Lady of the Manor – The Stables

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This story was edited with the kind help of WhiteWave48. As always my thanks to her.

This is another tale in the adventures of an anonymous lady who has inherited a Manor house and her relationships with her staff.

I hope you enjoy this tale and the other Lady of the Manor stories and please feel free to send feedback.


In order to fully appreciate your grounds, you’ve been out riding one of the horses. You’ve given him free rein to run but now you’re tiring and turn him to head for home.

It’s been a long time since you’ve ridden and your back and thighs are aching with the effort, your nipples are sore where they’ve been rubbing against your T shirt, and your hair is sweaty and stuck to the back of your neck.

You pull the horse into the stable yard, dismount and tether him to his block. The horse drops his head into a waiting bucket of water and drinks deeply, quenching his thirst. Thinking how refreshing that looks, you push his head aside, lift the bucket and pour some of it over your head.

You feel the sudden shock of the ice cold water as it runs over your head and neck.

A cough disturbs you and you turn and see the stable groom behind you.

“Water’s for the horses miss,” he says.

You haven’t noticed him before. His voice is calm and firm. His accent stirs something inside you.

“You’ve split some.”

Looking down, you notice that the water has dripped from your head and some drops have landed on your T-shirt, showing the outline of your nipples.

“It’s my water,” you reply, “And should I choose to wash myself or even bathe in it, I will.”

With that you pick up the bucket again and empty it over your head. This time you can feel it cascade over your body, soaking your breasts and back.

You feel your T-shirt sticking to you and your nipples hardening, pushing out against the damp material.

The groom is staring at you, and as you stare back at him you can see a bulge in his shorts as his gaze takes in your prominent nipples, their dark rings clearly showing through the wetness.

Adjusting himself the groom makes his way to the horse.

Sitting on a nearby hay bale you watch as his hard calloused hands run their way over the horse, feeling its muscles, checking for injuries.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“Checking him. Easing any tight muscles. Relaxing him after his ride.”

You feel the moisture within you build as you imagine those hands easing istanbul escorts your muscles and relaxing you.

“Come here,” you command.

The groom approaches and stands a metre or so away.

“I want you to sooth my muscles. It’s been ages since I’ve ridden and now I need to be relaxed.”

The groom says nothing but you see his eyes flicker over your T-shirt again.

“And I want you to be naked while you do it,” you add.

A sudden glint passes across his eyes but still he says nothing.

His hands move obediently to his shirt and he casually undoes the buttons and pulls the shirt from his shoulders. His body is taut, like a racehorse. Not huge and muscular but clearly defined. Each bar of his stomach muscles stands like a ridge.

He just stands there.

“And the shorts.”

Undoing the shorts, he pulls them down his legs and you can’t help but utter a small grunt of approval to yourself as his hard cock springs upwards, unconstrained by any underwear. It’s big and thick and he is obviously aroused as it points skywards to his stomach.

“Come here,” you say.

He stands in front of you.

You’re still amazed that you have control over these people, surprised that they are your staff and they work for you.

Reaching forward, you take his balls in the palm of your hand, weighing them, feeling the heaviness in them. They feel swollen.

You wrap the forefinger and thumb of your other hand into a ring round the base of his shaft and squeeze him tightly. Gripping tightly you move the ring of your fingers up his erection to just under his cock head, feeling the power of it, strong and firm, almost menacing. A tiny drop of pre-cum emerges from the tip. Looking up and directly into his eyes you lean in and flick your tongue into the tiny hole and lick it clean.

“Now I need you to relax me.”

You stand and turn from him, pulling your T-shirt over your head. You sit back on the hay bale, your breasts firm, your nipples hard and pointing, dark and erect, your legs spread. You can feel your pussy, wet beneath your riding trousers and wonder if the dampness is showing through, if he can see how completely aroused you are.

He walks towards you, his eyes not moving from your breasts, his cock standing tall, his balls swinging. He kneels before you and takes one leg at the ankle, wrapping both hands around it as he begins to slowly massage it, working his way to your knee, sensing the tautness in your calf. He drops the leg and istanbul eskort takes the other, again working the calf muscles, feeling them.

