Lightgirl’s First Adventure Pt. 04

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Lightgirl was shaken awake by her Caretaker. She had slept like a stone after the red she-devil finally relented. Her limbs were sore and her tongue felt tired and cottony. It felt like she really did go all night.

“Get ready, you’re up soon.” The woman said and left leaving her, her suit. It now had a hole cut in the back to accommodate her new tail. Samantha got up with some difficulty to take a cold shower. That helped her get awake and cooled her urges somewhat. Ever since her nose was modified, the scent of her own dripping pussy constantly had her a little bothered. Everything else she could deal with: Her bigger boobs, her constantly wet pussy, her tiger features, she had even gotten used to tasting Strawberries. Just the scents she could not get used to.

She was in a hurry, there was no time to check the tv for the news. She wolfed down her breakfast before the woman returned to take her to the stage.

When she stepped out from between the curtains and was greeted by enthusiastic cheers from the audience, it made her painfully aware of how her appearance had changed in just three days. The piercings embedded all over her body didn’t hurt anymore, but she could clearly feel them.

Especially the huge nose ring was humiliating and Samantha felt an urge to rip it out right then. That would only make things worse of course, so she controlled herself.

“Today we have not one, but two games for our beautiful ‘cat-estant’.” Blitz got a few tired laughters out of the audience with his lame play on words.

“We at “Fallen Superheroes” like to alternate physical and mental challenges, so today we will kick it off with a parkour.”

Blitz gestured her to step aside as several obstacles rose from the ground or lowered from the ceiling. There were bars to jump over and zigzag in between, a wall with a rope to climb over, a low hanging net to crawl under and other obstacles you would see in a military training montage.

The objects were aligned in three rows with distinct starts and endings.

“Our little tiger has exactly one minute to do each row.” Bliz explained. “For every row she doesn’t complete in time she will receive one penalty point. She will also fail the row if she touches any red objects.”

Lightgirl took a closer look at the equipment. It was mostly blue, but the parts she wasn’t supposed to touch were colored red such as the net or the zigzag bars. Great. How would she keep her tail from touching anything?

“She will receive a salvation point if she manages to complete all three rows without making a mistake.” Blitz continued. “Now let’s get started, please get into position.”

Samantha stepped in front of the first row and a whistle announced the start of the obstacle course.

Samantha rushed in as fast as she could, jumping over and ducking under obstacles. There were no red parts in the first row and she finished it with plenty of time left over.

No time to lose, she ran to the second row and started climbing over the wall with the rope. She was working up a sweat and could smell it, but she blocked out all distractions and focused on the task at hand. She dropped down on the other side of the wall and kept sprinting forward, her tits bouncing much to the delight of the audience. The zigzag bars! They were red, she had to be careful. Tucking in her tail, she went slightly slower than she normally would, so she could be sure not to touch the vertical bars.

She did it! Now only a long jump over a patch of red, stood between her and the third row. She heard the audience let out a surprised “Ooohh!” as she landed safely on the other side. Obviously they didn’t expect her to be so athletic with her huge rack. Please. She didn’t train in the academy for nothing.

She even heard a few voices cheer for her, as she made her way to the third row. Of course the majority was still telling her to fall flat on her face and take the penalty points.

She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. She had to climb along a horizontal bar with just her hands and barely made it across before her strength gave out. Now she stood in front of the low hanging net and quickly dove in. She pressed herself flat to the ground as she crawled along. The net was red, if she touched it, it was all over. And she was so close.

Mmerp! An ugly tone suddenly sounded and the audience broke into cheers. No! How? She hadn’t touched anything, had she?

She look on the big screen where the replay was shown.

Then she realized what had happened. Her enormous breasts didn’t allow her to go any lower, so when she came to a particularly low spot, her big cat ears caught on the net which meant her loss.

“Not fair! She protested. “If you hadn’t given me these ears I wouldn’t have lost!”

Blitz just smiled at her and turned to the publicum. “This time we will have a vote on Lightgirl’s newest perk. Your Options are as follows: “‘Big button’, ‘Baptism’ or ‘Tiptoe’.”

