Keyleigh Ch. 03

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(Before I begin I need to personaly thank Tinkz for editing this story for me….. Keyleigh was an accident. When I sat down to write a story I had never intended to write an incest story and told a very good friend of mine this when Keyleigh was first published. His answer was that perhaps Keyleigh needed her story telling and she chose you to do it. After the first story many people wanted to know more about Keyleigh. I sat down and wrote two more before I felt her story was finally told. For me Keyleigh has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and looking back I’m proud she chose me to tell the story of Keyleigh, her two true loves and her children.)


I suppose it was inevitable that this day would come. Mom had noticed the changes in the girls some eighteen months ago and phoned me. For years both girls had fought so hard to claim there own space and independence. They both wanted their own personality to shine through, rather than just be one half of a twin. Now, both girls are slowly finding a middle ground in their personalities and building on it and are beginning to look like clones. I noticed it at the twin’s last birthday party, the hair styles although on the surface different, were subtly the same, as were their dresses.

It’s started to worry Mom a great deal, we had just got off the phone tonight to each other, she had decided to phone because the girls were on a sleep over at a friend’s house, so she could get away with talking freely without having to look over her shoulder. It surprises me that we talk more about the girls than we ever did about anything else. Having them both sure put a new lease of life in Mom and Dad and to a great extent helped them heal the pain of losing Keyleigh. The door bell rang, I looked at the clock. Even at eight thirty I thought it odd that someone would call at this hour. I opened the door and Kelsey was standing there. As I’ve already said, it was inevitable this day would come.

“Hello Daddy.” She emphasized the last word, placing as much bile as she could onto it.

It didn’t shock me as much as I thought it would, some day one of us would slip up, both the girls were to smart not to figure it out eventually. So much for trying to give both of them a clean slate to start their own lives with.

“Good evening Kelsey, where is your sister?” I asked.

I stood back to see if she would come inside, to her credit she did. I had wondered if it would be a good idea to let Mom know their sleep over was a fake or hear her out first.

“She’s on a little errand, she should be here in the morning, and bearing gifts I have no doubt.”

I walked into the kitchen, Kelsey followed. For the time being I was curious to see where this was going.

“I’m making a salad, would you like something to eat while we wait for your sister to turn up or is this a flying visit?”

“Oh don’t let me stop you, Daddy.” Again there was that emphasis on the last word.

“Your Gran taught you both manners Kelsey, I suggest you use them.”

I continued to chop things for the salad, letting my words take a pass at Kelsey, wanting to see how she would respond to them.

“Tell me Daddy, what was it like fucking your own sister?”

I thought it best to put the knife down. Kelsey had come here for a fight; it seemed I was also in for a crash course in fatherhood.

“You’re a young lady Kelsey; behave like one and stop sounding like a street corner hooker.”

Kelsey was instantly off of her chair, I didn’t think it would take even that much, she had planed this meeting to the last detail, now she planned to deliver her end of the evening.

“How could you? She was your own sister, it wasn’t as if it was the once, you nailed her for five years.”

The room temperature got a little cooler now. I was being pushed into an area I would choose not to go. I was trying so desperately hard not to lose my temper now.

“You need to calm down Kelsey and remember this is your Mother you’re talking about, show some respect.”

Kelsey now stood less than two feet away from me, yet she chose to shout as if I was the other end of the building.

“Respect?! She was just as complicit in this as you were, how can you even defend what happened, do you know what that makes my sister and me? Bastards! Yes you heard me. BASTARDS!”

She screeched the last word at me, her eyes so wild with fury now. Kelsey’s face was now a deep red with anger. The temperature dipped even more in that room just then, there was now a pain behind my eyes as I tried so desperately hard not to slip down that very slippery slope and plunge into a well of anger. I figure even if I had a pair of binoculars I wouldn’t be able to see how far my own daughter had crossed the line now.

“You’ve had your first and only chance Kelsey, now sit down and calm down.”

“I will not!” She shouted still standing her ground “I despise you both and I’m glad she’s dead.”

