Large Lifestyle Ch. 02

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Big Ass

In part 1, Rick and Carol met for drinks. They were good friends in high school… but a little get together became something more. But the night is still young…


I lay there in the back of Carol’s rented Tahoe, panting. Carol had basically just had her way with me. She’d given me a blow job, frankly one of the most exciting blow jobs I’d ever gotten. On top of that, we were in the parking lot of our old high school, we could see practically the whole campus from our little dark corner of the main lot, and there I had been getting a blow job from one of my best friends in high school. Who just happened to be a woman I had fantasized about on several occasions. Okay, more than several.

After a few glorious minutes, she’d stopped. I thought we were going to continue our journey back to her hotel. Carol had other plans. She fucked my brains out. Got on top of me and rode me hard, like that had been her plan the whole time. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. The problem was, we had gotten condoms, but she’d asked me not to use them. “Just please don’t cum,” she’d said. Meanwhile the need built inside me. Part of me couldn’t believe I hadn’t, it had taken real effort not to while she slammed herself up and down on me, with her gorgeous body writhing all over me and her breasts in my face. But I’d done it. I’d resisted the urge long enough for her to get her rocks off.

She lay next to me, similarly panting, trying to regain her breath. I looked at her again. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing steadily in and out. She had a very peaceful, happy look on her face. She was smiling lightly and a little stress seemed to have drained from her features. I wondered how long it had been since she’d had sex. It’d been a little while for me. I glanced down at my still hard dick. I still felt very positive about this whole experience. Even if it ended right now, it’d been a hell of a time. I still felt good from being inside her, being ridden by her.

I thought about how we were in high school. Talking everyday, hanging out after school, going to each others different events for support. I went to her soccer games, she went to my baseball games. I watched her sing in the music group, she watched me in a few plays. We talked on the phone all the time. Not necessarily every night, but a lot. I had always thought she was pretty, even told her what a knockout she was on a few occasions. But somehow, that was all it had ever been. We were very good friends, but nothing more than that.

Of course, a few times I had come close to asking her out or telling her that I thought maybe we had something special. But I never did, and she never expressed any special feelings for me either. Beyond friendship. We both had known and even told each other we had a special friendship, but there hadn’t been any declarations of a romantic type.

Being a hormone fueled teenager, I’d most certainly spent some time… thinking about Carol. She was a knockout, what was I supposed to do? I thought about a lot of the girls in high school, so there hadn’t been any reason to draw any special conclusions just because her looks sent my blood pressure spiking.

Being here, now though, it felt right. Really right.

Carol opened her eyes and I kissed her on the lips. She playfully pushed Trabzon Escort me away, then said, “Get a condom.” Almost instantly, I went from semi-soft to being hard again. God damn, I needed to cum so badly. Looking around, I confirmed that the coast was clear. We were still alone in the deserted parking lot. It was summertime. It was 1 am. We were alone.

I opened up the rear passenger door and got out, stark naked. It felt good to be out in the fresh air. I felt the sweat blow off me from a light breeze. It felt good to be walking around naked, hard. Like I was doing something dirty…. which I guess we were. I opened up the front passenger door and grabbed the box of condoms and retrieved one. I took another look around and then got into the back area again with Carol.

She was… patiently waiting for me. To say the least. She was facing the front window, facing the school. On her hands and knees, bent down so her head was resting on a small pile of my clothes. Her butt pointing high in the air. Inviting me. This being a big SUV, the ceiling was high, but even so, I wasn’t going to have a ton of vertical room. I crawled behind her and admired her nice round butt.

I placed one hand on each cheek and grabbed firmly. She moaned lightly. Her butt felt very firm and very nicely round. “C’mon and fuck me, I want to get back to the hotel.” Carol demanded. She wanted my dick back inside her, now. I wondered if she’d have another orgasm. I put the Lifestyle Skyn Large condom on and put the head of my penis at her entrance, teasing her. My dick was throbbing, stretched as long as it could go. No way could I last long. I pressed my fat head inside her and she moaned a little louder. Then I pulled it out all the way. Then I pushed the head back in and felt her tighten around me, not wanting to let me out. Teasing her, I pulled out again. I rubbed it around her entrance again and gave her a little smack on each ass cheek. She cried out playfully and I decided we had probably both had enough. I put myself inside her and allowed my dick to get a little deeper, about halfway in. I leaned over her, laying my body down on her back so that my head wasn’t bumping the roof of the car anymore. She got the message and let her body sink lower. Now she was almost flat on the cargo area, her head facing the window and looking out at the school.

I pushed my penis all the way inside her and now she really moaned. “Oh yea baby, god… that feels so good. Are you gonna cum for me soon?”

As I felt her body get more comfortable beneath me and around my big dick, I started thrusting in and out of her, gently at first. But I had a mind to speed up soon. “Yea Carol, I need to. Is it ok if I give it to you a little harder?”

Carol turned her head away from the school and looked at me, “You want to fuck me hard?”

I sped up a little, thrusting as deep as I could get each time. “Yea baby, I need to. Your body feels ….” I moaned, loudly. “You feel incredible. I really need to fuck you harder.”

Carol turned back towards the front of the car and spoke loudly, “Do it Rick, fuck me hard. Hard as you want OK?”

Holy shit, I thought. I sped up and started building my way to giving it to her as hard as I wanted. I loved being behind her. It was my favorite position. Trabzon Escort Bayan I generally preferred the way she had started out, but the cramped quarters of the truck didn’t really make that comfortable. This was perfectly alright though. I started slamming my whole body down on Carol, my dick penetrating even deeper into her than it had before. With each downward thrust she started to moan loudly.

