Knockout Ch. 38-43

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I’ve been releasing this story in installments as I’ve been writing it, so my apologies to those who are impatient for the next installment, but thanks for letting me know you’re following the adventures of Janice and Tim as they explore the boundaries of fidelity and fantasy.

Did you know that “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and “Ulysses” were first published as serials and there could be a month between installments for a year? Now, I’m obviously no Oscar Wilde or James Joyce (lol), but it has been fun to share the creation of this story as it develops.

This is installment 8 and I promise that 9 and 10 will follow very soon. As an easter egg for the people who actually read these author’s notes, installment 11 may be the final release or it may just be an epilogue to the real end in Ten. Sshh, our secret. ??

Ch. 38: Saturday Breakfast

After their wake-up lovemaking, Janice repaired to the main bath off the bedroom, while Tim used the half-bath. Some functions still required privacy. Before popping in, he placed a call for breakfast to be brought up to the room.

They were both wearing just hotel robes when the knock came on the door. Janice went back into the main bath to finish drying her hair while Tim opened up for the waiter.

The dinette was by the picture window and it looked like another beautiful day outside as they sat down to eat. He’d ordered huevos rancheros for himself and a vegetable omelet for Jan, but there was plenty of sharing back and forth.

“Baby?” Janice said with hesitation in her voice.

“Yeah, Love?” he replied.

“About last night…” She paused and sipped her orange juice.

“Last night was pretty fucking amazing, if you ask me,” he said with a broad grin.

She returned the smile, although more shyly. “Yes, it was,” she said. “But I have to ask you about one thing.”

He tilted his head to the side in question. “What’s that?”

“The slapping,” she blurted out. “You’ve never done anything like that before and it really caught me by surprise.”

“Surprised that I did it or surprised that you liked it?” he said naughtily.

The color rose in her cheeks. “Both,” she admitted quietly. Then she got back on track. “But I have to ask where that came from. Part of me is worried that you really were mad at me for dancing and flirting with other guys last night and that you really wanted to…hit me.”

Tim put down his utensils and reached across the table to take her hands in his. “Oh, baby! Not at all. I wasn’t mad, just super excited and then…” He paused.

“And then what?” she prompted.

He pulled his hands away and placed them at the edge of the table, as if stabilizing himself, while an embarrassed smile came over his face. “And then I remembered something one of my other dance partners said to me last night.”

Janice just looked at him expectantly.

“She was dancing pretty provocatively and said she bet I wanted to spank her ass and tits. Then she said that she wanted me to do it and I believed her. That was one of the memories that came into my mind during the taxi ride back here and when we were alone, I guess I just felt like trying it with you.”

“Crystal?” Janice said. “No, not Crystal; Chante. Crystal probably spanks her.”

Tim took a swallow of coffee. “Um, actually, no. It was somebody else.”

“Well?!” she demanded with one eyebrow cocked in curiosity.

“I don’t actually know her name and I only danced with her one time. She was a black woman, dark-skinned and pretty big.”

“Dressed in a rap video outfit that showed off her bigness instead of trying to hide it?” Jan asked.

“Yeah, that sounds like her,” he nodded.

“I saw her dancing with Cillian,” Jan mused. “Yeah, she definitely had some provocative moves. And she invited you to tit-slap her?”

“And spank her big ass,” he said.

There were four chairs around the table and Janice pulled one of the empty ones away from the table and then slid her own chair to the side. Tim was immediately reminded of their sexy encounter over dinner at their home just a couple of days before. Jan put her left foot up on the extra chair, causing her bathrobe to fall open and expose her spread crotch to Tim’s admiring gaze.

“Did she ask you to spank her pussy?” she purred, sliding her left hand down to stroke her own abused kitty.

“No,” he admitted. “It just seemed like the thing to do at the time.”

“Would you have slapped Deepa’s pussy?” she asked güvenilir bahis in a deepening voice.

Tim registered the change in Jan’s attitude and let his own lust come forward as he thought about the statuesque Indian woman whom he danced with the most, after Jan. “I don’t think I could have reached that high. Did you see her legs?”

“I did. Pretty damn high.” Her hand left her mons and caressed up and down her thigh.

“From the earth up to heaven,” he said, reciting an old line he’d heard somewhere about women’s legs being the tallest things in the world.

“What would you do with them?” She continued stroking her own leg.

“Go climbing, of course,” he said with a slight chuckle. Then, “There are two of them. Maybe you’d like to climb with me?”

“Always safer climbing with a buddy,” she said.

“And more fun celebrating at the summit,” he volleyed back.

“At the peak of Mount Venus?” she asked with a leer as she squeezed her own Mons Veneris. “Would you plant your flag?”

“I think the ground there could be pretty tight. Could I count on you to help me plant it? To grab hold of my flag pole and help push it in?”

Janice’s fingers pressed up inside her cunt. “Yesss,” she hissed. “I’d help you plant your flag good and deep.” Her fingers plunged in and out, straining to reach deeper each time. Finally, she pulled them out and Tim saw she had retrieved some of his morning orgasm that was still deep up inside her.

