Latino Dream – A Home Visit

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All sexual interactions are between 18+ year old characters.

This is a part 2 of Latino Dream.


I was at Jack’s place. In his humble room.

I made loud sucking sounds as I drowned myself in his cock. He had no hesitation of holding my face and fucking it like it was just another hole. My saliva let even his balls wet. The pubes of another man prickled my face. I moaned.

I couldn’t get enough of this dick. And it was only my second time.

“Easy there, cock sucker. Mind your teeth.”

“Sorry,” I said. I hardly had to think much when I sucked his cock. I got back to the job.

He started to push my head slowly down to his hairy balls, I kissed his cock all the way. I tried not to be too awkward, with my dick hard and my mind set into enjoy and appreciate that young man fully, I knew I was at least doing a decent job. He sat there in his bed, completely naked, his full form in the prime of a beautiful young man. I was in my place, knees bending in the middle of his legs, face buried in the scent of cock, sweat, pubic hair and delicious cum.

I embraced his legs, raising them a little. He was thick and tight and very proportional. Any part of him that I could kiss I did, so I kissed his crotch, his thighs, his legs and his belly. Then my mouth made love to his balls, like he wanted me to.

Those big hairy balls were good producers and after tasting that cum for the first time, I never stopped wanting more, I loved the way it made me feel. All the humiliation that burned my mind and the shame of having to kneel and please another man, the same man who cucked me, helped me realize that those feelings were actually liberating when I accepted and indulged them.

It’s like there is a constant voice telling me how wrong and broken I am, how much of a shame and disappointment I will bring to my family, to my whole life, and it’s so good to be sharing that with someone else, a man who is truly strong and deserve cucks and fags giving themselves over, to satisfy their desires, do whatever they want and that’s it.

A pure release. I was ashamed. But also so fucking horny.

He raised his legs a little bit more and his ass showed up in my face, I knew he wanted me to suck there too, so I did it. I put my tongue in his hole, feeling it tighten up. I pressed my nose against the ring muscle, kissed and sucked. Then I came back to his balls, and finally, the big head. Couldn’t let that leaking cum get away.

My boy finally laid down in his bed, not calling me any names anymore, I could only hear his moaning, his throat vibrating in harmony with my slurp sounds on his cock. When he cummed it was a total surprise, I coughed because of the amount of warm sweet cum that ran down my throat. He shook his whole body on the bed, and gave a loud moan, while I just milked for more.

“You fucking, amazing, cock sucker!” He screamed, and then laughed.

I actually felt proud of myself, like I hadn’t in a long time.

Of course, I was still deeply embarrassed for being a disgrace, I feared what my children, friends, parents would think of me if they saw me like this, even my cheating wife. Even her I still cared about.

But there was a kind of peace when I felt owned by this young man. He let me forget for a moment how much of a sad man I was, I deserved that treatment, and the only one who could give it to me was him, nobody could ever find out about this. About how much I loved this.

“So, I have something to show you, my bitch” he said. I flinched, buttoning my shirt. I didn’t say anything. “What? Ain’t you my bitch?”

“I guess.” I hesitated. “What is it you want to show me?”

“This,” He gestured for me to sit in the bed next to him.

Then he showed me the video of a woman who was clearly my wife, but with her altyazılı porno face smashing against another ripped man and sitting on now really recognizable Jack’s cock. The other man who fucked my wife was white, he had a very large cock that was engulfed by her mouth.

I had a moment of utter anger at myself for feeling jealous at her ability to suck big cocks better than me.

My cock was not even that close in size, so she must have a lot of training. For a moment, I asked myself desperately how I turned into this hungry whore, but reality was reality.

I watched entranced, my cock hard and growing, ignoring the fact that it had cummed not so long ago. Jack’s hand clutched my ass, a reminder of all the sexual possibilities still in that room.

“She’s becoming more of a slut, seriously, you must be pretty bad in bed, and in life too.”

It was as if embarrassment surged through my body and filled my cock.

“I’m older than you, you should respect me,” I said, knowing what reaction that would prompt. He readily pushed me on the bed and turned my body face down.

“I’ll show you some respect, bitch.” He took off my pants and underwear, and spread out my asscheeks, exposing my asshole. “Are you tight for me, bitch? Your wife is so loose it’s not even fun anymore, I need some pressure on my cock.”

