Kim’s New Life Ch. 18

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I stared at Kelly. “Well, what are you waiting for, pet? Get your butt over there,” she said softly. I realized I would have to be a little more careful when sitting because my ID tag was a little askew and got caught sideways when I plopped down in the chair, causing me to wince. Kelly knew what happened and just grinned.

“What can we do for you, Kim?” Tamera asked.

Since I had no idea what was going on, as Kelly had intended, she spoke for me, “Kim wants a new look. I recommended a pixie style with light blond highlights. She wasn’t quite sure if that would look good on her. What do you think, Tam?”

Tamera studied me for a few moments before saying, “You know, Kim, I think your face is perfect for a pixie, and the coloring would enhance the look.”

“You’re the expert,” I said, reluctantly. “Let’s do it.” She had no idea how obedient I was being and I’m sure she didn’t see the tear that formed in the corner of my eye. I was proud of my long hair and didn’t want to lose it. Kelly and I had even discussed how much I liked it. How could she do this to me? And why was I not refusing? I knew I could simply say my safe word and walk out, but I did not make the slightest attempt to move. I remained…totally obsequious; totally obedient to the desires of my Mistress. To do otherwise would be to embarrass her; and she had ordered me not to do that. Invisible bonds forced me to silently accept the inevitable and remain in the chair. She owned me for a month, and I was proud to be hers. The hair would grow back.

“Kim, my shop participates in helping a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. The length of your hair qualifies for a donation. Would you be willing to let us do that in your name?” Tamara asked. I quickly agreed. At least that would make my loss more palatable. Underneath I realized that I was a little pissed at Kelly. What a dichotomy.

When Tamara turned around to get everything ready, Kelly leaned down and whispered, “Do you realize that you are wrinkling your skirt, pet?” I lifted my butt enough to pull the garment out from under me. She threw me a kiss and sat in a chair along the opposite wall to watch. She made a gesture, understood only by me. I spread my legs just enough that she could see my bare pussy. She smiled.

Nearly an hour later, Tamara finished my makeover and turned my chair around so I could look into the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised with the end product. In fact, I liked it.

While Tamera was cleaning her station, Kelly stepped over and whispered, “White with silver sparkles, pet,” and sat back down.”

I quickly understood what Kelly meant when Tamera said, “Do you want polish after your manicure, Kim?”

“Yes, please, white with silver sparkles.”

Kelly broke in, “Didn’t you once tell me that you thought about putting your initial on your index finger, Kim?”

“Oh, I did. Would you do that, too, Tamara?” I knew it was Kelly’s initial, not mine.

Kelly paid, telling Tamera that it was her treat.

Once outside, Kelly said, “You were perfect in there, pet. So much so that I will forgive you for forgetting the rule about sitting on your skirt. Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, Mistress. I guess I have a confession to make. Is it OK that I was pissed that you were forcing me to cut my long hair?”

“I would be disappointed if you weren’t pissed, pet. In fact, you can be pissed at your Mistress any time if you don’t let it show and you still obey her,” she chuckled. “I must tell you though that you don’t know how lucky you are.”

“Why is that, Mistress?”

“One of the traditions of the society when a new submissive is initiated, is that her head must be completely shaved. They waived that tradition since our agreement is temporary. However, once you agree to a more permanent arrangement…”

“Are you teasing me, Mistress? You wouldn’t really do that to me, would you?” Her grin neither confirmed or denied my fear.

“We do permit the initiate to wear a wig when in public, until her hair is presentable again, but only when her Mistress considers it necessary.”

“Oh!” I wondered if and when my Mistress would consider it necessary.

There was a national optical store in the same complex as the hairdresser. When Kelly said that I needed a set of glasses, I commented, “But, ma’am, I haven’t worn or owned a pair of glasses since I was a sophomore in high school.”

“Not even as a back-up?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but, not even as a backup, ma’am.”

Kelly looked at me and smiled. I think you got your original statement wrong, though, pet.”

“I don’t understand, Mistress.”

“You said that you hadn’t worn glasses since high school. You meant that Kimberly hasn’t. You are wearing my collar, so while Kimmy has never worn glasses, that period has been very short. I think Kimmy might look very sexy when wearing glasses and want to see if I am correct.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said gulping, and dutifully followed her into the store.

