Lesbian or Bi?

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He had her, up against the tree, her legs thrashing wildly wrapped around his waist. And then she woke up, always at that part.

Trishia rolled over next to her. “What time is it?” she growled.

“6.30” Kirsty replied sheepishly.

Kirsty felt quite guilty. Here she was, lying next to her beloved girlfriend while having erotic dreams about men.

To Kirsty’s annoyance, Trishia decided to have an extra hour in bed, which left Kirsty unable to satisfy herself, fuelled by her erotic dream.

She wasn’r sure what was happening these days. For the past few years or so she had been usre that Trishia was the one, but just recently her feelings had been changing.

She imagined how Trishia would re-act if she left her for a man. Trish was 100% gay, men hating, gay preaching.. whatever you want to call it.

Kirsty however had always thought she was… or maybe she was just playing along.

After what seemed like an eternity, Trish heaved herself out of bed and headed for the shower. Kirsty looked over at her naked body as she walked to the bathroom. Her girlfriend had a great body, did she really want to swap that for some beastly man?

By the time Trish had left the house, late again as usual! Kirsty’s logings for sexual relief had passed.

She idly pulled herself out of bed, reached for her dressing gown and thenheaded for the computer, after all it was her day off and she had little help to do.

As soon as the computer had loaded and automatically logged her into msn messenger, the words “Morning sexy, how you feeling today?” popped up onto her screen. It was Vince, one of her “internet friends.”

She replied flirtatiously, being a very flirtatious character and the conversation progressed to the pairs favourtie subject: sex.

“So, you had any wild sex with your bird since we last spoke” Vince asked.

“As if,” Kirsty replied, “She’s married to work, I’m just here for decoration.”

“What you need is a man” Vince replied.

Instead of her usual disnmissive reply, Kirsty was lost for words. She made an excuse of needing to nip to the bank and switched off the pc.

She crawled back into bed totally lost in her own little world. She tried to sleep but it wouldn;t come. Instead, images of being fucked wildly by a man flickered into her head.

She tried to think of Trish, and the decent sex they had managed to have, but she couldn’t get rid of thoughts of her most wild fantasies. Eventually she gave in and reached under the bed for her vibrator. She let her dressing gown fall open bursa yabancı escort and kicked the covers away from her. She used the vibrator to tease her shaven pussy lips and then her clit. She was so engrossed in her fantasies that she totally lost track of time and was very suprised and embarressed when Trish walked through the door.

Neither of them knew what to say. They never discussed masterbation, and although Kirsty was sure Trish must do it during the long periods of being too tired or not having enough time for sex, she’d certainly never caught her at it.

Trish stayed silent for quite a while as Kirsty covered herself up and put the vibrator back in her place.

Finally, Kirsty said “I’ll…. I’ll go and make a start on dinner.”

“Make sure ou wash your hands first,” Trish replied, and that was the last time either of them mentioned what had just happened.

Things were a bit icy between them that night, to say the least. Kirsty wondered if the right thing to do would be to have sex but she was scared incase Trish pushed her away, she just wouldn;t be able to bear it.

As she lay in bed beside Trish that night, Kirsty felt very restless and very “un-sleepy.”

She went to the place she always did when she needed comfort- The computer.

Vince was online as usual, and after some hesitation, she poured out the recent events.

He found it quite funny, but warned her that if she felt the need to masterbate so much, maybe she should be looking for someone who could do it for her.

She realised he was right and after a long long conversation, began getting quite flirtatious yet again. She went way further than she had previously and as she told him how much she wanted to feel his big bulging cock inside her, she was suprised at how “not guilty” she felt.

When all the cyber sex and sex talk had began to come to an end, she told him that he should pop round sometime on one of her day off.

“But…. Trish???” came the reply, “and aren;t you gay???”

“I don’t know,” Kirsty replied, “and you told me if i wasn;t feeling satisfied i should find someone who could… maybe your that someone?”

So they arranged a day for the following week, and Kirsty went to bed feeling quite nervoud but very excited.

For the rest of the week, Kirsty felt very on edge. She tried to be as nice as she could to Trish but found it very difficult. She even slept with her, thinking about Vince the whole time, as Trish gently carressed her breasts and flicked her tongue bursa sınırsız escort over her clit.

