Leather and Lace

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I had been chatting with Lace for a month and a half before she invited me to her home which she shares with her husband. At 22, I hadn’t yet had such an experience. Lace had shown me pictures of both her and her husband and they both seemed like normal people in their forties.

“Cum by and let us show you a good time,” her message said in the chat room. For the first time she invited her husband in. His Leather moniker startled me at first but he reassured me that it was just how he felt rugged next to Lace’s beauty.

“Lace says you have a nice cock,” Leather typed, “I love to suck. We would both love to experience something special with you.”

I hesitated at first but then replied, “I’ve fantasized about something like that. I’ve fantasized about being the center of attention like that.” I felt silly for putting it that way but it was the only way I knew how. “How do we do this?”

Lace was the first to respond. “You have to trust us completely. We don’t want you to do this unless you trust us completely. Can you trust us that much?”

I thought it over for a moment. “Yes, I think I can.”

Leather added, “You think, or you know?”

I answered, “I know.”

After a hot chat session they gave me their address. They also gave me their phone number and I called and we continued our lustful fantasies over the phone. I seemed to relax more and more as we mentally explored one another.

“I’m gonna cum, hon. You’ve really got a way with words,” Leather said I could hear Lace as her phone picked up the noisy sounds of a wet blowjob.

“I’m going to cum,” I told them. They both moaned in response. As we finished our session, they invited me over for the weekend. I accepted and we set the time for me to go over.

Friday came and I packed up a few clothes in my backpack and left the comforts of my dorm room for my little adventure. It was a short trip and I arrived a few minutes early. As I pulled into their driveway, my cell phone rang. I answered, “Hello.” It was Lace.

“You’re a little early,” she said.

“Is that okay?” I asked.

“Absolutely. We could hardly contain ourselves!” she said with exuberance.

“Where are you guys?” I asked.

“First things first,” she said, “we have to establish trust. Go on into the living room.” I followed her instructions. Their front door was open and I let myself in. I made my way into their living room. “Put your bag down and take your shirt off,” she ordered. I immediately followed her orders and soon was without shirt and bag. “Now, on the table, you’ll see a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. If you truly trust us, put them on and wait patiently.”

After a moment of hesitation I set the phone down and handcuffed myself. I followed that by putting on the blindfold. There were a few minutes of silence and then I could hear them enter the room. “You are even cuter in person than those fuzzy pics,” Lace said. I could feel her tug on the handcuffs as she helped me up. She guided me to another part of the house and once there she ordered me to raise my hands above my head. I did as I was told. I could feel a chain being linked to the handcuffs. “We want to enjoy you first before you enjoy us.” I could feel Lace’s hands rubbing over my body. I had always felt awkward because I was overweight but she had me feeling good about myself. Her hands played over my torso, rubbing my pudgy belly and exploring my nipples. Her hands were soon replaced by her lips and I could feel her rubbing my penis through my pants.

She slowly unbuckled my belt and undid my pants while she kissed me deeply. Her taste was sweet and her tongue was expert at exploring my mouth. As my pants fell I stepped out of them. Her attention switched to my boxers and she slid them down. “Oh my, your cock looks delicious. You never mentioned you were uncut?” she said in a surprised way.

“He’s uncut!?” I could hear Leather say in an excited whisper.

“Yes, come around here and look,” Lace invited and shortly I could feel both of their hands fondling my nervous and limp penis. My foreskin was pulled back and forth several times.

“He’s got nice balls too,” Leather said as I felt his hand caress my testicles.

After a few moments of silent groping, I felt a set of lips wrap around my penis, following it down to its base. As a tongue worked over my flaccid member, I could feel hands on the cheeks of my buttocks. They spread and soon I could feel a tongue pressing into my anus, probing it in short laps. My penis began to harden and as it did I could hear a moan of excitement. It was Lace and as I grew in her mouth she began bobbing on my swollen penis. Leather inserted a finger into my anus and I jerked suddenly from the shock of the feeling. He stood up and pulled his finger out.

“Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No,” I said, “it’s just…” I didn’t know how to admit that I was still a virgin when it came to anal sex.

Lace pulled my penis from her lips. “Are you a virgin, hon?” she asked.

I silently nodded. I was afraid they would want to stop and I was ashamed that I wasn’t experienced. Leather hugged me tightly and I could almanbahis feel his erect penis against the cheek of my buttock.

