Lick My Ass…

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When I was 19, I attended Boston University. Being almost 3000 miles from home was tough, but I enjoyed it. But not nearly as much as I enjoyed a particular trip back home for Christmas when I was a sophomore. That Christmas, something incredible happened. Something I hope will happen again, and again, and again.

My sister Emily had just turned 18 and entered college herself. As a freshman at Arizona State, she was having the time of her life. She had written to me about the fake ID her “big sister” in her sorority had given her and she was drinking and partying nearly every night of the week. I could imagine what ELSE she was doing every night of the week too. My sister is 5′ 9” with platinum blond hair, large but perky breasts, and an ass that would make your mouth water when it’s hugged by her Abercrombie and Fitch jeans.

So this particular Christmas was her first time back home from college, and the first time I got to see her since we both left for our respective universities. When I got home from the airport, there she was, all 110 pounds of her, just the way I remembered. It was good to see her again, and we gave each other the obligatory, if not awkward, sibling hug. For the first few days back home we didn’t talk much since we were unaccustomed to the home surroundings. Christmas came and went, as well as New Years, and then the family had a ski trip planned.

Our entire family headed up to ski at a mountain a few hours from our house. We spent the first day skiing and enjoyed a good nights sleep after the exhausting activities, but the next day we were snowed in, and the lifts on the mountain were closed. Stuck indoors, my sister and I hung out together upstairs at the cabin we had rented. There was a loft area that she and I were sharing with our other sister to sleep in, and we hung out in it for most of the day, playing cards and watching TV.

While we were playing a game of Go Fish, our conversation drifted to college life and the kind of stuff we did on weekends. She told me how much she enjoyed drinking and having fun with all the fraternity guys, and I admitted I enjoyed drinking too. Then my sister also told me about the times she’d smoked pot. I told her that I’d just gotten into it as well, and that I had enjoyed the few times I’d done it.

Soon enough, Emily suggested that we smoke together to see what we were like when we were high. When our parents had gone to bed, Emily and I snuck out of the house in our winter jackets and went under the deck to smoke together. I must admit it was a little weird smoking pot with my sister, but it was fun to watch her try and take the biggest hit she could. Eventually, we were both thoroughly blazed and pretty cold from the winter air, so we headed back inside, giggling at the smallest noises we made since we were still trying to keep our parents from knowing what we were doing.

We made it inside without incident and crept down to the basement room of the rented cabin so we could talk a bit louder without being heard. We sat down on the bed and began to talk more about school and life and what was going on for each of us. Eventually it turned to our love lives and how we were each doing with our perspective mates. We giggled about a bad date Emily once had, and eventually she admitted she had been having some trouble in the bedroom with her last boyfriend.

“He just wasn’t adventurous enough.” She said. “I wanted to try some new stuff and he freaked out on me. Too conservative.”

I couldn’t imagine what guy would shy away form some adventure in the sack so I had to ask, “Well what on earth did you ask him to do?”

Emily was silent for a moment. I could tell we had just crossed into a realm the two of us had never entered before. She finally sensed the awkward pause and said, “Well, I don’t know. Just some stuff.”

Hah, that was descriptive. The conversation continued briefly and we talked about how her boyfriend would sometimes force her to give him head when she didn’t want to, but I sensed we never really reached the issue in question. Eventually Emily said, “OK, I just realized I’m still wearing snowpants and my jacket from being outside. I’m melting here!” I agreed, and we parted ways to change into our pajamas.

I went to my suitcase and got some gym shorts and a t-shirt, then changed in the bathroom. I looked at my red eyes in the mirror and smiled at how goofy the two of us were being since we’d smoked. Tossing my snow clothes back in my suitcase, I headed down the stairs to meet Emily in the basement again when I got there I saw a sight that made my jaw drop.

Emily was standing with her back to me, surrounded by her suitcase and piles of clothes, wearing only a thermal top and a small, cotton thong. Her little, apple-shaped ass was the most perfect thing I had ever seen. The string of the thong disappeared into her crack, and her cheeks spilled down hanging perfectly over her thighs. As I drank the sight in, I noted that both cheeks were tinged light pink with the cold. Clearly she had been standing in the chilly air with Escort bayan no pants on for some time. Looking in her suitcase once more for something, she bent over offering her ass up in a lewd display in which her pussy clearly bulged through the material of the cotton panties. I was about to make a joke to let her know I was standing there when she suddenly shouted, “Eric! I can’t find my pajamas!” With that she turned and caught me standing there.

