Life Changes

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Sometimes a whole life can be changed by one event, one moment in time. This can be a death, a lottery prize, or in my case because my husband had fired a security guard.

Let me tell you a little of what my life was like, what happened and the start of my completely different and wonderful new life.

I was raised if a large Gulf Coast City of pretty well to do folks. My Mom was a society gal, always doing some ball or charity event. She had come from meager beginnings, Dad had the money in our family. She was always prim and proper, well dressed and never spoke a foul word. Or at least that was the image.

When I was 13 she took me into her room to have a “talk” with her. I thought it was going to be about sex and let her know that we had learned all about that in school so she didn’t need to embarrass either of us talking about it again. She told me this wasn’t about sex, but about life and proceeded to tell me something that shaped my life for the next 15 years.

She said women have control of 80% of the money in the world and 100% of the sex. Always remember the better you control the sex, the more money you will control. We talked for a long time that night and eventually I asked her if that didn’t make us whores? She said honey all women are whores and all men are johns, you just need to decide if your going to be a high class whore, or if your going to drop your panties for one of these redneck cowboys and end up fucking for grocery money. Wow, I didn’t even know Mom knew how to say fuck! Needless to say I looked at my Mom a little differently after that night.

A couple of years later I got a good example of how it worked, Mom wanted a new car, a convertible that she had seen. Her old car was only a few months old but she asked Dad for the new one anyway. I watched Mom go to work on him. She was actually flirting with him, she became much more touchy feely with him. Then one night a couple of weeks into her campaign they went out to dinner. She came down dressed to kill, I mean really looking sharp in heels and a skirt shorter than her usual, silk blouse and perfect makeup. I was still up watching a movie when they came in later and she looked rumpled.

Her hose were gone, her blouse was wrinkled and her lipstick was worn off. Dad looked pretty happy though.

That weekend he parked a new convertible in the driveway. When he handed Mom the keys she didn’t even go outside to look. She took him by the hand and led him upstairs to their room. I had to know what was going on so I snuck up and listened at the door.

They were not making a lot of noise but I could hear Daddy, “ Oh yes, damn your good at that sweetheart, don’t stop keep it up, faster, Oh yes” and on he went. Mom made no sound I could hear. Then his voice became more urgent and took on a shaky tone. “ Yes, yes, please don’t stop” then just a long low moan. Finally I heard Mom in her soft voice, “ you like that did you? Hell yes,” he replied, a little too loud. “Well if you want to cum in my mouth again big boy think Mercedes.” I was shocked! My Mom had just given my dad a blow job and had let him shot off into her mouth. I just couldn’t picture Miss Prim and Proper on her knees sucking a dick! But she had told me all women are whores and all men are johns. At Christmas there was a new Mercedes in the driveway with a big ribbon on it.

I followed Mom’s advice through High School dating and into college. My Orchid corsage to senior Prom cost me a night of petting and a date to the homecoming in my freshman year at college earned a lucky Junior a hand job in his car. But finally I met Bill. He was a Senior while I was still a Sophomore, and I feel in love instantly. I went home and talked to Mom about him. He was rich, of course, and good looking, and I was just head over heels for him. Mom reminded me not to give more than I got, and to hold out the only thing I had to offer.

Bill didn’t get into my pants until he proposed to me a year later, and didn’t get into my mouth until our honeymoon night in Hawaii.

And for the next few years I imitated my Mom, until Bill fired a security guard one day.

I was sitting on our sofa listening to some music, knowing that Bill would be home very soon. I usually met him and we shared a few minutes together before dinner. When he came in I got up to fix him a drink as he took off his jacket and laid it over the coffee table. I heard a dull thump as the jacket hit the table. Handing him his drink I asked what in the world is in your coat as I reached a hand into his pocket. I pulled out a cold metal pair of handcuffs.

“Where did you get these?” I asked

“Fire the guard today and forgot to take them out of my pocket before I came home,” he calmly replied.

I held them a looked at them as if I had never seen handcuffs before, and maybe I hadn’t really in person seen a pair. I was fascinated and just turned them over and over in my hands.

“You know I have never had a pair of these on before” I told Bill

“That’s because you are a good girl and have never been arrested” he şişli escort said.

“Wonder what it feels like?” I mused.

