Lait Maternal Pt. 02

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“Penny? Ms. MacKenzie will see you now.”

Penny got up from her seat and walked to the door, approaching a petite young thing. She had long red hair that was straightened, with cute little bangs. Her glasses set off her cuteness, with just a subtle amount of freckles.

“Pleasure to meet you, Penny. I am Bernadette, but you can call me Bee. Follow me, please.”

Shaking her hand, “Thank you, Bee.” Penny followed the girl down a long corridor with the usual amount of décor. Some plush furniture, selected artwork. The place was actually finished on this side of the reception area. Upon reaching the end of the hallway, Bee knocked twice on sturdy-looking wooden door and opened it.

“Ms. MacKenzie? Penny to see you, Ma’am.”

Ma’am, Penny thought? That was rather formal, but they are interviewing for new employees so she could have been extra formal on her behalf.

“Thank you, Bee. Show ‘er in.”, as Bee raised her arm to guide Penny to Ashlee’s desk.

“Ah, Penny. Yes. Please. Sit. Sit. I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you.”, with an accent that was unmistakably French.

Ashlee MacKenzie’s office was done up to the nines. Plush carpet, very sturdy, classic oak desk with matching chairs. Artwork which was very abstract, and an ominous looking pipe-contraption in the corner. Seeing Penny notice it, Ashlee quickly interjected, “Ah. You notice my posture trainer. A novelty item. I always joke that if my model’s do not stand up straight, I will lock them in it until they do.”, laughing casually.

This broke the tension, and for the next 5 minutes, pleasantries were exchanged as Ashlee looked over the paperwork Penny had completed. Ashlee spent a while reviewing Penny’s answers to the more personal questions, smiling as she did so. Putting her glasses on the desk, she looked up and smiled.

“Penny, I cannot lie to you. I knew who you were the moment I saw your email. I was… and still am… a huge fan of your work. It was a terrible stroke of luck with zee Bedroom Eyes scandal, but ‘opefully we can re-start your modeling career here at Lait Maternel. It will not be quite as ‘igh-profile as you are used to, but we ‘ope to be an international brand by the end of the year. I ‘ope, with you as the face of our company, we can both ‘elp each other to be successful.”

Wow, Penny didn’t expect that, but at the same time wasn’t about to turn it down.

“Oh, Ash… I mean… Ms. MacKenzie, you have no idea how happy that makes me feel. It has been a rough few months and I thought no one would ever hire me again!”

Sitting back now in her chair, fingers intertwined on her desk, Ashlee continued.

“Please. Ashlee. You will call me Ashlee. Now, I do want to let you know of a few things. I am a firm… very firm believer in knowing your product. I cannot ‘ave someone be the face of my company if they do not know every product of mine inside and out. You will ‘ave to learn every product intimately like you invented it yourself. Some of my lines can be… well… rather personal but if you get asked any questions about them, I need to know you will be knowledgeable. Is that clear?”

Penny nodded almost constantly throughout Ashlee’s direction, much like a solar-powered bobblehead.

“Yes, of course. Anything. I cannot wait to get started!”

Ashlee slid a packet of papers across the desk to Penny.

“Before we go further, you will sign this contract. It says you are owned… professionally of course…”, chuckling, “by Lait Maternel Inc. Some of our products are still being tested but due to their groundbreaking nature, we cannot have any secrets leaking to our competitors without there being consequence, Yes? It says you will comply and agree to test all products we design. We will, of course, make sure that we do not deliberately give you something you are allergic to, but your paperwork says no known allergies so that pleases me. You will test and evaluate Bostancı escort everything to the best of your ability, and ‘owever we require it be tested. No questions asked, Yes?”

Blindly signing and dating the paperwork, Penny nodded in agreement.

“Good. I am glad to see you are a new employee ‘ere at Lait Maternel Inc. C’est magnifique! The modeling spreads will be done as and when we are ready to launch a product. So, you will be our tester so you can experience everything, and then also what the public will see when they learn of our product lines. Our HR representative will go over salary and benefits, but I have an important conference call to take now, so I must ask you leave. Tell Bee that you are part of the team and she will give you some sample products to use once you get home.”

Almost in tears, Penny stood and shook Ashlee’s hand in a very genuine, appreciative way. Ashlee quickly took the papers just signed and put them in her desk drawer, locking it.

“Yes, yes my girl. You will come back tomorrow morning at 9 for your first day. You are going to ‘elp our cause in more ways than you ever expected. Do not be late… and follow any instructions given to you.”

