Let’s Go For A Run Ch. 01

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Author’s note:

This story is a lot longer than I’d intended, and broken into three parts. It usually takes from a couple of days to a few weeks for me to complete a story, but this one took me seven months. It didn’t go where I thought it would, and some of you may find the end of Ch 3 a little weird. Perhaps it is. But I think the whole story is “action packed” enough to make up for it.

I’d love it if you would let me know what you think, and please vote!

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Let’s Go for a Run, Ch 01

I met Sharon at Mike’s Friday night party. We ended up together mostly because everyone else there was married or attached, and besides, I’d never seen her before. Turns out she just started at Mike’s company, and he asked her to come so she could mingle a little, since a lot of the guests work there.

I noticed her first because she’s tall, almost my height, and slim almost to the point of being skinny. “Hi,” I said, “my name’s Dan, I’m a friend of Mike’s.” We went through the usual introductory chit-chat, but finally I couldn’t resist asking, “Are you, by any chance, a runner?”

That’s all it took. She was, of course, and an ardent one, at that. I had run cross country, years ago in high school, and jogged a little while I was in college, but all that was a memory now. However, it did mean I wasn’t ignorant of the subject, and it turned out to be her favorite topic. We got a couple of drinks, and ended up in a corner, chatting for most of the night.

I was kind of blindsided though, when she asked me if I would like to join her for a run the next morning. I’m not exactly out of shape, but at 28, I haven’t really run for over 5 years. I know enough about runners to be fairly sure she probably did five or six miles, three to five days a week, probably at around seven minutes per. I tried to whine my way out of it, but she wasn’t having any of my excuses, and she said she would be gentle. We could do two or three miles at “my” pace.

She also asked if I knew any good places to run, and as it happens, I do. Most of the locals do the roads and trails around the reservoir in town. I said I would pick her up, since she’s new to the area. She wanted me to come by at seven, but I managed to negotiate 8 AM. After all, we were at the party, drinking, and it was already after eleven. I walked her out to her car, and was pleased when she leaned to me and gave me a kiss goodnight on the lips, as I opened the door for her.

Truthfully, I was quite taken with her. She had the typical runners build, slim hips and small behind, and breasts that disappeared under anything heavier than a T-shirt. But she had a very pretty face under short blonde hair, and smiled a lot, with eyes that sparkled. If I survived the run without disgracing myself, it might be worth the effort.

I got up at 6, showered, took a couple of ibuprofen, and managed to find an old pair of running shorts that I could get into. I had to wipe the mildew off the old running shoes, but at least, they weren’t worn out. White socks and a Tee completed the outfit.

I got to her door right on time, and she answered at the first ring. She came right out, but I noticed there was a younger girl behind her who yelled, “Have fun, Shari,” as the door closed. “Mandy, my sister,” she said. “Both of my younger sisters live with me.”

When we arrived, we went through the usual stretching routine, and soon were on the road that circles the reservoir. I was guessing it was about a 2 mile loop. She was true to her word, and let me set the pace, the best I could do without puffing too badly. When we got to the first of the many marked trails, she said, “Do you mind if we try this? I love running in the woods.” Truthfully, I had no idea where it went, but my cross country experience had at least prepared me for trail running, so of course, I agreed.

Fortunately the trail was pretty flat, but I knew it would be longer than the road. She chatted, while I concentrated on conserving my breath, and at the eight minute mark, I figured we had gone at least a mile. So far so good. At 16 minutes, I was feeling a little tightness in my calves and thighs, but what bothered me more was, the trail never seemed to turn towards the parking lot. At around 24 minutes, we turned and the sun was in my eyes, which I figured should be the way back.

She asked how I was doing, realizing this was more than I had bargained for, and I didn’t say much, but I noticed a definite ache in my left thigh. By 30 minutes, I had slowed noticeably, running flatfooted way off my earlier pace,, and she had a look of concern on her face, apologizing for taking me so much farther than planned. The trail rejoined the road, and we could see the opening of the parking area, about a quarter mile ahead.