What happened next was inevitable really. The Escort bayan anger within me took hold, an anger I have held in check all these years. I grabbed Kelsey by the hair and forced her head back, she went to scream, as she opened her mouth I pushed a kitchen cloth into her mouth and dragged her over to a seat, I sat and looped her over one knee, forcing her head close to the floor by the hair. I guess now was the only time she had a chance to escape what I was going to do to her, but she was to busy kicking and flailing around to notice me change hands.

With my other leg I clamped her legs still. Throwing her skirt up over her ass I pulled her bikini bottoms down. She simply didn’t know what to do, her hands were trying to release the hold I had on her hair, trying to force my knees apart to allow her to escape, and she simply didn’t know what to do first. Her sister could have been there trying to help for all I cared at that moment, I had seen red on a monumental scale, and Kelsey had to be punished the old fashioned way.

“You have been a spoiled little bitch for years now, Kelsey, seems it’s time you got what is well overdue.”

I slapped her across the ass cheek with so much force the shape of my hand could clearly be seen on her.

“That’s for when you were ten and you threw a tantrum putting your new bike under the rear wheels of your Granddad’s car because you didn’t like the color.

I slapped her again, only this time across the other ass cheek, again I could clearly see the mark where my hand had been.

“That’s for when you where eleven and you got bored with all your dolls, you set fire to them all so your Gran couldn’t give them away. If you couldn’t have them you made sure no-one else could enjoy them didn’t you, you little witch.”

I went on like that, all through the years that she was such a selfish little witch; she got a slap, right up until today when she had the gall to speak about her own Mother like that. When I had finished her whole ass was a swollen pinkish red mess. I stood up letting go of her hair at the same time. She rolled to the floor, not even a tear in her eyes. When I looked down I still had some hair in my hand where she had struggled so much, I leaned down and pulled the rag from her mouth. I still trembled with so much rage inside me.

“Now get up and pull your panties up, your fanny is showing.”

She stood; I looked into her eyes, so wild with rage now. Even now it was a battle of wills. She pulled up her bikini bottoms, trying desperately hard not to wince from the pain. I pointed to the chair she had just left, daring not to talk any more now in case she heard my voice tremble with yet another bout of rage. She walked backward to the chair and sat, finally wincing when she did, our eyes now locked on each other. I needed to grab back control of my emotions, what had happened between us was going to happened, we had both danced around it for a few minutes but Kelsey knew which buttons to push, she just had to keep going until she got to the one with the most vulnerable nerve behind it.

But my emotions were all over the place now, too scattered in my mind to make a careful judgment, I needed to take stock, to find that peace in my mind again. Bring back a normalcy and quickly, this was a dark place for me a place I was to scared to visit. My self control was at its weakest here. If anyone had even asked me as simple a question as what day it was, I simply would not have been able to tell them. It was also the worst of all times, it was just for a moment, I took my eyes off of Kelsey.

She had chosen that moment. I didn’t even hear her leave the chair such was her swiftness of movement, when my senses screamed that something was wrong she was already in mid-flight. Kelsey had wrapped her legs around my waist, locking them into position with her ankles and feet, her arms now around my neck. Our lips not only touched, they devoured each other our tongues brutally fought to control the pace of lust that took hold of both of us at that moment. I swiveled her around sat her on the counter, she groaned and our lips felt that sensation.

She leaned back keeping her legs locked around my waist, I pulled her blouse apart, buttons flying across the kitchen, my hand went between her breasts and I ripped her bikini top off her body. Squeezing her breasts together I took it in turn to suck and bite both her nipples. Keyleigh loved it when we were spontaneous like this.

“Yes Daddy, bite them harder, oh Daddy that feels so wonderful.”

I froze, ‘Daddy?’ In this mixed up mind of mine I had desperately wanted this to be Keyleigh. Now the lights came on in my mind, that awful moment when you realize you had done something so terribly wrong. That split second where you wonder if you’re going to wake up now and it had all been a terrible nightmare, only this nightmare I was living for real. I took my hands off my daughter’s breasts.

Kelsey cried. “No Daddy, don’t stop.” Bayan escort Her voice born of both anguish and frustration.

I pulled her blouse together, Kelsey’s legs dropped either side of me, her chest heaving with so much pent up emotion now. I walked away from her. She was still on the counter when I returned; I dropped a pillow and a blanket onto the couch.