For a moment we both stood there, speechless. Then we both broke out laughing at the situation. She hit the floor and was rolling on the ground with laughter. I watched, stifling my own giggles, as she rolled on the ground, giving me increasingly interesting angles of her ass. She must have realized she was rolling on the cold floor and jumped up with her hands clutching her butt cheeks. “Shit,” she said, “I can’t find my pajamas.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Here, you can wear these.” I quickly slipped my gym shorts down my legs and tossed them over to her, leaving myself in my boxer briefs and t-shirt. Normally I would have felt exposed in front of my sister, but under the circumstances I didn’t even think twice about it. Emily seemed to be under the same effects, as she grabbed my shorts and slid them on. Now that we were both modestly covered, we collapsed on two beanbag chairs and giggled a bit more. Then Emily said, “So what were we talking about?”

I reminded her that we were talking about her exploits with her ex boyfriend and how they were less than fulfilling. “Ugh!” she exclaimed, suddenly very frustrated. “I can’t believe he called me a slut just because I wanted to explore with a little anal play!”

“What?” I said, catching myself.

“Our sex life needed a little spicing up, so I asked him if he would play with my ass a little and he freaked out!”


I think I was waiting for her to continue, not exactly sure how to move the conversation forward myself. I did, however, find myself flashing back to the view I had just captured of my sister’s tight, round ass when I had walked into the room. The guy had dumped her because she WANTED him to play with her ass? What the hell… “What do you mean?” I asked stupidly.

“You know,” she stammered. “Like… lick it, finger it, stuff like that I guess… I don’t know I’ve never tried it.”

Now it was my turn to be silent. Then I dared to ask, “You wanted your boyfriend to do that to you?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Why not? Some friends have told me they’ve done it and really enjoyed it. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try… Oh god! You must think I’m so weird Eric!”

“Of course I don’t Em!” I said quickly. “Come on, relax. It’s not that big a deal. I mean, I’m a guy, you think I’ve never fantasized about doing that to a girl?”

“You have?” She asked hesitantly.

“Of course. I mean, it’s a turn on for MOST guys. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with your boyfriend. Who the hell wouldn’t want to mess around with your ass!?”

For a moment I thought I had gone to far. But Emily looked at me straight faced and said, “Really?”

“Well… yeah.” I said. “Guys like tight, round asses. And that’s exactly what you’ve got.”

Emily turned red in the face and looked away. “Eric…” she said.

Suddenly afraid I had embarrassed my baby sister I quickly scanned my brain for a way to make her feel comfortable. The only way I could think of was to offer up something that would potentially make me embarrass myself. Without completely thinking it through, I blurted out. “And if you’re really worried that you’re weird because you want it, you should know that a lot of guys actually like their asses played with too.” She looked up at me incredulously and I added quietly, “I mean, I’ve even thought about it…”

“You’ve thought about a girl playing with your ass?” Emily asked me, wide eyed.

Not feeling completely secure with the admission, but realizing I owed it to my sister since she had risked feeling embarrassed in front of me I said, “Yeah, from time to time. But I’ve never had the guts to ask any girl I’ve been with, so I’ve never really explored a girls ass, or let one do things to mine.” Emily opened her mouth, as if she were going to speak, but then slowly closed it again. We seemed to be at a standstill in the conversation, and we both stared at each other through a haze of pot that had clouded our minds.

Neither of us knowing what to say next, Emily said dumbly, “Well I really wanted my boyfriend to do it to me. I want to know what it’s like.”

“Me too.” I admitted, more than a little turned on by the thought of some guy licking my little sister’s pink asshole.

I looked at my sister again and saw her gaze had drifted downward. Unsure of what she was looking at, I glanced down as well and was shocked to find that I was sporting a raging hardon! The pot had completely desensitized my mind so I hadn’t even felt myself becoming hard. “Woah” I heard Emily say.