“ Well turn around and I’ll show you” he laughed out at me.

“You do have the key?”

“In the same pocket” he said.

I checked, and then finding it smiled at him and turned my back to him holding the cuffs in my hands.

I don’t know, there was a strange feeling as he held my wrist and applied the cuffs first to one then the other. The steel sent a chill through my body that wasn’t from the cold of the metal.

I turned to face him and smiled teasingly. “What do I have to do to get free sir?” I asked him in a playful voice.

“The price of freedom is a kiss” he smiled at me.

The cuffs had my arms pulled back, forcing my chest out. Without thinking I pushed my breast out further and said, “ Oh I think you are selling out way too cheap!”

For a few seconds Bill didn’t react, then a look came into his eyes that I had never seen before. It was excited and hard at the same time and I thought some of his business competitors must see that look and react with fear. I didn’t scare me, it for some reason just made me horny.

Bill reached up and cupped my breasts with his hands and I pushed into his embrace, forcing my breast hard to his strong hands. For seconds he caressed me then he started to undo his neck tie. We were both quiet and I was breathing deeply as he loosened the tie from his neck. Then he started to wrap it around my head, covering my eyes, blindfolding me. I stood as still as a statue as he tied the knot behind my head. Then his hands went to my blouse and started to open the buttons. I trembled as he undid them one at a time, trailing his fingers over my exposed skin as he went from one to the next. He pushed the blouse over my shoulders and it hung on my arms unable to fall free because of the cuffs. I was wearing a matronly white bra, not at all sexy. I heard the draw of the coffee table open and next felt the cold steel of the scissors we keep there slide between my breasts. There is something about having your bra cut off that leaves you more naked than if it were unfastened. The two halves of the bra hung with the blouse as Bills hands touched my cheeks. Slowly they traced down my face across my neck and past my shoulders. His fingers traced the outline of my 34b breast and then stopped to hold my waist. I didn’t know if I could keep standing. I was feeling things that I have never felt before. I knew that my sex was getting wet and my whole body vibrated inside as his tongue touched my nipple. When his mouth closed over me I started to moan and mumble about how good it felt. I pushed into him shamelessly, offering my tits to him.

I wasn’t thinking, I was just feeling as I stood there cuffed, blindfolded and topless offering myself to my husband.

He pulled his mouth from my nipple and grabbed the front of my slacks with his hand. “Follow me,” he ordered in a voice that I hadn’t heard from him before. Carefully he led me through the house to the master suite. He turned me and pushed me backwards. Onto the bed I hoped, to make love to me. I felt the bedstead post against my back. Our large four poster has four very big post, one at each corner and I was backed into one of these. I felt silk at my throat, a scarf or another tie, wrapping around my neck. I was tied to the bed post by the neck!

My body was alive, nerves tingling all over as Bill started to slip my slacks off my legs. My panties matched my bra, basic white and frumpy. Bill ran a feathery touch of his fingertips from my calves up the inside of my thighs and over the fabric of my panties. He spoke for the first time, “ Your panties are all wet girl, did you cum in your pants?”

God I was embarrassed! “”No sir” I squeaked out, knowing that my already flushed chest and cheeks were turning a brighter red.

“That’s good,” he said, ”I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to cum, do you understand?”

His tone left no doubt, and my voice responded without my brain interfering, “Yes sir.”

I felt the cool air touch my pussy as he slid the panties over my legs and I stepped out of them. Then I felt the touch of cotton on my neck, moving over my chin.

“Do you smell yourself on these?” he asked me, as he held my soaked panties against my lips and just under my nose. It was the sluttiest thing in the world to me as I took a deep breath of my own pussy. “Oh please fuck me!” I blurted out, “Please!”

“You want to be fucked?” he asked

“Yes! Yes!”

“Don’t worry my little whore, you will get all the fucking you need very soon!”

He called me a whore! He stood in front of me, right up against me, his clothed body against my naked one. He called me a whore and I was replying by pressing my pussy hard against his body. He reached around and undid the cuff on one hand.

Was the game over! No! No! not yet

He slipped the blouse and cut bra off my arms then bringing them around in front of me refastened the cuffs. This was much more comfortable without the post kağıthane escort digging into my hands.

