Lessons Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Margaret

I had been assigned temporary duty overseas. A few days before I was to leave I called the wife of a friend who was posted at my destination to see if she wanted to send him something.

She said she would definitely have something for me to take to him and to come by the night before I left.

On the eve of my departure I went over to their house.

Her name was Margaret and she was, as they say, terminally cute. Very small, short dark hair, very outgoing. She was two or three years older than me. Her sister Lacy was the partner of my best friend Laura. We had been around each other several times at various social occasions and done some mild flirting.

She greeted me with a hug and I was ushered to the sofa. She was wearing very tight jeans and a t shirt. She was definitely bra less.

She said she was about to wrap the last of three special presents for her husband. Then she hesitated, looked at me and blushed.

“Would you like to see what I am sending,” she asked.

I said, “sure,” and wondered why she was blushing.

She handed me a box that had about a dozen 8 by 10 photographs. The first picture was somewhat of a portrait, she with a big smile.

The second was much the same but taken from further back and showed bare shoulders.

The third showed her from the waist up in a nearly transparent night slip that went under her arms and just barely over her tits, her breasts clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

I was embarrassed and excited. I had to concentrate to keep my hands from shaking.

The next photo was a full body shot of her sitting exactly where she was sitting now. Her legs were crossed but she was obviously panty less. The hem of her nightgown was well up on her thighs.

My dick had been looking at the pictures with me and it was as hard as it had ever been.

I must had made some kind of sound for she asked me if I was ok.

I told the truth, I said “no, this is fabulous.”

I was aware that she had been paying close attention to me and and my very obvious boner.

She asked me if it was true that I had never had sex.

My virginity had been a source of amusement among my friends and I assumed she had heard, so, I again told the truth and said “no, not really.”

Margaret gave a quick squeeze to my thigh and giggled.

She told me to stop going through the pictures for a minute, that she was going to get us something to drink.

As she left I took the opportunity to arrange my dick into a less painful position, almost cumming as I moved it around.

She took a bit longer to return than I expected and when she did Ataşehir Escort I again almost creamed in my pants. She had changed from jeans and t shirt to that very same sheer nightgown in the photos. I could hardly hold the drink she handed me.

Although she did not need to do so, she identified the nightgown as the same one in the photographs. She went on to describe the fun she had trying to decide which night gown to use for the pictures.

I asked the one question I had in my head, “who took the pictures?.”

She said, “my sister Lacey. You know she is a photographer with her own studio. She likes taking pictures of me, and of me and my husband in various poses. Sometimes my husband takes pictures of my sister and me but he can not always control himself,” she giggled.

I was in such an excited state the it would be fifteen hours before the implications of what she just said would sink into my brain.

I had downed my drink and she got up to get me another. She bent over the coffee table in front of us to pick up the glasses, giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy lips. I think I shuddered. She turned, smiled, and gave me a short sweet kiss on the lips.

The hair on the back of my neck rose as it finally occurred to me,

“I’m going to get laid, I’m going to lose my virginity!”

I calmed myself down by telling myself situations like this only happen in fictitious letters to Penthouse.

Margaret returned, handed me another drink, then sat even closer to me than she was before. I picked up the box of pictures and resumed looking.

Her hand was now resting high on my thigh.

The next picture was an upper body shot with one breast completely exposed.

She asked if I liked that pose.

I assured her that I loved it.

She said “this is what I did,” and pulled down one side of the gown exposing her tit.

I looked first at the picture and then at her, in the guise of artistic appraisal and said,”in all honesty I like the live shot much better.” I leaned over and gave the nipple a kiss, holding it between my lips as I pulled back.

She sighed her approval. Her hand moved up on my thigh until it was brushing my dick.

The next photo showed the full body, both breast exposed, the hem of her night gown around her waist, legs crossed.

I looked at her expectantly and she did not disappoint me. She assumed the pose in the picture.

I gave the other nipple the same treatment I had given the first as I placed my hand lightly on her thighs.

She put her hand to the back of my head and held my mouth on her tits for a few moments. She uncrossed her legs, giving Anadolu Yakası Escort my hand better access to her love mound.

I came up for air and flipped to the next picture.

She was nude, standing in front of the sofa. Before I had a chance to hope she stood and flipped her gown off.

