Keeping it in the Family Ch. 04

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“Why don’t you girls take your bags up to your rooms.” Said mom to the twins.

“Martin can you give me a hand with my bags?” Lauren asked batting her eyelids at me before Beth got the chance to ask me.

“I suppose so.” I answered but she was already half way up the stairs wiggling her ass at me as I picked her bags up.

By the time I got her bags up to her room Lauren had already taken her boots off and was standing there with her hands on her hips.

“Just put them next to the bed sweetie.” She said playing with her hair.

As I got to the bed and dropped her bags on the floor she gave me a little push knocking me onto the bed. When I turned around Lauren jumped on top of me and straddled my stomach with a wicked grin on her face.

“Now let’s finish our kiss in private.” Lauren said not giving me a chance to say anything.

Lauren nibbled on my ear lobe as she stretched out on top of me before she planted her lips on mine licking my lips with her tongue. As I opened my mouth Lauren slipped her tongue deep inside. Our tongues danced a wicked dance as I wrapped my arms around her no longer in control of myself. I wanted her bad, and my stiffening cock wanted her bad too. Lauren got off the bed and closed the bedroom door and as she turned around to face me she pulled her t-shirt over her head. As she did her big tits bounced back on her chest as the white lace bra that I thought she didn’t have on strained to contain them. Dropping her so called skirt to the floor she was now down to just her bra and panties.

“Well big boy let’s see what is trying to get out your pants?” Lauren squealed as she began to pull my joggers down around my ankles and then completely off and dropped them on the floor next to her own clothes.

My cock was now fully hard and ready to fill this hot little sluts willing pussy. As she tugged my boxers down my hardened dick sprang out and pointed towards the ceiling.

“Oh my.” She gasped with her hand over her mouth as if she had never seen anything like it before.

Then a smile cracked across her face from ear to ear and she gave my cock an inspection with her fingertips. Lightly stroking the underside of my cock with her fingernails she lay down beside me on the bed.

“You have a beautiful cock Martin.” She said licking her lips.

Wrapping her fingers around my cock and giving it a jerk down to completely leave the head of my now throbbing cock exposed to her gaze. She bent her head and licked the tip of my dick as she turned her body and straddled my head. I could smell her sex thick in my nostrils as I pulled her lace panties to one side and gazed upon her hairless cunt. I licked her bald pussy which began to part and dribble her nectar onto my tongue. Tasting her sweet juices on my lips I pushed my tongue deeper into her love tunnel and started to flick my tongue as deep inside her cunt as I could.

“Oh god yesses!” I moaned as she began to lick around the head of my throbbing hard on and take it deep into to her hot wet mouth.

She began to hum around my cock which made me moan out in pleasure as I ran my finger over her clit and sent shivers up her spine. As Lauren ran her tongue down my full length I could feel something hard against my cock.

“I see you like my tongue stud.” She said as she took my cock from her mouth briefly.

As her hand wrapped around the base of my cock she took my pulsing prick back into her mouth. She began to jerk my cock back and forward while sucking on the head as it started to swell in her mouth to twice its size. My face was now buried in her soaking cunt as I tongued fucked her tight little twat while rubbing her clit with my fingers of one hand. My other hand was now running up between her ass cheeks, rubbing her cunt juice all over her little rosebud before sliding a finger into her tight asshole.

Lauren bucked against my mouth as she felt one finger then two go in her ass. As Lauren sucked my cock in her mouth she began deep throating me while gently squeezing my balls as I fucked her ass with two fingers and ate her pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned into her pussy.

She only stopped sucking my cock to take my balls one by one into her mouth.

“Fuck yes, suck my fucking balls!” I cried out as she kept stroking my cock.

“Oh god, I’m gonna fucking cum!” I said as I moaned into her pussy again.

She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked harder as I began splashing her throat with my cum and as she swallowed every last drop it Lauren felt herself go over the edge and flood me with her love juices. My manipulations on her asshole and cunt had her squirting her nectar over my face and in my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m cummmminnnnngggggg! Oh fuck yessssss! You got me you fucking horny bastard!” She yelled as she convulsed on top of me.