She smeared her treasure across her nipples as she said, “You could claim the conquered territory in the name of your Queen.”

“And what would my Queen do with her new claim in the Land of Milk and Honey?”

“Milk and Honey?” she mused. “Yes, I can see that. Well, in that case I guess I’d have to eat.” Her shiny fingers slipped into her mouth and she sucked them clean. Then suddenly her raised foot came down to the floor and she turned her chair back to the table. Looking at Tim’s plate she said, “Can you spare some of that salsa for my omelet?”

Tim just laughed as he spun his plate around so she could more easily scoop salsa off of his tortilla and onto her eggs.

Ch. 39: Saturday Morning Revitalized

After breakfast they dressed and climbed into another taxi.

“It’s a bit early for the club, isn’t it?” Janice asked when Tim had the cabbie drop them off in front of AeroDance.”

“Yes, even for a yokel like me,” he laughed. “But you probably noticed that they built the club in an old manufacturing facility. In fact, this whole area was full of small plants that supported the airline industry starting from World War Two and lasting up into the 1970’s.”

Janice looked again at the long, brick building where they’d had so much fun the night before and could easily imagine it as a place making airplane parts or the like.

“When those jobs eventually left,” he continued, “they tried other light manufacturing and transport companies and whatever, but nothing really took hold and the area got pretty run down. Well, when they wanted to upgrade and revitalize the airport, they didn’t want it surrounded by abandoned factories. So, they came up with tax breaks and grants and other incentives to try and gentrify the neighborhood and so far, it seems to be working.”

He’d taken her hand as he spoke and walked her down the street past the club, where she saw a lot of similarly constructed buildings; lots of brick and iron beams and industrial looking. But she also noticed that they seemed clean and well-maintained and when they stopped in front of one of them, she realized it was an art gallery.

They stepped inside and she was amazed at how different the inside was from the outside. It was a 2-story building, but was clearly designed to hold large machines because there was no second floor, except for a gallery along the outside walls. This meant the ceilings soared up nearly 30 feet. And now the central space held large sculptures where stamping machines probably stood in the old days.

They spent the next several hours wandering the revitalized arts district. No two galleries were alike in what they displayed. There were several studios scattered among the galleries and you could watch people paint or take art lessons.

They stopped and took an hour to turn clay at one pottery plant. Tim’s final product looked like an ashtray he might have made at summer camp when he was ten. Janice, on the other hand, had managed a small bowl that could look quite at home on a table, maybe holding nuts or some other snack. The shop staff would glaze and fire güvenilir bahis siteleri the pieces and then send them photos so they could decide if they wanted the potters to ship them to their home.

The area also had a number of restaurants that looked pretty artsy themselves, but for lunch, Janice and Tim stopped at a Greek falafel place that was aimed more at the workers in the area than their customers.

There were so many wonderful things to see that they were constantly reminded of how much of their own backyard they had been missing and they reinforced their pledge to be more open to exploring new things.

That thread of conversation naturally often led to discussion of the erotic explorations they’d been doing so much more of in the past few weeks at home and of course, of the exciting adventures they’d experienced the previous night.

Ch. 40: Saturday Afternoon Vows

When they left the art galleries behind them and returned to their hotel that afternoon, the issue of erotic fantasy and exploration was the main topic of discussion.

“And you’re sure you weren’t jealous when you saw D’Andre kiss me?” asked Janice. “I mean, you’ve let a couple of fantasy guys fuck me as we built up to this trip, but imagining someone touching me is different than seeing it happen for real.”

“Jealous?” Tim mused. “Yes, I have to admit to a twinge when I saw Javier kiss you and you didn’t pull away and a stronger twinge when you returned D’Andre’s kiss.” A blush rose in Janice’s cheeks as he baldly laid out her bad behavior.

“But it faded quickly and I never felt like walking over and punching either guy,” said Tim. “And of course, right before I saw you with Javier, I was telling Big Mama how I wanted to spank her ass and tits. And then later, when you kissed D’Andre, I had already kissed Chante and Crystal.

“I realized that my actions with them were pretty much out of bounds, but I also realized that it was just fun and meant nothing about how I feel about you. So, if that was true for me, then I just figured I had to trust that it was true for you too.”

Janice moved into his arms and looked into his eyes. “It was, baby, it was.”

They kissed deeply and their hands began exploring.

“I still wish I got to see you kiss C I get three choices.”

“Cillian?” Tim said.

“He’s got that Prince Harry ginger bad boy thing going on, but with that beautiful Irish accent,” she replied as she wrestled his shirt up over his head.

Her blouse joined his shirt over on the sofa extension. Her bra followed.

He put his hands on her hips and urged her to stand so he could more easily get her chinos and panties off. Fortunately, they had both kicked off their shoes upon entering the room.

He gripped her ass and kissed her flat tummy. “Then a straight swap would probably be the easiest thing,” he said as his lips moved south. “You get Cillian and I get Deepa.”

She pushed him flat on his back and reached down to pick up his legs by his pants cuffs. Taking hold, she pulled his jeans off and then went back for his briefs. Then she pushed the coffee table back a bit and dropped to her knees on the floor alongside him.