“Fuck me like you fuck my wife, please” I said, begging with the last word, then closed my eyes and pressed my face on the pillow.

“You’re lucky I don’t like to tease my bitches too much.”

I felt my whole head getting hotter, and I bit the pillow. Jack buried his face in my butt, all the while he spread my asscheeks with his strong fingers, surely making some red marks on my white skin.

When he told me through the phone to get ready for him, I didn’t think I would do it, but I couldn’t refuse what he was asking me.

Curiosity scratched me with long nails.

I had the chance to feel what it was like to be fucked in the ass. So I cleaned myself as he asked me to. I had to search on the internet how to do it properly and what I needed. Turned out that I needed something from the drug store and I had to travel a long way to someplace I could safely assume nobody would recognize me.

Here I was, ready to please.

This is wrong, a voice said in my head. But nobody will know, the voice continued. I didn’t understand why doing something wrong felt so tempting, but I guess we all want something we can’t easily get. Temptation just showed itself to me. Thanks to my wife.

I almost forgot about Eleonor. Getting your ass eaten could do crazy things to your head. But she had a fault in this, so suck that, you bitch. He’s gonna fuck my ass and I’m gonna love it.

The only thought that really left me heavy chested with shame was about my kids.

Sorry, kids. But I had to do this.

Fortunately they wouldn’t know, ever. I raised a big boy already, he’s in college and never disappointing. Maybe doing this would even help me become a better dad.

“I’m gonna give you what you deserve, okay, cuck?” he said, laid down on top of me. The insults twisted my insides, because they ringed so true.

His smell was all over me, his body all sweaty. The tip of the head explored my hole for a bit, teasing.

“I thought you didn’t tease,” I said.

“Not too much. Now tell me how you want again.”

“Like you do to my wife. Make me loose like her. Fuck my ass. Cum inside me and make me your bitch.” I let the words out, incredibly managing to sound like an actual man in need, rather than a fourteen year old girl.

“I’m gonna do you better than I do your cunt sagged wife, how ’bout that?”

I just nodded.

And he fucked me like a man. Like I never did to any woman in my entire life. I felt pleasure, but also jealousy. türkçe altyazılı porno He was so good. It hurt. It hurt a lot, actually. But as I bit the pillow again, making nasal hurting sounds that were really just whining, all I could think of was that I was getting fucked by a big cock, I was getting pounded like a true fag, a transition from married and family man, to this eager for young cock cuck.

Funny how offensive things could become so endearing in bed.

He pressed me against the bed with his body, used his hands to lock my arms against my back and fucked freely and as he pleased, he had no mercy and his cock was all inside in a matter of minutes. I let go of the pillow and just cried out sounds that weren’t so different from those that my wife made on the video he showed me.

Jack slapped my ass every now and then, but after a while, the slaps were more frequent, and I had one more reason to moan. I enjoyed every second of it. A flaming sensation was now on my buttcheeks, Jack didn’t look like he was going to stop soon. But he did, to change positions. He wanted me to be on top and ride him while he looked at my face.

It became a new experience, he held both my legs and felt my movement while I danced back and forth on his big cock, it was an invasion of my anus, an intrusion, devastating and pleasant.

I was dancing on top of him.

I accelerated when another ejaculation build up inside me. I stared at Jack’s face, his dark eyes and pink lips shining, I wondered what he would do if I cummed on him without warning.

When the moment came, I couldn’t even care about that, because my cock and balls tensed so hard that I thought my crotch would explode. I shot cum all over Jack. A bit of it got on his chin.

I waited for him to be furious, while still being fucked by him. I definitely didn’t expect him to take my cum with his finger and put it in his mouth.

Then he grabbed my face with a strength that made me be still for a moment.

“If you tell someone…” he said.

We just stared at each other, and I slowly continued to move on top of him, his cock still hard and fucking my ass. He let go of my face and watched me.

Quickly after that, his cum filled my no-longer-tight ass.

The doorbell rang and I answered.

“Oh, honey. It’s for me. These two are my students that need some help. They’re actually going to give me a ride to college.” My wife’s voice didn’t wavered as she lied.

She came near and patted me on the back, smiled, and headed out. I held the doorknob as strongly as I could to control a mix of boiling emotions. I couldn’t possibly know if my face was all red or not.

“Hi, I’m Jack” said he, with a smile only I could understand.

I touched his hand and realized I was sweating.

“H-hi” I said.

