K’s Playground Epilogue

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Aries Steele

Disclaimer: This story, entitled K’s Playground Epilogue, and the people, places, and events depicted in it is an original work of fiction, hereafter referred to as THE STORY. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to people, places, or events in another work of fiction is coincidental. The author of THE STORY has done some research of real techniques, theories, and methods in order to craft THE STORY with details that may help suspend disbelief for any person or persons voluntarily viewing or accessing the content of THE STORY in part or in whole, hereafter referred to as THE READERS. These details are solely for storytelling purposes. THE STORY and the events depicted in it should not under any circumstances be construed as support or encouragement by the author or any other person or persons of any action or actions by any person or persons anywhere or at any time.

Situations or actions depicted in THE STORY may be sexual in nature, including depictions of situations or actions that may be distasteful to or illegal in the jurisdiction or location of THE READERS. THE READERS of THE STORY who do not wish to view material of a sexual nature or consider the depictions of said situations distasteful should not read THE STORY. THE READERS of THE STORY are solely responsible for compliance with and the consequences of any laws or regulations related to the viewing or storage of the content of THE STORY in any jurisdiction or location where THE READERS access or store THE STORY in part or in whole. Any person or persons unwilling or not legally allowed to view the content of THE STORY in their jurisdiction or location may not be shown the content of THE STORY in part or in whole.

All characters depicted in THE STORY are 18 years of age or older.

This is a non-sex epilogue to my chapters inspired by Kate’s Playground, a story by MyJimmy. As I said, it has no sex; it’s just here to wrap up the story and give it a happy(?) ending.

Normally I would say don’t try this at home at this point, but this story has nothing for anyone to try, so just enjoy and don’t try any of the previous stuff at home.


The big day had finally arrived. He sat in the dressing room with Krissy, alone at last. She looked radiant, as beautiful as he had escort bayan ever seen her.

Part of him didn’t think he deserved to see this day come. He thought for sure he had permanently damaged his precious little girl. But now here he was, and she was fine. Happy, confident. Glowing.

“Excited?” he asked.

“Nervous,” she replied, wringing her hands. “You think everything will go ok?” she asked, looking up at him.

For a second he saw the little girl she had been once again, looking to her father for assurance.

“I know it will, honey. This is your day. You look beautiful.”

Krissy smiled and his heart soared. Outside they could hear the sound of the murmuring crowd. There was a gentle knock on the door and Susan came in.

“Five minutes,” she said smiling.

“Ok mom,” Krissy replied.

Susan came over and embraced her daughter. He smiled at Susan and she smiled back at him with a look of loving pride. The kind of love and pride that only a parent can know.

A bond that connected him to Susan even after they were no longer together. Bill stepped into the room behind her, wrapping his arm gently around Susan’s waist.

“Hi guys,” he smiled at them. “Come one honey, time to take our seats.”

He and Krissy smiled back and waved as they left and closed the door, leaving them alone once more.

“I still don’t like him,” Krissy pouted.

“Come on pumpkin, he makes your mom happy. He’s good to her,” he scolded softly.

Bill, as it turned out, had been the reason for so many late nights at work. He had been her supervisor and they had started having an affair. Susan had broken the news to him shortly after Krissy had left for college.

It had been a dark time for him, with Krissy gone and his marriage officially over. But this to shall come to pass, as they say. Krissy had helped him thru that part of his life, comforting with her love, her lips, and…other parts, on frequent visits up to see her at college.

“Besides, if it hadn’t been for him we probably never would have…”

He trailed off. He still didn’t feel comfortable talking about it anymore.

“Although it would have been better for you, so I can see your point.”

Krissy frowned, squeezing his arm.

“You always do that. Stop putting all of it on your shoulders, dad. I’ve told you a thousand times. I’m not bursa vip escort traumatized. I don’t have a deep debilitating secret shame…Well,” she said thoughtfully and scrunching her nose, “ok, maybe just that time those kids caught us doing it in the park. Why did it have to be anal?”

He laughed and Krissy leaned her head against his shoulder.