“Shit, I’m sorry Em.” I said as I stood up and Bayan escort turned to go. But she stopped me by saying, “Wait, it’s ok. Just cover it up with these.” And with that she slid my gym shorts back down her legs and held them out to me. Accepting the offer, I grabbed the shorts and bent to put them on once again, but as I bent over, my eyes locked onto Emily’s panty clad crotch. I wasn’t the only one that had been getting aroused… I could tell from the wet spot on the front of my sister’s underwear that she had been turned on by our admissions just as I had. I looked up to find my sister still staring at my hard dick covered by my boxer briefs, as if she didn’t want to see it go.

I straightened back up, allowing my cock to jut out obscenely through my underwear. I looked my sister up and down. I knew what I wanted, but the question was: Did she want the same thing? I dropped the gym shorts and subconsciously brushed my dick with the back of my hand through my underwear. I watched as one of Emily’s hands traveled to her own crotch and gave it he softest scratch. Looking in each other’s eyes, neither knew who would be the first to suggest it.

Emily broke the silence with, “You know, I’m really high right now, but we could both try things on each other, just to see what it felt like. I know it would be really weird, but I’ve got to admit I’m fucking horny right now.”

“You’re suggesting that we play with each others asses right now?” I said with a huge grin on my face.

Spotting my grin and knowing she was in safe territory she replied, “Yeah, we’ll both just try the same things on each other and figure out what we like and don’t like. Then we’ll both have tried it.”

“So, if I lick your asshole, you’ll lick my asshole?” I asked, trying to clarify things.

“I’ll do to you whatever you do to me, Eric. That way neither of us feels like the weird one, and we both get to experience it. I won’t think it’s weird if you like it. I’m actually getting a little excited at the idea of touching you there. I never thought about doing it to a guy…”

“Well,” I said taking a deep breath, “You can see from my dick that I’m pretty fucking excited too. If you’re serious, then I’m totally game.”

“Holy shit,” she said. “You’re really going to lick my ass for me?”

“Only if you do it for me.” I reminded her.

“Of course.” She said. “Ummm…” – Exactly, I thought. Where the hell do we start? Then she offered, “Well, let’s do it right and both be perfectly clean and freshly showered so we can really enjoy both giving and receiving. I’ll run up and take a shower first, then come down here and wait for you while you shower, then we’ll… get started…” A perfect idea, I thought. So she started up the stairs, but halfway up she turned and said, “Are you really serious?”

“Absolutely.” I said.

“Prove it,” she said. “Show me your dick right now.

“Alright, but you have to show me your pussy at the same time Emily. We’re gonna see each other anyway.”

“Fine,” she said. “Ready, go.” And with that I yanked my underwear down to my thighs as I watched her tug her thong down around her knees. I couldn’t believe that I was staring at my little sister’s shaved cunt and I immediately grabbed my dick and started pumping.

“Finger yourself.” I commanded her. And without hesitating she sucked two of her fingers into her mouth, then inserted them directly into her pussy, frigging herself wildly. Clearly we were both horny as fuck and ready to get off in a way we never had before. “I’m gonna lick your ass Em.” I declared.

“I’m gonna want you to finger it to.” She reminded me. No problem I thought! As I stood there beating my meat to the glorious sight in front of me she said, “OK fuck I can’t wait any longer.” And she bolted up the stairs. I heard the shower turn on and I imagined Emily soaping up her ass, cleaning it for me to enjoy. My cock was throbbing, and I knew that the moment I touched my tongue, lips, or fingers to Emily’s little asshole I would explode and it might ruin whatever we were doing. And even if I managed to hold back then, surely I would shoot a load when she started doing things to ME. Fearing the worst, I decided I needed to shoot off a warning round.

Looking around the room I saw Emily’s piles of clothes, and on top of one I spotted a red, satin pair of panties. They were full backed – to cover that delicious ass – and I immediately grabbed them and wrapped them around my dick without thinking. I began jerking my cock quickly as visions of myself buried nose deep in my sister’s ass filled my head. I shot a load in record time and stuffed the panties down in her suitcase.

My cock never even went limp.

When Emily came hopping down the stairs a minute later, I still at full mast. I walked by her on my way to the shower and she said, “Can I just touch your dick real quick?” Not one to disappoint her, I turned on the stairs and presented it to her. She wrapped her fist, still warm from the shower, around my cock and squeezed as tightly Escort as she could. She gave it too quick jerks and then let go. “Hurry up, I almost started playing with my own ass in there I’m so excited.”