She faced me, her pussy not inches away from my face and asked,

” you like?”

Even though I was a virgin, (my dick had never been in a pussy), I was not completely helpless. I had in fact, been given very useful lessons on the art of pussy eating by a lesbian friend in my unit, (Laura), and had been awarded an A+. My skill had been the subject of some gossip. I wondered if Margaret had heard it.

I reached out to Margaret and pulled her to me by placing my hands on her ass. l began to shower her pussy with kisses.

My tongue began to trace its way along the slit. At the top of the slit the tip of my tongue encountered her engorged clitoris. I alternated between flicking it with my tongue and sucking on it. I would then abandon her clit and slowly run my tongue from as near her ass hole as I could reach to the top of her slit. Then I would give her pussy a French kiss, again sucking on her clit.

I heard and felt her gasping for air. On my fourth trip from ass to clit she grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face surprisingly hard against her sex.

Breathing became momentarily impossible.

Then she came hard. She trembled. I heard a sob. My face was covered with her fluids. She almost slipped down to the floor.

I held her steady and maneuvered her down to the sofa.

After recovering her breath Margaret said, ” no one has ever eaten my pussy before, I never came so hard in my life.”

Then she ordered, “take your clothes off.”

I undressed faster than i ever had in my life. I leaned over her chest and started loving her tits.

She pulled me on top of her, spreading her legs as she did, grabbed my dick and guided it to her very slick pussy.

I was in!

I was fucking a woman!

I had become a man!

The excitement was too much.

Without taking a stroke I came.

I was very embarrassed, started to apologize and withdraw.

She would not allow it.

She wrapped her legs around me and said she knew it was my first and would not last long, that the next one would be better.

I relaxed knowing I would get another chance. I was nineteen, I knew I could come back up in minutes, if not seconds. I started to kiss and caress everywhere I could reach while still impaled in her pussy.

I had lost less than half of my hardon when it started Kadıköy Escort back up.

Less than three minutes from my first in-pussy cum I started my first actual fuck.

I was going as slowly as I could, nearly coming out of the pussy on each stroke.

What a feeling! I could not imagine anything ever being better. I savored every fraction of contact going in and coming out.

Because she was so small I had my arms extended to take my weight off her body. This allowed me to shift the angle of entry between dick and pussy.

I soon found an angle that brought a gasp from Margaret.

She suddenly wanted me to hurry but I would not, I wanted to enjoy the fuck as long as possible. But she could not wait and started to fuck me as hard as she could from her position beneath me. She came with a long agonizing moan. I slowed to a stop allowing her time to enjoy it.

She wanted up, so I stood, very disappointed, thinking it was over. I began to lose the hard. I was, however, in for a treat.

Margaret swung her legs around and sat up directly in front of me. She took my dick in her hands maneuvered it to her mouth and swallowed it. I went from deflating to the verge of cumming in about twenty seconds. I warned her of my impending explosion but she kept at it until the first spurt hit her mouth. Then Margaret took my still exploding dick out of her mouth and finished me with her hands and tits. I nearly covered her chest in cum.

Now I was the one that was wobbly and had to sit. As soon as I did she gave me a passionate kiss and I could taste my cum in her mouth. Only fair, I knew she could taste her pussy juices in mine.

Margaret asked, ” what time do you need to be at the terminal?”

I answered, ” I don’t need to be there until mid morning. I am already packed.”

She said,”then go take a shower, I will go set the alarm and meet you in there.”

I spent the entire evening eating pussy and fucking.

My jaw hurt. My dick was sore.

We fucked in every room of her house.

I was eating her pussy when the alarm went off.

For breakfast, she swallowed the very last drop of my cum.

She did take the time to write her husband a note bragging that she had been the one to “deflower” me. Apparently there had been some wagering on my continued virginity and its eventual end.

She also wrote a demand that he learn to eat pussy before he got back or there would be hell to pay.

I learned about “The Lifestyle” from Margaret which until then I was positive was an urban myth. I was happy to learn that there was not going to be a problem between her husband and me.

By the time the plane took off I was sound asleep, I needed it. But just before I dozed off it occurred to me,

I had not seen all the pictures in the box.

Then, in a delayed sudden revelation, “there were two more boxes of pictures!”

Well, maybe her husband would share, again.

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