Late in Life and It Is Great!

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I waited nervously at one of the small circular tables just inside the door. I probably picked one near the door so I could make a quick exit if my nerves failed me. I nursed my club soda, playing with the straw, first in the glass swirling the ice cubes, and than in my mouth. Whoops! I jerked the straw from my mouth while looking around the bar. No false ideas or hopes. Yet.

I was in “The Club. A man’s bar. A gay man’s bar. Two pool tables. Usual counter. Tables scattered around the room. Lights low. Jukebox soft. Upstairs and downstairs. I had been here before. A long time ago. For a different reason. But I was here tonight to meet Bill. Bill was an internet chat buddy that I had met on-line months earlier. We had gotten to be good friends. At least friends in the cyber sense. After much back and forth, I set up a date to meet him in public.

It had taken a lot to get this far. I hoped in my heart that he would be as decent in person as he was in the chat room. Bill was gay. I wasn’t. At least I didn’t think so. I was married to a loving wife and after three plus decades I couldn’t imagine anyone else in my life. Three kids and grandchildren completed my immediate family.

What the hell was I doing here meeting a gay man in a gay club to decide if we, I, wanted to take it to the next step? I glanced again at the opening door. It wasn’t Bill. Just another man. I watched as he moved into and across the room. Greeting other men of various ages, appearances, and builds with a “Hi’, or a wave, a hug, or a kiss.

I looked back at the movement at the end of the bar and it was Bill. He ordered his drink and looked around. We made eye contact, smiled and nodded heads. Gulp. This was it. Stay or run? I stayed. After all I was here to finally find out. Gay? Bi? Hetro? Fucked up? The latter seemed the most likely possibility. Still, I had to know.

I stood up as Bill walked over and we shook hands and than hugged. Hey! Not so bad. He, like me, was clean shaven. He had brown eyes with long eyelashes behind glasses. He wasn’t Hollywood handsome, but very nice looking in a boyish way.

“Let’s move over to a quieter table,” Bill said.

I followed him noting that he was a little shorter than I had thought. Nicely built. Not gym muscle bound. Just a nice solid looking build. I was a little taller, but much slimmer. Bill had brown hair that he was trying to grow back after cutting it short a while back.

We sat down and started talking. Really talking for the first time. He related his life story to me starting with his marriage, through the divorce, and finally him coming out. My story was simpler, but confusing. We discussed my being gay or bi or just plain curious or, once again, fucked up. Really fucked up.

There was only one way to find out.

“Your place. Next Thursday. Okay?” I asked.

“Great,” he replied, hugged me and I left.

I stepped into my bedroom and my wife looked up and asked, “Well?”

“He’s nice. We have a date for next Thursday. At his place.”

“Damn. Just be real careful. I don’t want to identify a body as yours. Okay?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. Please. He is a nice guy. Okay?”

“Just be careful.”

It had taken a lot for us to get to this point. My wife and I had spent many a night and day discussing my curiosity. Why was I doing this after so many years of marriage? Initially there was hurt and tears. I had accidently (an accident? maybe? maybe not?) left a gay chat room open and she explored after a fellow IM’d me. The discovery was a real shock. I had repressed my feelings for many years and the internet let me explore them. Quietly. In my own home.

The best thing about finally getting my curiosity and feelings altyazılı porno out into the open was I could confront them with the help of a loving caring wife. Her biggest concern was first for my physical safety. She was, and still is, concerned that a nut would set a trap. Beat me up. Kill me. Secondly were STDs. Wisely she was concerned not only for me, but for herself. I promised to be careful and to check each person out as best I could. Addressees and phone numbers. Trust my feelings. Run if there was the tiniest bit of doubt.

I stepped from the shower drying my body. Fresh shaved. My face and my groin. I had started shaving my pubic area about a year ago after reading about it in some of the gay/bi stories and seeing pictures of clean shaven men. Nice. I liked the feeling also. Wife seemed to like it. At least she wasn’t picking hair from her teeth anymore.

I dressed slowly while listening to the rain fall. It was a welcome sound in Phoenix. October could still be hot and the recent thunderstorms were a welcome relief from the heat of the desert. I grabbed my car keys and walked over to the couch.

“I’m going now. Wish me luck,” I said, kissing her softly.