We were immediately bursa evi olan escort approached by a sales clerk. “Good afternoon. My name is Miriam. May I help you?” she asked.

Kelly took over. “Yes, you may. My friend hasn’t worn glasses for years and would like to switch from her contacts for a while.”

Looking at me Miriam asked, “Do you have any particular style in mind?”

I glanced at Kelly, who said, “I think you mentioned two pair, didn’t you, Kimmy? One with black rims and a pair of rimless, both in oval shapes.”

“That’s correct,” I said to Miriam.

She glanced from me to Kelly, back to me again, and said, “You’re in luck. We’re having a two-for-one sale today. You’ll get the least expensive pair for free. Come with me to the display area and you can try some on.

When Miriam handed me the first pair, Kelly said, “Let me pick the best-looking pair for you, Kimmy. You know I’ll be more objective than you will.” After I had tried on about a dozen pair Kelly selected the two she liked best and I gave the prescription to Miriam.

“This is a prescription for contact lens, as you know. We do have conversion tables, but we would also like to double check by giving you a quick exam, free of charge.” I agreed that would be best. After the exam she said, “If you want to shop somewhere while we make your glasses, they should be ready in about an hour.” I paid for glasses I didn’t need.

Walking out of the store I said to Kelly, “Couldn’t we just get plain glass lenses and I could wear them over my contacts, Mistress.”

“No way, pet. That would be cheating. Besides, now that I have seen how beautiful Kimmy looks in glasses, I think she will be wearing glasses often for her Mistress. I’m glad we got a special price on the second pair.”

From there we rode our bikes to the indoor mall and entered a store named “Things Remembered.” Kelly introduced me to the manager, Nicole, who handed her a small, wrapped package. After a short, nondescript conversation, Kelly paid for her purchase and we left. Teasing her, I asked her if she knew someone in every business in town. Her reply was that she was sure there must be a couple stores where she didn’t.

On the way out of the mall, Kelly suddenly turned and dragged me into an upscale woman’s shop. “I want you to buy a new blouse to wear to work tomorrow, pet.” I watched as she selected a beautiful white silk, long sleeve blouse. “This will be perfect,” she said, handing it to me. I looked at the price tag and almost choked. While I do not consider my clothes inexpensive, I had never paid one hundred and twenty dollars for a blouse. She then removed my credit card from her purse and said, “Don’t worry, Pet, you are definitely worth it. You need to spend more money on yourself” I thanked her, knowing that I always wanted to splurge, but was too fiscally conservative. “Yes, there is freedom in bondage,” I again chuckled to myself.

We picked up my new glasses on the way home.

There was a single-drawer console table and large mirror next to the closet in the foyer of Kelly’s house. When we walked inside, I immediately saw that my collar and a padlock had been neatly placed on the top of the table. “Maybe that’s what she asked Sam to do,” I thought.

“OK, Kimmy. Go to the bedroom and remove your contacts.” When I returned, she handed me the black rim glasses. “Put them on, look at yourself in the mirror, Kimberly and tell me who you see.”

Her use of my given name threw me for a loop. I thought about the question for a long time. After serious introspection I sensed her intent and understood that I must verbalize the truth of the moment. “May I begin my answer with a negative, Kelly?”

“Yes, you may.”

“I do not see the woman you just addressed, Mistress. To begin with, Kimberly is a very conservative person. As we have previously discussed, she would never wear glasses. Nor would she dress in revealing clothes like the person staring at me from the mirror. In addition, Kimberly’s hair has been long since the age of eight. She would never cut her hair that short. I pulled down my tube top to expose my nipple rings and raised the front of my skirt. Kimberly would be wearing a bra and panties. She would not have pierced nipples and labia or permit an ID tag to be attached to her neither lips. The person in the mirror is, of course, a perfect image of the person standing on this side of the mirror. By logical deduction, I do not, therefore, see Kimberly. Neither do I see Kim. Because Kim is simply a contraction of Kimberly, Kimberly and Kim are the same person. The only other person I can think of is the one who was reborn yesterday morning and renamed Kimmy by her Mistress. The person in the mirror is wearing a substitute collar given to her by her Mistress. Ma’am to answer your question, the person I see in the mirror is definitely Kimmy, slave of Mistress Kelly.”