“No need to be ashamed, son, we all have to start somewhere,” his words came softly into my ear as his wife continued orally awakening my penis. “I remember the first time I had a cock in my ass. It was scary but he fucked me real slow and now…now I love the feeling of having a man deep in me. I’ll fuck you slow and break in your virgin ass so that it loves being fucked too.”

As my penis reached its full eight inch erection Lace began making gagging noises. Leather held my penis by the base while Lace worked the head, his dick was erect and rubbing my upper thigh.

“I wish my cock was that big,” he said.

Leather came around and knelt in front of me and he and his wife shared my penis between them both taking turns sucking and stroking. I could feel Leather’s tongue under my foreskin as he stimulated the perennial. His tongue also probed my urethra.

“That’s a big pee hole, son,” Leather said. “How’s this feel?” he asked as his tongue tasted the inside of my urethra.

“It feels good sir,” I answered.

Lace leaned under me and sucked my testicles and licked my taint on her way back to my anus. Her tongue felt good against my virgin sphincter.

“Have you ever been with a man before,” Leather asked.

“No, sir,” I answered, “but I have often chatted and fantasized about it.”

“Lucky us,” he said as he took my penis deep into his throat. He made gagging noises as his throat clenched and relaxed around the head. He hugged my waist and pulled me deeper into his throat, holding me in place. I could feel my penis swell even more. He pulled it from his mouth. “You’re leaking some tasty pre-cum. Ever tried it?”

“No,” I answered. He replaced his mouth at the base and sucked tightly, milking it a few times before standing up. His kiss came suddenly and he passed my sweet pre-cum into my mouth with his tongue. His beard tickled my chin and I could feel the saliva that had dripped into it on my skin. We shared a deep and passionate kiss as his wife took over sucking duties, our tongues playing with each other. He tasted good and I wanted to kiss him for hours.

“Is he ready for a peek?” Lace asked.

“I think he’s more than earned a peek.” Leather answered as he removed my blindfold. His wife continued to noisily suck me as my eyes adjusted to the light in the room. As he became clearer I could see he was wearing a leather mask that covered his upper face and most of his salt and pepper colored hair. He was also wearing a leather set of straps across his chest. His nipples were pierced and a chain linked them. As I looked down his furry abdomen, I could see his leather thong was pushed out of the way to allow his short erect penis to stick out. It was about four and a half inches and cut and looked very hungry as it oozed pre-cum. I looked down at Lace as she worked my penis in her mouth. She wore a lacey mask over her eyes and her platinum blonde hair was down. She also wore fishnets and a lacy set of lingerie. Her breasts were very large and I remembered that they were D cups. She was full figured and very voluptuous. Her lacy gloves held my testicles as she sucked my penis. She pulled Leather over by his penis and guided it into her mouth, sucking his pre-cum. Leather kissed me again as he rubbed my nipples. I sucked his tongue pretending it was his little boner penetrating my virginal mouth.

Lace took my cock and rubbed it head to head with Leather’s. She then stuffed his penis’s head under my foreskin and jacked us.

“You two make a cute couple,” she said. “Do you want to suck Leather’s cock?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Then say it,” she said.

“I want to suck Leather’s cock,” I said. Leather reached up and unlocked the handcuffs. I took a moment to get the feeling back in my hands as Lace continued stroking us. I cautiously reached down and rubbed his penis.

“I know it don’t look like much,” Leather said, “but it’ll be a good first time for your tight ass.” He looked longingly at my dick. “Would you like some background movies?” Leather asked.

“Sure,” I answered and he pulled his penis away from mine and grabbed a remote and turned on a video that had already been cued up. It was a homemade sex tape with them and a black couple and I watched as Leather sucked a large black dick before letting the black man pump him in his anus with deep thrusts as the women watched, guided and played with each other. “Holy shit,” I said, “that’s a nice big cock.”

“Jason and his wife Devita are old friends that love going both ways,” Lace said. “He’d love to meet you. He likes younger white guys with tight asses and big dicks.”

I smiled, “let’s walk before we run,” I answered. Leather went over to the bed and lay down. He turned the volume on the TV up so I could here his moans of pleasure at the hands of Jason. I helped Lace up and walked over to the bed. Leather’s penis was dripping a lot of pre-cum as was mine and he could tell by the look on my face that I was curious to his flavor.

“Come have a taste, son,” he almanbahis yeni giriş said as he wagged it at me.

