cunt. He pushed deep into my vagina as I put my arms back around his neck.

“As you can see, my Mom truly has become a total slut, and I love Escort bayan her, and hope you all do too. Please, enjoy the fantastic sight of a mother with her son’s cock in her cunt, and her asshole exposed. Still, I think that hole needs another family cock in it, don’t you? Who wants to claim my Mom’s butt?” Michael proclaimed, walking me around so that they could all take a good look at my private parts.

Shit, I suddenly felt embarrassed and exposed. Yes, everyone of the family in the room had seen me naked, and had had sex with me, but it felt different being in front of all of them together, not just with my son up inside me, but because as he had said, I could feel my butt cheeks being pulled apart as he held me up, so I knew my the ring of my asshole would be stretched and visible. I’d noticed Jude and Jason feeling up Chloe and Lucy, so I didn’t expect either or them to claim me, but I was thinking that Tony would, not least because my two sons had double fucked me before. But it wasn’t him that claimed me.

“I claim Susan’s asshole. I’ve fucked her cunt, but she turned me down a couple of days ago. And I’m sure all of you would love to see her with a black cock shoved in her butthole, wouldn’t you?”

Of course, they all cheered.

“Well, Mom, you did say you wanted to be the biggest slut in the family, didn’t you?” one of my treacherous daughters yelled.

“Well, get me some fucking lube then, girls, and let me show you how your slutty mother takes her cousin’s black husband in her ass, while her son fucks her cunt.”

One of my twin girls managed to let go of whichever it was of my sister’s twin sons for long enough to dart into the bedroom and get the bottle of lube. Michael, meanwhile, had started lifting me gently up and down so his cock pumped in and out of me, and William was massaging my tits. I saw Chloe or Lucy come back with the lube, and I felt a cold shock as she squirted some on my asshole, and then some ran down my leg.

“He looks even bigger than Michael, Mom. I’d better make sure you can stretch far enough to take him.”

Fuck, my daughter didn’t just push one finger up me, or even two, but rammed all of them into me, pulling my anus wide open.

“God, Mom, what a tight asshole you’ve got. Push down while I hold it open, and give everyone a lovely rosebud to look at. Wow, Mom, that’s gorgeous …”

I think she might have been going to say more, but I suppose the sight of my open anus was more than William could bear. He pushed her aside, and rammed his massive black cock up it.

“”Aagghh!” I yelled, as even with my asshole already stretched open, I got a flash of pain as a black cock rammed into it for the first time.

Now I was totally at the mercy of Michael and William, who were sandwiching me, and between them they could easily lift me up and down. First they lifted me until both of their cocks were barely in either hole, then they let me drop so that my holes were taking my full weight on them, and their cocks were as deep inside me as it was possible to get, their balls touching.

“God, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Stretch my cunt and my asshole. I’m the family slut for you to use however you want.”

They didn’t really need any encouragement, as they pumped me up and down on their cocks as they themselves stood still. I felt as if my belly was going to burst open as it was invaded repeatedly by their thick, hard shafts. My tits were banging up and down with every stroke, though sometimes William would grab one and pinch my nipple, adding to the delightful pleasure surging through me. I could hear and see everyone else fucking as well, but with my head going up and down so much, I just closed my eyes and let the pleasure roll over me.

“You’re a fucking whore, Mom, taking a black cock up your ass, while your son fucks your cunt. What do you want us to do?”

“I want you to keep fucking my holes as hard as you can, I want to feel your spunk in my vagina and in my anus, and then I want everyone else to see it dripping out of me,” I managed to groan, as my climax roared towards me, and I had even less control of my body than before.

“I can feel your cum dripping on my feet, you gorgeous, dirty bitch,” William whispered in my ear, leaving him in no doubt that I was going to come any second.

Then the two of them came almost together, the twitching of William’s cock in my asshole telling me that his spunk was filling my bowels coming just before I felt Michael’s sperm filling my cunt. The sensations and the knowledge that I was now filled with two loads of semen overwhelmed me, and I came straight away. I had to grab on to my son’s neck to stop myself falling, as my body lost all control, and I could feel both William and Michael’s legs shaking as they emptied themselves into me.

“FUCK!” I yelled out, adding my voice to many others in the room, as it seemed that everyone was coming more or less at the same time, and I absolutely loved it.