Then it happened. I got a major cramp in my left thigh, and just managed to dive onto the grass, avoiding the pavement. I was in agony, trying to find a position for my leg that would bring canlı bahis some relief. Despite myself, tears streamed down my face from the sharp pain. She was on me at once, grabbing my ankle and pulling hard, pushing my toes down, pointing away. That did help, and in a minute or two I was sure I wouldn’t die – immediately. Once she found the key to relieving the pressure, her hands found the knotted muscle and massaged my thigh deeply. A few others stopped to look, but went on their way.

The initial crisis over, she started apologizing profusely for taking me on a trail she didn’t know, even though she knew I would be limited in endurance. I shushed her, saying I didn’t know any more than she did, and it wasn’t her fault. Sometimes you have to lie a little. And besides, I was beginning to really enjoy her hands on my thigh.

In a few minutes, I felt I could walk back to the lot with her, and made it without limping too badly. When we got into the car, she said again, how badly she felt, and surprised me by leaning over and kissing me. A real kiss! I guess to take my mind off the pain. It did, and I put my hand on her back, pulling her closer for another. She didn’t seem to mind at all. When our lips parted, she said,” Let’s go back to the house, Dan, I’ll see if I can do a little more for your leg.”

When we got back, she had me sit on her couch, leg up, and went for some supplies. She came back with some muscle relaxant crème, ice in a towel, and an Ace bandage. Also, a bottle of water and a couple more ibuprofen, a runner’s best friend. By now, the pain was much less, though certainly not gone, and I began to really enjoy it when she vigorously rubbed the crème into my thigh, her fingers coming very close to my balls and cock, held only by a jock, under the light running shorts. In fact, I think she noticed that a little swelling started there, and giggled as she rubbed even higher.

Once she had made sure the crème was gone, she put the ice pack on my leg, saying we needed to give it 15 minutes or so. She sat with me on the couch and said softly, “Dan, I’m really sorry I let this happen,” and she leaned over, put a hand on my chest and kissed me softly on the cheek. Her concern was genuine, and her gentle touch made me shudder. I turned to her and put an arm across her shoulders, pulling her lips to mine.

The kiss started gently, but quickly deepened, as her lips parted, begging for my tongue. When I accepted the invitation, the tip of hers met mine, and our tongues played inside her mouth. She pressed against me, and moaned softly as our lips ground together. I had to fight hard to remember the ice pack to keep from turning and wrapping her in my arms. Her hand slid back and forth across my chest and down to my stomach, and it was my turn to moan into her mouth. There was nothing I could do to keep my cock from hardening into a very noticeable bulge, straining against my jock under the thin shorts.

She let her hand slide down and run lightly over it, following its length, back and forth. I groaned and almost lost the ice pack as my hips lifted when I strained to press against her hand. She whispered into my ear, “Mmmmm, I like that, Dan. And I’d love to do something about it, but I expect my sisters will be coming back any time now. But if you let me, I’ll give you a rain check, and promise to make up for it later.” When she kissed me again she was almost purring. And I was shaking with desire and delight.

When we remembered the ice pack again I already had water running down my leg from the towel, my thigh was numb from the cold, and my cock was rock hard. I let her go reluctantly as she slid off the couch and dried me off, smiling as she rubbed much longer than necessary. She wrapped the ace bandage tightly around my thigh, and put the clips on. That really did help, and, I could hardly feel the pain any more. Having finished with her doctoring, she smiled and leaned over and kissed me again. This time, I put both hands on her back and pulled her down to me. Our tongues had a reunion in her mouth and played enthusiastically.

She pressed against me harder, and moaned softly into my mouth, but after a few minutes she pulled back and smiled at me. She reached down and patted my swollen cock again, and said with a giggle, “I’d really love to give him a massage too, but I’m afraid it would only make the swelling worse. And besides, I really expect my sisters will pop in the door any minute now.” But she rubbed her hand over my cock a few more times.

Right on cue, we heard the door open and both sisters came in, eyes wide when they saw me on the couch with their sister. I sat up, trying to hide the bulge a bit, and hoped all they could see was the bandage on my leg. Shari calmly explained what had happened. I got it under control a little, and she made introductions all around.