When the day finally came, Kirsty couldn’t get Trish out of the house fast enough, she even made an excuse about needing her to pop to the cash machine before work because she was feeling really ill.

“Of course i will babe” Trsih said kindly “you really haven;t been yourself these last couple of days, maybe your coming down with something?”

Then she left, leaving Kirsty feeling very guilty about what she was about to do, but also very exciting. She thought that maybe if she got this longing out of her system, everything would be okay. But deep down she knew it was not that simple.

Vince arrived on time, looking very smart and bearing wine and condoms.

“Cheeky” Kirsty giggled as she kissed him on the cheek.

Once inside, they ripped each others clothes off furiously, there was no time to drink wine!!!!!!!!

Kirsty was in heaven as Vince ripped off her shirt, and then planted little kisses on her chest.

He had made it quite clear that he was preapred to do all the work, to show her what a man really could do for a woman, and she was quite prepared to let him do just that.

Soon, they were both down to their underwear and Kirsty was feeling a little aprehnsive about letting a man see her most private parts.

Vince seemed to sense that she was feeling a little uncomfrtable and whispered “its okay baby, we can stop if you want.”

“NO” Kirsty replied quite firmly, and pulled him into the bedroom where she pushed him onto the bed and sat on top of him, preventing him from moving.

She grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the bed and growled “I call the shots around here.”

“Oh yeah”

With one swift movement, he pushed out of her hold and flung her onto the bed beside him. “Men are a lot stronger than the girls you’ve been used to playing around with!!!!” and with that he kissed her passiontly, rubbing her panty covered crotch gently.

Kirsty broke off the kiss. “fuck me, fuck me now!” she demanded.

But Vince refused and continued to tease her wet pussy. He could feel the moisture creeping out of her panties and loved the thought that he was making her so wet.

Kirsty felt like she was going to explode there and then. When her and Trish made love, it wa always a five minute hurried thing, and most of the time she faked an orgasm and finished it herself in the bathroom.

Vince continued to tease her pussy, then his fingers crept görükle escort round the side of her panties. “hmmmm nice and smooth her commented.”

Then, he turned from being nice and gentle to wild and frantic, ripping off her drenched panties and kneeling infront of her so he could stick his tongue in her wet pussy.

Kirsty was amazed at how good it felt. She never would have thought that a man could have been this good, but she was in heaven and was now needing an orgasm badly.

She became restless and accidently knocked him off the bed in a play fight and urgent plea to be fucked.

He picked himself up off the floor, carried the pleading Kirsty over to the wall and held her against him as h struggled to remove his boxer shorts. He then gently pushed his cock inside her and fucked her wildly until she came.

Kirsty was in heaven, but after coming back to earth, realised it was almost four o clock and frantically hurried Vince out of the house before having a mad clean up and making herself look presentable before her girlfriend got home.

She then rememebered telling Trish she felt ill, so returned to bed feeling very guilty and sheepish.

Trish came to check on Kirsty the minute she got home, bringing her chocolates and flowers. She comforted Kirsty as she cried and promised her things would get better and that she was sorry she hadn’t spent much time with her recently.

This left Kirsty feeling even worse. She avoided the internet and spent the next few days with Trish, trying to find something about her to fall in love with again.

Although Kirsty tried very hard to be a part of her relationship with Trish, she couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling of how fantastic Vince had been.

She finally decided she couldn;t stand it anymore and crept out of bed in the middle of the night to see if Vince was online. He was, and was very pleased to speak to her and also very worried. She explained why she hadn;t been online the best that she could, and he comforted her, but the conversation soon turned to sex and Kirsty as once again lost in a session of steamy cyber sex, masterbating furiously.

She was so lost that she didn;t notice Trish eneter the room or stand behind her. She only became aware of Trish’s presence when she left the room, slamming the door maliciously.

Kirsty hastily shut down the computer and chased after Trish. She knew she had blown it, and she was right!

Trish said that it all made sense now, and there was no use in her sticking around if she wasn;t enough for her.

Although Kirsty was very upset about losing the woman she once thought was the love of her life, she knew it was no use hiding from her feelings.

She continued to speak to Vince online, but he got back with his ex a few days later.

Kirsty would just have to cope with fantasies and pleasuring herself once again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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