Her pussy spasming around my tongue as her asshole almost cut off the circulation on my fingers such was the force of her orgasm. Her body went limp on top of me and I rolled Escort bayan her off me and onto the bed. Lauren had passed out. A few minutes later she came around covered in sweat and feeling very light headed and asked how long she had been out for.

“A couple of minutes.” I answered.

“That was amazing, I have never come so hard before” She said as she grinned all over her face.

All of a sudden we felt we weren’t alone in the room and as we looked at the bedroom door there stood Beth her twin sister.

“Well looks like we are going to have a Christmas that we will never forget.” Beth said as Lauren just turned around and smiled.

I just lay there, lifted my hand and crooked a finger at the onlooker to beacon her over to the bed. Beth was standing at the bedroom door with her mouth wide open as she watched me fuck her sister Lauren. It was then that I noticed that my mom was sitting on the chair in the far corner. She had been watching me with Lauren while she fingered her own pussy.

Mom then moved towards the bed and started to strip off what clothes she still had on and got on the bed with Lauren and me. Beth wasn’t far behind her stripping off her clothes too. While we were all frolicking on the bed no one had noticed that there was someone else now standing at the bedroom door. In fact there were two people standing there, my Aunt Julie cuddling into my sister Katy who had arrived just after I came up the stairs with Lauren’s bags.

She stared in disbelief at the site before her not believing it was actually happening. Here were her brother, mom and her twin cousins Beth and Lauren naked on the bed with hands and mouths on or in every orifice on offer. Seeing her mom and her brother naked there on the bed as they kissed and fondled not only each other but Lauren and Beth too was making not only my sister’s pussy wet but also my Aunt Julie’s pussy wet as well.

With both girls sucking on my balls and cock while I played with their boobs I slid a hand down from Lauren’s boobs to the waist band of panties and slipped one hand inside them running my fingers over her pussy lips and pinching her clit. Lauren then reached over and put her hand on my mom’s ass feeling the soft skin in the palm of her hand. Beth moaned out as she felt her hand rub over her well-formed ass as she moved over the bed next to my mom and laid a hand on her my mom’s bare back before running it down her spine and on to her ass.

“Mmmm yes that feels so nice.” My mom moaned out as her girls fondled her body.

As I now looked over to the bedroom door my Aunt Julie had my sister Katy up against the side of the door with her top up sucking on her lovely big tits.

“O M G.” Katy screamed out as our Aunt Julie got down on her knees and pulled Katy’s skirt down her legs and off her before doing the same to her panties.

The rest of us looked up to see Katy squirt all over Julie’s face leaving her covered in girl juice as Katy then about turned and made her way down the hall to mom’s bedroom and shut her door behind her. After cumming all over Julies face Katy had gone to mom’s bedroom and used her bathroom to clean up. Now she was back at the bedroom door watching her family on the bed playing with each other. Katy moved closer to the bed to get a better view of the action and soon felt a hand playing with her bare boobs and another hand down her panties. It wasn’t long before Katy had taken her panties off and joined the five other members of her family on the bed before her.

As her brother Martin and the twins went back to kissing and touching each other Katy joined her mom and her Aunt Julie on the other side of the bed. She started by kissing her mom on the lips and slipping her tongue into her mom’s mouth. Lauren decided to join them as she kissed her mom while running her hands over her mom’s boobs. Beth then got behind Lauren and fingered her sister’s pussy as she put two fingers deep inside of Lauren and taking hold of Katy’s right tit and sucked on it.

“Oh yes Beth that’s it, tweak my nipple harder, harder!” Katy cried out as she began to feel her juices run down the inside of her thighs.

Katy moaned even louder as she spotted her brothers big cock sitting right up in the air. Wasting no time Katy climbed over the twins and both mom’s to straddle my cock and buried it deep inside of her warm wet pussy. As Katy cried out her asshole was invaded by her aunt’s tongue as her hands massaged her sweet ass cheeks. Katy was now lost in the orgy of flesh that was her family and was now enjoying every moment of it.