As Bayan escort the three of us regained control of our bodies, I expected Michael and William to drop me down to the floor as their cocks slipped out of my holes, but they didn’t. Instead, they changed their grip on me, so that they were side-by-side, each supporting me with an arm around my back and under one of my legs.

“Come on everyone! Finger fuck and suck out my slut-cunt of a mother,” Michael called out, getting everyone’s attention.

I looked around the room and saw Tony looking over, his cock limp, and ropes of his spunk across my sister and Elizabeth’s faces. My daughters were cleaning off their twin cousin’s cocks, and gently fingering their cunts, which were leaking sperm in glutinous strands down on to the floor.

God, I was loving it. It was a shame that Charlie, my husband, was missing, but seeing the aftermath of all of my close family fucking was wonderful. I was a cunt. A son-fucking, daughter-fucking, sister fucking cunt. I was just the family fuck toy.

“Come on, everyone, don’t just look, come and finger my holes and lick off my son and cousin-in-law’s spunk out of me, or suck it out with your mouths. I want to feel all of your mouths on my pussy and butt, and my tit’s need some attention as well.”

Even as I said this, I knew that I was totally out of control. I just wanted all of my family to touch and explore all those sexual parts of my body that I ought to be keeping covered and private, mostly totally illegal, and not just to do it, but to watch each other doing it, amplifying their excitement as they watched their mother, sister, cousin, aunt’s body being abused and invaded by all of them.

To my delight my two daughters got to me first, kneeling down next to each other between my legs, and fighting with their heads so that one could suck the spunk out of my cunt, and the other out my asshole. Then they kissed each other, letting me and everyone else watch as they swapped their brother and cousin’s husband’s sperm between their mouths. Then they came to stand either side of me, and they fingered themselves, pulling their cousin’s semen from their own holes, and making me suck it off of their fingers.

Finally, they sucked Michael’s and William’s cocks, drinking down their spunk and my cum. When they moved out of the way, my two nephews took their places, and I cleaned their cocks off which where shiny with my daughters’ cum as well as their own spunk. While I was doing that, my sister Chrissy, and my cousin Elizabeth started working again on my cunt and asshole, aiming to get the remaining sperm out of me and into their mouths.

“Yes, suck me out, Sis.” I asked, as Chrissy knelt between my legs and started working on my pussy and ass with her tongue and with more energy and intent than any of the others.

“Let me suck one of your gorgeous tits, Elizabeth,” I begged, as I could feel myself starting to head to another climax as my sister worked hard on my clit.

Elizabeth managed to push against her husband, who was still holding me up with my son while my sister was eating me out, and she managed to stretch on of her tits over to my mouth. I locked my mouth on it, sucking hard, pulling her nipple deep into my mouth, and I felt someone start playing with my own tits from the other side, digging their fingers into my spongy flesh, and pulling hard on my nipples, sending brilliant spears of pain through them.

“Make the fucking whore come again, Mom,” I heard one of my nephews say, and I felt the pace of my sisters licking up and down my wet slit get faster and harder.

I was losing control again, as I knew that everyone was watching me getting fucked by my sister, while I sucked my cousin’s breast, and goodness knows who was playing with my tits.

As I came, I felt myself squirt a bit, sending cum and pee into my sister’s mouth, and without realising it I bit hard on Elizabeth’s nipple, making her squeal out loud. I was shaking and rocking around so much that Michael and William almost dropped me, but they managed to let me down on to my feel a bit more gracefully. As I stood up, I saw my sister standing up in front of me, her mouth bulging, and a wicked smile on her face. I knew what she was intending, and as she pulled me towards her, I opened my mouth and kissed her, feeling a flood of my cum, my pee, my sister’s saliva and a mixture of my son’s and William’s spunk fill my mouth. I hugged Chrissy to me, and we swallowed down the gooey mixture, turning it into a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Susan,” she said, laughing, “but just remember I’m your twin sister, so I could be as big a slut as you.”

I think everyone was getting ready for another round of fucking, and certainly all of the men were stiff again, but then my phone rang. It was Charlie, letting us know that he’d managed to give Jade the sleeping drug that Elizabeth had provided, and we could now go and get her. Ah well, Escort two loads in me and two climaxes wasn’t too bad, though I had been ready for a lot more. Elizabeth and I picked up our dresses while everyone else got to it again, my two daughters fighting to have William’s black cock in their cunts, and after cleaning ourselves up a bit, and dressing in nurses uniforms, complete with undies, we set out to collect my sister’s drug addict daughter.

