Let’s Play a Game Pt. 02

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Glancing in, through the sliding glass door, at his wife cleaning up her mess in the kitchen, Jack was preparing cheeseburgers on their grill out on the backyard patio. Soda can in one hand, spatula in the other Jack gazed out at the backyard passed the shed by the fence, watching the woods that bordered the property, just making out the old outhouse in the distance between the trees. Thinking about the new game Kim and himself were playing the two extra glasses of water caught up to him, not to mention the soda. Knowing he was alone he put down the soda and gave his penis a squeeze, he couldn’t leave the burgers unsupervised. Desperately looking around he reminded himself of the high privacy fence to the left and then looked towards the long manor drive to the right, abandoned as usual.

Assured no one would be watching, or care, he unzipped and pulled his penis out of his fly, starting to leak a bit, splashing the grill housing with a stream of piss. Not wanting to damage the grill he stopped the flow. Turning around towards the patio he gently pushed and began to pee brazenly in the middle of the patio, defenseless if anyone were to glance into his backyard. His stream arcing downwards and splattering all over the patio stone sending splashes in a neat radius around his waterfall. “No hiding this from the wife,” he chuckled to himself, turning back to the grill Escort Bayan to plate up the hamburgers. He decided not to put his penis back into his pants. “Why bother,” he thought, “No one is around and it makes it easier to pee too!” Grabbing an extra soda and the burgers, he set the outside table just as Kim was coming out of the kitchen.

First she noticed the puddle on the stone, second his cock hanging freely. “Well it looks like you’re continuing the trend,” said Kim as she stepped over his puddle to give him a kiss and a tug. They then sat down for lunch, discussing the events of the day.

“Well naturally, I couldn’t leave the burgers,” Jack laughed. “Besides its our own backyard, no one can see in,” glancing down at his exposed penis.

“It must have felt so good to be exposed and peeing freely like that,” replied Kim. The glasses of water had caught up with her too. “I’d like to try it.” Standing up she turned her chair towards the yard and pulled down her shorts and panties, dropping them in a pile on the table. She scooted towards the edge of the chair, leaning back, and spread her legs, opening her shaved pussy to the yard and woods beyond. She tried to apply some pressure on her bladder but her urine wouldn’t come out. “I can’t go!” Kim squealed, overcome with pee shyness and 26 years of toilet training. Desperately peeing Bayan Escort in a glass and privately in the clothes hamper was one thing but peeing out in the open like this was another. Tucking her legs in she imagined she was sitting on a toilet.

“Just a little… push… ahhh.” Suddenly pee erupted from her vagina splashing all over her inner thighs, pouring through the wood slats of the chair to the stone below. With the flow started she immediately threw open her legs and lied back in the chair, pushing her stream in a high arc out into the yard, her wet thighs glistening in the sun. “This feels so good,” she gasped, hissing all the while. After a bit her stream subsided leaving a wet trail on the patio stone leading to her muff and a puddle underneath.

“If you’re gonna go then I might as well too,” remarked Jack grasping his dick and sliding forward in his chair. Leaning forward he pointed his cock between his legs, sighing as he shot a stream of pee out at the stone tiles below. Hot pee droplets ricocheting forward all over the feet of his wife across from him.

“Eeek!” Kim giggled, “You’re splashing me!”

“Sorry!” Jack replied, “Wait, you’re wet already!”

Kim laughed, “Yep, I don’t mind. Now lets finish things up here and go for a hike.” Jack’s stream died down and he gave more than a few shakes under the table. Escort As Jack was taking in most of the dishes into the kitchen while Kim was cleaning up the remainder, bending over the table, bare ass on display. Feeling a little bit of pee left she spread her legs a bit and let out a couple spurts, spraying her legs and the stone tile below. Grabbing her pants and dishes she hurried inside to drink a couple more glasses of water before their hike, drying herself off with another towel.

Getting ready for the hike Jack went out to the garage to grab some water bottles, passing through the laundry room where he noticed a slight pissy smell. Remembering Kim’s messy pee in the kitchen he lifted the lid of the hamper to survey the damage to the towel. When he peered inside he noticed that the other laundry was soaked as well and deduced his wife had used the hamper as a toilet. “Wow, we’re getting good at this,” he thought to himself. Not wanting his wife to outdo him he felt he could pee and looked around the room. In the center of the room he spied a drain. “If she can pee on the floor then so can I!” He exclaimed. Without holding his cock he posed his hips so that it was pointing somewhat in the direction of the drain missing his mark by a couple inches, pee splashing noisily against the washing machine. Moving his hips he aimed his stream into the drain, loudly announcing to the house of what he was doing and after a couple of seconds his bladder was empty and he stepped into the garage to grab two water bottles, being careful to step over his puddle swirling lazily down the drain as he went to meet up with Kim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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