Lace lay down next to Leather and motioned me over. I made my way between Leather’s legs and took my time rubbing his thighs and finally fondled his testicles. They were very large and hairy and felt nice in my hands. I then began stroking his now limp penis. Lace leaned in and kissed the tip of it. “You are so cute in your awe of Leather’s cock,” she said, “go ahead and taste him.” I leaned in and sucked the tip of his penis into my mouth and was relieved when he tasted so sweet. It seemed I couldn’t get enough as I milked his little finger-like dick.

Leather moaned as my mouth got him hard again. “Use a finger on my ass, son,” he said, “I really enjoy having your young mouth and hands all over me but I want you in me too.” Lace sucked one of my fingers to get it wet and guided it into his anus past his leather thong. He penis swelled and more pre-cum filled my mouth. “Mmmm, that’s a good boy.” I began getting hard again and Lace could tell. She took off her lacy top and revealed her large, pierced nipples.

I pulled my finger from Leather’s anus and then pulled his thong off so that I could work his hole freely. “Looks like you are a natural,” Lace said. She leaned over to the nightstand and picked up a funny looking piece of rubber. She removed the flat piece of her tongue piercing and replaced it with the rubber piece. “This is a French tickler so don’t be scared.”

Lace began sucking me again, this time she used the tickler on my penis. I leaned down and sucked Leather’s testicles. “That’s a good boy, suck those big hairy balls,” Leather said and I could see Lace look over to watch me suckle his big hairy scrotum. Lace took down her panties and showed off her smooth vagina that had pierced labia. She seemed to relax and two metal balls fell from within her vagina onto the bed. She picked them up and licked them before replacing them in her vagina.

“You sucking Leather’s cock is getting me so fucking wet,” Lace smeared her vaginal fluid over Leather’s penis and I could taste her sweetness in combination of his. “Fuck me with that thick cock of yours.”

I switched positions so that I was on my back. My erect penis was held in place by Leather as Lace sat on it. She moaned with pleasure as my penis reached deep into her. “That’s it, son. Fuck my wife with that big cock,” Leather said as he guided his penis into my mouth. I sucked enthusiastically and worked a finger into his ass as Lace rode me. She leaned back so that I could see my penis penetrating her and Leather reached over and rubbed her clitoris and my dick. “I’m going to cum,” Leather moaned and I looked up at him as he looked at me. I continued to suck as he thrust his member in and out of my mouth. He began ejaculating and as he did he pulled out squirting a little in my mouth and most of my face. I swallowed his salty load as Lace leaned in and licked my face. I cleaned his penis with my tongue and hungrily ate his sperm. Leather leaned down and kissed me, tasting his own semen and enjoying the raunchiness of the situation. Lace finished licking my face and she engaged Leather and I in a three-way kiss. Our tongues played over one another and I could feel Leather playing with my testicles as his wife’s pussy milked my erection of its pre-cum.

Lace rolled off of me and Leather helped me up.

“I want to watch you two fuck,” Leather said. I mounted Lace and thrust my hard-on into her waiting wet vagina. She moaned and we kissed as Leather watched and rubbed his penis. My hips gyrated and thrust deeper and deeper into her.

Leather got behind me and began licking my anus. He then lie on his back and would pull my penis from his wife and taste it himself and put it back. Lace moaned and begged me to never stop. I could feel her vagina clench as she came over and over. I slowed my thrusting and leaned down and kissed her passionately.

I continued making out with Lace as Leather opened a drawer and pulled out a tub of lube. Lace and I continued our kissing as Leather rubbed lube on and in his anus. “I need a deep fucking, son, come fuck me,” Leather invited. Lace smiled and we both looked over. Leather’s anus was dripping with lube and looked very inviting.

“Go on,” Lace said, “give him a good fuck.” I got up and Lace guided me over to Leather’s waiting anus and she guided my penis into his hungry hole.

“Oh, fuck,” Leather moaned. My dick entered deeper into his waiting hole. Lace took some of the lube on her finger and put it to my lips.

“Taste it,” she said and I licked her finger as I worked my penis deep into her husband’s well-lubed anus. “It tastes like cherries doesn’t it?”

“It’s not too bad,” I said as I slowly moved my penis in and out of Leather’s tight man-vagina. I pulled on his hips and my scrotum rubbed against his.

“Oh damn,” Leather said, “you feel very good in me.” Lace began rubbing her breasts and sucked on them. She reached down and removed the steel balls from her vagina again, this time she let me lick them like two metallic testicles. I began to get almanbahis giriş into the feel of Leather’s lubed up anus and started thrusting deeper and faster. “That’s it, son,” he said, “give it to me good.” I worked his hole for a few minute and then pulled out and bent down to look at his open and gaping anus. I gave it a lick and his anus tasted like sweet cherries and pre-cum. I repla v ced my penis and copulated with Leather like he was a woman. I could feel an orgasm coming on and began to slow, not wanting it to end.