Without even being summoned, Bee opened the door to the office and motioned Penny to follow her to leave. “Bee, Ms. Mac… Ashlee wanted me to tell you I got hired.” Bee didn’t react much, her eyes focused in front of her, but she did seem to be whispering something to herself over and over again. Penny quietened down, and could just make out “Give her the samples. A good girl doesn’t forget the samples. Give her the samples. A good girl doesn’t forget the samples.” It seemed odd, but maybe Bee is forgetful and it’s a way for her to remember. She beamed as she followed Bee back into the reception area, and accepted a very nice, small white leather bag that was zipped closed. Bee, seemingly returning to normal almost at once, smiled and welcomed her aboard before whispering something in the receptionist’s ear and leaving through another door.

The receptionist looked at her computer and then, lowering her glasses, provided Penny an appointment card. “First day legal stuff. Bring your ID’s back and be prepared to fill out forms. Oh.. and… “, again looking around to see who was watching or listening lowered her voice, “please… for your sake… if Ashlee gave you anything to try, she expects it done yesterday. It would be very beneficial for you to come tomorrow with some feedback and reactions to some of the items in here.”, tapping the white leather bag. She smiled in a strange way and mouthed “the white tube”, while using her hands to silently describe something about 5 inches long in the bag. With a puzzled look, Penny left and head for home. It was been quite the afternoon… but she had a job! A job! She beamed on the way home and, uncharacteristically sang along with the tunes on her car stereo as she drove back to her apartment. On the way, she stopped at the grocery store and treated herself to a steak, a baked potato, and some sides, and a nice bottle of tequila. She would be celebrating tonight!

Locking the door to her apartment behind her, she squealed in delight at the top of her lungs. It was a reaction of sheer happiness and relief. A huge weight off of her shoulders, her financial security was for now secured. Changing out of her clothes, she wore a silk robe over her lingerie, and lovingly prepared her meal, enjoying every bite of it. The multiple shots of her favorite anejo tequila certainly made all her stresses and worries fade into oblivion as well. Slumping into the plush couch, she spied the white leather bag she had left by the door. Remembering the receptionists advice, she got up and brought it back to the couch, smelling the obvious newness of the bag, and unzipping it slowly.

Inside the bag she found and assortment of products, all sealed in plain white vessels, individually Anadolu Yakası Escort stored in clear, plastic containers. Each container had a sticker with a lot number and vague description stuck to it, but she could see a piece of folded paper in each that contained instructions, cautions, and, she was sure, a myriad of disclaimers. There was also a stapled packet of evaluation forms. One box had a ‘Keep Refrigerated’ sticker on it, so Penny quickly opened it to find some protein shakes that she promptly put in her fridge.

Sitting back down, the first box contained a all-over body cream. It was the biggest tub, and per the instructions, she was to apply it quite liberally the first time. A little dizzy from the alcohol, she chuckled to herself at the word ‘liberally’, like a small child hearing their first rude word, but reading on the directions were quite straightforward.

Penny nonchalantly stripped naked and jumped in the shower, making sure the water was as hot as she could manage. Lathering up her body, she resisted the urge to cum, but did edge herself three times, using several pulse settings on her shower head. She loved the temperature of the water against her sensitive nub as she bit down on her nipples.

The instructions recommended applying the cream immediately after drying from a hot shower. Her pores would be open fully, allowing for the cream to absorb quickly. Every inch of her skin from her neck down should be covered, which she did explicitly. As there was no definition of ‘liberal’ that she could see, she applied the cream to her body twice for good measure. It felt good. The cream made her skin feel ultra-smooth, and there was a noticeable warming effect too. It wasn’t burning, but it was a comforting and, as times, tingly sensation she certainly was not resistant to. Not feeling the need to dress in the comfort of her own home, she took another shot of tequila and filled out the evaluation form, putting checks in the appropriate boxes, and wrote in comments where it noted.

The next item was the white tube that the receptionist had recommended. Her eyes widened as she read the label. It was an tester for a new type of anal lubricant, guaranteed, according to the paperwork, to reduce discomfort when being penetrated. Penny had yet to cum, and the thought of doing so made her ache so she made the decision to try this product out using her ‘invisible lover’, still attached to her bedroom mirror. She got up and detached it from it’s reflective torso, and applied the suction cup to the hardwood floor in front of it. Not generally fond of anal, she was hesitant, but applied the cream to her finger, and reached under her torso to apply it to her asshole, gasping as the cold cream made contact with her sensitive skin, but making sure to rub it all around her hole, while dipping a finger in to get the inner walls too. Then, she applied the rest to the dildo, giving the phallus a handjob-like treatment. Scared and excited at the same time, she took a deep breath and squatted down over her lover, feeling the silicone head against her private back hole.