Samantha watched Bostancı escort the thugs and underlings in the rows vote on her future. She was frustrated and mad at herself. She could have done it! She could have her first salvation point right now.

“The results are in! And the result is…Baptism!”

Samantha had no idea what that could mean, and she shot Blitz a questioning glance.

“This is an interesting one. You see Lightgirl, ‘Baptism’ will give you a new name.

Someone has to decide on what your new name should be first of course. Normally we would vote again, but I think everybody here can agree on what your new name should be.”

He punched in something on his device and Samantha could feel an uncomfortable tingling in her head. The feeling vanished again, and Samantha noticed a microphone held to her face.

“Now please tell us your name.” Blitz said

“Are you kidding me? I’m Flashing Kitty of course.”

What? She had meant to say Lightgirl. Why didn’t her tongue listen to her?

“And your non superhero name?”

“It’s S-s- it’s Kitty. No I’m not Kitty, my name is Kitty.” She stammered, close to tears. They had changed her so much already, and now they had taken away her name as well.

“Dr. Little’s brilliant microbots are even capable of restructuring the patient’s brain. They made Kitty here unable to call herself anything but her new name. In time she won’t even be able to think of herself as any other name.”

Samantha – now Kitty, was close to a breakdown, tears streamed down her face at Blitz’s words and she wanted to run off stage badly.

But she had one more chance today, one more chance to get closer to freedom and she had to take every chance she could get.

Blitz called for a break and she was allowed to return backstage for few minutes.

As she sat in silence on a bench and tried to get to terms with her new name, Blitz approached her and dropped his pants.

“Suck me off and I’ll promise not to make your future challenges harder than necessary.” He demanded.

Kitty knew she couldn’t afford getting Blitz on her bad side, and decided to play along.

A strong, manly scent emanating from his exposed crotch, assaulted her nostrils and sent pleasant tingles to her pussy. If she wasn’t already dripping down there, she would be now.

She took his half erect cock in her mouth and started sucking.

Her aim was to get him off fast, so it would be over and she wouldn’t have to have her face pressed in his smelly crotch any longer.

She gingerly stroked her softly barbed tongue over his head, then bobbed her head back and forth on his dick to work it deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly Blitz grasped the back of her head and pushed her forward, forcing her to take him all the way to her throat.

Her nose rubbed in his crotch and she tried not to gag as the handsome commentator raped her mouth with no regard for her comfort. He pulled out to her lips, only to slam back in again, ignoring Kitty’s muffled protests. He mercilessly skullfucked her, using her for his pleasure.

Kitty gagged and fought for air, fighting to hold out for the moment when he would be satisfied.

That moment finally came. Blitz grunted above her and strands of warm liquid shot down her throat. Kitty had no choice but to swallow it all. Afterwards Blitz made her lick him clean and returned to the stage, gesturing for her to follow.

Her return was greeted by loud cheers and catcalls. They sounded even more riled up than usual. She turned around to look at the big screen behind her and saw the end of herself cleaning Blitz’s dick.

The bastards had filmed her and broadcasted it here.

Her face turned red from embarrassment which contrasted with the orange of her hair.

She heard the crowd roar up again and noticed another camera had zoomed in on her blushing face. She quickly turned away.

“Our second event for today…is Coinfall!”

A machine rose from the ground. It was something you would find in a casino, one of those machines where you throw a coin in the top and watch it fall through several pins into different holes with different prizes. Most holes on this machine were labeled “Penalty+1”, the ones on the very sides said “No effect” and a smaller one in the middle promised her “Salvation”.

“But this is just luck!” Kitty objected.

“Then I wish you the best of it.” Blitz said and handed her three coins.

She had no choice but to once again resign herself to her fate.

Kitty carefully observed the machine. Some of the pins were moving, so she tried to assess the best time and position to throw in the coin. She took too long and the audience grew restless, chanting for her to throw it already.

“Well, here goes nothing.” She said to herself and let go of the coin.

Her breath caught in her throat as she watched the coin bounce from pin to pin, further and Anadolu Yakası Escort further down. It came so close, it bounced off the edge of the salvation hole… and landed in the penalty one to the right of it. Damn! She was sure this machine was rigged against her.

