Lessons From My English Teacher

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Due to a lucky accident, we were lying on the floor. I was three inches from her gace. I glanced down at her full, pink lips.

But let’s rewind.

As I said, this was an accident. I had no business being this close to my English teacher. My married English teacher.

She’s a brunette, and when she lets her hair down it always falls into the most perfect waves. It frames a face with small features, a tiny nose and chin. Dark eyebrows slant across pretty, sparkling blue-green eyes. I spent too many classes fantasizing about those adorable pink lips. I loved everything about her, especially her face when she laughed.

And it didn’t hurt that she had a killer body. She was a runner – it showed in her shapely legs. Her body was soft and curvy, an hourglass figure with hips that drove me absolutely wild. She was so sexy, and so unaware. It was incredibly frustrating.

And believe me, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I’m her student, and she’s married for God’s sake. But I know I have sensual ways, and I had subtly given it a few attempts. She was completely oblivious.

I’m about 5’3”, with really dark brown hair, dark eyes, and full lips. I’m a respectable 34B with curves and an ass.

Wish my teacher would notice.

This was my attitude all the way up to right now. Now, I was so close.

In her classroom, many hours after classes had ceased, I was visiting her, and as I said, a lucky accident had left us Bayan Eskort entwined on the floor. I was practically in her arms. My eyes flickered from hers, to her lips, and up again shyly, before I even realized I had done it. I already felt a blush burning in my cheeks.

“I can’t believe you just gave me the I’m – gonna – kiss – you look,” she said, half-disbelieving, half-amused.

I said nothing, but leaned in a bit closer.

And to my utter amazement, our lips met.

She was a great kisser, and I, shocked into a trance-like state, matched her rhythm, allowing my tongue to slip from my mouth to trace her lips lightly.

Our kisses suddenly changed pace, became more insistent. My hands were around her back, her hands gripping my hips. This sense of urgency must have spooked her, for she pulled away.

She mumbled something about how we couldn’t as she fumbled with something on her desk. I nodded – I understood her situation. But I couldn’t help myself. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, expecting to be pushed away. But instead she was turning to face me, kissing me, running her hands over my body. It took me a moment to realize I was slowly being pushed against the wall. Soon I was flat against it, surrendering to her touch, her kisses, the heat of the moment. My heart was beating furiously, and a pulse had started between my thighs. Without breaking the kiss, she brought her hand down over my stomach and soon was pulling up my dress.

Between my excitement and her lustful embrace, I could hardly breathe. She pushed my thong aside, her fingers searching, sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body –


If I couldn’t breathe before, I was suffocating now. What would we do if we were caught? I quickly fixed my dress; she busied herself. God, she must be terrified.

The footsteps approached her door and then, mercifully, continued past. But I was sure more people would come.

“We have to go somewhere else,” she told me. Her eyes were very bright.

I agreed and, taking her hand, ducked out of the classroom with her in tow. We dashed to a bathroom, and again I found myself against a wall. This time she wasted no time in pushing her hands up my dress. I looked at her with passionate, desperately lustful eyes. She held my gaze as she plunged two fingers inside me. I let out a moan, despite trying to stifle it. She continued pushing into me, harder and harder til I thought I’d surely scream her name, but I contented myself with moaning to her how good it felt and to please, oh God, don’t stop. My hands were tangled in her hair and I brought her mouth to mine again in an effort to silence myself.

Then, her fingers slowed, and she pulled them out of me. I took them gently into my mouth, sucking off my juices. I kissed her softly, and then pushed her onto a nearby counter. I let my lips travel down her throat, and pulled her shirt and bra up over her full breasts. The very sight of them had my pussy wet again, and I licked one rosy nipple teasingly, pinching the other lightly, before working my way further down.

I pushed up the bright fuschia skirt that I loved, and knelt down. I trembled as I brought my lips to those sexy thighs. She let out soft “mmm”s every time I pressed my lips to her skin, and as I got higher one of her hands gently tangled in my hair. Finally, her skirt could be pushed no higher, and I was greeted with the sight of her pretty blue panties. I pulled them to her ankles and tentatively brought my mouth to her clit. She let out a gasp when my tongue first pressed against her. Her grip on my hair tightened, and I lapped my tongue faster and faster against her sensitive clit. I felt her tremble with pleasure underneath me and redoubled my efforts. Her sexy moans were making my already-swollen clit pulse with desire again. Keeping my tongue working her clit, I slid one finger inside of her. I was surprised – and even more turned on – by how wet she was. After a moment, I worked another finger into her. She was so tight, I was so horny, I started fucking her really hard while I was licking her clit. Her breath was coming fast now, I pushed my fingers in deeper, she pulled my hair and finally her legs shook with orgasm. Her whole body rocked with the pleasure as I pulled my fingers out to replace them with my tongue. God, she tasted so good. I was pulsing hard as she pulled me back up into her embrace..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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