“Kimmy, as I said before, you are a true jewel. I expected a simple answer and you dazzled me altıparmak escort with something nearly poetic. But then I guess I should not have expected less. The next question, of course, is, ‘Do you like the person you see in the mirror?'”

“Truthfully, I do, Mistress. I no longer want to see Kimberly or Kim. I want to see Kimmy, because you own Kimmy and I want to be owned by you.”

Kelly opened the drawer and pulled out ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, and four padlocks.

“Put these on, then, Kimmy.”

“Shall I remove my tennis shoes and socks, Mistress?”

“Not at this moment. We can deal with them later if I decide that’s what I want.”

“May I sit down to put them on, Mistress?”

“Yes, you may and thank you for asking both times.” She stood and watched as I obeyed her order. It is difficult to describe the look on her face. It was obvious that she was proud of me, which made me feel wonderful. As soon as I finished, she handed me the collar and lock, told me not to put them on, and said to follow her. We went into the den where she sat on a chair and ordered me to “rest.”

“Pet, I have a set of rules that you must follow each time you arrive home. I say a set, because there are several, depending on circumstances.

“If we arrive together, like today, I will simply tell you how I want you to prepare yourself. Usually we will not be together during the day, except on weekends. I imagine I will normally arrive home first and will be waiting for your arrival. In any case, your collar and lock will always be on the table when you arrive. In fact, it will be your duty to insure the collar and lock are on the table before you leave, if you are not going to wear them outside the house.

Right now, I want you to kneel, hold the collar out on your outstretched hands, palms turned up, and ask me to put it on you. I rose to the kneeling position, and said, “Mistress, please honor me with the privilege of wearing your collar.” I could see that she was surprised, and pleased, by my unexpected phrasing, and the fact I referred to the collar as hers.”

She stood, walked behind me and buckled the collar around my neck. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I heard the padlock snap shut.

“Except when you are at work, you normally will be with me, Allyson and/or Sam. As we previously discussed, Allyson or Sam will be your temporary Mistress and you will obey them as you obey me. Whomever is you will give you specific instructions to follow when you enter the house. When you return home from work, you will simply follow one of the following procedures:

“As soon as you enter the foyer, remove all your clothes, fold them neatly and place everything on the table. Check the drawer for cuffs. If you find any there, you will lock them on. If you find chains with the cuffs, lock them on too. If, for some reason, I want you to wear something special for me, that clothing will be on the table. You will, of course, put it on.

“If I am home, you will bring your collar to me, kneel, hold the collar in your hands, palms up, and ask me to put it on you in the manner you just followed. If I am not at home, you will leave the collar on the table until I arrive, at which time you will get it and kneel. Until I arrive you are free to do whatever you wish, unless otherwise forbidden, which is standard anytime I am not here with you.”

“How will I know if you are at home?”

“I will text or call you or leave you a note on the table telling you that I will be gone. I may also call or text your cell to provide other instructions. Any lengthy instructions may be written on the note that I will leave on the table. I do realize that there will be times you may not be able to answer a call or text, but if I do leave a message, you will reply as soon as possible. If you sense a long delay, text me a short note immediately to let me know.

“At times, I may ask Allyson or Sam to be here when you arrive. The only difference is that you will not ask them to put my collar on you.

“Is there anything you do not understand?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Excellent. It is nearly six. When we have time, I will expect you to prepare all of our meals unless I have elected to eat out which is the case tonight.” She handed me a key and said, “In case you hadn’t noticed, all the locks are keyed alike. You may remove your ankle cuffs for now.”

The Harley was our transportation again. I can’t explain the reason, but the feeling of wearing a miniskirt and having the Hog vibrating between my legs and under my naked ass was much more intense than it was on Friday. (Maybe it was my new rings.)

I was surprised when we pulled into Lisa’s parking lot again. I was even more surprised when she pulled a leash from the saddlebags and clipped it to my collar. “You may walk beside me, pet.” She held the leash in her left hand and intertwined the fingers of her right hand with those of my left. The connections made it feel like I belonged to her, and I did.

Rebecca gemlik escort greeted us again as we entered. She hugged both of us. To me she whispered, “You were wonderful last night, Kimmy.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I replied.