“Nick” the bigger and whiter said. The other one who was fucking my wife.

“Bye, honey. Let’s go, you two can be okay with getting late, but I’m not.”

“Yes, ma’am” Nick answered, the biggest smile on his face, but unfortunately for him and for me, I could understand his. He turned around, but Jack stayed. He was more confident in my own home than myself.

“Sure, a beer would be great” he said, as if I had offered.

My wife and Nick looked back to us, both looking puzzled. Sure they had something very different planned, I could see the annoyance on her face.

“Really, Jack, we can’t be late.”

“Oh, relax, Ms. Turner. You’re a professor, you can do whatever you want.” Jack answered her stare. But she didn’t bulge.

The most confused of all was poor Nick. There he stood, completely lost, not understanding why his friend was being a duche to the woman was so promptly cheating her husband with them, probably satisfying all of their fantasies like hd altyazılı porno a cheap dirty whore.

However, I did not understand what Jack wanted with that, even if I knew that he had something else in his mind rather than just beer.

“Jack, let’s go.” My wife used authority. More authority than I could ever muster for him at this point, I realized. With my heart racing and my legs a bit weak, I waited for him to comply and go away.

“I’m not your child” he said. “Go with Nick, for all I care. I want a beer. If it’s still in offer,” he said to me. I looked at my wife, then at Nick, and finally I nodded.

“Come in,” I couldn’t hide the shaky voice. “You too, if you want. She has a car.” Nick thought about it, but shook his head. “Bye, honey.” I smiled weakly, then closed the door.

I was being played. Completely.

“Is there even beer here?” he asked, smiling.

“Yeah, I’ll grab two.”

“Relax,” he put himself behind me. “I’ll come with you.” As we walked, Jack closed himself on me, my butt pressing against the clearly bulging cock.

“Not here, please.”

“Why not?”

“This is my house. My kids are in the living room” I said, deeply ashamed for enjoying so much what he was doing. Even my voice was slightly high pitched, telling him what I really wanted him to do.

“The living room isn’t here.”

When we got to the freezer, I got his beer and opened for him. While he drank, I massaged his cock with one hand, carefully checking all the entrances to the kitchen to not allow myself to be caught. But after a few seconds of feeling that really hard cock hiding behind all those clothes, I knelt, surprising Jack.

It comforted me that he looked around for me. I couldn’t believe I was about to suck a cock on my own kitchen. I felt a bit sorry for my cunt wife.

The moment I lowered his pants, the strong smell of his cock and balls reached me, I shivered with the amount of sudden desire for that smell. I rubbed my face on it, sticking my nose on that black underwear, that beautiful cock making himself noticeable through the fabric.

Jack inclined himself dowward for a quick moment to squeeze my ass with both hands.

“After two days, I think you are tight enough to make me happy again, old man.”

I moaned on his cock.

“Yeah, I like when you give yourself to me like this. You’re really my little bitch, aren’t ya?”

I nodded.

Suddenly, smelling wasn’t enough, so I took the underwear and tasted his cock again. His cum seemed to have acquired a better taste now, I don’t know if it was just my imagination, though. I licked the head and ate his cum, I licked and sucked his balls, rubbed my face on his pubes, and that earned me a bit of caressing on my head and face.

“Good boy,” he said. A young man calling me a boy? That was extremely twisted, and I cummed without even having to take my pants off.

For the way I moaned on his cock, I reckon he guessed I had just cummed, because he said, “You know how to appreciate me,” and after a few more thrusts, he creamed my mouth whole.

I showed him my appreciation by eating all he had to offer.

“Good breakfast,” I said. Jack laughed aloud, then covered his mouth.

“Sorry,” he said, in the most cutest way.

The taste of his cum was in my mouth, warming me up.

“It’s all right,” I clothed him, while he watched, then I got up.

We stared at each other for some time. He looked around quickly, I watched as his face got all red, and I never could’ve guessed why. He intrigued me. Then he kissed me. Actually, he thrust his tongue in my mouth in such a rough and hushed way that scared me.

There was nothing for me to do than kiss him back, even if I had not wanted to.

Our mouths broke apart, and those big brown eyes stared at me.

“I better go,” he said.

I nodded.

“You better call me” I whispered.

He bit his lip, and turned away. I wanted to take him to the door, but I could only watch while he left, because my weak legs wouldn’t let me.

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