Kristina Rose’s Cum Humiliation

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This story is based on a fantasy of mine and the main girl in this story is the sexy pornstar Kristina Rose and Sophie Dee dominates her. I hope y’all like and please leave me feedback.


Kristina has been one of the most obedient slaves in the slut house since she moved in but today will be her most humiliating adventure she has ever been through. She is the lucky, or unlucky slut, which has been chosen at random to be an actual public cumslut. Sophie Dee has been chosen as the mistress to make sure she fulfills the requirements of her task. Kristina waits on her knees completely naked in the kitchen for her mistress to appear. Mistress Sophie finally enters the room wearing a very sexy and revealing low cut billow dress that does not leave much to the imagination and a pair of knee high leather boots with a 4 inch heel.

Sophie walks over to Kristina and with a good glance at Kristina’s body Sophie says, “So you are today’s lucky little whore? Oh I am going to have so much fun with you today.” Kristina is still on her knees wondering what is in store for her. Sophie starts talking again “I bet you are just dying with anticipation about how you will be used today aren’t you? You are about to be turned into a very public example about what you and all the other whores in this house are good for!” Sophie continues by saying “You must follow one simple rule, you will do anything and everything I tell you to do no questions asked. Now your task will be to become the best cum dumpster ever. You will be dressed in this tiny black tube dress, and you must go up to every guy I tell you to and offer to suck xslot them off right there.

“You will suck him off until he blows his load all over your face, if any goes into your mouth you must swallow it but if it goes anywhere else you are not aloud to clean it off. You will continue to walk around the town offering more and more blowjobs to guys covered in fresh and dried cum. After the guy blows his load on your face you must shout to the world as loud as you can I AM A FILTHY WHORE AND I LOVE CUM!! That way you get plenty of attention. Any guy that refuses to be sucked off means you must pull your top down revealing your breast until the next guy that agrees, and you will bend over right there and I will spank you 10 times in front of everyone. By the end of the day you will be a humiliated, sticky public slut.” Kristina is super nervous about her adventure but is even more afraid of what her punishment would be if she refuses or fails her task.

Kristina receives her dress that she will be wearing and puts on a pair of black 6-inch heels. She then has her collar with her name on it placed around her neck just like all the sluts do before going into public. Sophie looks Kristina up and down and realizes something is missing. Sophie then realizes exactly what is missing and she grabs a black permanent marker. Sophie then writes CUMQUEEN across Kristina’s chest followed by a satisfying look on her face. Sophie connects a leash to her new pets collar and takes her outside to begin the journey.

Sophie and Kristina have now reached the town and it appears that everyone is out in the town today. Kristina’s xslot Giriş heart is pounding as she already sees people staring at her and laughing at her collar and the words written across her chest. Sophie finds a nice bench to sit on and makes her pet get down on her knees like a good dog. Sophie spots a guy sitting down on a bench not to far from her and turns to her pet saying “There is your first cock, I want you to crawl to him on your hands and knees and beg him to suck his cock.” Kristina obeys and crawls to the man who and begs him to let her suck his cock. Sadly the she is not very lucky and the man refuses so she pulls the dress down revealing her boobs and crawls back to her mistress. Sophie is disappointed and bends Kristina over her knee spanking her as hard as she can. People begin laughing very loudly at the fate of Kristina and her face turns extremely red.

Sophie then points out the next target and Kristina again crawls to him begging. This time the man agrees and Kristina takes his cock out of his pants sucking and deep throating the strangers average size cock. The man is ready to blow so Kristina gets even lower and takes the shot all over her face. At the top of her lungs Kristina yells, “I AM A FILTHY WHORE AND I LOVE CUM!!” Kristina feels so embarrassed as she crawls back to her mistress with cum all over her face. A group of 4 guys walks up to Kristina and her mistress and ask what is going on. Sophie explains and offers up her slut to suck their cocks. Kristina sucks each guy off until they finish and when she is done she is now covered in 5 loads of cum all over her face xslot Güncel Giriş and has yelled out 5 times that she is a whore and loves cum. Sophie puts the leash back on her pet and takes her to the local fast food joint.

Sophie orders her slut, now with dried cum all over her face, to go order her some food. Kristina walks to the counter and the man behind the register ask to take her order while obviously staring at Kristina’s cum covered face. Kristina’s face gets more and more red the longer she is there. She finishes the order and once she receives the food she quickly walks back to her mistress. When her mistress finishes she tells Kristina the humiliation is almost done but she has one more task to complete.

Sophie takes Kristina to a light pole in the middle of town and ties her up on her knees pulling her top down revealing Kristina’s breast. Sophie then goes around to every guys she sees and tells them to go to her pet and cum all over the little whore’s face. After 30 minutes and 50 loads of cum from random strangers Sophie tells Kristina to yell out how much she loves being a cumslut. Kristina yells to the world “I FUCKING LOVE CUM ALL OVER MY SLUTTY FACE! I LOVE BEING TURNED INTO A STICKY, DISGUSTING MESS FOR ALL TO SEE!!” Sophie leaves Kristina in this state alone for 30 more minutes as numerous people stare at her, laugh at her, and even take pictures of the degraded cum whore.

Finally Sophie decides the humiliation is over and now walks Kristina home covered in sticky dried cum. When they return to the house Kristina is allowed to cum as much as she wants as long as she does not clean up. All the other sluts in the house watch in aw as she cum over and over again, while still covered in numerous loads from strangers. Kristina knows that she made her mistress very happy and that a good report will be sent to the head master to read.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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