“You better fill him up with cum,” Lace said, “you better not waste a drop.” She seemed to know that I was close and so I thrust madly and let my testicles spill their sticky fluid into the middle-aged man that was presently begging me for my hot nut. I ended my ejaculating deep in Leather’s anus and pulled him tight against me. I rubbed his pierced nipples and felt them get even more erect as I touched them.

As I pulled my penis out, Lace began sucking it clean. She then pressed her lips against Leather’s anus and ate my sperm from it. I watched as her tongue probed for more semen and she fingered her husband like he was a honey-pot. I found my way back to the bed a little tired but still excited about these new lusts. Leather had cum again, this time on the top of the dresser and he was hastily licking it clean. They both soon joined me on the bed as I watched the home-made smut on the TV. This time I notice that there was a fifth person in the room because Lace and Devita were sucking the cameraman off while Leather and Jason sat in the background rubbing each other’s penises.

“Who’s the fifth?” I asked.

“That’s Brenda, she has a very delicious cock and loves to be titty fucked,” Lace said matter of factly.

“A TS?” I asked.

“Yes,” Leather replied, “she is still not sure if she wants the surgery, though we’ve offered to help her pay for it.” I also noticed in the video that Jason’s penis was uncut, now that it was somewhat limp.

Lace picked up a phone and ordered a couple of pizzas. I followed them to the garage where they had a smoke. I loved being around their mature naked bodies and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Leather’s penis. A song came on the radio that they kept in the garage and Lace began a bit of grinding against my tired and limp penis. She pulled up close against me and grabbed my hand and guided it to her vagina showing me that she was still wet.

“You’re staying all weekend, right?” she asked.

“If you’ll have me,” I answered.

“Good,” said Leather as he reached over and fondled her vagina too. “It’s been great so far.”

The doorbell rang and Lace excused herself putting her cigarette out. I turned to Leather and began kissing him. I let my penis purposely touch his. “I want to shave my cock, balls and ass for you so that you’ll have a smooth boy-pussy to fuck,” I whispered in his ear. His penis moved as the idea of me being smooth sunk in. I continued to kiss him and our tongues mingled.

Lace returned and announced that the pizza guy was almost as hot as the pizza. We dined on pizza and had a few beers while watching the local news. Lace and Leather were very playful and seemed so in love that I almost forgot that we had all shared a sexual experience. I started to feel a little awkward.

“Honey,” Leather said, “let’s take him into the shower, he wants to shave his delicious cock and balls and make his ass really smooth for me and I want to do the same for him.”

Lace smiled. “Only if I can shave the both of you. Nothing like some sexy smooth men to turn a girl on,” she said. Leather rubbed my pubic hair and smiled at the thought of a smooth penis. He pulled my foreskin back and forth and then leaned down and sucked me. “Seems like he can’t get enough,” Lace said, “tell him what to do.”

I guided Leather by the back of his head as Lace fed me another piece of pizza. “Make out with my cock, sir,” I said, “gag on it and beg for more.” Lace smiled as she saw how into the mood I was. Leather made a few gagging noises and then sat back to show off his erection. I leaned down and sucked his little hard penis. After a few minutes of orally pleasuring Leather I pulled away and we all shared a kiss.

Lace was the first to get up and she headed to the restroom. Leather and I followed her and I realized I had to pee really badly. I started to go and Leather came and stood behind me and held my penis for me as I urinated. He sucked on my ear which turned me on.

“You two are in heaven,” Lace said and I thought she felt left out so I pulled her close and kissed her. I could taste the pizza and cigarettes and she returned my probing tongue with her own.

Leather started the shower and Lace gathered the items needed for the shave. She had us both stand in front of her as she trimmed us with the electric razor and then we entered the shower. She coated my stubbly pubic hair with shaving cream and began shaving. She then had me bend over and shaved me smooth. She did the same with Leather. It was fun to watch but the leather and lace seemed to be getting in the way and finally Leather took his mask off. He was bald on top and what was left of his salt and pepper hair was cut short. He took off the leather straps and Lace followed by taking off her gloves and mask. She was beautiful. Leather and I kissed while she shaved her own pubic area, including her hind end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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