Late Night Surprise

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I hate being disrupted during my games. When I’m focused in a good competitive match I’m unstoppable! Unfortunately it seems like my mom doesn’t care about that fact seeing as she’s been blasting her music at an unbelievably high volume all night.

I figured I’d just try to drown it out with some headphones instead of starting confrontation with her, you don’t want to see her when she’s angry and her nose all scrunched up. Besides that fact my mom’s name is Brenda and she’s really beautiful and looks like the pornstar Bridgette B except with thick thighs and a huge ass.

Oh yeah, I guess this is a good time to mention I have a step dad now as well, his name is Michael, bald but super handsome, he’s got chocolate brown skin and somewhat Asian looking eyes, in shape with huge arm muscles plus his stomach and chest area just looked ridiculous. He’s also a really great guy who helps with my college studies, kitchen duties, and even girl problems.

And for as great of a guy he is I’ll admit the first thing I thought when my mom introduced me to him was “he’s black…what the hell mom? *nervously laughing*”. I assumed it was a direct reaction to being so let down by my dad who was white and a deadbeat to me as a father and to her as a husband. But we’re five months deep into our new friendship and his relationship with my mom was really sweet.

Though Betturkey for some reason I keep hearing a thumping sound underneath all the music but figured it was just the bass or something but after waiting 30 mins in an attempt to be fair and patient, I just couldn’t take it anymore and went to see what all the damn noise was about.

I left my room and walked up to my parents’ room door with a nervous pit in my stomach for some reason, their room door was slightly open. Suddenly a faint voice appeared in the back of my head telling me “this is wrong! If you look now you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!” But seeing as I’m the quarterback for my college football team, popular with girls, and have always faced my fears head on, I told my inner feelings to shut the fuck up and I looked anyway.

What I saw was my mom naked, face down ass up, her head in my direction while the unmistakably huge black body from behind her was Michael who was also naked and sweaty from his apparent sexual workout.

Now I guess this is the part of the story where readers assume I was “corrupted”, “scarred for life” or “disgusted” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To be honest Michael and my mom looked like a real couple, Michael’s long ginormous cock deep inside my mother while my mom made cute Betturkey Giriş little moans that you could barely hear, a really passionate scene.

What they did next was completely unexpected, Michael tapped her and whispered in her ear and my mom suddenly poked her head up and giggled, Michael eased up off her and she got into position laying her back on the bed and her legs high up but also to her chest kind’ve like those exotic German acrobats do.

“Long Dick Michael” (yes, that’s what I’m calling him from now on) stood high on the bed looking down at Brenda breathing heavy like a murderer from a horror movie that finally caught up to the clumsy girl who kept falling down, and in a way it’s perfect since he’s about to murder my mom’s pussy anyway.

He spaced his legs out and bent them, pointed his black hammer towards my mom’s vagina and rammed himself in whole while thrusting in and out yelling “you like that baby! Who’s your daddy?! Tell me who’s the man of the house!”

My mom put her small, pretty, manicured hand onto his hard stomach gently to get him to slow down but he wasn’t having it. He put both hands onto her legs and sunk even deeper into her body while thrusting so hard and fast his hips looked like a blur. My mom couldn’t take anymore and yelled out “you are baby! You’re the man Betturkey Güncel Giriş of the house! You run this bitch!”

I never would’ve thought my stepdad was such a dominant lover from how nice and caring he is but I guess everyone’s got a dark side right?

And if we’re being honest here, Michael really does run this household, he pays the bills from his high paying job as CEO of his company while helping out with home responsibilities and fucking the shit out of my precious mother, how could I not see this man as one to look up to, respect, and see as a father figure?

My mom clearly respects him way more than my biological dad seeing as she keeps screaming “ooh baby, you know how to treat a misbehaved bitch! Fuck me like that no-dick having ass loser couldn’t!” At this point I’ve been standing at the door for over 10 mins and I’ve already decided I’d go back to my room and jack my dick to this scene, I just wanted to see my mom get cummed in and inseminated and then I’ll leave.

After five more minutes of waiting, the bed was squeaking tiredly and Michael started to grunt and heave and finally he started to yell “I’m cumming! Catch this nut, catch this nut!” And with him buried so deep in my Mom that I couldn’t see his dick, I assumed it was softening as he plopped onto my mom’s body as her beautiful white hand gently caressed his arms and back like a small baby.

After seeing this amazing act I figured I had enough material to bust a nut to and ran off back to my room. Inside, I threw my pants off and ran to grab the lotion so fast The Flash wouldn’t have been able to stop me, me and my dick are in for a looong night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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