Let Me Be Your Surrogate Goddess

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Years ago I began chatting online with a married man who had a deep need to sexually worship a strong and feminine woman. He needed a goddess to worship, and his wife was unwilling to fulfill this role. I wrote this as a masturbatory fantasy for him where he could imagine me being his surrogate goddess.

I read your PMs with both arousal and pity. Arousal, because you voluntarily lock your little penis in chastity. You are denied the most basic of sexual functions – achieving an erection. You have no means to stimulate the release of your seed unless you are uncaged and given permission to do so. You do all of this willingly, because you crave submission and to demonstrate your devotion to your wife, the woman you love, the mother of your children.

I feel pity because she does not exploit your full potential. You so want her to make you submit to her, to make you worship her, and to hear her emphasize the contrast between your little penis and the larger lovers that she’s had in the past. I know you hurt. I know you ache for sexual fulfillment. I know she lacks the motivation to do these things to you, but I most certainly do not.

Perhaps you need a new goddess. A surrogate. One worthy of your devotion for even a short time. One who is demanding yet merciful enough to allow you to maintain your current life and marriage to the woman you love, the mother of your children.

I will be that goddess for you.

You will leave your house to go to work like any other day. But this day will be different in so many ways. You will forget to take your phone with you, but that would be no accident. Instead of driving to work as usual, you will go to the airport. There you will produce the airline ticket that I bought for you in advance. There will be no financial paper trail for your wife to ever discover, no cell phone on you for her to track your location, and you will have no luggage or overnight bag to check in.

This will be a very brief trip for you, because you’ll be home at the same time you’re home from work each day.

I know you will be completely humiliated by airport security by having to explain the presence of the metal cage that encloses your little penis. But you will endure the embarrassment and scrutiny. Because you want this so very badly.

When you arrive at the airport in the city where I live, you will take the shuttle to the hotel near the airport. You will go to the front desk and identify yourself as Richard Little. A key card and room number will then be provided to you, because I will already be there.

Upon entering the room, you will see me reclined on the bed. I will wear thigh-high stockings, garters and garter belt, and a cupless bustier. You view my slender body and small breasts. Breasts that were never intended to suckle a child, but to highlight and emphasize my sensuality and sexual maturity. You will notice that my pubic mound is hairless, freshly shaved, devoid of any trace of pubic hair. It is an alter freshly prepared for worship. Your worship.

My upper face is obscured by an ornate jeweled mask. You’ll never see my Ataşehir Escort face unobscured.

As you were previously instructed to do prior to this trip, you disrobe completely and stand in the middle of the room. No words are to be spoken by you. Never. I slowly rise from the bed and saunter toward you. For the first time you notice my long, toned legs, the legs of a runner. You see the gentle curve of my breasts and the pink nipples that adorn them. When I stand in front of you, you smell the fresh scent of shampoo from my hair as is cascades to my shoulders. You see my soft, delicate lips emblazoned with red lipstick. Lips that have given pleasure to many cocks in my lifetime. Lips that have retained the semen so many men have ejaculated into my mouth with their large cocks before I’ve swallowed it.

My glittering blue eyes pierce your very soul from behind the mask that hides me.

I look down at your chastity cage, and then look you in the face. You can see the amusement I obtain at the sight. “Should I check your ID? Has a young teen boy skipped school today? Or an even younger boy absconded from his recess?” The words bite into your ego deeply, but the humiliation only arouses you.

“How could such a minuscule penis ever father children with a woman? Perhaps you got lucky.” By then, my fingers will have already found the large testicles that hang below the confines of your cage. The testicles I’ve seen in your posts. On any other man, they would make my mouth water. They would receive a long, leisurely tongue bath from my mouth. On any other man, that is. I begin to caress them. I scrape my long nails gently against them starting at your perineum as I draw them toward me. I squeeze them, gently, yet hard enough to make you… uncomfortable. “So firm, so full of sperm. Perhaps you managed to make your own luck with these by fathering children,” I muse.

I walk behind you as you continue standing nude and motionless. A few moments later, after I’ve completed my visual examination of your body, you feel my hand on your shoulder as I say, “Submit to your goddess.” You spread your feet slightly apart, you bend at the waist and grab your ankles, and you wait.

As you wait, you hear the splattering sound as lubricant is being squeezed out of a tube. Eventually you feel the sensation of something cold, wet, and rigid press against your anus. It is being gently rubbed and twisted against your opening to spread the thick lubricant. “Now receive your goddess inside you,” I command. You relax and bare down, and you begin to feel the large, thick plug being pressed inside you. It will be quite thick and will challenge your sphincter more than anything else ever has. You may moan, even gasp, but those will be worshipful melodies to my ears. Eventually you will feel the plug settle into place, your anus nicely and painfully distended. It will serve as constant reminder that, while you are in my presence, I own every part of your body, every orifice.

I’ll command you to stand up straight, and you’ll feel that plug’s presence inside you even more as you Acıbadem Escort do. You’ll place your hands behind your back and I will bind them. A collar will be locked around your neck. A leash will then be attached to it.