His lips touched my nipple again. First one then the other as he at first gently sucked on them then began to softly bite at the nipples with his perfect teeth. His hands played with my neck and face as he tormented me with his lips.

“What are you doing?” He asked

“Huh?” came from me.

“Your hands, what are you doing with your hands?” he said

I hadn’t even realized it but I was playing with myself as he sucked my nipples.

“Tell me!” he commanded

“I am playing with myself,” I replied

“Playing with what?”, he asked.

“My pussy,” I said in a low voice, “I am playing with my pussy.”

“Good girls don’t play with themselves do they?” he asked.

“No sir,” I replied again in a low voice.

“If you are not a good girl what are you then?”

“I’m a bad girl.”

“What’s another name we call bad girls?” he coached

“Whore” I said, quickly followed by my plea, Please, please fuck me!”

“What else do we call a whore?”

“Slut!, we call a whore a slut!” I shouted at him

“Play with your pussy and tell me what you are and what you want!” he said in a clam tone.

“I’m your slut,” I said as my fingers found my clit again, “and I want you to fuck me.”

I had never talked like this, not even with my girlfriends, but I didn’t care. I would do anything to get him to push me onto the bed and take me.

“Keep playing with your pussy and tell me just what you want me to do. Remember, don’t cum until I tell you to.”

“I want you to put me on that bed and put your hard dick in my pussy, I want to feel you slipping in and out of my hot, wet pussy and I want to feel you fill me up with your hot cum.” It was the truth and it didn’t matter that I had never before said anything like it to him. But I wasn’t finished, more words came out unfiltered by my brain. It was as if my sex was hooked directly to my mouth. “I’m your slut, I want you to use me and I want to take your cock in my cunt and milk it dry. I want to feel your hard dick in my hands and in my mouth and in my pussy. I want to fuck you like never before, I want to be your bitch whore slut for you to use any way you want!”

My brain wanted to rebel, but was instantly cut off as my fingers plunged into my sopping wet pussy and my whole body vibrated with the approaching orgasm.

“STOP” Came the command, and I did

He pulled my arms up and placed them behind my head. “Do not move your hands,” he told me.

I heard him walk off to our bathroom, and then return a moment later. He came to me and ran his hands over my body. My entire body shook, I was sweating even in the air conditioned room and I could feel my bush matted against my pussy with my own juice and the wetness on the insides of my thighs. I didn’t care. He took my right nipple in his fingers and firmly pinched it. It was hard and ached to be touched as he lightly kissed it with his lips. I felt something cold touch the nipple and then squeeze it tight, the same process took place on the other one. My body bucked against the pressure of the clamp both wanting to be free of it and wanting more. ( I learned later that it was spring loaded hair clips) His fingers again trace over my body and across my belly to my sex. He touched me and I forgot about the clamps and jerked to him. He pushed my legs apart and I gladly opened them for him. His fingers found my clit and played with it, flicking it and rubbing my own juice over it. I was about to cum when I felt the same cold touch on my clit. The clamp was agony at first, or at least I thought it was as ripples coursed through my body. But the moans that came from me did not sound like crys of pain, they sounded like ecstasy.

“Don’t move” he said and for the first time that night I felt the familiar soft touch of his lips on mine. That tender touch conveyed all his love for me, total complete love and stirred the love in my heart for him to mix with the power of sex. I have never felt anything like it before. I whispered against his lips, “anything”


“Yes my love, anything”

I heard him walk away and was left there. It was as if all my skin was stripped off and every nerve exposed, and all of them were attached to my nipples and clit. I was in an agonizing sexual ecstasy that I didn’t know existed. I wanted to move my hands, to free my nipples and touch myself, but he had said not to move. So I endured the pleasure and pain.

He returned in what seemed to be hours, but was only a couple of minutes.

“I’m going to dress you now,” he said as he walked past me to our closet. I couldn’t imagine what I was going to get dressed for when all I wanted was to be naked riding his dick.

He touched my ankle and I raised my foot, then the other as he slipped a skirt over my legs. From the feel of it it was pretty short! Then he pulled my hands down and undid the cuff again. He slid a shirt over my arms and buttoned it in the front. Then he told fatih escort me to step into my shoes. It was heels, and they felt as if they were the highest pair I owned. If he wanted to play dress up with me I was willing, but I had the instinctive feeling that this was more than that.