I reached under her and put my hands on her breasts. They excited me even more as I felt her hard nipples in my hands. My pace quickened again, I was going as fast as I could. Sweat began to drip off me and roll onto her back. I felt the need to cum building again, threatening to overtake me at any moment. I yelled, “I’m gonna cum Carol!”

She cried out and said, “Me too! Please keep going… oh god!” I didn’t think I could stop, even if I wanted to. There it was, I felt it. My orgasm burst over me. I felt load after load dumped into the condom as I slammed into Carols amazing body over and over again. Heat washed over me and I was yelling incoherently over and over. I felt a primal wish that I was pouring my seed into her willing, needy, body; but that wasn’t a good idea right now. In my mind, though, thats what I was picturing. As the amazing orgasm shot through my body I stared down at Carol, herself writhing through another orgasm, crying out for more. I stared down at her and imagined my sperm filling her up and her begging for more.

My thrusts started to slow down as I finished spurting at last. Coming back down to Earth I knew I needed to stop, I was spent. Her back was still arched upwards. Carol turned to look at me, a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face, tears of exertion dripping from her eyes. She managed to say, “please don’t stop” through clenched teeth.

I tried to stiffen my dick as I sped back up a little and thrust into her body again. I spanked her ass and grabbed hold of it, forcing myself to keep thrusting in and out. Finally, she cried out one last time and then collapsed a few inches. Done. I sighed heavily and gently removed myself from her, sitting down towards the back of the truck. I felt hot, her body was on fire. I needed to get a little cool air. I breathed heavily and realized I felt a little dizzy.

The sound of our collective heavy breathing filled the Tahoe. I opened up the back tailgate to let some fresh air in. I removed the condom. Not knowing what else to do I threw it into the woods. Not something I would normally do, but I certainly wasn’t going to hold onto it until we got to a more appropriate location. Taking a few deep breaths of the air, I shut the back and moved over to Carol, laying down next to her and resuming my efforts to catch my breath. That had been amazing, to say the least.

A few minutes passed in silence, the both of us enjoying just how much fun that had been and trying to catch our breaths before we left. Carol spoke up, “I’m sorry.” I chuckled a little, “What are you sorry for, that was really… really enjoyable.”

“For asking you to keep going after you came, I know that probably wasn’t easy.”

“Oh you know that do you?” I smiled. Carol turned over and looked at me. “Sure, I mean, you know, I’ve been with guys before where something sorta similar has happened. Escort Trabzon They told me its a little hard to keep going after they already had theirs.”

“Well, yea, it is kinda weirdly difficult. But, I really… really, enjoyed making you cum again. I wanted you to and it made me really happy that you were enjoying yourself that much. Was it… uh… good?”

Carol lay flat on her back, her gorgeous breasts practically begging me to grab them again. She smiled, “oh my god yea. It was incredible. That’s why I asked you to keep going. It felt like I was cumming the whole time, as soon as you started giving it to me hard it like… crashed into me. When I felt you burst thats when it really hit me, I came so hard….”

Carol stared off into space for a second, then breathed out quickly, “Anyway, that was great. But, I guess we should get out of here. I’ve got a much more comfortable place we can hang out after all.”

We both put our clothes back on as best we could, they certainly weren’t straight, and then we climbed back into our respective seats in front and started back towards our original destination.

While she drove I got to think about what we’d just done. It continued to feel right. Besides the sex being great, emotionally it felt right. I relived the moment when I came, when my dick swelled and I felt her insides clamping down all around me. I thought back to the urge I’d had to fill her with my sperm. I’d been grabbing onto her ample breasts, she was basically laying on my hands. When I came I squeezed them so hard, I might have hurt her, but she didn’t say anything at the time or after. I couldn’t help it, it felt so good holding them and when I came it felt even better. Like my hands on her breasts, cumming inside her, our bodies touching… it all formed a giant link of pleasure. I’d willfully imagined shooting my sperm into her body, I imagined her feeling the hot spurts coating her walls. I wanted to fill her up, not just with my dick. I imagined her getting pregnant. Kind of a crazy thought since I didn’t REALLY want her to get pregnant, and I didn’t want to be a father. Part of me felt guilty about thinking all that, but another part was excited. Like it meant something, like I really wanted her. Like I needed her. When I’d been behind her, on top of her from behind really, I’d felt something similar. Like I was possessing her, and that she wanted me to possess her. Our bodies touching felt electric, every part of my skin that touched hers felt something …. special.

And then she’d looked at me. I had kind of been assuming that she was just taking my dick because she knew I needed to cum. I thought she had asked me to fuck her hard partly so it would go quickly, in the past women I had been with who came first had told me to finish. Not that it felt bad for them, but that they were just kinda done. But when she looked at me I knew all her moaning wasn’t for show, I knew she was coming again. It turned me on so bad. Partly because it stocked my ego that I had this effect on her, but also that we had this effect on each other.

And then she’d told me how special it’d been for her. It had been pretty special for both of us apparently.

I knew we were almost there when we turned off the highway again. Carol looked at me, “So… are you gonna cum in my mouth if I give you a blow job again?”

As I’d been thinking about the sex again, my dick had gotten hard. Now, it got even more excited. “Yes.” I felt like that’s all I needed to say.

“Good, because that’s what I want.”

To be continued…

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