“Go on, you have two more coins.” Blitz encouraged her.

Kitty glared at the machine frustrated, but then an idea on how to cheat the system came to her.

She extended her arms and threw in both her remaining coins at once, so they would bounce off each other at least once.

This way it was at least more random than it could ever be with just one coin.

The coins did indeed bounce off each other causing one of them to fall through the machine avoiding most of the pins and earning her another penalty.

Kitty groaned and wanted to punch the machine, but her attention returned to the coin still inside the machine.

Plink, plink, plink. The path it was taking looked good, it was heading straight for the middle… Plop!

Kitty squealed and jumped in joy. She had just earned her first salvation point.

The cameras captured her joy and the audience reacted partly with cheers, partly with booing.

Her rejoicing was cut short when Blitz reminded her she had still earned two penalty points.

“This time your perks will be randomly determined again.” He announced, then looked down at his device.

“Keywords!” he read out loud. “And…Cave of ecstasy!”

At the push of a button felt a tingling in her abdomen. She expected it to disappear like usual but this time it persisted. She brought a hand down to her lower belly to explore any changes.

She found nothing out of the ordinary but discovered that it felt nice to rub her hand over that area.

“The inside of Lightgirl’s pussy is much more sensitive now, because of the effect of ‘Cave of ecstasy’.

This will not affect her labia or clit, so you can be sure she will want you to go deep.” Blitz explained with a wink.

He turned to her and asked “Isn’t that right, Kitty? Kitty gasped and her hips twitched at the mention of her name. A jolt of pleasure had gone through her the moment he had said her name.

“That’s the first of three Keywords we have implanted in your mind. I’ll let you figure out the other two on your own.”

Her degrading new name would now turn her on as well? How much more did they want to humiliate her? And what were the other keywords? Would those do the same thing?

Or something worse?

“Time to wrap up the show folks. Come back tomorrow, we will have another bonus round waiting for you.”

Blitz promised and wrapped up the show. Kitty turned to leave, fully intending to return to the privacy of her room and rub her tension away.

The day wasn’t entirely bad she mused on her way back. Now she only had to win one more time and she would be free. Then she would return to the academy to tell everyone what happened. One of the doctors there was bound to be able to fix her. Maybe they could even give her her name back.

Back in her room her fingers immediately plunged into her sopping wet pussy. She didn’t even need to turn on the porn on the tv. The stimulation she got from her fingers inside her now hypersensitive tunnel was more than enough to quickly send her over the edge.

She spasmed and drenched the sheets, her tail twitching as her brain was rocked by an explosion of pleasure every time her fingers touched a particularly sensitive spot. She never knew masturbating could feel this good.

After a short rest her hands once again sought out contact with her wet folds and pierced clit to get started on round two.

Sadly, this time, before she could really get into it she was interrupted by an approaching visitor.

She could smell him, before she could hear his heavy footsteps behind the door. A pungent smell of beer and sweat. She normally would have turned her nose at the smell, but it also had something incredibly manly about it, that sent tingles from her nose all the way down to her sex.

The door crashed open and a loud, drunken Olaf announced his plans. “I am here to claim the woman that was promised to me!” He thundered.

He noticed Kitty laying on the bed with a scared expression on her face and his mouth pulled into a toothless grin.

He dropped his pants and exposed his member to a shocked Kitty. “He’s so big! No way that will fit inside me. And the smell! Oughh!”

“Prepare me with your mouth wench!” Olaf demanded louder than necessary.

Kitty obliged. Whatever he was planning on doing with that thing, it was probably better to have it lubed up.

His cock was too big for her to swallow right away, so she started licking along the underside with her broad cat tongue instead.

The giant quickly grew restless and she knew she had to step it up a notch.

She forced the tip of his cock in his mouth and started Kadıköy Escort sucking. Additionally she wrapped her tits around him and did her best to massage the huge dick with them. After a while Olaf grunted and a string of cum hit Kitties throat. Surprised she pulled back, resulting in the second one splashing over face. She grimaced as the sticky substance caught on her whiskers.