He untied my neck from the post and walked me across the room. There he stood me still and released the blindfold.

“I wanted you to see what you looked like”, he told me as I faced our full length dressing mirror.

I was in my tennis skirt, and it was very short, only dropping an inch below my sex. I had on a sheer white blouse that I had never worn without a camisole and a jacket. You could plainly see my breasts and nipples through it, White three inch heels finished the outfit.

“What do you look like.” he asked.

I could see my distended nipples, the bright flush on my cheeks, the light glisten on the wetness of my thighs, I knew the answer he wanted, and he was right.

“I look like a slut.”

“Whose slut are you,” he asked.

Anything, I remembered saying as I answered him, “I am your slut sir, and I will do anything you want of me”

He stepped back into the closet as I stood there looking at the stranger in the mirror. He had taken off the nipple clamps when he dressed me, but I still had the one on my clit. I raised my short skirt and looked at it. It was just a simple spring loaded hair clip, but it sent wave after wave of pleasure/pain through my body with each movement. I touched it and felt my body shiver.

“Go ahead, take it off,” he said as he walked back near me.

I let the clip loose, and when I did I fell to my knees as the blood rushed back into my clit and I came instantly.

I couldn’t move as I kneeled there throbbing in climax and my juice running out of me and over my thighs.

He laughed and brought a white silk scarf around my eyes to again shut out the rest of the world. Kissing my neck and ears he helped me to my feet and lead me from the house.

The outside of our house is well lighted with landscaping lights and I wondered what our neighbors were going to think if they saw me dressed like this and being led to the car in the driveway.

Bill lead me around to the car door and helped me inside. I knew that I was showing my bare pussy to anyone that happened to look. I am a short girl, only 5’3” and I hoped that my almost naked breasts were below the window edge. I could feel my wet thighs sticking to the car leather seat, and it made me laugh as I thought of someone else getting in the car and smelling me.

We started off, and once Bill was settled into the drive he told me to turn in the seat with my back to the door. I did, and I raised one leg into the seat to be more comfortable. With the blindfold on all I could do is visualize what I must look like sitting there with my skirt up to my lap. I could feel the top of the door on my shoulder blades so I knew that I would be visible to anyone in a taller vehicle that happened to look. As we drove I could hear the other traffic going past. Funny about the blindfold, it somehow isolated me from them. They might be seeing my naked pussy, or breasts through my very thin blouse, but I wasn’t aware of it so it didn’t matter. After a couple of minutes I heard a buzzing sound from Bill’s side of the car.

“Do you recognize that sound?” he asked

I did, it was my vibrator. I did think he knew I had one. I used it when he was away or when I was withholding my pleasures from him as Mom taught me long ago.

“Yes sir.”

“Open your blouse,” he said.

Without any hesitation I started to unbutton my blouse until it was undone and then I spread it out, baring my breasts to him and anyone else that wanted to look.

“Now take this and play with your sweet pussy for me my pretty little slut,” he instructed me.

He placed the vibrating plastic shaft in my cuffed hands and I moved it obediently to my wet pussy. He was calling me a whore and slut and that is exactly what I was acting like.

“When we get where we are going will you fuck me then, will you stick that hard cock in your slut?” I asked.

“Oh yes, you will be well fucked before we’re done tonight!”

I took the vibrator out of my pussy and placed it against my clit as my body shuddered nearing a climax.

“Remember slut, don’t come unless I tell you to. From now on even if I am not around at the time you have to ask me before you cum. Call me at the office and get my permission if I’m not at home.”

“ I think I am going to shave your pussy too.” He added

“I know I haven’t kept it trimmed lately,” I commented.

“No, you misunderstand, I am going to shave it bare, a slut needs a bare pussy, don’t you think?”

“If it would get your dick in me I’ll let you shave my head!” I laughed out at him.

“I kept myself right on the edge of cumming as we drove alone. I played with my nipples and slipped the vibrator in and out of my pussy. I kept thinking that people could see me, and they probably could and did, but with my eyes covered I couldn’t tell for sure and told myself it didn’t matter. I peaked nearer to my orgasm each time I thought about it though and wondered if I really wanted people watching me fuck myself like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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