The sisters weren’t kids; Sharon was 27, Denise 23, and Mandy 21. It seems their parents died in an accident, and Shari bahis siteleri took over the sisters; they had been with her since Mandy was 17. When she moved for her new job, they moved with her. Both planned to enroll in the local community college and had part time jobs. All three were built pretty much alike, tall and slim, and all three were runners.

Once the introductions were over, the girls headed to their rooms, leaving me and Shari. She bent over and kissed me again, long and deep. “They are great kids,” she said, “but sometimes having them around is a real disadvantage.” She added, “I’d like to get them out of their shells. They need lives of their own.”

It was obvious that not much was going to happen there right then, so I tried plan B. “Shari, how about if I take you to lunch?”

She accepted, and the big smile I got told me she had been hoping I’d come up with something. She made me promise it would be someplace casual, and I asked her about the local Beef and Brew. Most runners like beer, and she was no exception. We both needed to clean up and change, and I told her I’d be back in an hour to pick her up.

I found I could walk pretty well with the bandage and medication, and after a quick shower I arrived back at her door wearing a golf shirt and shorts, considering the bandage a badge of honor by now. I was pleased to see she had on only a light pink blouse and very short shorts. At least with the blouse, I could see a hint of nipple, and suspected she had no bra underneath.

No sooner did we get in the car, than she leaned over and kissed me once again. As I reached to hold her, I let my fingers slide across the front of her blouse, and clearly felt two firm nipples. She moaned into my mouth and pressed against my arm. Both of us were breathing hard when our lips parted, and she said, “I think we need some nourishment.” Her hand was on my bare thigh, fingers moving up and down, all the way to the restaurant.

The place was crowded, and we had to settle for an interior booth, but at least it was in the darkest part of the dining area. Once seated we immediately kissed again, only to be interrupted by the blushing waitress. Shari asked me if we could get a pitcher of Heinekens, which was great with me, since that’s what I have at home. Grilled chicken suited both of us, and we quickly sent the waitress packing.

Feeling comfortable with her now, I put an arm around her, and she quickly leaned against me. Now our lips were grinding, and our tongues going wild. She had one hand on the back of my head, pulling me to her. The other was in my lap, unabashedly stroking my already hard cock. I put one hand between her legs and squeezed, over the shorts, and she pushed herself into my hand. She was squirming against me, trying to rub her small breasts against my chest.

For a moment the hand in my lap released me, and she smiled, saying, “Here, I’ll make it easy for you.” She reached down and undid the button on her shorts, slid the zipper down, and lifted a moment so she could slide the tight shorts down a bit. Then she regained a firm grasp on my cock and rammed her tongue back into my mouth. When I slid my hand into the open shorts I felt bare skin, she had no panties, and her pussy was completely bald, the skin smooth as silk. And she was dripping wet.

When I stroked her there, her hips rolled and lifted from the bench, and I had to capture her moans in my mouth. I was about to slide my fingers into her when I caught motion from the corner of my eye. The waitress was there with the tray, putting our plates on the table and trying very hard not to look. We froze, in embarrassed silence, until she left. Then Shari said, “Mmmm, it does look pretty good – for an appetizer.” There are no words to describe the wicked look she gave me.

We both downed a large glass of the draft beer in just a gulp or two, and started working on the meal. Fortunately it really was very good, and gave us something else to concentrate on. Even so, she left her shorts undone and put one of her long legs over my thigh.

Her legs were spread wide, and after eating a few bites, I couldn’t resist sliding my hand into her shorts and dipping my fingers into her. She moaned and pressed against them. I stroked a bit, then lifted my sopping wet fingers, and slowly licked them as she watched. There was a look of pure lust on her reddening face. But for sure, she one-upped me! She reached under the table, put her fingers into herself, brought the hand back up and licked them clean! The excitement of our play in such a public place was intensely erotic! I almost lost my load into my briefs at that sight. She smiled at me and said, “Wow, this meal is delicious!”

It was, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over and I know she couldn’t either. We finished the beer and while she buttoned her shorts, I threw some money on the table to more than cover the bill, and we almost ran out of there. Once in the car, she said, “Let’s bahis şirketleri go to your place, and I’ll put some more cream on your thigh – or somewhere.”