She cradled his growing cock in her hand and showered it with light kisses. “I’ve never seen red pubic hair before,” she mused. “That would be something new.” Then he was in her mouth.

They continued to play with each other and describe what they’d do with their swap partners. They broke off once for just a few moments as they laid down the back of the sofa to create a wide, flat lounge that could be used for a guest bed. Or for another good place to fuck.

They made love in several positions and Janice came twice before she finished Tim in her mouth, swallowing every drop of his warm cream to avoid staining the sofa.

As they lay in each other’s arms, she giggled.

“What?” he asked.

“This is the day we celebrate taking our wedding vows,” she said. “Did we just give each other permission to break them?”

“Happy fucking anniversary? I’ll have to think about that,” he said before kissing her.

Ch. 41: Saturday Evening Dress Up

They spent the next couple of hours at the rooftop swimming pool and spa, watching airplanes come and go through a thick glass dome that cut the noise down from deafening to interesting.

As they sat in the hot tub, Janice said she was serious about what she’d said the day before at the arboretum. She thought they really should make some major changes to the landscaping at their house.

“And iddaa siteleri I still agree,” confirmed Tim. “How about we bring Jerome down to the arboretum and tell him we’re looking for some new inspiration for the lawn, but not tell him that we’re already thinking of going desertscape? Let’s see what he comes up with on his own.”

“I like that idea,” said Janice. “He’s always shown good judgement with taking care of the garden so far.”

“And with choosing dance clubs,” added Tim. “I have to remember to thank him again for finding AeroDance for us.”

“I should have known you had help from someone younger and hipper,” she laughed.

“Oh yeah? How about the younger and hipper dance help he gave you?”

She laughed again. “I won’t deny it. Maybe we ought to try and sneak him in there so he can see his protégés in action. I swear some of the people we saw last night were not yet 21.”

“I think he’s already tried, but got stopped,” said Tim. “If you think about it, all the really young-looking people you’re thinking of were women, weren’t they? Club owners want their places to have a reputation of being filled with hot, young babes so that the guys with the money will show up. So, the doormen don’t look quite as closely at female IDs.”

“Damn! It really is a man’s world isn’t it?” she said irritably. Then she sighed and said, “Well, we still have to find some suitable way of thanking Jerome for his help.” Tim agreed with both statements.

An hour later it was time for another shower to get off the chlorine and a shave for Tim. Then they once again dressed for a night of dinner and dancing. If Tim thought Janice looked amazing in last night’s little red dress, tonight’s little black dress was out of this world. The neckline plunged a bit deeper and showed off more cleavage, but the bodice was shaped to show off her breasts, while still keeping them firmly in place while dancing. The skirt hugged her ass perfectly, while the slit in the side showed extra thigh, but also gave her enough freedom of movement to boogie down without the whole skirt riding up to her waist.

“Oh, my God!” he groaned when she came out of the bedroom.

“You like?” she said with a broad smile, obviously enjoying his reaction. She spun slowly twice and stopped with a hand on one cocked hip.

“I think I said something about you being a knockout in that dress,” he replied. “But honestly, I’d forgotten just how good you look in it. I’m stunned; you win by TKO.”

She walked over, went up on her toes and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I’ll give you the standing eight-count for now, but I hope you’ll be able to answer the bell later.”

“Just like Rocky, baby,” he said in a bad Stallone. “Just like Rocky.” He crooked out his elbow and she slipped an arm through and they were on their way.

Downstairs, as they exited the elevator, Janice took a step towards the front, where the taxi stand was, but Tim directed her the other way, toward the entrance to the parking garage.

“We’re taking our car?” she asked.

“I want us to have a little more freedom tonight,” he said. “The restaurant’s not far from the club, but too far to walk. So that makes for a short taxi ride, which won’t make the driver happy. Plus, depending on what happens at the club, we may want to be able to leave quickly.” He paused. “Or have a comfortable enough place for a parking lot quickie if I can’t control myself after watching you dance in that dress.”

She took an appraising look at their SUV with its leather interior as Tim opened the door for her. “Yes, this would be a lot less awkward than your old VW Golf from college.” They both laughed as they remembered some of their backseat gymnastics from their early days together.

The restaurant was indeed close to AeroDance, maybe half a mile, and Tim pulled up to the valet station, where a young attendant was opening the door for Janice as soon as Tim slipped it into Park. The kid held his hand out to assist her down from the tall vehicle and his eyes bugged and his jaw dropped when she turned toward him and eased one smooth, well-muscled leg out of the car.

He was apparently supposed to be saying, ‘Welcome to’ and the name of the restaurant, but all the kid could manage was, “Wuh-wuh-wuh,” as Janice stepped into the light. Tim came around the front of the car and took the claim ticket from the guy’s one hand, while extricating Janice’s hand from his other.

“Thanks a lot,” he said, before putting a hand in the small of Janice’s back and guiding her toward the restaurant’s entrance. “I think you just scored another TKO,” he whispered into her ear.” Jan put a hand over her mouth to stifle the chuckle so the poor kid wouldn’t know they were laughing about him.

Ch. 42: Saturday Evening Dinner

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