She hadn’t expected the barbarian to cum that quickly. “Even better.” She thought.

But after she wiped most of the cum off her face and looked back at him, he was still just as hard as before. He must have incredible stamina.

“Turn around, ass up.” He ordered

Not about to disobey now, Kitty did as demanded and stuck her butt out to the evil man.

She expected to feel him thrusting his thick cock into her wet pussy at any moment but instead she suddenly felt him prodding at her anus.

She gasped and pulled away quickly. There was no way she could fit that monster in her narrow hole. She had never stuck anything back there.

Irritated, Olaf pulled her back by her tail and spread her asscheeks again.

“N-no please, Mr. Olaf it’s too big. You’ll kill me.” Kitty whimpered.

The giant stared at her like he was about to hit her, but then his face suddenly lit up like he remembered something.

“Aha! I remember now! That whimpy man told me to tell you: Justice.”

As soon as she heard that word, Kitty was suddenly overcome by a burning need to be filled by something. By anything, anywhere it didn’t matter. And the only thing in her near vicinity… was Olaf’s cock.

She groaned in need and thrust her ass back at him greedily attempting to catch the fat cock and trap it inside her ass.

Even Olaf seemed surprised at her sudden change in attitude. He helped her align the tip of his penis with her asshole. The superheroine gave a long moan as she worked him deep inside her. She relaxed her muscles as best as she could and tried to take him all the way to the base.

She felt a few stings of pain through the haze that clouded her mind, but it was drowned out by pleasure and the overwhelming need to be filled.

The dick in her ass rubbed the oversensitive walls of her vagina through her inner walls and it added greatly to her moaning and thrusting. She snuck down a hand to play with her clit.

Finally she worked his cock all the way inside and felt his hips against her ass. In that exact moment the need that her second keyword had triggered disappeared. Suddenly realizing what she just did, she shrieked and tried to pull out, but Olaf would not be denied. He used one hand to grab the base of her tail to pull her ass back on his dick, while the other hand pushed her head onto the sheets forcing her to stick out her ass even more.

Before Kitty had another chance to try and reason with him, he pulled out almost all the way, only to plunge back in. Holding down the helpless heroine he plumbed away, occasionally slapping her ass.

The initial shock of her slutty behavior gone, Kitty stopped resisting and as the pleasure grew, she even started rocking back against him. She went back to playing with her neglected pussy, now with two hands. Regular streams of useless lubricant rolled down her legs.

Olaf’s thrust grew shorter and faster as he approached orgasm. By now Kitty stopped feeling any pain and moaned like a whore with every thrust.

He pulled out one last time, before slamming back home and painting her insides white with his cum. Stars exploded behind Kitty’s eyes as she felt the warm liquid explode inside her. She thrashed and moaned in her own orgasm, her pussy gushing and tail twitching.

Slowly the barbarian dragged his cock out of her violated ass, making her collapse on the bed exhausted. She felt relieved when she saw he was finally limp.

“Clean me now!” he demanded.

No way she would do that! That had been in her ass!

Another look at Olaf however made it clear he wouldn’t take no for an answer. She reluctantly crawled over to him and started bathing his dick, scrubbing it clean with the soft barbs on her tongue. She tasted herself mixed into the tastes of his salty cum and the ever present strawberry.

For once she was actually glad about her modified saliva as it made the earthy taste more bearable.

After he was satisfied, Olaf stuffed his dick back into his pants and , with one last smack on her ass, left.

Kitty stared at the door long after he was gone.

The realization of just how slutty and depraved she had become these past few days hit her.

She was a Superheroine! Not some mewling slut for anyone to rape her ass as they pleased.

In such a short time the evil Mr. Matter had made her fall so much and she knew he could do much worse. And what if the academy wouldn’t be able to reverse the changes?

She had to get out of his wicked game while she had the chance but she only had two more chances and she was worried about what would happen, when she failed. Matter had never explained what would happen then.

No! That was not an option. She had to win her freedom tomorrow or the day after that, no matter the cost. She already had half her ticket to freedom after all.

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