I turned and ran up the stairs, dick leading all the way. In the shower, I turned the water on and jumped in. I grabbed the liquid soap and started lathering myself up furiously, wanting to finish this task and get to the fun downstairs. I did a cursory cleansing of my torso and stomach, then I lathered up my cock and balls and stroked them clean. Finally I covered my hands with soap and reached back behind me. I had never washed my body with the expectations I certainly had now and I noted the extra sensations I felt as I cleaned myself for my sister. Lingering only briefly on my backside, I jumped out of the shower and began toweling off so I was completely dry for this experience. Satisfied, I tucked my dick up to my stomach and wrapped the towel around myself, nearly tripping over it as I rushed back down the stairs to my sister.

She was waiting on a couch, covered demurely with a blanket, yet I assumed she was naked beneath it. With both our bodies covered again, we hesitated at what we were about to jump into, and I worried she was going to lose her nerve, but finally she said, “OK, I know this is supposed to be all about asses, but I figure you’re going to see my tits too anyway, so here you go.” And she lowered the blanket to her waist. I could not have dreamed up a better pair. Full, without any sag, her 18 year old breasts were incredible. Each had tan lines in the shape of small triangles from her bathing suit. Even though it was winter, she’d gotten plenty of sun in Arizona. Each pale triangle was topped of with a tiny, pert, young nipple.

“They’re fuckin perfect Em.” I said. “But what I really want is my tongue buried in that perfect ass.” Her eyes lit up and I knew she was really excited. She stood up with the blanket wrapped around her waist and she said, “Same deal as with the underwear… Ready, go.” And we both dropped our covers, standing completely nude in front of one another. Looking at her tiny, toned body, I wanted to fuck her badly, but I knew I’d get off one way or another, and I wasn’t going to pass up this chance of such a kinky evening.

“How do we start?” She asked.

“Well, I want to see what I’m dealing with.” I said, suddenly in charge. “Lie down on your stomach on the couch.” I think she enjoyed my command, and she smiled and laid down, “Spread your legs so I can see you Em.” I was just above a whisper now – I was about to have my face shoved into my sister’s ass.

I stepped over to the end of the couch, leaned over the armrest with my torso, and lowered my face into heaven itself. Two inches away I stopped to survey what was mine. First I noticed her pussy lips, which jutted out between her ass cheeks, just begging to be licked, sucked, and fucked. They were perfect. Pink and pouty. My sister must have just shaved in the shower, because there was not a trace of hair on them. Her slit glistened with her own wetness, and I turned my attention to her ass. That ass…

I wanted to divebomb face first into it, but I had to enjoy this. Her cheeks were rosy from the hot shower, but her skin was goosebumped in the cold night air, making the flesh taught across her ass. Ready to finally see my prize I said, “Pull your ass open for me Emily.” Moaning at the taboo situation we were sharing, she reached back and grabbed a full cheek in each hand. Then she slowly spread her cheeks wide open and held them there.

I nearly came again.

Spread taught, wide open was the prettiest, pinkest, tightest, hottest looking little asshole I had ever laid eyes on. It was wrinkled perfectly, and the skin just surrounding it was a shade darker than the rest of her ass. I leaned in another inch. She had to have felt my proximity because she was panting and moaning quietly. “This was such a fucking good idea Em.” I said happily. “Your asshole looks delicious, and I’m going to do whatever you want me to do to it.” She groaned again. “But first,” I said, “I want to see you flex it. Do you think you can open your asshole a little bit without touching it?”

“I think” She replied, and I hardened even more as I watched her exert some pressure on her anus, making it expand ever so slightly. As she relaxed again, it tightened once more. “Fuck Em,” I said, “That was hot!”

“You like that?” She asked, and she proceeded to flex and release her asshole right in front of my eyes. I was amazing at the immediate control she had over her anus. I wanted my tongue in that little sphincter. I leaned in and breathed a hot breath across her exposed hole. She screamed in delight and said, “Holy shit Eric, you’re gonna make me cum if you do that!” I hadn’t even touched her! Smiling, I said, “Then you’ll really like this!” And I leaned in to lick her rosebud.

But before I could make contact with my tongue, she released her hold of her butt cheeks and pushed my face away. “Hang on!” She said. “You saw mine, now I get to see yours! We decided that whatever someone does, the other has to do it back. Ever since you told me you wanted me to touch your ass too, I’ve been thinking more and more about it and I’m really excited to do it! Now bend over.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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