The sensation of his strong hands, rubbing your legs, relaxing your strained muscles feels fantastic. You feel your body relaxing, arousing, warming.

His hands continue upwards, past your knee over your thigh, constantly moving, seeking the knots in your muscles, easing them.

Now he holds both thighs, a hand on each.

You lean backwards, his head lowers to your breast and his tongue flicks quickly over your nipple. You feel the wetness of his saliva on you and your nipples harden more; the charge they feel shoots through you to your centre.

Putting your hands on his head you push him down. Your urgency is building and you need him now. His face brushes against your pussy, pushing into you through your trousers as if he is trying to burrow through them. Reaching behind you he places his fingers in the waistband of your trousers and roughly pulls them down, forcing you to raise your bottom as he yanks them down to your knees, then pulls them off.

He can see your delicious slit, open, exposed as you’re not wearing any pants. Your lips are swollen and red, engorged with your passion, your clit is hard and is begging for attention.

He bends his head to you and licks, just once, directly at you. His tongue seems to dive deep within you, parting your lips and releasing your juices. He looks up at you and you nod at him, giving him assent.

He bends back to his task, his tongue working its way inside you, fucking your pussy. He has still not touched your clit and it needs to be touched, it needs to feel some contact. You reach down and grab his hair and pull him into you. He knows what you want and now his tongue touches you there, at first just a flick across it, then more strongly with regular, long slow strokes.

Your body feels on fire. It feels like your whole person is centred on your clit, raising your hips you thrust against him then your body spasms as he places his mouth over your clit and sucks it. He sucks it hard into his mouth and his tongue flicks over it; the pressure of his sucking, the pulsing of his tongue draws you closer to your orgasm.

Pulling his head up you look him in the eye.

“Fuck me,” you say. “Fuck me hard, fuck me now. Fill me with your hard cock.”

You turn on the bale and present your bottom to him, your knees spread, your hand on your clit maintaining the pressure within eskort istanbul you, wanting to feel his hardness within you.

He pauses, looking intently at the sight you’re presenting to him, the twin globes of your ass joining to the intense warmth and beauty of your pussy. He removes your hand from your clit and massages it himself, slipping his fingers into you, pulling your pussy open, getting it ready for him.

He stands, and taking his cock in his hand guides it towards you. You feel the tip of it brush against your lips, just waiting, not rushing inside you, almost teasing you.

You reach behind and grab him, pulling him into you. As the tip slides inside, you give a low moan as you feel yourself being filled, being stretched as inch by inch your bodies are joined. He slowly pushes into you until his balls are against you, your pussy is tightly wrapped around him and you feel full.

He pulls back out, leaving just the tip inside you, then forces himself back in. He’s more aggressive now and begins to fuck you in earnest, pummelling his hardness inside you. With each stroke your body becomes fuller, more alive.

You can feel your orgasm ripening and you reach down and touch yourself again. Your finger tips work your clit quickly so that you can come, so that you can feel your body erupt with this hardness inside you.

His cock is pistoning into you now. Faster and faster he pushes inside you and you know that he can’t last much longer.

You breathe deeply and your senses take in the whole environment, the smell of the stables, the roughness of the hay bale beneath your knees, the sense of completeness as your coupling reaches its final stages.

He takes your cheeks in his hands as he thrusts powerfully into you, gripping them tightly, pulling himself back into you.

Suddenly you feel you body tighten as your orgasm shoots through you, through your nipples, through your pussy, through your clit around his cock as he thrusts inside you one more time. Deeper than before, as he comes inside you, he is filling you with his cum, pushing it into you. You believe you can feel it surging through your body, through your stomach and you taste it in your mouth as he empties himself in you. You push yourself back against him, wanting to take every possible moment of ecstasy.

Eventually you tire, your arms hurt from supporting your upper body, your knees are sore from the hay bale, and your pussy is raw and dripping with your combined juices. Turning to face him, you see his face reddened, his cock hanging limply now, still semi-hard, covered in your juices.

Taking your trousers and T-Shirt in your hands you walk toward the house.

“Thank you,” you call back to him. “Make sure the horses are watered well.”

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