“Stay or go it’s your choice. I’ve put an old shirt of mine in the bathroom down the hall. If your still here when your sister comes in the morning I will take you both back to your Grans.”

There was nothing left to say and anything I did say wouldn’t come out right anyway. I sat in my bedroom in the dark, to afraid to turn the lights on for fear of seeing what I had become, I heard the shower run for awhile and then silence, finally there was a knock at my door. Kelsey didn’t even wait; she strolled into my room in my shirt.

“Daddy we need to talk.”

“Not in my bedroom Kelsey.”

She ignored me and continued to walk towards me as I sat on the bed,

“Stop right there Kelsey.”

She did.

“Now hike up your shirt.”

There was a smile on her face now as she lifted my shirt to reveal she was indeed wearing her bikini bottoms. Then continued to walk over to my bed and got inside it.

“I’m not sleeping out on the couch, or even in your guest bedroom, I’ve spent eighteen years wanting to be with my Daddy and now it’s my chance, and I fully intend to avail myself of it, so do I have to lock the door to keep you inside or are you coming to bed?”

For an age I just sat on the edge of the bed, Kelsey sat crossed legged watching me, not saying a word. I wasn’t even able to gauge her emotions; her face would have made a poker player proud. Slowly I slid into bed but kept as far away from Kelsey as I could, a part of me went back well over twenty years, Kelsey’s own actions were so like her Mother. She smiled and turned her back on me snuggled up into the covers and waited for me to get comfortable, just as she started to drift off to sleep.

“Daddy I tried to help you tonight, I needed to see for myself if you still love Mommy. Please understand Daddy, I had to do what I did. You don’t know what’s coming when Hannah gets here. We both waited until we were eighteen to do this, now it has gathered its own momentum and you can’t stop it. Good night Daddy, sleep well.”

A warning if ever there was one. It was a sleepless night for me, I did learn one thing. Kelsey can sure snore. With a new day pouring its sunshine through the window, I decided it was pointless just lying here, so I got up. I brought Kelsey a coffee, I think it was the smell that woke her, she smiled, and then stretched, and I looked away as her breasts threatened to burst out of the shirt as she did so. She giggled when she saw me do that. Then she looked at her watch, Kelsey seemed to panic a little when she did.

Pushed herself up out of bed, kissed me on the cheek and dropping the shirt on the floor on the way out and dashed to the shower. Five minutes later the door bell rang. It was no surprise to me this time; Hannah stood there, a grin like a Cheshire cat on her face. It was the person stood behind her that made me freeze to the spot. Mandy, a woman I had not seen in eighteen years, she looked just as stunning as the day I last saw her.

“Now Daddy it’s rude to stare at your guests. Today is going to be a busy day for all of us; there is a lot to say and do. So tell me what have you done with Kelsey?”

I pointed back into the house, we could all hear the shower and Kelsey giving an awful rendition of the latest pop song she was hell bent on murdering, it seemed to break the awkwardness of the moment and we all giggled, I showed them into the day room. Minutes later Kelsey came in dressed in another one of my old shirts. Hannah looked at her then to me.

“Daddy is there something you wish to tell us late comers?”

“Yes you all have minds like sewer pumps and it’s about time one of you tells me what’s going on.”

“Really? So for eighteen years you told Kelsey and me everything, the truth, the whole truth? Like having us both believe that both our parents are dead. But its ok Daddy really it is, we have forgiven you, but there is a cost for our forgiveness.” Both the girls looked at each other, more for reassurance that this conversation was now going to continue than anything else.

“I know Kelsey would rather we tie you to a chair so we can get through this without you throwing a tantrum and leaving, as for me I’m a more positive person so I’m going to be the one doing most of the talking here.”

I looked over to Mandy, she was staring at me, her dark eyes still showed very little emotion in them. Hannah had walked over to Kelsey, “Did you test him?” Kelsey nodded; it was Hannah’s turn to smile. “See, even after all these years.”

Hannah walked back to the couch and stood beside it before she continued.

“You see Daddy Escort I have Mommy’s old room, Kelsey does like your room by the way but I’m the one that hit the jackpot. However I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, Daddy we both want you to marry Mandy.”