“I love your new hairstyle, too,” she added. “And the glasses are very sexy.”

For the third night in a row we walked to the same table, even though Lisa’s was nearly full. Teasing, I commented, “Is this your own personal table, Mistress?”

Kelly smiled that knowing smile at me and said, “Yes, pet. You could say that. It is usually reserved for me except when they know I won’t be here.”

I was impressed. “You come here that much!” I exclaimed.

Instead of sitting down, she turned and led me towards the office. “We need to discuss something important, pet. I have already told you that there will be no secrets between us. However, I may not reveal everything at once. Tonight, I will add another piece to the puzzle that is your Mistress.” When we entered the office, I thought about the fact that this is where my initiation had started twenty hours before and wondered what was in store for me now.

Kelly pulled the chair out from under the desk and said, “Sit down, pet.” When I obeyed, she told me to open the top left desk drawer. “In it you will find several sheets of Lisa’s letterhead stationary. Take one out and read it.” The first thing I noticed was the name, “Lisa’s Hideaway, LLC,” beautifully engraved at the top center along with its address. The surprise was immediate. I saw Kelly’s and Allyson’s names and the titles “President and Vice-President,” directly beneath the restaurant’s name and address.

“You are the officers?” I exclaimed incredulously.

“Yes, my wonderful pet. Not only are we officers, we are the majority owners. If you remember, I told you Allyson was a business owner as well as an Information Systems professor at the University. As I said, there is a lot I will tell you about myself, but I have only one deep dark secret left; one that I will reveal at the proper time and place.” Leaving me hanging with those words, she continued to explain her involvement in Lisa’s Hideaway. “Allyson and I are equal partners with, as I indicated, a majority ownership. Sam owns ten percent of the company. In addition, each employee is an owner. When hired, each new employee is asked to invest a minimum of five hundred dollars in the company stock. Because many of our new employees are cash poor, they can opt to pay through payroll deductions of twenty dollars a week. If they quit before paying their full subscription, we return the accumulated deposit and they receive no stock. After one year’s service, each employee is paid a quarterly stock bonus based on a percentage of profits. Because they own part of the company, employees treat the customers as they would guests in their own home. In fact, we prefer to use the term “guest” rather than customer.

“Is that why Cheryl called you ‘boss’ last night?”

“Yes, pet. For a moment I was afraid that she let the proverbial cat out of the bag, but, thankfully, she covered her faux pas. I just did not want you to know, at that moment.”

As I looked at the stationery, I also became very aware of a small symbol before and after the line bearing their names. It was a circle with what appeared to be an inverted cross on the bottom. I had to ask. “Mistress, I noticed that the ID tags that Sam and I wear also bear this symbol. May I ask its meaning?”

“I’m going to have to be careful with you, little one. You are extremely observant. It’s the symbol for Venus and for the female sex. Soon after Allyson and I graduated from college, we purchased this place and named it Lisa’s. While we were bisexual, we had many girlfriends who were gay and felt like there should be a place where they could gather and be themselves. From the beginning, Lisa’s has been a lesbian bar. We do get heterosexual couples here who are tolerant of the lifestyle, but most of our patrons are female. A few of the women are neither lesbian or bisexual. They simply like to get away from the male species on occasion, just to relax.” I picked up the meaning of her grin.

“Since Allyson and I were also into the B&D scene, we decided to start a group with similar leanings by selecting lesbian or bisexual female couples we met as customers and who were obviously into the scene. Initial meetings were in our home, but as we grew, Lisa’s became our monthly meeting place. We continued to grow, finally deciding that we didn’t want the group to get too large. We agreed to limit the membership to fifty Dominants and their significant others. After a couple of meetings, everyone decided we needed a name. A university ancient history professor suggested that Venus, the goddess of love and female sexuality, should be included in the name. Venus is associated more with male-female love and sexuality, but she is also the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is associated with Sappho through the latter’s poems. The majority decided the name Venus was preferable to either Aphrodite or Sappho. Someone else suggested adding Coterie since we were a group of like leanings. The name Venus Coterie was immediately adopted. Since the upside-down cross is the symbol of Venus, we adopted it for our group and for Lisa’s stationery.

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