“I know it’s not for most girls, but I don’t regret it, dad. Is this because you do?”

He looked down at her in surprise.

“No, not at all. My time with you was one of the happiest times of my life. And not just the sex, but all of it. I guess I just feel guilty because…I don’t know. I feel like maybe I tricked you into it with the website stuff.”

“Yah, about that…”

Krissy chewed on her lip and looked vaguely guilty. He looked down at her curiously.

“I may not have been quite as innocent as I led you to believe.”

“How not innocent?” he asked suspiciously.

Krissy giggled.

“Maybe…completely not innocent.”

Krissy put her hand over her face.

“Oh, I can’t believe I never told you this. Ok, don’t get angry. But I was never in an accident with the car.”

“What!” he exclaimed with shock.

Krissy clucked her tongue, an affect she picked up in college and did when she got nervous.

“Yah. Didn’t you ever wonder why you never saw the car wrecked? Or why I never filed an insurance claim?”

“But…but…your injuries…” he sputtered.

“Got pulled off the stage at Silken Desires by some drunk asshole. Fell onto a table and got a little scraped up,” she said with a sheepish grin.

“Silken Desires?”

“The strip club I worked at before I went to the Golden Nugget. I quit working there after that because they didn’t have decent security. Don’t get angry.”

“But the five thousand dollars! The website!”

Krissy chuckled. “Yah. I’d wanted you for a while. I knew I was leaving in a month and would probably never get another chance so I figured if I begged you to keep some big secret for me and casually dropped that I was willing to suck off some random guy for fifty bucks, that you might offer to let me ‘earn’ the money.

“But then you came up with the whole website idea and it seemed like fun so…”

She left the idea hanging.

He couldn’t believe it. It was so absurd.

“But bursa elit escort why did you make me work so hard at it then?”

“Well,” Krissy said, smoothing her hair, “I couldn’t very well just give it away, could I? I’m not some tramp.

“Besides, you got so excited that it made the sex sooo much hotter when we finally did do it. Plus hey, bonus, the money from the website paid for off campus housing all the way thru school. Gave us a nice little place to be alone, right?”

He sat there, stunned. Then he began to laugh. And laugh. He laughed so hard tears were coming down his cheeks. Seeing him laughing, Krissy erupted into a fit of giggles herself.

“Dad, stop! You’re going to make me mess up my makeup.”

He suppressed himself down to a few chuckles, wiping his face off and smiling ear to ear. His grin suddenly became wistful.

“Not my little girl anymore. You’re a woman now,” he sighed. “Tom is a lucky man.”

Tom. Krissy had introduced him in the middle of her junior year. The first boy she ever introduced him to that he liked. He had known right away that it was over between him and Krissy.

But instead of being upset or jealous, he had felt immensely happy for her. For both of them. It had been time, and he had just been hopeful that she could go on to be happy, that he hadn’t done any lasting damage. Although knowing the full story now, that didn’t seem like it had ever really been an issue.

Krissy’s eyes welled up.

“Oh daddy, I’ll always be your little girl,” she said, hugging him.

He closed his eyes and for a moment he almost believed it could be true.

“I told you not to make me mess up my makeup,” she scolded him, dabbing daintily at her eyes.

Outside they could hear the organ suddenly beginning to play.

“It’s time, pumpkin.”

She smiled and took a deep breath. “Here we go,” she said.

Outside the dressing room the air held the perfumed odor of freshly cut flowers. Bright sunlight streamed from the stained glass windows. As they began their walk down the aisle the room hushed.

He looked out into the crowd, smiling and nodding at the faces of friends and family. Susan, the mother of his child, who would always hold a place in his heart. Bill, who after some time he had gotten to know and realized wasn’t such a bad guy. His coworkers at the digital media company where he now worked as the CIO. Marie, his fiancé.

And finally Tom, who he knew would always take care of his little girl. He struggled not to tear up. It was, as he had promised all those years ago, the happiest day of his life.

“Who gives this woman in holy matrimony?”

“I do” he said.

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