Now that was a shot out of the blue, even I couldn’t digest that as fast as Hannah said it, it was then I see the signal pass between them, Kelsey walked over to Mandy took her hand and walked out of the room. Hannah came and sat next to me.

“Daddy I’m going to tell you a story it took both of us nearly three years to finally get to the bottom of all this, we want you to hear it all now, and hope you make the choice we think you will. Please promise me you will listen, for Mommy’s sake as well as ours, you see she tried to tell you. Many times she tried, now it’s left to me to do it for her.”

I nodded my head. Hannah was so pleased she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek, then held my hand.

“That’s a deposit, you have no idea how much interest you’ve had accumulated over the years, but your going to find out real soon. Now back to Mommy’s room. I found her diaries, she kept diaries since the day she could string a sentence together, she never told you this because she knew you could never understand. You see Daddy she was two people. Mommy liked women but she loved you and that brought her into conflict with herself.”

I was already finding all this hard to follow, and I think Hannah realized that.

“Hannah I know you’re Mother was bisexual. I found out not long after you’re Mom died.”

Hannah paused for a moment, thinking how best to answer me. “Daddy we have both seen pictures of Mommy when she was nineteen, she was sure hot. Kelsey believes she could have had any woman she chose and got away with being as promiscuous as she wanted. But we know from the diaries that she chose a female partner, and that was Mandy. She was as loyal to Mandy as she ever was to you.”

“Kelsey believes that Mommy wasn’t bisexual in its truest sense of the word, if she had been Kelsey believes one of us two would never have been born. Mommy liked Mandy enough to allow her need for her to develop along side her love for you. Sexually she shut every other woman out of her life. That was the start of the issue that tore into her whole being. If she was bisexual at least she could have accepted that and got on with her life.”

“Either including you in that or having that as a separate part of it. There was only one man in her life, just as there was only one woman. Her whole being was now in turmoil and as I said; Kelsey and I believe that’s why she had twins. Daddy think back how many twins are there in our family? I mean Granny and Granddads.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“There are none, we both checked thoroughly.”

“Kelsey and I both believe. Mommy’s soul felt that conflict. Both her heart and mind were simply pulling themselves to pieces, we believe it was her body that came up with the solution and gave her twins. Kelsey likes girls. She won’t ever allow a man to touch her, yes Daddy one of you’re daughters is a lesbian. As for me, I’m in love with one man and he has my heart. But I’m getting ahead of myself again. Her diary’s stopped when she went to live with you. We gambled that you didn’t have them since she hid these, which left one person that she trusted above anyone, Mandy.”

“We watched Mommy’s grave on her birthday, we knew about the yellow roses, they could only be from one person, when we both saw Mandy we knew why Mommy loved her so, eventually we found out where she lived and went to see her, she refused to give us the diaries. It was a difficult time for all three of us, eventually she agreed but there were conditions, you were one of them. She knew you wouldn’t see her, since you hadn’t done so all these years.”

“You know Daddy for supposed adults you two sure need your heads banging together. She loves you Daddy, yes she loved Mommy also but she has lived alone since her death and you walking away from her. Surely that tells you a lot about how Mandy feels about you.”

It was then a naked Kelsey came into the room, I blushed. She smiled and winked at me, Hannah got up to talk to her and they held a whispered conversation in the corner of the room for a few minutes, occasionally Hannah would say an odd word or two like ‘really’ or ‘are you sure’ then Kelsey rushed off to the kitchen her breasts bouncing to her stride, she had her mothers breasts that for sure. She walked back to us holding a cucumber in her hand.

“Thank goodness you like salads Daddy, although I will need you to take me to a sex shop some day real soon, but for now this will do.”

Kelsey wandered back to the guest room, and then the penny dropped with a big loud clang.

“Daddy I don’t know what you did, but frankly even I’m shocked, Kelsey likes girls. She once told me that someday even she will find her equal, perhaps even her master that seems to be you. I would really like to know what you two got up to last night, but that’s for another time. Come let me show you what the other condition for the diaries was, you see Kelsey has a gift, Mommy’s gift. At first Kelsey acted on instinct, she truly is a natural.”

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