Laura Ch. 02

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All Holes

“Vince. Vince, wake up.” Laura was shaking his shoulder.

“What? What is it?”

“Its time to go, baby.”

“Fuck, what time is it?”

“Its 3am, love. Now get you robe on.”

Vince groggily got his robe on and was lead by Laura to the elevator. He dozed against the wall as they rode up. Laura was also only wearing a robe, and was carrying a black gym bag in her left hand.

They got to the top floor and got out. This was the gym and pool section and it was totally silent.

“Good. No one is here.” Laura said and walked to the far side of the pool. Vince followed, he was fully awake now. This was where the spa, the sauna and the steam-room were. They were all closed and turned off. Only soft lights above the pool let them see anything at all.

Laura dropped the bag and then dropped her robe. She was totally naked in the public pool.

“What are you doing, baby?” Vince asked.

Laura said nothing but pushed his robe off. She then reached back into the gym bag and took out; a bottle of lube, some condoms, a black harness and a bizarre looking purple device.

Vince picked up the last object and turned it over. It was made of soft rubber-like material and was shaped like a capital letter L. Both the short end and the long end came to knobbed tips.

“What on earth is this?” he asked.

“It is called a ‘Share’ and it is a wonderful invention.” She took it back and held the Share, looking it over with admiration. “It is a double ended dildo, with a bend in it, so you can wear a harness over it.”

Vince looked confused.

“Honey, this end” she indicated the short end “goes in my pussy. This end comes out my pants…”

“Like a cock!!” he finished. His face lit up.

“Now you get it, baby.” Laura said with obvious pride.

Laura lay back on a deck chair and Vince knelt down in front of her glorious pussy. He lubed up the short end of the Share and rubbed its large knob over her pulsating hot lips. Now the short end was still five inches long and it slowly fed into Laura’s wanting depths. While she stayed on the Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort deck chair Vince got the harness and slid it up Laura’s smooth shapely legs. Laura lifted her hips and Vince adjusted the Share to come out through the opening.

Laura stood up and turned around. She looked like she had a perfect erect purple penis sticking out through the fly of her pants. Vince took hold of the purple cock sticking out at him and tugged on it.

“Ohh, baby! That feels good.” Laura said “I can feel it in my pussy. Oh yeah, it’s like you are jerking my cock.”

“Do you like having a cock, baby?” Vince asked.

“Oh yeah! I like it a lot. I will have so much more control with this than I would with an ordinary strap on, and look how stiffly it points out, not droopy and weird like other strap on dildos.”

It was true the purple dick stood out proudly and high. Vince took Laura over to one of the floor to ceiling mirrors. His cock was fully erect now with the excitement. They stood next to each other and compared their erect cocks. They were about the same thickness and length and stood out at the same angle. It was fabulous.

“Hey! What are you doing?” a voice shouted out from across the pool.

We turned around quickly, making it quite obvious what we were doing. A man and a woman naked in the middle of the night, both with a huge raging erection sticking out in front of them.

They both felt like running for cover, but then Vince held Laura’s arm.

“Hey, I know you.” Vince said “We met on the elevator this evening.”

“Oh yeah. I remember you. You were the guy who was checking out my ass.” the girl said. She was wearing a black bikini swim suit.

“Yes that was me. What are you doing here?” Vince asked.

“I was coming up for a swim, but now…”

“Hi my name is Laura,” Laura introduced herself “and this is Vince.”

“Hi Laura, Vince. I’m Megan.”

Vince walked up to her and shook her hand.

“Hi Megan.” His stiff cock wagged as her shook her hand.

Megan just stared Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort at Vince’s cock. She couldn’t believe being greeted by a naked man so calmly. Then she looked over to Laura.

“Is that a Share you are wearing?” she asked with enthusiasm.

“Yes it is.” Laura replied with pride “I just bought it this afternoon, I was going to do my husbands ass with it in the pool.”

“Oh that’s awesome. My girlfriend and I use one sometimes. She always wants me to wear it, but I want to try being ridden.”

Megan walked right up to Laura and put a hand on the tip of her Share.

“Oh it’s beautiful. I like the purple.” she purred.

Megan put a hand around Laura’s back and started to stroke the Share. She did it without lube so that as she pushed, it pushed into Laura’s pussy. And when she pulled it pressed the Share into Laura’s G-spot.

Vince just stared at them, drooling.

Soon Megan was twisting the Share as well as jerking it. Laura was getting giddy with the sensations. She held onto Megan’s waist too and then laid her head on Megan’s shoulder.

“Oh, Megan. You know how to drive this thing so well.” Laura said quietly “This feels incredible. Thank you.” and she arched her head back to kiss Megan’s neck.

Vince moved in closer and touched Laura’s breast. He grabbed her whole breast and squeezed it, twisting it slightly. Laura moaned and kept kissing Megan’s neck, softly and sweetly.

“Oh she likes that, Vince.” Megan said “Keep squeezing her tit. Oh yeah that’s good, I like that.”

Laura mumbled incoherently. She held Megan tight across the waist and pulled her in towards her, she then brought her other hand up to caress Megan’s breast through her bikini top.

“Oh, Laura. That’s nice, ummm, yeah, keep feeling my tit. Oh yeah, pinch my nipple.”

Laura pushed the cup of Megan’s top aside to reveal her beautiful breast. She was a full C-cup with small aureole and a pert nipple. Laura’s fingers found her nipple and pinched it,


and twisted it,


and Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu pulled on it.

“Oh Laura, you are so good.”

Megan turned her head and found Laura’s lips with hers. The instant they met they kissed each other needily and deeply.

Vince kept squeezing and twisting Laura’s breast and brought his other hand up to touch Megan’s other breast. He pushed the cup aside as well and started squeezing it the same as he was doing to Laura. Megan turned to Vince and winked, then she went back to pashing his wife. Megan was still jerking Laura’s big Share and soon Laura was shaking where she stood. Vince could see her holding onto Megan to keep standing and took his hand off her breast to hold her up.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum. I’m going to fucking cum from you jerking my cock. Oh god Megan I love this. Ohh, here it is, Ahh, Fuck! Arrrghhhhhhh!”

Laura threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm threw her body in convulsions. Megan kept jerking her cock, but slowly, and immediately latched her lips onto Vince’s mouth.

Vince was surprised, but pleased and kissed her back with a wanting passion.

Vince and Megan lowered Laura onto the deck chair and instantly Megan knelt in front of Vince and stuck his cock in her mouth. Vince was shocked and stunned. He nearly lost his balance. He looked over at Laura, panting on the deck chair. She smiled at him and gave him a wink.

Megan detached from Vince’s cock for a moment.

“God I love the taste of cock! I haven’t had cock for so long, Vince. This is wonderful.”

Vince agreed and started to push into Megan’s mouth. He grabbed her shoulders and thrust into her mouth, fast and deep.

“Yeah! Fuck her face, Vince.” Laura shouted out “This is so fucking hot to watch. Suck his cock hard Megan, he likes that.”

Megan increased the pressure on Vince’s cock and he moaned out loud at the incredible sensations.

“Oh my fucking God!” Vince cried out “Oh God, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fucking blow!”

“That’s it Vince, cum all over her face.”

“Argh, Arrrghhhh, Errrrghhhhh, Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Vince’s first shot flew into the back of Megan’s throat. He pulled out and as she was swallowing his first pump the second spewed over her cheek. Vince roared loudly as he came and his third shot landed on Megan’s chin and lips, it then dribbled down over her exposed tits.

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