Linda , Daughter Do San Francisco

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My wife Linda had to fly to San Francisco for a week to help her daughter with some personal problems (car accident) but it turned out to be the sexual adventure of her dreams.

Let me start at the beginning we are very liberal about our sex lives both together and individually as anything goes as long as we tell each other about it after it happens.

My wife is 50 but looks much much younger and has a body to die for. Her daughter Angel is a “TEN” by anyone’s standards. Linda told me about her adventure after she returned last night and it seems her daughter Angel is as oversexed as her mother Linda.

Linda took charge on arriving in San Francisco quickly getting Angel squared away with the insurance company and getting her a rental car. Angel was very appreciative of Linda’s help and decided to treat her to a night on the town.

Angel is a very provocative dresser showing lots of cleavage and even more leg. She let her mother wear some of her clothes which ended up being more provocative on Linda as her 38 D breasts were really exposed in Angel’s dress.

Their first stop was one of the hottest night clubs in San Francisco “Benny’s” which is where the twenty something professionals went mecidiyeköy eskort to unwind, dance and if lucky get laid.

Angel and Linda sat in a semi dark table and ordered two drinks. They just sat there checking out the crowd of virile young hunks. Soon the waitress brought the two more drinks saying it was compliments of the four young guys sitting at a table about 20 feet from them. Linda said to Angel it looks like you have some admirers over there. Little did she know they were admiring her? You see based on what I’ve heard lots of guys prefer older attractive women because they are more confident and more sexually adventurist then their younger counterparts.

A second round of drinks soon arrived. This time delivered by the four young guys in person asking if they could join Linda and Angel. Linda quickly said yes please join us.

The tall guy Paul asked Linda to dance and Pete asked Angel to dance. They danced very closely and soon Linda could feel Paul’s cock growing and pressing against her. On the next dance Pete was with Linda and Paul with Pete. Again Linda could feel another stiff cock pushing into her now eager body. The dancing continued with Al & John replacing Pete & Paul. By this taksim eskort time Linda could feel herself getting wet down there as she was grinding back on their erections. Angel too was getting the same action and being a little drunker than Linda she was rubbing Al’s cock with her hand as she danced.

They sat down with Linda between Pete & Paul and Angel between Al & John. More drinks came as soon Pete was kissing Linda as Paul moved his hand under Linda mini dress and started rubbing Linda’s cunt through her totally wet tong. Soon Paul was finger fucking Linda and Linda was going wild. As Linda opened her eyes she saw that Al was sucking on one of Angel’s breast and it appeared as if John was under the table eating Angel out.

The four guys paid the tab and quickly ushered Linda & Angel in a cab for a short ride to a suite they were staying as the Marriott by Fishermen’s Warf.

They soon had Linda and angel naked in the adjoining King Size Beds. Pete was fucking Linda in seconds as Linda took Paul’s cock into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth. Linda got even more turned on as she peered at the adjoining king to see Angel sucking Al’s cock as John was eating her daughter pussy. After a şişli eskort few minutes all you could hear was low screams of orgasms as both girls came as their mouths and pussies were filled with love juice.

Linda had not had enough yet and yelled switch as Al & John took over fucking and being blown by Linda as Pete & Paul took their spots in Angel’s mouth and pussy. The sex went on for another hour with both girls cumming several times.

It was break time and they all had a drink and smoked some pot. Angel was done for the night but her mom Linda wanted more she wanted all four guys at the same time. Angel looked puzzled but Linda said “I’ll show you how it is done just watch and learn.

Linda sucked Pete until he was hard again and lying on top of him eased his swollen member into her ass. She then directed Paul to slide into her cunt while motioning Al & John to her mouth as she somehow managed to take them both orally. Soon Pete & Paul were fucking her in both holes as she sucked Al & John. It took about thirty minutes before the two guys in her mouth came in a gusher both in her mouth and on her face. Linda gulped it all then sucked each of them dry. Pete then came in her ass as the tightness along with the feel on Paul’s cock through the membrane separating the anus and vagina were too much for him.

The next day Linda flew home to Denver. Linda told me the story and said she really has to visit Angel more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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