She had my fly open before I swerved out of the parking lot, and had me standing at attention as she stroked me all the way to the house. My hands were shaking as I fumbled for the key, and she rubbed my cock again as she waited, right outside the door!

We barely made it inside, and as I slammed her back against the closed door I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one,” grabbed the neck of her blouse and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. It was only then I saw what lay beneath. Her breasts were indeed small, runners breasts, but her nipples were completely swollen, the tips almost an inch long. When we unlocked lips long enough, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and yanked it over my head. Then she pressed those iron hard nips against me and ground them into my chest. As she did she moaned and sighed, leaving little doubt how much she liked it.

I lifted her off her feet and carried her into the downstairs bedroom, tossing her on the bed. She wiggled her shorts down over her hips as I unbuttoned and unzipped mine. I was about to pull them down when she said, “Wait!” and slid off the bed again, moving in front of me and grabbing the shorts, sliding them and my underwear down my legs together. She lowered herself along with them, and ended up on her knees in front of me. Wasting no time, she grasped my cock and stroked it hard a few times, then pulled the head into her mouth. Her lips were like a vise, holding me as her tongue swirled around me. She moaned with satisfaction. So did I.

I put my hands on her head as she stared up at me, eyes burning. When I started to push forward, she opened her lips and let me slide in all the way to the back of her mouth in one stroke. She started rocking back and forth, her lips squeezing, her mouth sucking. I watched as my cock, dripping with her saliva, disappeared and re-appeared faster and faster. Just when I thought I would cum at any moment, she stopped, only her tongue swirling around my shaft.

Her eyes looked up and caught mine, refusing to let go. Her lips loosened and she pressed forward. I felt my cock slip into her throat, and keep sliding, deeper and deeper, until her chin was against my balls! Her head started moving back and forth and inch or two, throat fucking me. In a matter of seconds, I came down her throat, spurt after spurt, and I could feel her trying to swallow my cock head as she took it all. I was shaking, legs feeling so weak I had to put a hand on the bed. Eyes still locked on mine, her lips slid slowly off me and she licked up the few remaining drops. She gave me a satisfied, “MMMmmmmmmmmm,” along with a sparkling grin.

“How the hell did….” I started.

But she cut me off and said, “I read about it in “Runner’s Road” magazine.”

That was so totally unexpected I couldn’t help but laugh, and she giggled as she got up off the floor. I grabbed her in my arms and squeezed her to me as our lips locked again. She may have had a hard runner’s body, but she felt soft and smooth as silk.

Once again, I lifted her and threw her on the bed. This time she stayed put, and wiggled to the center of it. I crawled on after her, just one thing in mind. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. She was gasping as soon as I started kissing my way down her chest. I ran my tongue around the gentle curves of her small breasts, then put a hand over each one of them. She shuddered as my palms closed around them and pressed against the nipples.

I removed one hand and replaced it with my mouth, opened wide so my lips didn’t touch the nipple, but pressed against her breast. I squeezed with my lips as they slowly moved towards the tall, pointed nipple. At last I reached the swollen crinkly base, and my lips wrapped around the hard little tower. As my wet lips locked onto it and my tongue lightly stroked the tip, her back arched suddenly, ramming the tip deeper into my mouth. She was shaking and moaning as I sucked harder and my tongue swirled against it. My fingertips found the other hard tip, and started stroking it softly. Gradually I squeezed harder with both my fingers and lips and she was writhing on the bed, head pressed against the pillow, back arched.

She was moaning, gasping, almost sobbing. My fingers pulled and stretched, twisted and squeezed harder. My Lips pressed down on her breast as my tongue ground against the hard tip. Her reaction was amazing. Her hips were rolling, and I was tempted to put my hand over her pussy, but first, I closed my teeth on the tip of her nipple, and pulled, stretching it. She screamed, arching completely off the bed, and her hand slapped over her pussy, fingers digging into it. She came; her cum gushing so hard it wet her hand and dripped onto the bed. Her entire body was convulsing. Afraid I might hurt her, I released the nipple and kissed it softly.

It took at least a minute before she stopped thrashing on the bed, and she was still gasping, eyes closed. I kissed her lips softly, and said, “Shari, baby! You ok?” She opened her eyes and laughed at me.

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