Last Night

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Nick slipped out of Becca’s bed, careful not to wake her. He studied her sleeping form for a moment, wondering if last night had been a mistake. He knew she’d really been too drunk for it- but she’d said she wanted him- her body definitely had, but he didn’t know that she’d even remember what had happened. He knew he should have said no, but he’d wanted her for so long- he couldn’t resist her intoxicated invitation. He put his clothes back on and smoothed down his hair, smiling at his reflection in the mirror. Becca had been a lot wilder than he’d expected- he didn’t know if it was the alcohol or if that’s the way she always was. He’d quickly decided he’d like another chance to see- but first he had to figure out what Becca could remember about last night.

He went into her kitchen, getting a glass of water and some aspirin. He walked back into her room, setting the glass on her nightstand. “Bec, c’mon.. wake up.”

Becca groaned and pulled the pillow over her head. Where was she and who was talking to her?

Nick lightly gripped her shoulder and shook her very gently. “C’mon Bec.”

Becca moved the pillow and squinted at the fuzzy outline of the person sitting on the edge of her bed. Why would Nick be here now? “Nick?”

“Yeah. Mornin’. Or well, Afternoon.” he said, handing her the aspirin and water.

“Thanks.” she mumbled, swallowing the aspirin and gulping down the water. She set the glass down, “I can’t believe I drank that much last night.”

“So, you do remember last night?” he asked.

Becca tried to think for a moment, then put her hands to her head and grimaced. “I don’t know.. but to feel this bad, it had to be a lot!” She lay back in the pillows. “Why do you seem okay? You were drinking, too.”

‘At least she knows I was there.’ he thought. “Yeah, but I stopped way before you did, and I didn’t do all those shots like you did.”

“Shots…. shots…” Becca tried to recall which ones she’d done. “The only shot I remember doing was sucking that blow job out of the glass over that guy’s dick..” she stopped for a second, and suddenly realized who the guy had been. “Oh god, that was you!!”

Nick nodded. He’d been sure he’d have to bolt to the bathroom for quick relief after having to lie down on stage and hold a shot glass in place on his cock while Becca sucked the drink out. He’d watched her so intently, wanting to memorize exactly how she looked on her hands and knees, leaning over him- her breasts about to tumble out of her tight, low cut top, her tongue snaking in and out of the glass while the crowd chanted “suck it!”.. he could feel himself beginning to get turned on again just thinking about it.

Becca sighed, “Okay, it’s beginning to come back to me.”

Nick wondered how much was coming back- like the part of her asking him to go to the bar with her or for him to come back to her place. “You remember the strip tease on the table?”

Becca covered her canlı bahis face with her hands, “I really did that? I was hoping I just imagined that part.”

“No, you actually did it. And you actually had every guy in the room wanting to buy your drinks and take you home with them. And you even had one marriage proposal if I remember correctly.” he chuckled.

What she remembered about her table dancing performance was catching Nick’s eyes when she’d been inching her pants down lower and lower on her hips. She’d immediately gotten wet from the lustful look he’d had. She’d decided right then that she had to have him. She’d long been tired of just being his friend and figured last night could be the perfect excuse to get closer to him. She looked right at Nick, who appeared to have become somewhat more serious. “What happened after that?”

When Becca had stepped down off the table she’d been dancing on, the only thought in Nick’s mind had been how badly he wanted her. He’d been a little surprised but was completely receptive when her hands had slid into his back pockets and she’d pulled him close to her, her lips crashing against his in a forceful kiss. “You kissed me.” he said quietly.

“Did you like it?” she asked.

Nick looked over at her- messy hair spread out over the pillow, makeup from last night still streaking her face, and nodded, “Yes. Very much.”

Becca sat up and reached to grab Nick’s collar, tugging him toward her. “So did I.”

“You remember that?”

“How could I forget? I finally got up the nerve to ask you back to my place.. and you said yes.. ” she said, leaning in to kiss his neck.

Nick tilted his head a little, “So, then, you know what happened when we came back here?”

Becca took a few nips at his earlobe, then said, “Yes. I sat you down on the couch and gave you a real strip show.”

Nick’s hands wondered over her back, “You took off your shirt and bra and threw them at me and wiggled out of your pants- I couldn’t believe you weren’t wearing any underwear… and then you tripped and fell right into my lap..”

She continued to nibble at his collarbone, “That wasn’t entirely an accident.” she giggled. “And then you carried me to my bedroom.. I wanted to watch you take your clothes off.. but you didn’t let me see.. and you crawled into bed with me.. started kissing my breasts and..” she gasped as Nick pulled back the sheets, revealing her still naked body and began sucking at the tender flesh around her nipples.