Mom was now devouring Julie’s pussy with her tongue as her fingers played with Julie’s clit as Julie now sat across mom’s upper thighs. With their pussy’s almost touching Julie sucked on her nieces right tit while pulling and tweaking on her left nipple. Beth now had Martin’s face buried in her pussy as Katy had his cock to the hilt inside her dripping pussy. As they all grunted, moaned and the slapping of flesh on Bayan escort flesh filled the room as they brought each other nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Sarah was pulled a double headed dildo out from under the pillows of Katy’s bed having put it there earlier that morning and started rubbing her soaking pussy over one head of it. As she rubbed the other end of it over her sister’s sopping cunt she pushed the rubber end inch by inch into Julie until it was buried as deep as it would go. Sarah then inserted the other end into her own pussy until she could feel the double headed dildo filling her to the brim. My mom Sarah began to rock back and forward on top of the dildo as it slid in and out of her sopping twat.

Julie was the first one to cum as she ground her pussy on the other end of the rubber dick. My mom had two fingers deep in her sister’s pussy fucking her with them a she sucked, nibbled and bit on her sister’s clit. When Julie came she squirted all over her sister Sarah’s face, up her nose and of course in her mouth as she screamed and convulsed on top of her sister. Beth was next to cum as Martin fingered her dripping pussy as he sucked in her clit.

Beth rode his face as she spasmed of control on top of him as her sister Lauren rubbed her big boobs in Beth’s face. Beth bit down hard on the big nipple that was in her mouth as Martin shot his load deep inside Lauren. As the twins and Martin lay there on the bed with Martin still inside Lauren as they then watched mom’s as Sarah fucked Julie with her strap on. Julie screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body as her pussy gushed her love juice all over the rubber cock and over Sarah’s thighs.

We all lay there for what seemed like an hour but which was only a few minutes before any of one could move. By now it was almost 6pm and we all cleaned ourselves up in the shower. Sarah and Julie going first washing each other and then the twins Beth and Lauren went into the shower as Sarah and Julie dried each other off then got dressed and went downstairs. That left brother and sister Martin and Katy together on the bed. Katy got up onto the bed beside Martin

“How long have you all been fucking each other?” Katy asked as she fondled her brother’s soft cock.

“Well mom and I had been for a couple of months until Aunt Julie caught us.” Martin answered.

“And what about the twins how long have you been fucking them?” Katy asked again.

“That’s the first time I have been with Beth and Lauren and hopefully it won’t be the last.” Martin answered her again.

“Well I hope when I am here I will be getting my fair share as well Martin.” Katy told her brother.

“I still can’t believe what has gone on here today, I have never touched another woman in that way before.” Katy said softly.

“In fact I can’t believe what I did with you and mom. It was nice having a female eating me out but it’s no substitute for a nice big cock like yours bro’.” Katy said with a huge smile on her face.

As Katy smiled she looked down at Martin’s now semi hard dick now wrapping her fingers around his cock and starting to jerk it off again.

“I want to have this inside me before I go back home after Christmas.” Katy said with a smile across her pretty face.

With that she got up from the bed pulling Martin up by his cock and they both headed for the shower with her leading him by his manhood until they were in the bathroom. Katy stepped into the shower and began to wash herself as Martin stood there taking in her beauty.

“Let me wash your back for you.” Martin said as he stepped in behind her.

He took the soap from Katy’s hand and began soaping her back moving down and onto her tight little ass. As Martin soaped her ass he slid a finger down between her ass crack until he came in contact with her puckered little asshole. He slid his finger in up to the first knuckle as he poked her asshole for her as she let out a surprised yelp at having her rear end invaded.

“Ok turn round and let me do your front now.” Martin said once he had pulled his finger from her asshole.

Martin’s cock was rock hard now again as he washed her neck then her tits. Her nipples stood out lick hard little pebbles as he ran the palms of his hands over them. Katy reached out and wrapped her hand around his now hardened prick and started to jerk him off again as he washed his way down her stomach towards her pussy.

“I want this big hard dick of yours inside me and I want it right now.” She commanded.

On hearing this Martin was only too happy to oblige her. Pushing Katy against the shower wall and raising her above his now throbbing cock Katyy slipped down on his prick as she purred like a cat that got the cream. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them behind him as she pulled Martin deep inside her pussy.

“Oh god yes, that’s what I want in me!” She groaned as he thrust his whole eight inches deep inside his sister.