“Luck. Be careful. Please.”

“I will.”

I drove down the freeway thinking and imagining what the night might bring. Bad sex? Good sex? No sex? Again – Gay? Bi? Questions. Hopefully answers.

I cursed the storm. A sea of red lights ahead. An accident on the freeway was backing traffic up an I would be late. The traffic moved slowly and I finally got off and headed East. Thank God for the internet. I glanced at the map and realized I had overshot the street. Back around and I found it. Bill’s house.

I stepped out, quietly shutting the car. After all this was a clandestine meeting. Male sex might be involved… Who knew who might be watching. Might know me. Was I tailed? What was I doing?

I knocked on the door and in a few seconds it was opened. Bill peeped out an I realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Step one I thought. He opened the door further and step two, three, and four were shot to hell immediately. Bill was stark naked.


You know. No clothes. Birthday suit.

“Come in,” he said, pulling the door open. I stepped in and turned around. He hugged me and kissed me. Whoops. That was different. I handed him the single red rose and looked at him.


“Oh. I’m sorry. I’m a nudist in my own home. Guess I should have said something last week. Come on and take the tour.”

He turned and now I had his bare ass staring me in the face. Or was I staring at it. No matter. Nice ass. Not a bubble butt like you read about about. Just a nice ass. His flaccid cock and tight high balls were fresh on my mind and I wondered at the fact I was still here and following a naked gay man around his house.

Like me, he had a little paunch, but was nicely built. Just enough muscle to be attractive. Assuming you were into that sort of thing. And I was. I had never had a problem with looking at men. And tan. He obviously spent time in the sun. Not dark brown. Just a nice overall tan. No lines either.

We ended up in his bedroom. Spartan was the first word as there wasn’t much in the way of furniture. A bed and a desk. On the desk was his PC running a screen saver of naked male bodies. Cluttered was the second word. Just like the rest of his house.

He had sat down on the bed and moved over while we chatted about this and that. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about.

I sat down and looked at him.

“When in Rome…”, I said, and took off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and black underwear.

I looked over at Bill and he was lying flat türkçe altyazılı porno on his back. He patted the mattress and I crawled over to him.

My heart was pounding and I felt slightly panicky, but I rolled over on top of him and we kissed. Nice! We kissed again this time using our tongues. Nicer. He was rougher than my wife’s kisses. Heck. Everything seemed to be rougher. More muscular and harder in different places. Differently harder! Our cocks were smashing each other. slipping and sliding as we kissed.

And he was flat. In the chest. Well not completely flat. He hard long prominent nipples. Very long. I was to learn that they were very sensitive. On purpose.

We tongued each other again. Passion slowly rising as we made out clutching and touching each other. I moaned and all my fear was gone. I started kissing him and licking him while playing with his chest. I moved down and down, licking and lapping. He was only slightly hairy (another difference from a female) and I enjoyed the soft fur.

I licked and tongued his belly button and went back up his chest. Bill had left the lights on. It seemed almost clinically bright, but I didn’t mind. He nipples were long. The longest I had ever seen; male or female. He told me later that he had made them that way using different tools. It also made them very sensitive.

I sucked on first the left one and than the right. Bill gasped and moaned and held my head in place as I tongued, licked, and sucked on his nipples. First one and than the other. I enjoyed giving Bill pleasure. Lavishing attention on one with my mouth while playing with the other one. Back and forth.

Back. Down. Tongued his belly button. Down again I went licking and kissing. I kissed the head of his cock. It was soft and yet hard. Not as hard as it would get, but hard none the less. I sucked on it. I realized I liked this. It was what I had imagined, but was always afraid to act on. No pre-cum. No taste. He had told me at the club that he didn’t leak.

I swallowed him. Completely swallowed Bill’s cock. It was of average length and girth, but just right. I let it slide out and licked my way down to his balls. I licked and sucked on each one and then licked back up his cock. I swallowed it once again. I loved the feel of his hard cock in my mouth, the head of his dick just in my throat.

I bobbed back up and looked at him.


“Sixty-nine. Please.”

We moved. Me on my back and Bill on top. He kissed my cock and it was my turn to gasp. I groaned as he sucked my cock. I looked up and his cock was right there. I raised my head and sucked. Sucked a man’s cock.