He glanced up at her, that same lustful look that he had last night in his eyes, “And then you got impatient…”

Becca took a deep shaky breath, her body responding to his attention. “Let me make up for that…” She slipped out of bed, and pulled Nick to stand up with her. Her hands slid under his shirt, her fingers dancing over his warm skin as she pushed his shirt up and off of him. She leaned close to him, her arms winding around his waist bahis siteleri as her tongue trailed over and around his nipples. She kissed down his chest, over his abs, pausing to place light kisses around his belly button. Her hands came back around his waist to unbutton his khakis and she tugged his pants and boxers slowly down his legs, giving herself the show she’d missed last night. She took his hands and led him to step out of his pants, bringing him back to her, moving back to the bed.

Nick wondered what she had in mind… last night she’d completely surprised him, slinking into the bed, stretching out like a cat, and begging him to take her from behind- facing the mirror, so they could both watch. He’d insisted on taking time to acquaint himself with her body, though, rolling her over, letting his lips explore her chest and thighs before pulling her back onto her hands and knees.

Becca pointed to the center of the bed, “Down, boy.” she whispered.

Nick lay down, and watched as she situated herself over him, settling on his stomach, just close enough to his cock that he could feel it brush against her ass as it twitched, aching for attention. He could feel how wet she was, the warmth radiating from her pussy against his skin. His heart was beating faster, waiting for her next move.

She began lightly sweeping her fingertips over his chest, speaking softly to him. “Last night… when you were touching me… your hands and mouth all over my body… you felt so good… ” she scooted back a little, her wetness skimming over his cock, and she leaned down kissing over his chest. “I wanted to feel you inside me so much.. do you have any idea how many times I dreamed about that?” she looked up and smiled at him, “You felt even better than I had imagined.”

Nick felt like his heart was about to explode- everything she said was turning him on more, her touch making him even more excited. He gasped as she moved further back and gently wrapped her fingers around him, slowly stroking his length. He moaned, grateful for the attention, but wishing he could feel the silky tightness of her pussy caressing him.

Becca continued to move her hand, grasping with more pressure, then releasing. “I wanted to watch us… I love the way you looked so powerful… the way I looked because of that power…”

Nick couldn’t take it anymore. He sat up, slipping his hands under her arms, and pulled her towards him. He groaned as she gave him another sexy smile, and pushed him back down onto the bed.

“Now who’s impatient?” she asked, bringing her finger to her lips, licking her fingertip and tracing Nick’s lips with her finger.

Nick kissed the tip of her finger, and slid his hands up over her thighs, and grasped her hips, moving her to where he wanted her. He thrust his hips up, his cock gliding over her pussy, making her moan.

Becca immediately arranged herself, sinking down onto him, unable to resist bahis şirketleri the slight teasing of feeling him against her but not inside her.

Nick sighed deeply, nearly lost in feeling her again. He was glad to know that she was okay with last night.. had even wanted it, like he had. He growled softly as her nails skidded down his chest and she tilted her hips forward, beginning a slow rhythmic rocking. He moved his hands from her hips, up her back, pressing gently on her shoulders to bring her down to him.

Becca willingly let Nick’s hands guide her close to him, her breasts pressing against his chest, her lips brushing lightly over his before capturing them in a soft open-mouth kiss. She moaned quietly, feeling Nick’s arms come around her, holding her to his chest as she kept rocking her hips, just enough to savor the friction of their bodies moving against each other.

Nick rolled over her without breaking their kiss, and settled himself on top of her. So she apparently wasn’t always as wild as she had been last night, but he didn’t mind this either- her arms and legs wrapped around him, her tongue gliding over his in a rhythm that nearly matched his thrusting.

Becca slowly turned her face away from Nick’s not wanting the kiss to end, but needing to gasp for air as her body began to feel the tingly heat of her approaching climax. She opened her eyes, wanting to see Nick’s face- watching his expressions last night had done incredible things to her… and being able to see her own had sent her completely over the edge. She could only see his now, but that was enough.. the way his face would scrunch up- nose wrinkled, eyes shut tightly- each time he would thrust into her.. had her nearly desparate to see him cumming. Her hands slid down his back, over the curve of his ass, trying to push him deeper inside her as she clenched her walls around his cock.

Nick bowed his head to nip at Becca’s neck, his lips skimming over her skin in between the gentle bites. His movements were harder and faster… he liked that Becca would instantly match his thrusts, working her body with his, just as she had last night, grinding back against him. He bit down hard just above her collarbone as he came, moaning against her flesh, his orgasm causing his body to tremble in the hold Becca had on him.

Becca shrieked when she felt Nick’s teeth on her skin, the delightful pang bringing her climax rushing through her. Her head pressed back into the pillows, shuddering from the force of the release and Nick’s shallow breathing blowing against her neck.

Nick waited a few minutes, for his heart beat to return to normal, and looked up at Becca, expecting that sexy smirk that would have his heart pounding again, but instead found her looking very calm, peaceful even. He kissed her gently, “So, you remember last night.. and you know what just happened… what now?”

She ran her fingers through his hair, “I think we go with it… last night was a long time coming… “

Nick kissed her again, “Funny how it takes alcohol to figure out the most obvious things.”

Becca giggled, “Next time.. we get you drunk and see what happens.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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