Kelly’s Release

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Kelly drove down the highway, feeling the rush of the wind blowing through her long, thick brown hair. The stereo was pumping out a classic, ‘The Way You Look Tonight’. A favourite of hers, despite its age. As the song came to an end, she turned on the radio, feeling a slight pain in her bladder. Kelly desperately needed to pee, but according to the signs along the highway, the nearest rest area was over 60 miles away, and even then, she couldn’t be sure that the small, highway rest area would have a toilet.

A dark thought past through her mind, to simply wet herself in her jeans, but she dismissed that, not wanting to stain this sports car she had just brought. Instead, Kelly looked around and grinned as the highway began to pass under trees. A forest gradually building up as the road moved into the mountains.

She flicked the indicator switch and moved the car across the highway, slowing as she pulled into a small stop in the woods. Kelly saw several drivers and passengers glance at her as she, a single, white, female, stepped out of her car on a remote highway and enter the woods.

The mountain air was fresh against her skin, under any normal circumstance, she might have considered taking a walk, a break from the car. Right now, she had a full bladder and she had to pee.

Kelly removed her outer jacket and walked into the woods, treading carefully as the branches whipped against her skin, small thorns cutting into her arms. She walked for a few minutes, not wanting to take any chances that some pervert from the highway might see her in her most vulnerable state.

Certain the area was secure, she sat down and pulled her trainers off, placing them on a patch of grass. Next came her jeans, placing them in a neat pile on top of her trainers. She swallowed, hesitated, then finally gripped the edges of her white panties and slid them down her legs, görükle escort placing them on some dry mud, well within her grasp.

Kelly took position, crouched, smiled and felt her pee start to flow, cascading down between her legs and forming a small golden puddle beneath her crotch. Kelly glanced down, not releasing how badly she had had to pee. Her urine was spreading, now touching her feet. She couldn’t stop, mid flow, despite her feet being covered with her urine and mud.

As she felt her flow stop, she stood quickly and stepped back, seeing her panties also soaked and stained. She picked them up with her fingers and looked desperately around, hearing a river, somewhere to wash her knickers. She could live with a damp crotch, they would dry out with the top down on his car.

Kelly accepted the risk and walked slowly through the woods, half naked, holding her panties as they dripped pee onto her feet. As she came to the river, she noticed a small bundle nearby, perhaps someone had forgotten their coat, she though, sitting on the river bank, a twig sticking up into her ass. She dropped her legs into the fresh mountain water, wincing as the ice cold stream washed the muck away.

Kelly lowered her panties into the stream and squeezed the stains out of her panties. She could see the immediate water around panties turning muddy brown and slightly golden. As no one was around, she cupped her hand and splashed some water over her pussy, feeling the cold water warming as it soaked into her vagina.

A small moan escaped her as she washed the piss from her pussy.

“Another Pisser” a rough voice said angrily.

Kelly turned, startled, despite being obvious in what she was doing. She stood, covering her pussy, releasing her grasp on her knickers, and watched them float down the river.

The, women, Kelly karacabey escort realised, walked slowly forward, looking up and down Kelly’s body, her eye’s fixed on the mound of hair at Kelly’s pussy.

“You know this entire stretch of river belongs to me? Do you know how many people I see come and piss here each day, not bothering to go before they leave? It’s mostly kids, occasionally the odd dog.” The women said, walking around Kelly.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t wait” Kelly said, feeling the stare of the women.

“You have a twig up your ass” the lady said. Her rough hands reached down and gripped Kelly’s cheeks, massaging them roughly. Kelly felt, before smelling,, the ladies breath.

The lady continued to hold Kelly’s ass before taking a grip of the twig, and yanking it clear of her ass. She pressed herself into Kelly’s body, and held the twig in front of Kelly’s face.

She could smell her own shit from here, even see a little stain on the tip of the long twig where it had penetrated her hole and entered her body. The women rubbed the twig over her face, moving her space hand in front of Kelly’s body and gripping her tightly on the stomach.

“Please, I just want to leave” Kelly pleaded.

The women pushed the twig against her lips. Kelly resisted, until the lady took a handful of Kelly’s pubic hairs, squeezing them. Kelly opened her mouth and the lady pushed the stick in, again squeezing until Kelly sucked her own shit from the stick and felt it be yanked from her mouth, dropping onto the floor.

“Turn around pretty lady” the women said.

Kelly turned, expecting her life to end here and now. Maybe her throat would be slit, or she would be shot. Either way, she was certain her body would be pushed into the stream and a month from now, her parents would be rung by the police, there daughter mudanya escort had been killed.

Instead the women stood crying, tears cracking the dried mud on her cheeks. Despite the near rape, Kelly couldn’t help moving her hand to her cheek and holding her head, feeling the women’s tears rolling over her fingers.

Here Kelly stood, a somewhat successful women in her field of work, half naked in an unknown wood holding the cheek of a mountain women.

“It’s ok, no harm was done” Kelly said soothingly. She moved her hand over the women’s face, clearing the face of tears. The women grinned, her mouth opening and revealing a very bad set of teeth. Still, Kelly could see how, this women, could have beauty. She was like that, seeing the real beauty in a person.

But what the hell was she doing, almost coming onto a mountain women.

Kelly began to pull away but the lady again gripped Kelly’s ass, her stained fingers pulling her cheeks apart, two fingers now penetrating Kelly’s ass.

Kelly groaned, well aware she was getting wet between the legs. The women pushed nearly four fingers into Kelly’s stretched anus, feeling the tip of a very large shit Kelly had stored. One of the women’s hands pulled out of her ass, her penetrating finger sliding over her skin, leaving a trail of shit.

“You’ve really got to go, don’t you?” the women asked, her confidence returning.

Desperately, Kelly nodded, feeling the shit pushing against her anal ring. The women pushed a finger to Kelly’s lip, teasingly holding back.

Kelly lent forward and sucked for all her worth, stripping the women’s finger not only of Kelly’s own shit but of at least five layers of dirty, leaving a muddy, tangy taste in her mouth.

The lady lent forward, her breath moving over Kelly’s mouth. Kelly knew what had to happen next, realising from the scent this women probably ate her own shit for her breath to smell this bad.

The women lent forward and kissed Kelly, Kelly took hold of the women’s head and kissed back, both sharing more than their tongues as the passionately collapsed into the mud on the floor.

To Be continued in ‘Kelly Releases for Agatha’…

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