Elizabeth had managed to get the loan of a private ambulance, just in case anyone saw us bundling Jade into a car, which also explained our nurses outfits, and we wheeled Jade out strapped to a gurney. With Charlie following in his car, we drove back home. When we got there, we transferred Jade to the barn, stripped her naked, and shackled her to the bed. This might seem brutal, and we certainly didn’t have her permission so it was certainly illegal, but we’d have had to shackle her even if she’d agreed, because the pain and possibly the hallucinations she was going to experience would otherwise mean she might harm herself, or indeed us.

I hadn’t seen Jade for a few years, but I was shocked by her gaunt features, and how thin she was, each one of her ribs easily visible, and of course, her arms and feet had tracks from where she had injected herself. Her tits also looked as if someone had tried to suck the filling out of them, and her shaved cunt looked well used, unless it was just my imagination. Certainly, I could see a little trickle of spunk leaking out, which told me that Charlie had fucked her before knocking her out. I wasn’t surprised, but I was just a bit hurt and confused that my husband had chosen to fuck her when he could have had me, and he might have been the one to unlock my depravity, rather than my sons.

Elizabeth and I took the first shift of monitoring her, which was going to be a task for the women. It was one thing for the boys to see their sister or cousin naked in a sexual context, but she was likely to lose control of her bodily functions, and behave like the stereotypical lunatic, so we didn’t want her to suffer the degradation of having them see her like that. The exception, of course, was Tony. The nerd in him wanted to see what went on, the way he wanted to watch everything me and Chrissy did, but he was already monitoring her weight and fitness, after he’d persuaded Elizabeth that it would be a good idea for him to capture Jade’s heart rate, blood pressure, fluid intake etc. on the computer.

It was all quiet, until she woke up and realised that she had been drugged, which didn’t please her. Telling her we were going to release her from her addiction didn’t seem to help, but just made her beg us to give her a fix. We did, but only a significantly lower dose than she would normally have had. That was the trick: to cut down the dose fast enough to get her free in a reasonable time, which we’d set as two weeks, but to give her enough to avoid the most extreme withdrawal symptoms. It wasn’t pleasant, I can tell you. She ranted and raved at us, trying to break free as she started to get the first symptoms of withdrawal, and especially the shivers and goose bump skin which gave rise to the description of ‘going cold turkey’. By the time morning came, and the handover to Chrissy, I was exhausted. I felt sorry for Elizabeth who had to be on standby all of the time, just in case, and to give the next fix, and I headed off to my bedroom to catch up on my sleep.

As I got to the bedroom door, I heard voices inside.

“Wake up Daddy. Time to get up.”

This was followed by a lot of giggling. It was my daughters, and it seemed that Charlie’s yearning to fuck them was going to come to an end.

“Oh, Daddy, when I said it was time to get up, that wasn’t what I meant…”

“… but does it mean you are pleased to see your little girls, Daddy?”

I slowly peered around the edge of the door, and I should think he would be pleased to see them. They had short, loose nightdresses on, and as they bent over him, he must have been getting gorgeous flashes of their firm tits and their lovely pink nipples. With one of them straddled over him, he probably could see her pussy a bit, and certainly feel it pressing against him. The other one of the girls spotted me, but I held my finger up to my lips to tell her not to say anything. This promised to be fun, so I pulled off my panties, and slid my finger into my cunt, feeling it moisten with my cum, and prepared to watch.

“Well, I am always pleased to see you, girls…”

“That’s good, Daddy,” the one knelt next to him said, bending over to kiss him on his mouth, and given that I could see her tits clearly from where I was, their father’s view must have been spectacular.

“… but don’t you have any better nightdresses? Those are a bit … um … revealing.”

“Ooh, naughty Daddy. You’ve been looking down my top haven’t you?” the one straddling him said, now also bending towards him, deliberately exposing her tits as the nightdress hung down at the front.

“Anyway, Daddy, let’s see what you wear in bed,” she said, moving off him and pulling back the bed clothes.

“Ooh, what a big cock you have, Daddy. Look Lucy, Daddy doesn’t wear anything at all in bed.”

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