The sensations were wonderful; being sucked while I sucked a cock. We sucked each other for several minutes. God why did I wait so long for this to happen.

We sucked and played with each other for several more minutes. I loved being able to run my hands up and down his back and sides. Playing with his ass globes and than back to his sides and back. I even caressed his legs. Meanwhile we were sucking and licking each other’s hard cocks and cum-filled balls. I had “saved” my self for this. No sex for a week. None. Not with the wife or with my best friend — my hand. And the practice with my wife’s toys had certainly payed off. No discomfort. No gagging. Just a nice just right hard cock sliding in and out of my willing mouth and throat.

I could feel it! It. The Big One! A Climax. It was building. And I was getting anxious. I could tell it was going to be a good one. But Bill was being too nice. Not firm enough. I reached down between our bodies and grabbed the base of my cock. Bill knew immediately what I wanted and slid his head up my cock sliding out of his hd altyazılı porno mouth.

I stroked my hard- spit-covered cock while sucking on Bill’s cock. I started jacking off in earnest, the pressure just right. Firm and purposeful. Bill’s tongue and lips were busy. Kissing and licking just the head. The top of my fist would bump into his lips. He didn’t seem to mind and I sure didn’t.

I moaned and started fucking my fist. My hips going up and down as my cock slid in and out of my fist. Bill increased his licking, kissing, and sucking and …

Now! I could feel it. And I came! I shot a blast of cum. Bill had swallowed my cock as I started to come and I spurted into his mouth. Over and over I came while he bobbed on my spurting cock and I fucked his face.

He swallowed every drop of my cum and milked me of even the last drop. He let my cock fall out and kissed it.

“Nice,” he said.

“Oh My God Bill. That was wonderful.”

“What do you want to do?” Bill asked.

I looked at Bill as he moved around.

“Sit on me. Sit on my chest and jack off. I want to watch you cum,” I said.

His eyes gleamed as he said, “Lovely. I love doing that.”

He got a jar of Vaseline and smeared some on his cock as he moved up his legs straddling my chest. I watched as he started to slowly jack off. His grease-covered cock was shiny. Bill was cut as was I. it was nice watching him play. His hand would twist his prick while he jacked off.

“Play. Play with my nipples. Twist and squeeze them.”

I reached up and grabbed both hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, I squeezed and twisted and he moaned.


I did. I squeezed and twisted, surprised at what he must be feeling. I would have felt pain. He appeared to love it judging from his reactions and his slick hand stroking his cock.

He moaned and started jacking off faster and faster.

As I continued to play with his nipples he started moving his hips, his hard shinny cock sliding in and out of his fist. I watched as his cock got even harder and larger and he gasped.


And he did. Spurt after spurt of cum landed on my chest. First down the middle and than on each side. It was amazing watching the piss, now cum slit, open and a spurt of white cum fly out. It would close and than open and another spurt.

He slowed down, finally just dribbling, and leaned back. My arms fell down to my side and I looked at him. Bill was breathing hard and covered with a light sheen of sweat. I looked down at his shiny softening cock lying on my chest.

I pulled him down and he lay flat on my body. I hugged him and stroked his back. Up and down. He relaxed and his breathing slowed. He raised his head and kissed me.

“Wow. That was awesome, Bill.”

“Yeah. It was, wasn’t it.”

He rolled over and reached to desk. Picked up a towel and cleaned the cum from both of us.

We sat up; first facing each other, and than after a bit side by side while we talked.

He questioned me about how I felt and what was going on and did I like it and would I do it again.

“I feel okay. It was great. And yes. I would do it again. So much better than I ever imagined.”

And finally what was I? Gay? Nope. Must be bi. Maybe curious. Definitely not fucked up. Now. Still had questions. Concerns. Issues.

We talked for a couple of hours. Bill answered all of my questions and we checked out some pics on his PC.

I got dressed and Bill hugged and kissed me at the door. Still naked. I wondered, “Was that a ploy just to make sure I didn’t back out?” Didn’t ask. Didn’t seem to matter.

My wife asked, “Well?”

“Nice. I really liked it.”

I told her what we had done.

Showered and went to bed.

By the way, My sex life at home has been fantastic!

Thanks to Bill.

Of course I deserve a pat on the back, don’t I?

And so does my wife.

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