As she took his whole eight inches deep Escort inside her pussy Martins hands cupped her ass cheeks and as he thrust up into her she thrust herself down and impaled herself on his wonderful dick. Her nipples dark and hard rubbed into Martin’s bare chest as she bounced up and down on his big cock “Oh yes Martin fuck me, fuck me hard, deep and fast!” She moaned out as he rammed his hard on into her depths.

“Keep fucking me like that I’m almost there!” She cried out.

“Oh yes sis me too, I’m gonna cum inside you!” He moaned out loud.

” I’m cummming, Oh god here I cum!” She screamed out as the water splashed onto her face as she pulled herself as close to her brother as she could.

“I hope you are on the pill sis?” Martin cried out just as he spurted his cum deep inside her pussy as she came over his cock.

They held each other as their orgasm hit them hard, spurt after spurt he shot into her pussy as he suckled on her nipples as Katy came down from one orgasm only to have another right after it and dug her nails dug into Martin’s back. After they came down from there orgasmic bliss Martin let go of his sister’s ass and she dropped her legs from his waist and stood against the shower wall grinning from ear to ear. It was then that she remembered what Martin had asked her about protection.

“Martin I’m not protected.” She said with a worried look now coming over her pretty little face.

“Holy shit, you mean you let me cum inside you knowing I could make you pregnant?” Her brother asked her.

“I was too far gone to care if I was protected or not.” Katy snapped back at him.

“My period is due any day now so I should be o.k.” She said hoping.

The rest of the day went by like a blur for Martin, all he could think about was what if was about to become a dad to his own sister’s baby. What would the rest of the family say he wondered? Martin went to bed a little earlier than usual stating he was tired after the exertions of the day. Soon after that everyone else started up the stairs to bed, Sarah sharing her bed with her sister Julie, the twins Beth and Lauren sharing the other bed.

Katy had her own bed to herself as did Martin until he got up a couple of hours later to go pee. On the way back to his bedroom as he passed his sister’s door cracked open and decided to walk into her bedroom shutting the door behind him and slipping into bed beside her and falling asleep. The next thing Katy and Martin knew was when Lauren burst into Katy’s bedroom throwing the curtains open and jumping on the bed between them. It was then that Katy noticed Martin in her bed and they both smiled at each other.

“Merry Christmas Katy. Merry Christmas Martin.” Lauren said as she gave both of them a kiss on the lips with a little tongue action too.

As Lauren bounced off the bed excitedly and out the bedroom door and down the stairs Katy turned to her bother and hugged him as they both wished each other a Merry Christmas.

“How long have you been in my bed Martin?” She asked her brother.

“Most of the night.” Martin said back to her as she just smiled at him again.

“Come on we need to get dressed and get downstairs before they send Lauren or Beth up looking for us.” Katy said as we both got out of bed and she started dressing.

As I went to my room and put some clothes on to before we both head downstairs to join the rest of the family. Christmas day was a big success as we all ate, chatted and played the usualChristmas day games we always played. Nothing was mentioned about what happened the day before whether everyone was a little but scared to bring it up or what. All too soon the big day was over and everyone ended up in their own beds apart from Katy who joined Martin in his bed.

All they did was crash and sleep all night long in each other’s arms. Boxing day went quickly too as Julie and her daughter’s decided they were cutting their time her a little shorter than usual and headed back home with warm thoughts of their time with Martin, his mom and his sister. Martin was feeling a little lost after his Aunt and cousins went home, he had enjoyed their company, and was looking forward to joining up with them for New Year’s.

Now that they mom, son and daughter were home alone Sarah called her son into the kitchen and told him to sit down. Martin did as he was told and his mom sat on the other side of the table stretching out taking his hands in hers.

“I have something to tell you honey, please let me finish before you say anything ok?” Sarah said.

Martin nodded as Sarah took a deep breath the told him as calmly as she could.

“Martin please don’t get upset or be angry with me, I found out last week that I’m pregnant. You have been the only man I have been with in a very long time and you are the father of my baby” She stammered out as best she could.

Martin just said there listening as his mom told him he had fathered a child with her. His face had now turned chalk white and he didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or just run away and hide. After a few moments Martin came back to reality with a bang. It was now sinking in what his mom had just told him. It was then that he told his mom some news that he thought she should be aware of.

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