“Your goddess is pleased. You are now accepted into her temple.”

I’ll lead you by the least to the armchair in the room and you will kneel down in front of it. I will then bind your ankles together, completely immobilizing you. Then, you will watch as I come around in front of you and recline in the chair, raising my knees and placing my ankles on the arm rests. You will finally be presented with a full view of my nakedness. You’ll see me run my hands over myself. I’ll demonstrate the responsiveness of my long nipples as they harden from the manipulation of my fingers. I’ll spread the soft, tender inner lips of my pussy and allow you to see the pink wetness that they hide. I’ll gently spread my buttocks to allow my pink bashful anus to be visible.

You’ll marvel at my beauty and sensuality. You’ll imagine all of the cocks that have felt the pleasure of my wet warmness while inside me. You’ll imagine how tightly the lips of my little pussy grip their large girth as it milks them dry. You’ll imagine how much cum my pussy has received inside her over the course of my lifetime – gallons I suppose. Billions upon billions of sperm that have made futile attempts to fertilize just a single one of my eggs. None were ever successful. None were worthy of fertilizing the egg of a goddess. None.

But you already know that you will never experience any of this. Your little penis will never have the lips of my pussy engulf it, or feel the pleasure and wetness of my depths. Your inadequate semen will never be ejaculated inside me. Your sperm will never even have an attempt to swim inside my inner recesses to seek the egg they most covet to fertilize.

In fact, only my most skilled and devoted worshipers are allowed to ever ejaculate in my presence. I only allow them to do so because I wish to feed them their own inadequate seed. Because it amuses me for them to do so. When they do taste and consume it as I watch, they adore me even more for it.

You know this, and you accept this, because this makes you happy. This is what you crave, and why I am a goddess to you.

Finally you will feel the tug of your leash beckon your head toward me, or perhaps my ankle will find its way behind your collared neck and draw you forward. You’ll only hear one word from me.


And worship you will. For the duration of our time together, be it only 2 hours or more, you will give me sexual pleasure between my legs with your mouth, lips, and tongue. You will give me orgasm after orgasm as your tongue and jaw begin to ache. You will worship my sex and anus like you never have for any other woman. You will consume every drop of the sexual nectar I produce for you, as if you need it to live.

When I squirt, and I will at least once, I will expect you to catch my clear ejaculate with your mouth and consume it like you will the rest of the sacred İstanbul Escort nectar I feed you. You know that allowing a single drop of my sexual fluids to escape your consumption is sacrilege to me, and I will not tolerate it whatsoever.

I must warn you – I am a very selfish goddess, and I demand your complete oral devotion to me. You will not yet possess the ticket for your flight home. You will only receive that if I am satisfied by your oral worship of me. Should you disappoint me, or fail to do your very best to please me with your mouth and tongue, you will find yourself left bound in the room when I exit. The keys to your restraints will be frozen in an ice cube placed on the floor across the room. I will be far away by the time you manage to move your body across the carpet and make the key available by melting the ice with your mouth to unrestrain yourself.

But don’t worry, I’ll hide the return ticket somewhere in the room. It will be refundable, so you can catch a later flight home if necessary. You’ll just have to explain why you’re so late to your wife that day.

I honestly don’t expect any of that to unfold. I know you will be completely devoted to worshiping my pussy and anus with your mouth. I know that I will experience no shortage of orgasms from your attentiveness. When our time is up, I will lift your chin upward with my finger to look me in the face. You’ll see my mouth approach yours, my tongue part your lips, and ever so briefly touch the tip of your own tongue with mine.

The kiss of approval, the blessing bestowed by your goddess.

I will expect to look down between your legs and see tears. Not the salty tears you make with your eyes. I expect your little penis to be weeping the clear, sweet syrup of sexual denial and frustration, preferably past its little cage and onto the carpet below. Tears made for your goddess.

There will still be no words spoken by you as I remove your restraints and collar, and slowly remove the large plug from your stretched, aching anus. You’ll simply stand up, turn around, and dress yourself without ever looking back upon me. Your worship is complete. You’ve exited my temple. Your goddess is now gone from your presence, and only a mortal woman remains which I do not desire you to see. A mortal woman bathed in her own sweat and perspiration, sated by sexual pleasure, exhausted and sore beyond belief.

But your goddess has not abandoned you. She will never abandon you, because she will require the servitude of your mouth again one day.

You’ll leave for the airport, your return ticket in hand. During your flight, you’ll still have the smell of my sex on your face, and the taste of it on your lips and mouth. You will be forbidden to remove it until you land back home. Not that you’d want to anyway. You’ll desire to make the experience last as long as possible in your head. Once back home, you will act completely normal once again. You’ll be a devoted husband to your wife and father to your children. You’ll continue to seek the dominance from your wife you crave. You can give her sexual pleasure of course, because I’ve given you permission to do so.

Your heart will always belong to your wife, but the truth will be hidden from her forever. The truth about what you did, and the truth that I now own your mouth and your anus for my own sexual pleasure and amusement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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