“Three…. two…. one…”, she counted down and slowly allowed gravity to pull her weight onto the cock. She bit her lip as she felt her sphincter start to expand, but was surprised at the lack of dull ache she had experienced with her past lovers. The dildo slipped rather easily and effortlessly into her ass, her mouth hanging open in awe as she watched inch by inch slip into her body. It only stopped when she realized she was in a full squat position, as low as she could go. She pulled herself up, and let herself down slowly to acclimate her asshole to this thick monster. Still no pain. She placed the palms of her hands on the floor in front of her and began riding the dildo, cowgirl style. It effortlessly slid in and out of her asshole. She felt around her hole, to find it was warm to the touch and numb. Convinced Kadıköy Escort she was fine, she closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the experience. She started to toy with her clit, and smiled as she felt the familiar wave of pleasure building. But, all of a sudden it stopped! Her clit was numb! “Shit!”, she said out loud in frustration. She still had the lube on her fingers. The same numbing formula she applied to her asshole was now working it’s magic in front too. She could feel no sensation even when pinching and pulling at her clitoris, and even her labia were starting to lose sensation as well. Quickly, she got up, feeling and hearing her lover pop out of her ass, and ran to the bathroom to get a washcloth. She wet it and rubbed her pussy, hoping to clean off any more of the numbing residual lubricant, and washed her hands thoroughly.

Walking back into the bedroom, she lowered herself onto the dildo fully… sitting on the floor so her lover’s balls pressed against her, and rocked back and forth, toying with herself desperate for feeling so she could experience the release she yearned for. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine every sordid, depraved sexual act she could think of, trying to jump-start her clit with a lust-filled thoughts. After about 10 minutes, she finally felt it… her clit had awoken from it’s temporary slumber and was engorged. Sighing in relief, she was sweating but took every ounce of her being to will her orgasm to the surface. She imagined being spit-roasted and pummeled from both ends. A hung, young stud in front, and a buxom, strapon-wielding girl in back. When her mind forced her to believe she was gagging on his long cock as he released his seed directly down her throat, her orgasm hit and she moaned loudly without caring if her neighbors were home. She spasmed and relished her cum for what seemed like an eternity. Finally building enough strength, she rolled herself off of her rubber cock and lay on the floor, panting as the cool air enveloped her body. Feeling behind, her asshole was agape. She was not surprised considering what was in it for that length of time. But, what she didn’t expect was the feeling of her breasts being full, almost as if they were stretching the skin. She looked down and gasped in horror as her nipples tingled and were unmistakably wet. Lifting one of her breasts to look, she was lactating! There was a puddle of white milk below her, and she realized that some of her ‘sweat’ was actually milk that had been running down her tummy, between her legs and down her thighs.

Penny rushed to the bathroom and looked at her breasts in the mirror. She had never lactated in her life, and now her engorged nipples were like little dairy faucets. Squeezing them, a stream of milk splashed the mirror but in the midst of her tears welling up, she realized the pressure she was feeling in her breasts was dissipating. She milked herself into her bathroom sink for a good 15 minutes before the ache left her. Still confused and upset, she showered and sat on the couch in her bathrobe in dismay. Realizing she still had to fill out the evaluation form, she quickly filled it out, and was reluctant to mention the lactating part, but included it anyway. If anything, they might not give her any more of that if they realized the reaction it caused. Dabbing her nipples of the remaining droplets, she concluded that her lowered heart-rate must have stopped the lactation; she definitely was more composed. She added this observation to the evaluation form, happily thinking to herself that she had documented her findings well. She went back into the bedroom and cleaned up, using a towel to pick up the monster love tool which she put it in the dishwasher. She didn’t need to numb anything else tonight!

The after-effects of her sex play still on her mind, the agave-induced buzz she felt before was gone. Even though she was scared by what had happened after, she couldn’t deny she experienced the best orgasm of her life. It was time for bed. Penny slept well, experiencing sex-charged lucid dreams throughout most of the night and before she knew it, was startled awake by her alarm clock. A new day… her first day at Lait Maternal, Inc. was only hours away from beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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